Session 442 – 6/25/84

SESSION 442 6/25/84

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and find it rather interesting in its development with the natural and (——) in much these elements do take on many different variances on (—). There is an element of trust and a great deal of contribution and security in the spirit that is now floating around and there is a (—-) that would be consider to those of a nature of construct development, constructive (graphic) and constructive enlightenment and constructive force of living. All things in its pattern of nature is in a building ever. In this episode we seek to know these conditions of purging what would be called (influx) and susanence one time of course’ these days are troubled with the insurrection of Right versus Might and also the powers of the Demigods of Force versus Right. We are a (–) in this area and will speak to you in the phone if necessary.
Forces: Ready for your questions.
IS: Thank you for the different things that were accomplished. Is there any way to prevent the prophecies from materializing? I need to ask what is the (—-) and could it be done?
Forces: All the prophecies must be reviewed on the prophecies must be understand on the prophecies as prophecies know must be assimilated learn to acquire it and looked at digest it to the point of recognition only then can the prophecy it self through prayer and perseverance and that of the prayer service can these predictions be altered and changed. Yes the predictions can be changed if man were centered around the spiritual purpose of service and if man and woman center around the giving instinct of prayer. Constantly in man and woman is the Balancing factor of tomorrows (–) Man and woman keep positive attitude in all endeavors no matter what the prophecies will not come to pass
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: What percentage of the population would be enough to overturn those prophecies?
Forces: If there would be at least 4 in a house using positive in there (–) in that enchanted hour prophecies will not come to pass.
LK: Could you explain the best way to deal with emotions?
Forces: Write on a paper what is the problem.
LK: Thank you.
Forces: Also in the minute of the emotion one must recognize the emotion is not right all emotions are in a (—-) and consecutively no matter what is right. Therefore whatever emotions one might have a growing crop and pattern is to be to void of a emotional reaction to have a state of being, a state of being is that of not reacting, non reaction (—-) without emotions, emotions is not the highest development.
LK: When you realize you’ve been in an emotional pattern is there a way to detect it sooner?
Forces: You must understand the (–) process of your emotional needs per say is a weakness. It is a pattern of justice and also ego and also attitude of what you think your image is. Emotions touch only the image of the fantasy. In the fantasy is playing at the tree (—-). The fantasy grows only from that in which the bearer produces a desire. In that fantasy one has an understanding that one has a image of self. Not all images of self is a perfect being or perfect state. So when an entity of development of practical exercise comes across or through or two in a humble presence of giving of instruction of teaching of knowing, sharing and of course of seeing that of the image. It is not (—-) of the situation that constructs the emotions but it is rather dealing of a situation that triggers the emotions because the image is affected, only the image of self needs to be changed not to what we think self is but to understand and grow in reality to what self can be you are a spirit being of a spirit you change and develop daily and every day a new expression of spirit is formed and taught and materialize (through your very being). Image is a thing that stifles the spirit for it is image that remains stagnant and it is image that must be maintained to death and it is through this image that many a war has been fought and it is through this image that many a battle has been lost it is only through the spirit that one can grow daily and what is coming down that the image is not a progressive state of evolution but it is a de-evolution into the earth. Man and woman know how know to put yourself on a neutral path that you might be used and moved by the spirit of the Force.. If that is the case then you will be pliable to all situations and all conditions and not be expected or affected by the image of self. Image stops movement, image is a reaction to the elements of stagnation and not to the elements of spiritual (law).
Forces: And that should explain it (all.)
IS: Is everything all right with Emala?
Forces: She is moving along.
(-): The Book of Numbers?
Forces: (—–) if you were to the Book of Numbers would be a digital Book.
(-): (can’t hear question.
Forces: There are 3 things that self must be aware of first your name 2nd your source and third your commitment. In all three elements an item if there is a reaction then there must be an equal reaction. That is a underlying force of discord in this particular expression of (-) but the underlying discord is not only from the job but from the very (-) the self is being made ready to face and look upon some trials of development and some expression of (-) focus on the 3 elements repeat the 3 names of Symbol, of Magic, of Force and feel the self same elements to give you the answer.
(can’t hear question.
Forces: We usually guide people through the Bible and if one asks the question do you have any guidance to give me we usually give the answer to a particular chapter in the Bible being that this is your first time before us we give you fair warning that’s how we answer those questions. Jeremiah 4th Chapter 1st verse to the 13th change your ways make yourself of service the onslaught of the enemy is to come from the North the sound of trumpets you heard tonight and it has been fulfilled your city is being made ready, the changes are to come, what we say in the (—-) is interpreted literally for you tonight.
(can’t hear question.
