SESSION 448 10/14/84

Session 448 10/14/84

Tom: Open up our hearts and minds that we would perceive what you would have us to know.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and as you should know and we are traveling (—). We have come to listen this time, we have watched the different changes and those items that you had to. We are watching closely.
Forces: Now we are ready for your questions.
IS: Why is it so difficult to get a session and even today?
Forces: We were not in the area whatsoever we were on another different galaxy for a period of (intern) and had arrived recently.
IS: Oh.
Forces: We had other things that we had to handle and we put you on a temporary hold.
IS: But you were here on YomKippur?
Forces: We were ascending what would be considered adversaries or watches during the interim of that part of the Session. We as a direct force was not totally as what would be said a week from that holiday here.
Forces: We were here during your high holidays but after that week of it being over we had put watches.
IS: Thank you.
IS: And you are now back?
Forces: Well it is not Moby Dick (——).
IS: Some of the things that are concerning me now is it never bothered me before the world situation all of sudden I have been watching with an eye to see what is really happening and the things that are happening right night so enormicy bad, wrong that I don’t know if there are the signs and I was thing well Oh my god the things that happened in the blink of an eye and without a warning. Then I thought well I guess we had all the warnings we can possibly have. Is that already happening?
Forces: Those are the facts which you would call happening Yes
Forces And those are the facts which you would call happening yes.
IS: The starvation that is going on?
Forces Yes. Part of part of the what would be called the confrontations
IS: What is it its not lack of rain what is it the earth is just tired?
Forces: It is a combination of different flows of wind different wind elements drying out the land.
IS: They said that over 50% of the worlds population is starving is that correct?
Forces: Yes. Should we get involved in any way?
Forces: Whatever you chose.
(Phone Rings)
IS: Which one would be the better at this moment?
Forces: Both will be good or all of them would be good.
IS: So the money is reaching all we send out from here is reaching its destination?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So its not to much?
Forces: You have about 3 % of that, that goes on any where anyhow of course things.
IS: That’s it(——-)?
Forces: Of course you’ll have certain things but the majority (—).
Phone rings
Forces: We are now ready for you to answer
IS: Well (—) can you call later we are having a Session.
IS: So we should get involved with all of them is that(__)?
Forces: It will be what ever you choose.
IS: But there’s no such a thing as the best of them (–)?
Forces: No when you are hungry does not matter where the help comes from.
IS: And now how much should we be involved with it a month?
Forces: What would be considered 75 dollars a month.
IS: Now for ourselves with the Mennonite packages I don’t have a place the way they say?
Forces:The Mennonite is not entirely accurate.
IS: I’m sorry the Mormons.
Forces Mormons we find more to your liking.
IS: Should we go ahead and order all the stuff?
Forces: Go over with them that are involved and let your feeling guide you.
IS: Can we store it in the garage?
Forces: These things will be discussed (—-) will be adequately supplies.
IS: I don’t know where at this point.
IS: But we should get these things?
Forces: Yes.
IS: I put how much in this—-?
Forces: That would be up to you.
IS: But that’s correct we should go ahead now and do it?
Forces: It would not hurt.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: And ah my other concern is Mary ah (—)?
Forces: Not at the moment. But things do look kind of different at the moment, but they change and are changing.
IS: Why have they not contacted us?
Forces: All involved with themselves at the moment.
IS: Ah with Debbie and Michael was done whatever could be done?
IS: Are they aware of it?
Forces: Not at the moment totally.
IS: Because they are involved with Mary?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And the dream group whats happening there? Should I take a more active part with them now?
Forces: Just sending them back to the lectures would be adequate. (The house could be watched and occasionally visited).
IS: What do I do with someone like Ron and those people?
Forces: Just let time take care of it.
IS: And the New York group?
Forces: Again watching them develop by there own steam.
IS: It seems like we want to go to all these different places take care of things but (—-) so short of time is that correct?
Forces: (———-).
IS: Is it my laziness?
Forces: No confronting some old habits it should be fairly well clean.
