Session 412 9/26/82

Session (—–)

Forces: To all here present now. We are here for the moment for this new cycle that is about to begin a cycle of reintroduction and Revelation of this is a perfect time to review the Revelation chapters and to review it every part of September the reason why there is always a Reincarnation and Rebirth in the Spirit during this (time), restart and renewal actually begins now the pairing and building is at this moment is the Great Cycle of the earth many people think that the planting of corn and foods during the Spring is the best time not so the best time for rebirth is the autumn, that is when new spiritual forces enter into the earth. We have decided to bring in a force wave around this area of Charlottesville and the area where you live to enkindle the spirit of spiritual, psychic, reincarnation theories where it will be the inn place to be (—-) about these theories much has been given and much will be given. There are many avenues now beginning to open up to the group as far as the spiritual work that has been planned many years ago. We here have seen Israel make its move and again protect Israel for its own purpose’s. We know that great movements in the Soviet Union are changing but only because of great underground pressures within that (—-) countries. We do see again trouble in certain spots but all this (—-) (—-) are spots located in the Communist bloc be it North Korea, be it that of parts of Vietnam and be it parts of Taiwan and parts of Thailand. It is difficult to take a pen or pencil in your hand and redo the maps of the world this too will come up where certain countries in Europe will now begin to think of joining together be it Denmark and parts of Finland parts of Amsterdam with parts of Norway (——). Many different changes will begin to happen.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: The book we read here about a little girl who was possessed by 13 different beings. This and the exorcism is this book correct?
Forces: It has its moments of truth in it.
IS: So that’s what it was this little girl.
Forces: You must understand you have also people who want to make money so let us say there is a certain percentage of it that is true but the bottom line of this book of corporation wants to make a certain amount of money.
IS: Are there really today people that can exorcise a person?
Forces: You use these powers in circles and cycles on individuals they do have a certain amount of power in them.
IS: The man in that book is he one of them that one man especially?
Forces: (-) yes.
IS: That’s for real that hes for real the man himself?
Forces: Yes.
IS: How do we know the difference or can we know the difference to our unenlightened eye. Whats the difference between somebody that is possessed or somebody that is a split personality and how can we tell them apart or are they different?
Forces: Different factors within the blood and the clotting system of the blood usually schizophrenic has very long earlobes.
IS: Now the schizophrenic is possessed or the one with the split personality?
Forces: At this moment we would say the person who has many different personalities.
IS: It is different because the one that is the split personality could be personalities of past lives right.
Forces: Or even in present.
IS: So the person that is possessed is specifically demons and the person that is split personality more or less—?
Forces: (—–).
IS: But it is past lives and stuff like that/
Forces: Oftentimes yes.
IS: And other times?
Forces: Oftentimes other times.
IS: Now the person that is possessed he cannot get possessed on things that don’t exist in him right?
Forces: Correct. You would be surprised to find out what he does to (align himself?)
IS: Man as a whole?
Forces: One because he wants to change and move that these changes do happen, you can’t really say by what particular style, but change does happen.
IS: Is what you said now to me relate somehow to the demons or something I don’t understand?
Forces: The demons have a certain amount of powers the spirit force has more power in those you might do it for a while but the spirit force wins out.
IS: Why is it that they cannot say the Words Christ, Jesus any–?
Forces: Because it throws them into a turbulence.
IS: Just the name itself?
Forces: Correct.
IS: So a person that is really possessed would that be a sign if he never uses the words but she might be Jewish and then there’s no need for it to be said but would that be a sign sort of?
Forces: (OK?) use it as such.
IS: Is there something wrong with the force field?
Forces: No we are still here just the cloud cover.
IS: Could I also ask on the same subject when did it happen that UR got possessed was it when she was working in a mental institution, was it the first time?
Forces: That was the beginning of her problems.
IS: Drugs later on?
Forces: That was the other factor for the drugs in her case never left her system.
IS: But the actual opening or activating of all of these things when did that happen you said in Flushing it happened. Was it at a time when we were not there?
Forces: More of encounters with a close helpful causes and that of seeing self (—-).
IS: Helpful you said help?
Forces: Helpful to encourage herself.
IS: To encourage herself for what?
Forces: The GayCCPork corporation.
Forces: They make sausages.
