SESSION 408 7/16/82

Forces: (?missed beginning)
Forces: Quiet impossible we find certain Irani troops doing unbelievable barbaric things and find the whole situation very alarming. We will try to dispel the fever that the Iranians have and work more on the side of the Iraq government in this force. There are certain things that are coming about and we have certain elements now counteracting the Iranian land fields through certain natural occurrences that we’ll be busy looking into. As far as the Middle East is concerned again we have Israel and half of Lebanon that seems to be very alarming again. There is some working of these things and of course we have the settling of the South American condition for the moment. We are looking over the areas of the United States and find that there are some moments of tests in the weather and also in the Midwest and West Coast.
Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.
IS: Hope Island———-?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So its OK?
Forces: It is a condition of energy that is stuck, energy that is of the spirit that’s not moving correctly and too much of a logical concept that is building in the entity that is been stifled or not allowed to move in the Spirit way and must center on a spiritual approach also to life that is allowing the spirit of laughter and not to be so tight this is causing the lockage in the area.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Is there any significance to the breaking into the Queen Of England’s apartment?
Forces: Just the ability to know that the people are getting restless as far as there own conditions.
IS“ Is there a Nostradamus prophecy regarding an English King, Prince, is that talking about Prince Charles?
Forces: It can yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom that could be given?
Forces: He’s doing just fine.
LK: In the book of Chronicles 2 it talks about King Solomon and says that after her was established that each year he received 666 talents of Gold. Why that number?
Forces: Repeat.
LK: In the Book of chronicles 2 when its talking of King Solomon after he had build the Temple and all of his various houses and palaces he was established. It says that every year he received 666 talents of Gold.
Forces: It represents the balancing of the negative factors in life.
LK: Thank you.
NN: The girl from my work that I had the dream about and she told me that she was scared. Could you give me whats shes afraid of?
Forces: Some more elements within herself and the conditions she creates around her.
NN: Thank you.
JU: The talks that the entity gave to Michael Z and the things he keeps asking is that alright to talk to him about or anything you can tell me to deal with him?
Forces: Everything’s alright you are being guided.
JU: Thank you.
ES: In the second chapter of Genesis it says that there is a river that came out of the Garden of Eden and it became 4 heads what do they signify?
Forces: It represents the Spirit of Life the energies of the energy of Life flowing in the body.
ES: Thank you very much.
BN: Whats the best way for me to work with my ego at this point?
Forces: Repeat.
BN: Whats the best way for me to work with my ego at this point?
Forces: Better not to work with your ego but work against it.
BN: I mean to work against it?
Forces: To understand that it does not really benefit ah individuals but to focus on it is much better than to accept it.
BN: Thank you.
DD: Could you help me understand a dream I had some sort of a building talking about something written in Gaelic, it was old Gaelic it was like English but Gaelic?
Forces: Reminding you of the Law that’s within you.
DD: What kind of Law is that?
Forces: The creative Law.
DD: Thank you.
DN: The daydream or reverie that I had that was suddenly like filled with thousands of trumpets. What was that all about could you help me understand it?
Forces: More of an awakening of spiritual calling.
DN: Could I ask about the girl that Tom has been concerned about?
Forces: Only that it is a very sad situation.
DN: Would she still be alive?
Forces: We find many complications around her lifestyle and around her family and around the area that she lives and there are many complications that are in the family itself the fact point that she is no longer living or no longer in the spirit world.
HI: When witnessing a (birth) are there some indications to know which force (resides) which force is bringing in the child?
Forces: A great deal of that depends upon the one who raises the child for the first 6 years.
HI: If the child has not been raised well how would it be then?
Forces: The one who is raising a child or the group who are raising the child (if) he is in charge of the spiritual avenues it will gravitate to the positive side of the soul.
HI: Are there any physical signs that one may know whats going on what type of child is coming in, surrounding the Mother?
Forces: There are times when the physical qualities around the body can become quiet evident that it is a very positive soul or a very gross, solid soul.
HI: Would the physical qualities be very harmonious if it was a very prosperous soul?
Forces: Sure yes.
HI: Thank you very much.
Forces: But you also have to watch out for the very attractive children they could also be a very ah negative source.
HI: Thank you.
Forces: No matter how you look at it you’re still tossed up where you began.
IS: Yes because lets say its a prophet child coming in then he might cause more problems than all the children white black or otherwise put together?
Forces: This is correct.
IS: Thank you.
NN: Were the Druids the lost tribes of Israel?
Forces: Yes they were.
NN: Did they incarnate as a group after that?
Forces: We don’t understand.
BH: What was the next incarnation of the Druids as a group?
Forces: Well there are certain times when they had gone into group endeavors. We’ll more so leave it as far as the group industries, group terminologies of banking and corporations and monasteries and missionary work.
IS: They didn’t come in for instance like a whole desert experience in Exodus I would think like 50% of those people came in now as Baptist?