IS: Fairly well clean you said?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you and ah.
IS: Is there anything for which we might need Lynn’s former room in town or should we let it go?
Forces: It could still be an extension.
IS: Will we be using it for any reason?
Forces: Sometimes we find it better and able to move from the city or sometimes its (good) to stay, sometimes just having it there.
IS: Thank you.
IS: So I should put us in on a (—–)?
Forces: It could be done for that (——–) temporarily we’ll discuss it again.
IS: Thank you very much.
LK: (——) the letter I got from my Mother I’d like to know whats going on?
Forces: We’ll she is communicating with her grandson sending gifts to him.
IS: I think LK is concerned about how many other things is she planning to do for her grandchildren or grandchild (—-).
Forces: Necessary for him to bring it up to her.
LK: Thank you.
BN: Could you please give me the Hebrew or angelic pronunciation of the three names you gave me?
Forces: Let us say they are pronounced with a short sound and a short space.
BN: Would there be (–) I could investigate to find the (—)?
Forces: (—–) you shall see will give you the answer.
BN: Thank you very much.
IS: Emala (—)
Emala: (—-)
Forces: She should be allowed to take a flight to (—) in order to see the grave of her husband.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: When should we do it how should we do it?
Emala: (—–).
Forces: Before, before the March area.
IS: Thank you very much.
Emala: Thanks.
JU: Thank you for the things that are happening at work and could you give me some guidance I need some help in my meditation, I don’t seem to be doing it right?
Forces: You should try to concentrate on what your doing instead of allowing different mental thoughts to get into your mind.
JU: Is there any particular time of prayer (—-)?
Forces: (—) something that is an element that needs to be worked with but something should have worked with up to now other fantasies and thoughts must not be in your mind or else improper meditation always occurs. When we do not have a good meditation it is only because you are off the path on your fantasies.
JU: Thank you.
JU: And the writing that you said about Paul that’s in ARE stuff awhile back in a Session. Should I do something with that now or its not the time?
Forces: What is your problem.
JU: You talked about doing something with Psalm writing Psalms and interpretation of them and poetry.
Forces: (—) what is your problem how do you feel or how you are doing, where have you been coming up short you speak of feeling and asking forgiveness for what you’ve done.
JU: Thank you.
Forces: We’re asking you a question.
JU: All different areas my meditation stopped developing a while back.
Forces: Because you are allowing your own personal freedom and luxury to do what you want to do privately.
JU: Yeah I’ve not been using my energies properly.
JU: (——) It seems like I start to make some progress of getting in order for a few days or a while and usually it goes even further than that and I just–.
Forces: How much of you own personal life is becoming greater and not for the development into your spiritual life. Nobody knows what you do, but we do.
JU: Is there a pattern you gave me some help on one of the aspects before.
Forces: Just stop it.
Forces: You cannot get away with it.
JU: Thank you.
ES: Thank you for the main miracles concerning my father is back in the Hospital getting all the help you’ve given to my mother and family there? What was the significance of his death so close to his birthday this year. Something he came in to do?
Forces: An end of a cycle.
ES: And he accomplished it?
Forces: That is between him and his God. He knew his end was near.
ES: Was that what was spoken of in the reading of the Crystal?
Forces: Yes.
ES: And you had mentioned to me (——)?
Forces: For your own commitment to the spiritual world against the social events of life.
ES: And something about my sister?
Forces: That will take care of itself.
ES: Thank you.
NN: In the Bible it says diverse weights is an abomination is that because it has to do with mans justice?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Thank you
HI: What are the aspects that enhance mans aura?
Forces: Patience and Love and most of all hard work and commitment to the spirit?
HI: Thank you.
BH: Is there a certain prayer I can say before I go to sleep That I’ll wake up on time?
Forces: Three times using the insight for awareness.
BH: Thank you.
(__): I wanted to thank for the very, very much for all the things that you have done for me all the many, many miracles and all the many ,many blessings.
Forces: And we want to thank your brothers and sisters and your Mom and Father and all those who have put up with you over the years.
