SESSION 428 part 2 5/26/83

SESSION 428-2 5/26/83

DD: Any guidance for me at this time
Forces: The period is more of a progressive nature in which will take into (—) that of expressing the spiritual encounter of understanding and reception of certain laws of evolution within the earth.
DD: Have I been doing the right thing recently (——-)?
Forces: It is a good thing to focus on the spirit of the Law.
DD: Thank you.
NN: Am I going in the right direction with the (—-) last night?
Forces: Yes.
NN: It felt like something (———-)?
Forces: More of the illusions into the spirit focus into more of a lighted consciousness.
IS: Did she free herself of illusions or was that also illusion?
Forces: More on this.
DD: Once you told me to work with graph paper and time——–?
Forces: More of the physical, mental and spiritual progress of light and the 3 columns of paper.
DD: Can anything else be given about that?
Forces: One step at a time gently and patience.
DD: Is it something like the book I’m reading? Gameplayers of Zan by M.A. Foster
Forces: It could be applied.
DD: Thank you.
HI: Why is it that their is power in the bones of a dead man, a man of knowledge, spiritual knowledge what is the chemical that makes it so?
Forces: It is what you call the essence of the soul leaves behind elements of its member in the cellular structure of the bone which allow spiritual blessings on those who are near
HI: Thank you.
NN: Can you tell me what it means there was no open vision?
Forces: No 3rd eye used.
NN: Thank you.
JE: In the Bible the mountains skip like rams and the little hills like lambs what does that mean?
Forces: This gives you an understanding of the world when the Higher Forces will take over.
JE: Thank you.
GB: I had several experiences in the last months being in two places at one time?
Forces: The re-accument or the readjustment of the soul and the spirit and the body and the mind the astral re associating and reaffirming to the spirit of that of the flesh working through different elements and getting what would be considered a new lease on life.
GB: Thank you.
Cat comes in
Forces: It is cute. Certain cats used to do that in Egypt too.
IS: Cats in my dream?
Forces: Certain cats were known in the beginning of time to send spaceships out (—) out of the earth by accident. Pushing the wrong button with its paw as it crept.
IS: Anything for the entity Tom?
Forces: Spiritual movement and different laws that happen and different elements in the earth pattern is beginning to (—–).
IS: Is that coming in now?
Forces: Many different things are being done.
Forces: We are only trying to explain to you all that this body of people represent a spiritual progress on the level that will be a sanctuary for many to come through, focus on the spirit and those things that matter and answers will be given to reality and questions will be had to those answers which will be answered.
IS: This war that you predicted that was going to happen between Israel and Syria?
Forces: Lets just say minor confrontations.
IS: That’s not the thing a major war before the big, big war or is it? Its one of the skirmishes.?
Forces: More so the things within.
NN: It says in Psalm 51 build thou the Walls of Jerusalem its referring to the (——–) heart?
Forces: It can be applied nicely.
NN: Thank you.
Q: In Chapter 8 (———–)?
Forces: It can be applied.
DD: Psalm 18?
Forces: More of construction and understanding and at the same time an evolution.
Forces: At this time we will be leaving we’ll focus on you again but remember the soul is eternal and what you do here on the earth quickly passes by before you know it you will be in another existence, another dimension, another experience. Make the best of this one while you are here, while we are speaking to you.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.