Forces: Something according to those lines.
IS: Then the Druids they didn’t come in again as a self sort of a missionary or—–?
Forces: A large percentage came in, in monastery’s Franciscan Orders.
IS: Thank you.
JE: Could you tell us what seems to be wrong with the garden some of the fruit has something wrong with it?
Forces: Most of all those who are working in the garden should have a proper attitude the spiritual qualities of prayer and sticking close to there God. Also you have a certain quality of tilling the dirt but also too much fertilizer can also create a crippling sensation. Fertilizer is a quality that you do use that has a potential of helping too much can hinder all said of that a certain amount of lime would be good, potash is also is good too. More so that of the thoughts around there are very strange moments in the air and sometimes the Sun that you have lately becomes too hot it burns your plants these qualities you cannot do to much about.
JE: Thank you.
JB: The dream I had it looked like a war zone the advancing forces were getting very close and we had to protect our self and it turned out to be the people who were advancing were British soldiers?
Forces: Well that might also interpret the possibility that Britain will still have to have some conflicts.
JB: Thank you.
IS: Is that because they didn’t have a right this one?
Forces: Well they had the best as they could. The conflicts are more within the country itself.
IS: Also Britain represents the quality of arrogance?
Forces: At times yes.
IS: What would be the most thing that————?
Forces: Steadfastness.
IS: If he had a dream with the British coming then that would be a good symbol?
Forces: Yes steadfastness of spirit yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Agatha Christie who was she?
Forces: More of a way shower everyone should read her books.
IS: Was she involved in the spiritual?
Forces: She was.
IS: Consciously?
Forces: Secretly.
IS: Was it because at that time there was too many—?
Forces: Just a lot of things still going on.
IS: From her time?
Forces: (——–) her time?
IS: I mean at her time there were a lot of things that were going on the obvious ones were all the fortune tellers etc.
Forces: There were a lot of other things going on.
IS: She was involved with those>
Forces: Yes.
IS: The way shower could you give us any other information where did she get this insight into people?
Forces: From Egypt.
IS: Did I know her before?
Forces: You run by a same force field.
IS: Who in fact is in charge of such minute knowledge of human nature. What is the Archangel willing to (——-)?
Forces: Metatron.
IS: Where in Egypt?
Forces: The pyramid of teachers.
IS: Thank you.
IS: With whats happening with Sun Young Moon right now is that right or wrong?
Forces: It is a condition in that is sad it is a political condition but as you know it might boost his cause to a greater frenzy. It is unfortunate that Americans do not have the foresight to discipline their business leaders with such fervent recourse of discipline than to discipline so called a powerful spiritual leader. It is a worse condition to create a discipline of any spiritual leader in the field of wrong for then they take upon themselves the wrath of a Divine force one way or the other the law should read no discipline to spiritual leaders who are leading but that they must be confined in a certain amount of privacy for a certain amount of time rather than a prison and let a divine force discipline them if need be or create the creativity. But discipline of a spiritual leader should be restricted by all means by all countries as a matter of law. We are reviewing the Sun Young Moon force and in so doing we are reviewing a certain field around him. What we are trying to say is any spiritual person even though they might use it for their own gain starts off with a viewpoint or ideal of spirituality that spiritual seed must be protected by all means regardless of how they might go aside what we are saying is the law is met by the law that gives not the law of the land. In order for this country to develop properly and to develop to its fullest it cannot discipline spiritual leaders and it must learn this. It has made a gross error in its law making process to confine a spiritual leader into prison and that would mean 18 months each month would represent a year in its own feelings. What we’re trying to say again is all spiritual leaders in any country should be sanctioned properly watched and if breaking of the laws of the land should either be executed to the point of being exiles from the land if they do not belong or put if they do belong into proper seclusion for the proper amount of time at their own home base that is if he did break the law which he had done of the land he should not be confined to prison but for the mercy sake of mercy should be confined to his own home for 18 months so that a solitude for proper spiritual people of course it is needed for him. This is his spiritual meeting of discipline in a governmental way which will only heighten and raise the governments height of evolution.
IS: Thank you. So that means 18 years of punishment of America because of 18 months (——-).
Forces: 18 years upon the district or land not upon the government as a whole but upon the particular judge and upon the district in which he resides.
IS: So just like you say to the spiritual man render unto Caesar what is Caesars you are saying to the regular man render unto Gods what is Gods?
Forces: Correct.
IS: The judge on our case is he also doing something or since it was a draw nothings going to happen?
Forces: Because of his handling of the case and having the power to cast it out of the courts but not carrying it out in that fashion he has stiffened his own career and his own future in fact we have seen to it that there will not be a career for him.
IS: Is he aware of it?
Forces: We will make him very much aware of it. He became aware of it at the end of the trial when he looked into the entities eyes and saw his own judgment reviewed in his eyes.
