SESSION 428 part 1 5/26/83

SESSION 428 part 1 5/26/83
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and have been reviewing certain thinks in the Middle East. What we had tried to prevent with Syria vs Israel had happened. Syria has attacked Israel in many different ways. We are now sending certain fleets over to Israel and starting to prepare our movement against Syria. It is going to be a very busy week for all. The Soviet Union we will (plast) in certain places and work throughout Afghanistan and the far west of Russia we will create certain natural disturbances for the Soviet Union to keep them busy. We also will raise China’s eyes to the Soviet Union to keep them also tantalized. We are also focusing on South America and of course are continual (——) agreement in those countries of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas our favorite states that we want to work with.
Forces: We are ready and busy with certain elements. We ask you all to secure your own selves in strength and also in conviction. The areas of the house should be maintained and put as first priority and focusing the energy again in the house and land areas around. We are focusing so that the energy will be absorbed and used. Virginia is now at the ability of being focused on and we are now working with the state of Virginia with its own what would be called hypocrisies. We are uncovering a lot of hypocrisies in Virginia that will be embarrassing in the next coming months. Virginia will be measured and meet accordingly. Just as they have judged you we now judge them.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: The area of Texas where they are getting hit is it anywhere touching the entity?
Forces: They are focusing in Austin and in the Houston areas. We’re doing it for a spiritual purpose of course.
IS: Is there anything that comes to their mind to connect it?
Forces: Constantly.
IS: They do connect it?
Forces: Constant.
IS: How do they live with themselves?
Forces: They will not be able to. They represent the qualities of the woman who tried to take and preserve the sons of Saul from being destroyed by the vultures.
IS: After they were dead.
Forces: Got the meaning of this striving forth a consciousness in which the soul is trying to preserve the spiritual qualities. The stones that you are surrounded are the representations of a physical quality but those who had left became the stones of crystallization personal will. No one should apply their thoughts to personal will. It is the first step to destruction and crystallization. All those who will ever be in front of us must give up their personal will. Their personal judgment of things have no part with us.
IS: In the Bible she knew they were dead.
Forces: It is the efforts and energies that she used to preserve and to prevent them from being taken by the vultures. It is of that energy that the soul tries to preserve the spiritual progress.
IS: Is it a good thing that she tried to preserve them?(Samuel 21 8-9)
Forces: It is the souls ever willingness to preserve the spiritual qualities against the what would be considered self will. Self will puts the body on the stick. It is the ultimate end when self will reigns it is death at the end.
IS: So it was a good thing that Rizpah tried to preserve the bodies from being eaten up by the vultures?
Forces: It is the quality of the soul to preserve anything that of those who had tried to make some progress to the spiritual principles but yet when self will enters in it is put on the stake to death.
IS: So in the case of these entities they realized that they’re on the stake and dead but they’re just trying to preserve what’s left?
Forces: Correct. And this is the case for all those who are in there own opinions of things.
IS: Are they aware of it much?
Forces: They are.
IS: How can a whole world—-?
Forces: No man can serve God and serve himself at the same time. We have fixed it that it will destroy you. You think that there is what would be considered a choice there is no choice there is only one way to do it God’s way. Man thinks there are choices there are only results God’s results. You are all co-creators of this entity of God you have been made by Him you cannot rebel against Him. If you rebel your body will break down and die.
IS: How can the whole world there not physically blind can see that a person is born maybe he does something maybe he doesn’t he dies those are things that are open to everybody to see there’s not much in between you sort of exist at least a little better or a little worse. Why is it that they have not wished I mean on a large scale how can it be that they do not see this that they would want something better or that they would have something greater?
Forces: Personal will is the only quality that you have that we ask for you to give up.
IS: But even on a personal will—?
Forces: By the very fact of giving it up do you have a new life.
IS: But even personally I don’t want that kind of life be born exist a little better or worse and then die and bring in somebody else to do the same thing how come the whole world doesn’t revolt against that kind of thing even on a personal will how come there’s anybody in the world that would want it?
Forces: Satan.
IS: Then this is the biggest swindle of them all.
Forces: Satan is powerful in his personal will against God from the beginning the battle of what he wants is still going on but it is up to you just to simply tune in to automatic pilot.
IS: I do not understand how a whole world can be easily swindled if somebody said give me 10 dollars for a match they wouldn’t do it what’s makes it attractive. I do not understand what Satan uses to make it attractive?
