Session 407 6/25/82

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and have focused on several parts of it and interesting developments that will go on beneath certain lands. We find the area that is supposed to be off limits is now within you as recognized as yours in many different respects. Those elements that have been hard to work for will be coming soon into a Divine Grace.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions but must say that we are watching Israel and are in back of several sightings in that country. We are also ready to help out in certain areas.
Forces: Ready for your questions.
IS: The open change over in American Politics as concerning Israel and the Israelis almost frantic in trying to accomplish what they want?
Forces: Well of course there will be some reprimands now from the Reagan policy government and some physical attachments of Reaganomics they call it not Reganomics, but Regalnomics. This is the most dangerous moment in his political situation and he will go down as the most corruptible person in office besides Nixon as far as voting this one in as his cabinet and taking that one out of his cabinet. He will kick out more people in his cabinet than he will elect to the whole board of elections of his cabinet (——-).
IS: So he did make a change from himself at a certain point in time?
Forces: His barrage and blatant Trumpet attitude has caused many problems. If he would have curtailed some of his vocal expressions it wouldn’t be so heavy as far as the Government. But he constantly like a bird that flies has to come down to touch earth and make sure to lay and egg.
IS: At one point he was completely a negative thing but then with the suffering is that the point he had changed a little?
Forces: He has some suffering to do before he became more and more (—-) to the woman of the mother as far as that force that he was around he had to give up some of his arrogance which taught him a great deal of lessons especially within himself.
IS: Weinberg and this new guy coming in they look like Nazi’s?
Forces: They will be of such education.
IS: Besides the reprimand and the Military Aid they will not give Israel will that be a crippling thing for Israel?
Forces: Not really because you can’t take that much salad in a world to cripple Israel
Forces: That much salad in the world to cripple Israel.
IS: Is Israel doing the right thing?
Forces: Well considering all the (—–) and all the working together.
IS: Is it part of (————-) because the way it looks on the map (———-) parts that used to be the world map of Israel, the Biblical?
Forces: Forces in the air that will take over and will physically to accomplish the things that needs to be done we have taken over certain portions and different portions we will work on . Questions.
IS: You said there were certain things that were off limits to us and now they are ours is that connected to what you just said?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Is there a possibility of understanding further?
Forces: That there are new Revelations of what we would want you to do and (——).
IS: It may be physical things but its not conscious knowledge for us?
Forces: This is right.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: And as far as Israel is concerned is there something you could answer at this point?
Forces: They will create troops (truce) and the Arab Nation (—————) in order to get war again.
IS: Is there any indication of these things, the major difference is that this time Israel is going almost all the way where before it did a little sort of a spanking and they retreated. This time they are giving them a real punishment is that significant at this time from the Biblical prophecies?
Forces: Silent.
IS: Should I ask questions?
Forces: If you wish.
NN: In Acts 13 verse 36 For David after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell on sleep, and was laid unto his fathers, and saw corruption what is it referring to David saw corruption?
Forces: (——) for many different things are changing we are about (———————-).
NN: ( same as above)?
Forces: His soul was good.
NN: Thank you.
LK: Is there any advice or guidance you can give me?
Forces: More so more of a communication level of development rather than a quiet level.
LK: Is there something to help me with that?
Forces: One step at a time.
LK: Thank you.
BN: What is the spiritual significance of Cesium?
Forces: It is the life force of the body containing with certain other elements.
BN: What other elements?
Forces: Nitrogen, Oxygen, and certain percentages of gases.
BN: Thank you.
DN: Is there anything we could do to the land to prevent this blight on the tomatoes is there anything natural that will help.
Forces: There are times when Vinegar itself would be able to help you with that and a spraying would also be available.
DN: Vinegar would be applied as a spray or the earth?
Forces: There are certain plants leaves that it would be good for.
DN: Could you tell us which plant leaves it would be good for?
Forces: Those that are light in color and small in package.
DN: Thank you.
IS: So you would take a solution of vinegar and spray them?
Forces: In certain times and areas yes more so covering the (—–) in the Springs and making sure they work.
IS: (——-).
Forces: It could be.
Forces: There are many things in the world (—–) that are being looked at and changed but as you are here we only stress the fact that you believe in the spirit of Light (Life) and not turn on the world outside to disturb you.
JU: The shape and the silhouette and motion of the ET type beings in the movie seem to give off a force and feeling just the shape of them alone. Could you explain what that is?
Forces: Things of an unknown origin usually frighten, those that are locked into certain conditions social and economic level.
JU: Seems to be an excitement raised up by their shape.
Forces: We’re not speaking about the shape, we’re speaking about different circumstances that a person has to go through in order to reach a plateau that is center development.
JU: Thank you.
GL: Any guidance for me at this time?
Forces: Always to keep your hands busy in work and in the spirit of the work so Revelations of the Spirit can be revealed to you.
GL: Thank you.
GL: Could you also give at this time any past lives that would be influencing me that I need to know about?
Forces: Just one near the part of the early American section for certain things on a social or family level did not work in that particular lifetime a carrying over that thinking it might blossom again but its just a running mate of another lifetime.
GL: Thank you.
DD: Could you tell me what a (—-)man is.
Forces: This is the consciousness of man in his development of his arch type self.
DD: The Arch-Type self?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving to do certain things on a physical level around the area and other places we just advise a spirit of a spirit be received and maintained in the house and preserve that spirit and keep it alive so that movement can be had.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.