SESSION 446 10/2/84

Session 446 10/2/84

Forces: Coming in Tom breathes heavily.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and have watched the condition moving and growing fast which we have been around. But we will guarantee that the cold front will still remain, not that much clouds on our behalf we’ll hide on the fluffy clouds and in between them not to interfere with your celebration. We are aware of the different movements and the goings on in spirit form and knowing that it is of course the high moment of evolution and changing of cycles and preparing for such change and entering into a new awareness, a new contract, a new beginning and putting away the things that are of old.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: People that are extremely self defensive what is really the problem that is involved and how to overcome it?
Forces: Being self-defensive is an item of pride and ego misusing, to admit whether one is right or wrong, but the fact of ego is the basic common denominator and those who are overly sensitive, the inability to listen the inability to try to understand that there might be more to the story than what you realize and what would be considered ah conceptions usually those who are defensive have a worldly concept of things thinking that their after what is more powerful and should be upheld and refuses to lower those standards for a spiritual concept.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: People who are around people like that, how to deal, how best to deal with that, that the people around aren’t burned out and that both side aren’t hurt if possible?
Forces: The best item is, you cannot force change on anyone just simply state the fact that your being to sensitive and too defensive that your not allowing your own spirit to develop, that you strangle your spirit from developing.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: But the people around that have to take it or they are around that its being thrown at there shouldn’t be like a feeling of they are guilty they are —-?
Forces: No not at all they must allow it too run off like water must be (-) to a lowest level not to get in its way, just allow it to form to its lowest level.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: The New York group that is coming what are some of the things that we should know about what can you help us with/
Forces: Know that we have allowed it to happen and that we invite them to be here, know that we have sanctioned it and have allowed it to take its place and that we sanction it to arrive that we will take over and control that the higher force of spirit action will take place, in short what we are saying is of course there are many aspects that have already been discussed which we have noted and which is accurate in its own detail and which had to be discussed (—) so the entity DN could be handled last night on Que also everything was exactly where it was and it was perfect the way we wanted it but know that the green light has been given and now we have given this as a high spirit form of evolution remind you all a new beginning a new start put away your old habits. Do not let bad ideas or negativity crop on these days ahead it is most essential that people would realize that a positive attitude of cooperation and a renewal throughout this weekend there should be a renewal of spirit for what takes place will not only effect this year to come but of course it is a new cycle and it will affect seven years to come.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: What is different about (—–) and other years.
Forces: (—)Beginning, A new cycle all together.
IS: But its not even a cycle we have any inputs on anywhere else before that I can remember is that correct?
Forces: It deals with the crossing over from 7 before into the feeling of 75 and making ready for such. 75 will be our most productive spiritual year.
IS: 75
Forces: A new cycle.
IS: Not 85?
Forces: 75 is the symbolic number of this year. It is in a Hebrew form and it comes to a 75 power.
IS: And that, that were seeing we never had a its usually Rosh Hashanah is larger and people dwindle down.
Forces: Many things will be incorporated in the year they will now begin what would be called a trivet program and this trivet program is to go ahead into different sections, the North garden group of course will be a trivet program and the group that is started up in New York city will be a trivet program in which certain members will be flown to New York city and back by that being there will be weekend excursions, classes, in depth research as far as encounters and dealing with these trivet programs meaning travel in the air at or what would be considered the especial, (specialopaties) and that would be called the total, so the trivet program is what will be incorporated in this year, the traveling the extension the reuniting and of course the claiming of which must be done in many broad areas and sectors to come. We are also looking to Atlantic City not Atlantic City but Atlanta.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: So the North garden its no accident that they won’t be there to come but I couldn’t go there yesterday could I?
Forces: There is not (–) at the moment to come but we are speaking of other things of the North Garden the ones who are established already in there homes. The new North Garden or what would be considered Batesville will be not that in number many but will grow to be many in different aspects. The Spirit of that area of those starting that particular group must get off of there so called piousness and get down to facing facts and meeting things the way they are not the way they would want them to be.
IS: Your speaking of what I call the Halina group and the dream group?
Forces: Right.