Forces: Illusions of shadows, Illusions of shadows cast a shade before us as you see the Illusion drifts beneath and in that which is the abyss of darkness mans fantasy creates the illusion of shadows. As he approaches through that of darkness it becomes the epitome of construction of illusions, of defaults, vagabonds of unknowing, illusions of the shadows. Shadows are the illusions created from the beginning without the shadow you cannot have form it is with the light and the dark that you think you see solids but take away one aspect of light or dark and you will have no form. Shadows are the illusions of tomorrows shadows are the illusions of desires take them away and you will have what would be considered reality. The abundant and crystal clear corporations and creations of Truth. Without shadows you have Truth with shadows you have illusions. Many a soul focuses on illusion, fantasy of the moment that have no foundations. That which is illusions drift through the tide and in this tide of life many have sunk their ships on the shadows of illusions.
IS: Do other beings from other planets see this earth as a whole earth in bondage and illusion and just maybe a few people manage to discover this enormous plot against all the other people and they are being hunted because———?
Forces: The Noah’s (Knowers?) of the shadows must be tested, Noah’s (Knowers?) of the shadows have the answers that can stop the process.
IS: So it is the way I think that’s how we are (—-) here.
IS: Thank you.
LK: Anything to help me with meditations?
Forces: In what respect.
LK: I feel like its not moving along.
Forces: Stop measuring the movements of your meditations just go into it and be patient with it.
LK: That’s part of my problem I don’t know if I’m really going into it?
Forces: Don’t analyze what you are going into it is a level that you must not seek after just do.
LK: Thank you.
NN: 2 Chronicles 9:13 Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold.
Forces: Your understanding that the material elements of the earth must be put into working order and controlled before any structures ever built. What we are saying is that we go around getting involved in those elements to control them so that the foundations can be built upon them.
(–): I have a question for DD in Session 159 he asked a question the answer was movement in space and time? (Recursive math and graph paper).
Forces: Do it in 3 columns and make it a three column project. Everything in space takes up movement and property.
Q: Then filling up this property with density.
Forces: This is true.
Q: How to use the graph paper and the three column approach?
Forces: It is working with the three columns of the physical, mental and spiritual and the graph paper is the height and weight and the width of progress.
(Q): In chapter 10 of numbers are the two silver trumpets the pineal and the pituitary ?
Forces: The two silver trumpets represents the Silver umbilical cord and the pineal.
Q: Thank you
Q: The swelling and numbness and inflammation in my foot and the things in my wrist—-.
Forces: What can we do.
Forces: Acupuncture will help tremendously find the center and use acupuncture. What represents is the stagnation of certain electrical centers within the body refusal of growth and movement.
JE: How can I correct that?
Forces: Simply by movement. There’s nothing wrong with your hand or legs restore your mind.
JE: Thank you.
HI: In Ezekiel its talking about the gates and the courts of the Temple ——– how did that manifest in (man)——–?
Forces: These represents the Blood system the Arterial and the Vein systems of man.
HI: Thank you.
BH: Could tell me what Psalm 73 is working with?
Forces: This would work with the concept of God on the earth.
JB: When God gives healing and grace is it a constant thing or is it a thing that just gradually—–?
Forces: The Graces of God is sufficient to the Faith of man.
JB: Thank you.
JE: Verse in the Bible that says Abram and his wife left this place they were in and they took the souls that they had with them what does that mean?
Forces: (—–) people that served them.
JE: They were talking about people that were with them?
Forces: And on the other side those who served them. Think not that you are only 14 people that are in this house. There is a host of elements, of angels, of souls that surround this property.
IS: The dream I had with the (——) all the information could you tell me what the (—-) is
Forces: Removal of such elements from your life.
IS: (—)?
Forces: There are times and seasons in which things stay still but because of these times and the elements around we are now ready to move.
IS: But it won’t be a negative affect?
Forces: A spirited affect yes, spirit of future, of growth and of learning and of love.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Now the Jewish Cabala says there has to be on the earth 36 Righteous Men and who they are nobody knows or else the earth would not exists is that the correct number?
Forces: This has an element to truth.
IS: You work through those 36 people is that correct?
Forces: Yes we do.
IS: Are they all aware of you?
Forces: In many different ways yes.
IS: But not really always totally?
Forces: To the awareness of that individual to seek after the truth.
IS: Not to the awareness of the entity Tom?
Forces: To the awareness of the establishment of the creation and of the Temple.
IS: Is Tom the entity one of those people?
Forces: He’s used by us as a focal point.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Also is it true that there’s one person on earth who could topple the whole world if hes tampered with?
Forces: In certain respects yes.
IS: To the finalization on the physical level?
Forces: Sometimes.
IS: So it is correct?
IS: Do you know who that one person is?
Forces: In that quality yes.
GB: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?
Forces: Search after the ways within the heart of the Spirit of the words of God research them and move forward in knowledge in the Spiritual laws.
Forces: (—-) of evolution’s that are happening but always be aware to be guided.
GB: How can I be sure of guidance?
Forces: Who will do the guidance for you, is it self will or is it Gods will.