IS: So you did mean when she started being concerned about her health?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And she was wondering whether she was getting 8 ounces of fresh milk every day?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
Forces: Any time.
LK: Could it be given what type of force is the playing of traditional Italian music and also traditional Irish or Scottish music?
Forces: The force is for Leprechaun and Little people to come and be attracted to. Classical music represents the music of the healers or those Walkers of the Sky that come near. This is a perfect time of year to play both types of music for the entire month of September.
LK: Would the Irish or Scottish be the Leprechaun and what would it be for Italian folk music?
Forces: They call up the little Ginny. (Laughter)
LK: So its whatever little elemental like creature is there particular thing, the Leprechaun is for Ireland and whatever it is for—-?
Forces: A bottle of Beer.
LK: Thank you.
Forces: Little Ginny is a pizza of course we use it very lovingly.
DD: You said that shape changing was the common denominator for—-?
Forces: Common denominator to all world factors in which incorporates the evolution of man and the spirit of man within the body physical, mental and spiritual. This encompasses the growth the dominating force fields within man as he takes on shape form and size within the earth this force field is and through time dominates through the thought patterns in which man woman has incorporated raising or lowering the vibrations of the evolution of spirit the change form cycle cube or rectangle or that of pyramid has a certain influx upon environment and what would be considered gastrafotic or what would be considered the elohtic vibration of the spirit of man carrying him into other existence and dimensions and newer forking’s
DD: Could you tell me what the Key of Life is?
Pressing your luck. Pressing the luck of the Key of Life is the incorporation within the soil or the elements that is the Tree of Life, in the element of the foundation of all mineral deposits, all that of radium, uranium, cobalt, diamonds, all that of mineral deposits, all that of crystalites, themalites, and satelites. This is the beginning of the Tree of Life from which all grows, the mucus, the minus, and the (mettractus?).
DD: Thank you.
NN: In the Book of Esther when the Jews conquered the people in the provinces it says that some of the heathen became Jews because the fear of the Jews fell upon them–?
Forces: We would advise you to read Judges the fourth chapter 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th, 11th and 12th verse.
DN: Could you help me understand the dream I had?
Forces: We would advice you to read Psalms 23 and also proverbs 18.
HI: With the knot under my arm is there certain exercises to make it go away?
Forces: Again it is also the mental concepts first all exercises are secondary. Also the caster oil packs would also help out, but more so of a calming atmosphere within self to relax the lymphatic system (cellular?) system.
HI: Thank you.
GB: Would there be any guidance for me at this time/
Forces: Moving forward in a spiritual pattern and inter revolution of Revelations coming around.
JB: I was bitten by a dog in a dream:
Forces: Enkindleing a force of spirit within your makeup.
NN: In Isaiah chapter 45 7th verse it says that God created evil?
Forces: Well it represents the force in which man was evil incorporated.
NN: Thank you.
IS: Find a dentist?
Forces: We have a dentist that is Russo we had found for you is a practically a good one of course Knight stands out good in Charlottesville shining armor.
IS: Is there something I can do for my teeth or gums that I don’t have to go period to—?
Forces: Eat plenty of apples and brush with lots of salt. That would strengthen parts of it.
IS: But I still need to go.
Forces: Sometimes once you get into the pattern of it, it seems not to end.
IS: Salt—?
Forces: Put the salt on your toothbrush and let that do the job.
IS: Without the toothpaste?
Forces: Right.
IS: Do I use the toothpaste also/
Forces: If you want.
IS: After, before?
Forces: After.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Should we plant corn now?
Forces: No we’re not talking about planting corn. There are many invisible forces of planting of growing of going into the soil at this moment for the renewal of its life.
Forces: We also must review a certain portion of thought is that the entity RU is completely as you know Beth and the Beth part has taken over leaving her life totally in disarray and a great deal of uncontrollable actions and out of control boundaries (—) might want to understand that she has total fights within herself of her emotional bodies and rages, hate and anger.
IS: What are they vented on?
Forces: On anything around her.
IS: Is that the reason she was kicked out her job?
Forces: Well let us say not physically kicked off but things were made difficult for her.
IS: And you said she is now beginning to hear the voices?
Forces: In her self.
Forces: We now want to focus on this particular group knowing that this is a new involvement and changes and a new cycle beginning in this month and just focus on that power that is coming through to help you.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.
(Sound of Tom coming in)