IS: So the dream group is the one at North
Garden and the Batesville is the one that is ARE?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you.
IS: The suggestions I gave them about the children?
Forces: There is much work to be done it would not be advisable to go into detail at this moment.
IS: But I should be involved in that partially?
Forces: We will watch it.
IS: Thank you.
IS: And the dream group how is the dream group progressing.
Forces: (—-) will speak to them in a later fashion on what would be called a critique of there affairs.
IS: My lone conversation with DO?
Forces: It had some interesting affects.
IS: In the right direction?
Forces: Hopefully.
IS: Why did I get all of a sudden(——)?
Forces: You will be getting improvement.
IS: (——).
Forces: No.
IS: So my dream about Daniel last year the way I just put down the interpretation into the Bible ah so that was correct?
Forces: It has its merit yes.
IS: Is there anything for me at this point that you can give me for the year to come?
Forces: Just to be involved with the Spirit and allow it to move through you and allow the Spirit around you to make its self known.
IS: Thank you very.
IS: Does Daniel understand anything at all?
Forces: A major block was bridged last night.
IS: Thank you very much.
LK: Could you tell me if my new gold chain was causing the rash on my neck? Phone rings.
Forces: Hold on a second.
Forces: Why don’t you take it off.
LK: I took it off and the rash hasn’t completely gone away and I wore it again yesterday and it was driving me wild.
Forces: Lose the chain for awhile.
LK: Is there anything that can be done to the chain so I can wear it?
Forces: Leave it off for a while it is attracting vibrations that are too strong for your body. Leave it off for a while other things in your system is changing during this season.
LK: Thank you.
LK: Also could you tell me what my worst quality is?
Forces: The inability to share with expressions, avoid from talking.
LK: Thank you
Forces: Not that your talking is bad.
BN: Could you please give me a section of the Bible to focus on over the next—?
Forces: Focus on the quality of the Book of Judges and its the second Book Of Judges look into that.
BN: Thank you very much.
(–): Any guidance for me (–)?
Forces: Calm down relax not to be so up tight and things arn’t so intense let the spirit work through you.
(–): Thank you.
JU: Is there something I need to establish and commit before sundown on Saturday?
Forces: That’s true.
JU: Can you give me some guidance on it?
Forces: Work more talk less.
JU: And my hand?
Forces: If you work more talk less it will hurt less.
JU: Thank you.
DD: Would there be any guidance for me (—)?
Forces: Just allow the spirit of renewal to come in you and through you and allow the Spirit of Love to be part of you.
DD: Could you help me on the numbers?
Forces: Numbers is secondary it takes care of itself.
DD: Thank you.
ES: Guidance for me?
Forces: Who is this.
BH: Bathsheba.
Forces: Who is this.
BH: Bathsheba.
Forces: You want guidance before what.
BH: Before (——-)?
Forces: How about after.
Forces: Cover yourself in the service idea and aspect and the creative ability and it will be so.
BH: Thank you.
HI: In the book that I’m reading it describes that man in other parts of the Universe has a different form like (—–)is that true?
Forces: This is true.
HI: Thank you.
(–): Any guidance for the coming year?
Forces: Your movement is progressed rapidly, we are proud of you, you’ve made a (—-) and you’ve become a strong focal point of the idea of spirit and giving and Patience and of course giving it to God we’ve recognized this and it become more and more of a solid force in the group, this should help you out.
(__): Could you explain the (——)?
Forces: These are secondary items move on forward not on the first things you see as you go through (—).
(–): Thank you.
JE: Any guidance now for the new year?
Forces: A positive attitude a can do attitude and of course remember all things are possible and try not to have a no it can’t be done attitude but put up the mirror any how.
JE: Thank you.
IS: Now all these people that are coming for Christmas should I consider setting up tables in the living room?
Forces: Make a mock scale of course to will bring then Spirit down too you and we will allow certain parts of our energy to come through and then you will get what would be considered your answer and we will be around the house, around this week.
IS: (—-)?
Forces: Watch and see what happens
IS: The dining room the way it is set up is that the maximum?
Forces: Watch and see the different things that can happen.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: We will be leaving at this moment but will speak to you again before Friday.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.