GB: Gods will.
Forces: Sometimes Gods will takes Patience and Faith and what would be called waiting to see or hear not only by what we are saying to you by those of the entity that we designate to run this house.
GB: Experience light———-?
Forces: The evolution of the circuits within self that’s being restored to its proper balance.
GB: Is that like God visits man in his Temple?
Forces: The visiting of man in the Temple of his body is done constantly through time and space as man achieves that plateau of listening and that of patience and that of love.
GB: Thank you very much.
IS: How long did it take Moses between him coming out of the desert given the mission how long did it take the 10 plagues what period of time are we talking about.
IS: How long did the 10 plagues take? It shows there that Moses had time to become famous and–
Forces: Children. Then 10 plagues represents the evolution of mans consciousness towards God.
IS: And how long did that take?
Forces: Anywhere from 4 years to 15.
IS: So they weren’t one after another?
Forces: No.
IS: Thank you.
IS: The entity has come in contact around the house with, would it be the Archangel, would it be Archangel Gabriel that he met?
Forces: Correct.
IS: Thank you very much.
LK: Having a hard time with the Violin?
Forces: Certain spiritual overtones, overtones dealing with music, deals directly with overtones.
LK: Thank you.
Forces: Only unless you keep yourself in that which would be of the focus to us will that of the violin be creative.
NN: What is the most outstanding aspect of the music of Beethoven that would be the most healing for the spirit?
Forces: All parts of same.
NN: Thank you.
ES: In chapter 11 of Numbers what quality do Eldad and Medad represent in not coming to Moses when they were called as part of the 70 Elders?
Forces: A reaching out to other wills rather than to the spirit.
ES: Thank you very much.
JU: In what would be considered actual facts like the physical world the realities our outcomes actually change as we develop and make decisions?
Forces: This is true.
JU: So there are no things such as absolutes—?
Forces: We change our lives as what we believe to change them to.
JU: Thank you.
HI: Does the (——-) cards representative ———spiritual things?
HI: (Oracle cards)?
Forces: Where would we find it.
HI: (system———?
Forces: Oh yes now we know what your saying. Yes definitely.
HI: Could you tell me which connection with these ———?
Forces: The aorta is always found on the west side, northwest.
HI: Thank you.
BH: Mars satellite came back with a picture of a face could you tell us what that face was?
Forces: It is to remind man that the creations of the many sphinx.
IS: Throughout the whole galaxy?
Forces: Trademarks of remembrance.
IS: So actually——?
Forces: Reminding of man of the soul.
IS: Is it a natural thing or is it a——–?
Forces: Lets say it is a supernatural.
IS: So there were no beings that built it from another galaxy or something or were there?
Forces: More so supernatural. Do you remember 2001 Space odyssey.
IS: Yes.
Forces: Similar. Instead of the cube we have the sphinx.
IS: So now we can sit back and see what is going to unfold with it?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Something is going to unfold with it?
Forces: All that work for vain.
IS: Thank you very much.
JB: Help with garden?
Forces: Sweat and toil and constant keeping ahead of it.
JB: Thank you.
JE: I have the farmers almanac about planting at certain times how much store can you put in something like that I feel like its earth magic and yet we are dealing with earth elements.
Forces: Let other people think you put store into it but understand that you should put store into us.
JE: I understand that but—-?
Forces: There are no buts.38.51
JE: But these laws you work with like lower magic?
Forces: Lower magic is only the resemblance of man when he does not use the Magic within.
JE: Thank you.
Forces: With your strawberry plants the land area is good but if you would take common pipe or wood and cut bases of top side of them at different angle’s and plant your strawberries inside the tube with dirt your plants will grow in a tube up rather than a row across giving you more control, more fruits and better capabilities of transplanting.
JE: A box you mean?
Forces: Cylinders sticking up out of the ground some 6 to 7 feet high with bridges around in a circle of cups in which these strawberries plants could be planted.
JE: What would that do?
Forces: Make use of more space when you have so called runners gathering around.
GB: Shadows the silence helps to get rid of?
Forces: Keeping that silence can help but keeping also the creative ability of basic work has that ability of making those shadows as walls and the creative abilities as fortresses.
GB: So you are saying that through the work—?
Forces: Through the work of your hands are you creating mansions.
IS: Is there any advice for me?
Forces: There are the spirits of life that will be guidance and the evolution of time that will be processed.
IS: In that dream the cats that showed up—?
Forces: Would be protections from the Egyptian periods.
IS: There’s a lot to that dream isn’t there?
Forces: There is always a lot ——-.
IS: Anything for Julia?
Forces: A vast amount of knowledge of soul level learning and attachment to that of initiation.
IS: Is she recognizing anything here?
Forces: Instinctively.
Part one ended.