SESSION 430 part 1 6/14/83

SESSION 430 1 6/14/83

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and have been watching closely the things that are. We have been seeing this progress that you have been making and are pleased we are ready for questions.
IS: The work that has been done with the A.R.E. Is that correct?
Forces: It is on schedule and evolved into the appropriate place.
IS: Am I aware of the things we are working on or is it–?
Forces: ——-but you are being used.
IS: I’m doing the things I’m supposed to do anyhow?
Forces: Correct.
IS: What are the people at the ARE now seeing us what do they feel that is—-?
Forces: They are seeing a tremendous strength and power that they know is true.
IS: And what do they feel who are these people are they slowly accepting us as a part of the scenery and just—-?
Forces: More so accepting the authority that comes there.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Was it a shock when Charles Cayce saw that authority?
Forces: No on the contrary it was a welcome pleasure. No he feels he needs as much assistance as he possibly can get now.
IS: And he recognized that?
Forces: He recognizes the energy and the power that has to be.
IS: Than you also for us to be able to roam around without having to pay all those —–?
IS: And what does Gladys want with me specifically in all these specific places and things?
Forces: More so the reassurance and application of personal energy and a vital way for regeneration.
IS: So she feels it?
Forces: Yes.
IS: I have made my pitch that I will be available if they need help and I sort of started the (—-) along that however I don’t think that even they think that I will clip envelops. I have made a pitch and now I was due from that so have I started that ball rolling?
Forces: Of course.
IS: The dream group in Charlottsville what is the affect their?
Forces: Charlottsville will take awhile but it is the beginning of the application some spiritual attitudes.
IS: Were the people there happy?
Forces: There is an aspect of anticipation.
IS: This coming week the entity Tom goes there will that be a boost?
Forces: It will get the regeneration to something that is beginning to happen.
BN: Would there be any special guidance for me at this time?
Forces: More so applying the spiritual knowledge that has been given to you.
BN: Any specific—?
Forces: In time it will be shown.
Q: And with me any advice for this time?
Forces: The devices that have been handled to you and then guided your way –is application of powers given by us that the manifestation of the spirit will be organized.
Q: Thank you.
LK: I have been reading a certain amount in the Bible everyday and I’m wondering if you could give some other kind of discipline with the Bible to add that would help the Bible become more of a discipline to go with that, that would help the Bible become more alive to me?
Forces: These disciplines are created by self and must be started by self we really cannot tell you an expression of discipline that must be that of inner self guidance to tell self what should be done.
LK: Thank you.
IS: Is there anything that can be done to alleviate the condition of the entity?
Forces: This deals with the environmental changes and the etheric changes in the world the weather cannot be changed because change is happening the effects will be minimal as time goes on.
IS: Any advice for me?
Forces: To keep close to the principle of patience.
IS: Thank you.
BN: The entity said that the problems hes having come with the changes can you be more specific about what types of changes are taking place?
Forces: More of the etheric and the spiritual practices for mans consciousness and development.
BN: Thank you.
Q: What is the significance of the date December 24th 2000 on the Mayan calendar?
Forces: The beginning of a new era.
LK: In a book I’m reading on the Cabala in one part it mentions that the books written by Solomon the Song of Songs represents the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life of Beauty and Proverbs represents the Sephiroth of Loving Kindness and that Ecclesiastes represents Judgment would this be accurate?
Forces: We find as such.
LK: It also says that a tool that Solomon used was graving and that whenever it says in Ecclesiastes that all was vanity that another translation from the Hebrew means breath and what he was saying was that all was breath implicating that he was using different breathing techniques along with meditation and along with prayer to invoke the different Sephiroth the experience of the different Sephiroth would this be true?
Forces: This is true.
LK: Thank you.
IS: What is better for entity at this point air conditioner or not.
Forces: Your dealing with etheric avenues and values of an unseen force affecting the same body both conditions are (equal) to the process of development both conditions have its purpose.
IS: Which is more helpful?
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: The Cabala student who came has anything entered into his mind?
Forces: More so there is some development that he should do as far as his own progress.
IS: The Search for God groups Mondays and Wednesdays at Virginia Beach is there something on a separate level that is happening there then the ARE?
Forces: More so the same principle spiritual development and the power.
IS: Is part of what is being done to bring back the people to the readings and what its all about?
Forces: This is a most important aspect.
IS: Rather than all these separate trips that they all go on?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
BN: The changes that Martin Luther made in all the (—-) that followed should he have done this?
Forces: More so personal will (—–).
BN: So it was something——–?
Forces: Not totally.
IS: So its never really good that kind of change because its not really a change its like a willfulness rather than change a change would be for the (—) to change into that which has been ordained?
Forces: All changes are the reflections of attitudes within.
Q: Is there ———————?
Forces: Most pathetic.
Forces: At this point we are only going to say the focusing and watching each particular day is of a careful nature done by us the plans that we are being the plans that are being implemented are carefully worked out for a certain element to come in. We are moving on and there are many things we are trying to accomplish through this (—-) and our power is increasing.
Forces: We will communicate with you again and various things that need to be focused on but as of now things are in its proper perspective.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.