Session 409 7/26/82

Tom: May we receive what you would have us to know.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area for the moment working out some interesting plans. We seem to look upon the Middle East situation with concern we might very well take the PLO ourselves to another place this should be the last crucial week for both parties.
Forces: We are now ready for questions.
IS: Are the PLO supposed to survive?
Forces: They will survive but not to the great numbers they were.
IS: Where are they in the scheme of things from your point of view who are they?
Forces: The cells within the body refusing to give into the spirit.
IS: Oh I see.
IS: So when you say you will take them where would you take them?
Forces: Give them into the spirit.
IS: Thank you.
IS: We have the smoke alarms is that the correct number?
Forces: This is a correct number plus 3 more.
IS: How should we situate them?
Forces: The ground floor you will put one, one on the left hand side of the hallway and you will put one and you will put one in the front door of the den as you come in and on the stairway going up the arch you will put one there. Then you will put one in front of your door you will put one on the arch of the stairway going up to the third floor.
IS: Do you mean at the dome that arch on the stairwell?
Forces: On the stairway going up.
IS: So higher above on the—-?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And when you said the stairway coming up to the main floor you said by the arch you mean by the dining room section or by the arch of the living room or?
Forces: Have one in front of your door. You have one what would be considered down below the first landing as your arch at the base of the stairs. You would put one there one on the extreme left near the Gothic bedroom and one in front of the to go out to the den kitchen.
IS: The stairway going up to the main floor that I don’t understand where?
Forces: The landing.
IS: By the closet oh is it buy the little rooftop is that where you mean or higher above?
Forces: The little rooftop will do.
IS: I see the little rooftop and then one by this door here and another one by the on this floor another one where?
Forces: The stairs going up.
IS: So a little higher than where the molded arch is?
Forces: Yes. On the slant going up.
IS: More towards the top of the stairs to the third floor?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So far we only have one on the main floor?
Forces: You have actually one and one in the slant that will carry its weight on the first floor going up the stairs to the second, third floor.
IS: Any further?
Forces: You will put one in the dining room no one in your living room at the extreme part to the back of the living room to your middle section.
IS: On the wall with the fireplace?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: And if there’s any more it is up to your discretion.
IS: Should the Meditation Room have any?
Forces: You could put one in there at the extreme back. If it should go off while your Services are on its always good to unplug it or take the batteries out. Its better to have that when you are there than to have smoke when you’re not there.
IS: Then one more or two more on the third floor besides the Meditation Room?
Forces: Its up to your discretion.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Thank you for being able to get it on such a weekend.
Forces: Yes.
IS: Question for DD is the sign of Libra, what is the sign Libra in respect to the spaceships how is it in the scheme of the spaceships because obviously the space ships definitely also represents all the 12 signs.
Forces: It represents the giving and the receiving. It represents the masculine and feminine balance between Virgo and Scorpio. It represents the justice and law of the Higher Forces.
IS: Would it also represent something within the Gyro?
Forces: It represents balance within all form of motion.
IS: Is DD question that he had in mind?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Now in Matthew Jesus is talking to the Pharisees and Sadducee’s and hes talking to them about how they misconstrue the laws to suit their own their own self and he quotes to them the Law Honor thy Father and thy Mother and then he says how they misconstrue it except I don’t understand that part.
Forces: Using it against the people for blackmail chaining them to the parents through guilt not through the act of love but through the act of guilt and responsibility.
IS: He’s also saying there’s something to the affect they somehow manage to take from the parents rather than give them and somehow how they excuse the taking from the parents and i don’t understand that part either.
Forces: They feel guilty that they don’t give to the parents and they’re responsible for being there but they also feel justified in taking from them because they’re forced to stay there.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Did they actually have a law, some sort of law not a written law but oral?
Forces: The Moral Law Code of Ethics.
IS: So they said its ok to take from the parents its not a sin anymore so they wanted to take something from there parents.
Sound stopped
LK: stained glass on back wall should it be the Atlantis theme or should it be a different seen?
Forces: You have several options you can continue with the Atlantis seen or can have a Castle seen in the distance on a mountain with pirate ships if you wish or you can have a big Birthday cake.
IS: But it should be better if he had a stained glass (—-)?
Forces: We were thinking also you could have the abstract of colors which does go well to options with indoor lighting but if you would have trees and forest and ah different types of swans this to will go over well and also you could depict a major fields and scenery’s of certain cities this would be also. You also could put a Devils Tower as you had done with flying saucers coming down.
LK: Thank you.
Forces: This would force people to talk about it.
IS: Could we also make a major tapestry type things?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you.
NN: What kind of energy build up do you get when you read one song (psalm) 7 times as opposed to reading 7 (—–)?
Forces: It builds up repetition.
BN: What kind of thing does Dr. Danby going through and how can I help him (—)?
Forces: He needs to reevaluate and reconfirm his spiritual life.
BN: Should he think about eliminating some of his responsibilities?
Forces: He needs to share them, he needs to delegate them.
BN: And how can I best help?
Forces: Sometimes by just telling him this.
BN: Thank you.
JU: Encounters of the type I had at work last week whats the best way to handle those?
Forces: Silence and perseverance and doing your work.
JU: Thank you and also for the oil at the entrance to the meditation room is there any instructions?
Forces: No just continue as is.
GB: Any guidance for me?
Forces: We would advise the spirit to be around you and the spirit of being receptive to it and that of sharing on a level of receiving the spirits for those who must do the work of it.
GB: Could you tell me how I could best go about doing that?
Forces: The particular jobs that you do these jobs in the house are function jobs that rejuvenate those cells on a spiritual connections.
GB: Thank you.
DN: Can you give the design for the keystone in the dining room and also for the 5 different plaques that are above the columns?
Forces: You might find for the plaques a bunch of grapes would be good and for the keystones of course the star and cross would be good alternating with grapes and cups.
DN: Thank you.
IS: When you say alternating with grapes and cups you mean one star and cross and the next keystone the grapes and the cups?
Forces: Yes.
ES: Thanks for your help with the visit to Washington is there any advice you can give me on how I reacted to that or how (—-).
Forces: We gave you that as a major item to take care of we handed it to you at the right possible way and the right circumstances for them and for you. But we would advise the reaffirmation of the spiritual path and sticking to those goals along with the entity (——–).
ES: Thank you.
BH: Could you tell me what sin it was that Job 3 friends (—–)?
Forces: Conceit.
BH: Thank you.
HI: The thymus center on the physical level no longer seems to develop but rather shrinks. What implication does it have on the spiritual level?
Forces: The spiritual reason for it shrinking.HI: Yes. That man has become further away from the spirit and become crystallized.
HI: Thank you. Does that happen with in people?
Forces: It happens in a certain percentage 30% of the people in this particular country.
HI: Thank you.
JB: I recently written a letter to my father I received one and I replied is there anything else I could do as far as communication he seems to be like I’m forgetting him or something?
Forces: Occasionally once a month (—) write him a letter.
JB: Thank you.
JE: The quarry over here why here they can’t they find the bottom to it and they find all kinds of fish they thought were extinct. Where does it lead to and does it have any connection with the cave in Atlantis and what was the general purpose of it?
Forces: It is (—-) to the middle part of the earth. It is traced to Jamaica and Trinidad and also into the Bermuda Triangle.
JE: Is it natural was it made?
Forces: It is spirit made.
IS: Any advice for me?
Forces: We find you moving along in a pattern that is very productive.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: It is beneficial to have all the preparations also the extra and things like that?
Forces: You’re doing fine.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving and will speak and will speak to you all again before this week is out.
IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?
Forces: He is doing fine.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.