Forces: Work here discipline yourself one day a week of sunup and sundown you should work with the (—) in that station and in that work you will receive your answers, for a period of 2 months starting at this moment, one day a week be at the service on this foundation and in two months your answer will be given (Telephone rings)
Forces: We will stop here for an outside force.
(someone on the phone)
Forces say Goodnight we are busy, Goodnight we are busy (the end of tail is always in the mouth)
Forces: We do not recognize nor do we see.
DD: Lateral approach to the numbers?
Forces: It is correct for this moment yeah
DD: What you said before about (—-) is a digital book?
Missed question
Forces: Yes you got it.
DD: Thank you.
JU: (can’t hear question.
Forces: (-) what still up.
JU: Running in the ear?
Forces: Birds in the head.
JU: (can’t hear question.
Forces: Beets in the tree.
JU: Passes for (-)
Forces: Bottom of the stump.
JU:(can’t hear question.
Forces: In the (-).
JU:(can’t hear question.
Forces: Not that easy, nothing new, into self wandering anew as you walk upon that self same force the bags within the very orb of existence one must answer the questions of why, whom, and I where am I, what am I, where is to go in the very darkest fear in the night of the Hallows (owls) one might see the (cupahorn) of orange and of tan. In self same sport of upstein ways the serf does serve the king the king, king, kingly way. The castle door is (-) closed the gates do not ajar do open. Upon the rock serfdom one might realize the precious orb get to the North to the South to the East and West one must see the Silence best, upon the crown upon the 6 on the way with hearts of white a man might find his secret search never to know the night flight all wants to be or wants to see or wants to hear or wants to do for where are those who ramble on, or ramble are or ramble are a ramble for you. Star light star light find a gate, find a flight infinitesimal find the moon darkest hour darkest moon Les thy appetite of the hour search and see grab a hold of the Doom of green hours might never stand so still as they stand beneath the window of your self, self same cloth made of tapestry woven wondering why you’re foot so close wondering why the dread of night turns into the new day man in his plight is just a poem that is contrite to the essence and the light of (wood) into life. Stand tall in this castle are the doors ajar (——–) and widows in a magistrate leaving him looking to a half life end the hours creep by the soul is (–) thin the force is enough to the east (-) to the west. It can be rewritten as (—–) today tonight the hour is now the moment is at hand a door to your castle should open wide and the host of servants the finest (–). (——)but from the east and few.
(—) can’t here question. Allergies?
Forces: A green cloth tied around your neck scarf a green woven.
(—): Thank you.
Forces To develop more Patience a factory cannot produce. You develop Patience by redoing only then when you know Patience. Keep doing it over, and over, and over , and over, and over, and over, and over, over, over, over.
(–): can’t hear question.
Forces: Is there any way to keep frustrated from what.
(–): can’t hear question.
Forces: A green bling green, green.
(–): can’t hear question. Thank you.
Forces: You don’t want me to answer that.
(–): can’t hear question. No.
Forces: OK I tried to listen to your green thing. How to be frustrated a private conversation with you and you’d be frustrated. How to be frustrated. I’m dwindling grindling or dwindling. There’s that no such thing as frustration that is something that you create yourself cause if you do it over and over and over and over again you wont be frustrated because you know you have to do it again. Only that who thinks he has done it right gets frustrated because he has to do it over again. Nothing is ever done right ever so always be prepared to do it over again.
BN: What would be the difference if it hadn’t been written in the Book of Revelation that which the angel not to write (
Forces: The formation of man with the angel.
BN: How is that different?
Forces: Man would never be separated from the angel.
BN: John or all men?
Forces: All men.
BN: Thank you.
(-): Any guidance for me at this time on a job?
Forces: Serving all men created equal the spirit of self and working on a spiritual level of developing the soul within you. Worrying about yourself and loving yourself (—-) but with service.
(—): Thank you very much.
JE: Nostradamus said the end of the world was in 3,000 plus wears. But from the sessions we know that’s not the date. Could you explain what he means?
Forces: What is the date you know.
JE: I can’t remember exactly but it was like billions of years and no where near what he gave. Hes talking about something else?
Forces: That man will take on a new entire form of being on this date. Its self explanatory.
IS: Will it be a more spiritual form?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Could you. Thank you for the letter I got in Virginia Beach (—-) the other people. Is there any other significance to that action other than what we understand it to be a thank you letter?
Forces: It is a force of energy of this gentleman at that moment in time his hopes and dreams, aspirations and faith.
IS: Thank you very much for it.
IS: Has the psychiatrist answered as best as he could do at this time (—–).
Forces: It held them perfectly laid to rest a quiet tombstone (——) better.
Forces: At this point we are ready to leave.
Forces: We will speak to you soon.
Forces: Greeting to all here present now.
Group Our Father.