(–): Yes.
Forces: And most of all for your sponsor.
(–) And I also need some special guidance for me at this time?
Forces: (-) with the Bible as reading it will guide you.
(–): Thank you.
JE: How do Crystal Ball readings work, how do they differ from other readings the time element they seem to be so quick where others there is a time element, it could be now or it could be like 4 years later but the crystal readings work and whats the difference?
Forces: It works in a different dimension and the individual giving the reading, its his power to tune into the doorway and frequency. And it gives you an insight on the accuracy and the quickness of the information coming to the by the development of and the developer of the one doing the reading. What you see is just the amount of development to the spirit and the spirit side those who see into the ball must also understand that it is the measurement of the accomplishment of the spirit. What the crystal ball represents is a reflection of fate and the one who looks into the ball can only take out of it what itself (Has Viewed) so the accomplishment of this particular reading is only done by the individual giving it and it does vary from person to person and the merit of it is by the person giving it in which that individual has developed through the lifetimes and also of the lifetime this one.
JE: Thank you.
Forces: Ho Hum.
IS: The crystal that we have purchased is that the correct one?
Forces: It will do adequately.
IS: From all the ones at this point we could get?
Forces: It will do adequately.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: It is not the crystal people that is in operation here it is the individual projecting into a mass of energy receiving from itself its own energy. Its not the crystal that gives the information, you do understand.
IS: Yeah.
IS: But he couldn’t look into glass and do it could he?
Forces: He could look into the eyes of a person and do it.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: Or be a moth into the deviants.
IS: Why do I have such a hard time looking into a crystal?
Forces: Because the responsibility of the individual must be payed before revelation and awareness and reflection gives back. There is a payment to all those who read the crystal and that payment deals with them selves. Those who read into the crystal and are not reading immediately and that not sooner can reap upon the karmetic patterns of the people they are reading for.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Is it alright for the entity Tom.
Forces: If it wasn’t he would not come up with the information as he has.
IS: Is that because of his development.
Forces: Well its not because of his popcorn.
IS: Well I don’t consciously understand the responsibility—?
Forces: You understand it.
IS: OK. Thank you.
IS: A question from the Bible in Revelation.
Forces: We can hardly speak now a days to, what did mister Bible say.
IS: It says in Revelation 21 verse one talking about a new earth and no more seas. What does that mean no more seas, no more water?
Forces: The seas the definition of seas no more large bodies of water circled by land, oceans are one thing you will have oceans but you will have no seas.
IS: Why not?
Forces: No need for them any longer.
IS: What function do they have now that is different than–?
Forces: The sea is always a spiritual essence, the Sea of Galilee (–) of a spiritual essence but that will become incorporated into the earth.
IS: Ohhh.
IS: Thank you, thank you.
IS: Another thing in Genesis 3 it says they saw the fig leaf with what , what kind of instrument did they saw the leaves?
Forces: Interesting how this particular passage has come up twice this week, it is the first profession by man that has been created the seamstress and tower no wonder why the ah Jewish tradition has lots of people sewing fig leaves, it speaks basically of the aura and the making the aura of that part a lot more dense than what it was, the density of a aura function.
IS: So there was no real fig leaf, a physical one?
Forces: Its a figment of the imagination is what is being brought across the imaginations became denser.
IS: And if we are talking about this anyhow, when was the needle invented, what did people use before they had the needle its little curious things like what did they use to brush there teeth before the had toothbrush and stuff like that they had civilizations and everything?
Forces: Its not our fault that your civilization is so backward, civilizations do not need a needle to sew material thought forms is what sews them together by other thought forms.
IS: All right.
Forces: Who may had a needle was ohhh when things became (unpredictable)? become worse then they developed a stick ahhh spines of a porcupine needle (—) rose needles, needles on thorns and thistles were used so naturally man did no make the first needle but God did.
IS: A little curious things like this?
Forces: Everything started from that period.
IS: How about brushing their teeth?
Forces: Leaves were used powder, salt, rock different things.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving we will speak to you again.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.