IS: And the lawyers?
Forces: The lawyers will meet a certain oblivion type feeling that is a walking dead type feeling.
IS: They will not have anymore cases in the newspapers?
Forces: No we’re not speaking on a worldly level we’re speaking of them with themselves. It is something that you would have to experience to understand.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Why is the sun bad right now. Tom has expressed it and we can all feel it?
Forces: There’s more of a burning of the negative force fields around the earth which creates a great deal of negative ions in the air and a great deal of negative energies.
Forces: For the particular day of tomorrow we have certain things planned to what would be considered warm or sterilize certain parts of the human body for purification and tomorrow as you will be going out in the sun we have fixed this day to be different from all other days knowing that you might not understand some of you understanding what you cannot know some of you knowing what you do not understand. But what we’re trying to say is that the sun has been dangerous for the past two weeks and because of the fallout the atomic explosions, because of the earthquakes and certain explosions in an inter earth this creates a different type of sun fro your summers the more intense and unrealistically more jungle like.
IS: Does this have anything to do with the year 82 that the devil is preparing his coming into to do the next——-?
Forces: Well hes already working in Iran and also certain parts of Israel as far as the PLO and certain parts of Russia but of course the Force that we represent on a different level are watching and this negative force is being captured or put into conditions.
IS: In that Book (—–) it does say specifically that hes going to they’re going to come and they (make mistakes?) just like in Persia, just like it happened. But he needs those kind of fanatics it has to be a religious fervor to open up those certain kinds of centers right?
Forces: Something like that.
IS: He needs those open centers and then he can use them for the bad but those are really white centers aren’t they?
Forces: Searchers are more like it.
ISIS: Doors open.
Forces: Whenever there’s a Session involved in any particular room a knock is more appropriate none is allowed to enter into the room without at least acknowledging the fact that you want to come in knowing that you were out there we kept prepared the way but as a sake of protocol of spirit to understand that you are entering in to a different force knocking on the door is knocking on the spirit (——–).
IS: Now the sun as it is now so low because of all the things that are happening in the earth is that our side or the dark side that is utilizing the sun?
Forces: It is a dark side that’s trying to utilize the energy.
IS: So they need more and more atmosphere of their own fire elements?
Forces: More or less.
IS: Thank you very much.
NN: The (——) what was it after the Edomites
Forces: Doubt.
NN: Thank you.
GL: Which smoke alarm is the best?
Forces: Are you speaking of one that picks up the electrical wave lengths or the ones that pick up on a more of a ultra wave length.
GL: One works on heat and one works on ionization of smoke particles?
Forces: That would be your wave length that would be your second one.
GL: So the one that would have the smoke and the heat sensor would be the one that we should use?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So the heat and smoke then?
Forces: This could be used.
IS: And that part connected with my question of the sun and the dark forces and all of that?
Forces: In a way yes.
IS: What I call the gematria that’s how the devil gets his predictions right its still the mental mind?
Forces: Correct.
IS: Thank you very much.
JU: Thanks for helping me with the new schedule and things I’m trying to put in order and can you give me any guidance on it?
Forces: You must confirm the spirit within you and let that spirit with each day.
JU: Thank you.
ES: Are the Bible readings that I have chosen recently are they correct for me daily?
Forces: We will give you guidance with this.
ES: Thank you.
BN: What is the relationship between the angel of Abaddon mentioned in the Bible and the city in the Persian Gulf?
Forces: We would say the more of an association pattern of the same principle.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving but we know you all are prepared to go to this hedge garden you might wonder why you are being sent out there under a hot baking sun. Well its better than flooding rains. We’ll try to make it comfortable for you during the days and occasionally a spark here and there with rain to cool you down. This is more of a unit cooperation system of your heart and of your spirit. And each and every one of you should find the meanings of the purpose. We also would encourage the wearing of blue or light blue or white for your tomorrow adventure for the spirit of blue feeling for your coolness. But of course remember you are not going here for your own enjoyments but you’re going here for our enjoyment. So that means for our adventure and for the forces purpose. We haven’t sent you to places too much recently or lately so we do have moments that we instruct or say that you should go to certain places more so we can get things worked out and other things for souls around worked out. I think that will cover that area for you properly.
Forces: Questions.
IS: (Bible passage with a certain things in my mind and I had today not (—-) could you give me something from the Bible to help me with that?)
Forces: Well more so the 4th Psalm would be a good one and the 29th psalm would be a good one.
IS: Thank you very much and thank you for taking that woman.
Forces: We figured we should take her off your hands and if she didn’t have anywhere to go this weekend she was very much destined to ask you to take her.
IS: That’s why (————) thank you very much.
IS: So (——-) explained anything?
Forces: What would you like explained.
IS: Some of the feelings (—–).
Forces: What are the feelings and thoughts.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.