Session 449 11/20/84

SESSION 449 11/20/84

Tom: Open up our hearts and minds that we might perceive what you would have us to know.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in this area and watching different elements move along. We have been watching certain countries again as always and we see some aspects of movement dealing with what would be considered constructive endeavors towards the United States that would not be ah expected and supports from elements that we thought were not supportive to begin with.
Forces: We’re now ready for your questions.
(-): Was that a unicorn we saw the other day in the morning?
Forces: Not figuratively no.
(_): Thank you very much
BN: Am I understanding the answer you gave me yesterday correct?
Forces: Yes.
BN: Thank you.
DD: A new diagram I did of the Noah’s Ark is that correct now?
Forces: We find that to be accurate.
DD: Thank you.
JE: We (—-) reading the other night and it sounds so much like Nostradamus gave is that how he did it?
Forces: Yes.
JE: Thank you.
JU: The demands and the times the things that are happening to me at work, how can I deal with those?
Forces: Just set the minutes and follow simple.
JU: The way I’am doing it is alright?
Forces: Yes.
JU: Thank you.
FS: Can you give me any guidance on how to deal with (Ca) at work when we get involved in these discussions?
Forces: Let us hear one of your discussions.
FS: He is very right wing and very unfeeling towards people, not much charity there, involved with his viewpoint.
Forces: What your dealing with is his belief do not try to change him let time itself in his own so called shallow life change it.
FS: Thank you.
AD: What is the dream I had with bone?
Forces: It would be considered a forming of energy and vitality and impressions of spirit thoughts coming down to you.
AD: Can you give me some guidance on how to deal with the depressions I have?
Forces: Well we would say get busy and work in being creative. Your depressions are self inflicted if you were busy creating for those around you, cooking painting of pictures, diagrams writing reading then you would not have time for these moments of self indulgence.
(-) I want to thank you for the help you’ve been giving to my son and then could you help with my body?
Forces: This has been going on all evening.
(–): Is there a Bible passage that you could give me that would help me center on self.?
Yes All the passage of Matthew 12th Chapter and read the 4th, 5th, 6th verse.
(-): Thank you.
Forces: In fact lets read it now.
4 How he entered into the house of God, and did eat the shew bread, which was not lawful for him to eat, neither for them which were with him, but only for the priests?
5 Or have ye not read in the law, how that on the Sabbath days the priests in the temple profane the Sabbath, and are blameless?
6 But I say unto you, That in this place is one greater than the temple.
()-) Is that the right passage?
Forces: Name the passages that you read (–).
(-): Passages Chapter 12 4th 5th and 6th verse.
Forces: Then read the 6th verse again.
(-): But I say unto you, That in this place is one greater than the temple.
(-) Thank you.
Forces: So lets have more questions we get payed by the hour.
(-): Recently you gave me Exodus Chapter 12 and I’ve been reading it is there anything else that I could read?
Forces: Has it helped really you already know that.
Forces: Well then we would say read what would be called Leviticus third Chapter 14, 15, 16 verse ah Genesis 20th Chapter 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th verse also try to read 1st Book of Kings 3rd chapter the whole Chapter and then we would say to read Psalms 24, 25, and 26 the first 5 verses of each.
(-): Thank you.
Forces: We would continue to go on but I think that should keep you busy. By the time you finish it we guarantee that you will forget what your problem is.
DP: Could you give me guidance perhaps in the form of an affirmation or Bible passage that would help me to help myself with discipline on all levels?
Forces: One two buckle your shoe, 3,4 open the door and 5, 6 pick yourself up. What we would say is Lord here I am An instrument of thy Will direct me guide me uplift me.
DP: Thank you.
HI: The so called kings of Atlantis could you tell us what (—–) whether its Plexiglas or metal or something else?
Forces: When you say components there were many components. What particular components were you speaking about.
HI: Well I always took it for granted the kings were able to be killed in battle but they had (——-) made of something entirely different.
Forces: Let us say that the early civilization of Atlantis was etheric.
HI: And his clothes they were made after (—-)?
Forces: Spirit and Etheric and the wind.
HI: Thank you.
(–): In the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah lots wife was turned to stone is that because she looked she was looking at the past or was that because she was pulling like a worldly— ?
Forces: Those conditions are true.
(–): and she did not listen to what she was told
Forces: Those conditions are true.
(–): Thank you.
(-): I would like to thank you for the stuff that your Mom sent us.
(–) i would like to ask you the decision I have made to fire RG-2 from work because of a bad attitude with (—).
Forces: It would be helpful for him giving him time to think of it.
(–): Thank you.
Forces: We will let you answer it.
Forces: We will continue go ahead.
LK: About my changing room to the Persian Room.
Forces: Do not worry about any boogies there.
LK: That just the thing I was concerned about with that particular area cause for myself I don’t have any intentions of that happening so I certainly don’t want to get caught up in a cursed bed or something.
Forces: There will not be such.
LK: Thank you.
NN: How many galaxies are there altogether?
Forces: Many.
NN: Thank you.
IS: Is there right now an African country, Ethiopia and all the countries the white man is aware of and is trying to give food to at this moment. Are they also aware and is it going on Cannibalism?
Forces: No not yet totally no.
IS: Just in remote areas?
Forces: Something is like that but not totally.
IS: But its heading that way.
Forces: Well we’ll see won’t we.
IS: Can we stop that if that’s what–?
Forces: Hopefully.
IS: Now that’s wonderful that it hasn’t gotten to that yet. Isn’t that a great statement for the earth as a whole?
Forces: Well lets go on to your next question.
IS: Thank you for yesterdays regeneration and the girl that we met that we talked at ah was her second question weather God is real?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Has everything been connected correctly?
Forces: Yes.
IS: She received her answer?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Now why did a crystal reading or that form or that media come through faster than normal, normally we expect a reading to come through takes time but why is the crystal reading became such fast things and it reminds me from years back crystal or no crystal that Tom would just sit and do it without the crystal or just point a finger and when the entity would point a finger at someone and just say what he said with nothing in his hand of course. And that also was very fast coming to pass what is difference when—?
Forces: No difference.
IS: What is the difference in that and the other kind of prophecies that we call automatic—?
Forces: There are no difference. One takes a quicker time duration and the other a faster time (—).
IS: Why?
Forces: No difference they both get done the point is one gets done quicker to your eyes while the other gets done further away from your eye. They still get done.
IS: Its a certain amount of time its just a question of seeing it?
Forces: Yes.
IS: The patterns in the room we observed , got scared off or frightened about like about what LK spoke about
Forces: Is that patterns or not to pay mind to it?
Forces: Patterns at times not to pay too much of a mind to it.
IS: But there is something to be taken care of?
Forces: Right.
IS: Would you be so kind as to do that the other spot is in one little spot in the Gothic bedroom and the other one is the one corner of the room of the Persian?
Forces: Yes We’ll do something.
IS: Thank you very much.
ES: Dream where Tom was giving the girls white prayer shawls?
Forces: A protection.
ES: Thank you very much.
DD: Bible Genesis 2 chapters in Revelation 2 Chapters, all the books of the Bible? The way I had it corresponding to the Books
Forces: Yes You would find them as such just the way you put it.
DD: And the thing that I’am working on getting things together for Christmas is that a OK thing to do?
Forces: It has to be worked on a little bit more and then it will be ok.
DD: The other thing I was working on was the (—-) stone is that a good idea?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Thank you very much.
Forces: Can be done.
Forces: At this time we will be leaving but will speak to you again.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.