Session 639-2/01/02

FORCES: We are here present now. We have been moving through the area causing tremendous vibration changes. We have been here for this period of duration and have noted the different atmospheric changes of our presence. We are in the conflict or war between the United States and Britain against the Afghanis. But it would be nice to allow, not only them, to stand in the presence of one who is accusing and also to receive direct information on what is being accused. We see the ah straits area of the Afghani situation to be quite conflicting for they are constantly changing their coats from one side to the other. Iran is finding its same problem too and is as someone to help. That is why ah they would save your area your ____ of information on your particular monitor ah is going inside the monitor. We find also the challenging of what would be considered the new President of Afghanistan taking over as a pseudo puppet of (? and might bribe) M. MacBride the United States. There are many enemies to this particular person in Afghanistan and there should but ensue great conflicts hopefully the confrontation and slowly releasing would draw of their spirit. Aum we are waiting….. We wait for certain directions but as you can see there are many different conflicts and decision processes and many different levels of jurisdiction in this particular conflict with Afghanistan. We are now ready for your questions.

ISIS: Thank you very much for coming in. Is Bush doing the right thing? Everybody seems to think so, I have my opinions, but is that the right way to go about with Afghanistan?

FORCES: Well, he is ah winning a certain amount of support but at the same time he does not believe in shooting a game __ ah in development. But what, what’s interesting mark in, in what would become mark of conditions; they always will get involved regardless of what ah Bush has planned. It’s still not over yet because he still has to recoup the certain amount of damages with the smaller car. But you do have a certain amount of energy and a certain percent of discount cannot to be applied until ________. We will now hold…

ISIS: Thank you. Is there a reason why the information is coming through so scattered though?

FORCES: Because of the vibration and also the etheric force of the velocity moving through this area the connections are not as strong as we would like but it is also as soon as we find ourselves into this the connection then becomes stronger and stronger.

ISIS: What can I do, what can we do to make it stronger at this point?

FORCES: Nothing. It is just the more you get involved with this session particularly that of the strategy of reception gets accomplished.

ISIS: Thank you. May I ask my health questions?


ISIS: What should I do with my teeth, what shall I do, shall I do have an implant, should I, what shall I do? I have big problems, very big problem.

FORCES: Well, we think that the understanding of this implant will not be as deep and we find it to be a workable solution.


FORCES: We find it to be OK, yeah.

ISIS: Because the last tooth there is wobbly.


ISIS: Dr. King should have not taken out that good tooth, right?

FORCES: No, that was an error on his behalf.

ISIS: What can I do, is there anything I can do?

FORCES: Get a stronger tooth to replace the one he took out.

ISIS: The implant goes in another spot?


ISIS: So I will have more implants?

FORCES: No, just this one.

ISIS: And that will solve everything?

FORCES: It will put an anchor to the rest of the teeth, yes.

ISIS: So, everything will be Ok then, I mean…?

FORCES: We see it as such, yes.

ISIS: There was nothing that could have been done, that you could have just stopped it somehow, stopped this pain with mind or anything? I know it is a small thing in the scheme of things.

FORCES: Not really. It’s very important.

ISIS: Well, to me.

FORCES: But you will be all right.

ISIS. I will be all right?


ISIS: Is there anything else? If I would have not taken out the silver, would that have been a better thing?

FORCES: No, one shot after another, 50 of this, 50 of that, no, not really.

ISIS: Would the cancer have come back?

FORCES: No there is nothing to do with that at this time, no.

ISIS: No, but at that time?

FORCES: No, no, not at all.

ISIS: So the teeth are still the teeth and had nothing to do with the cancer?

FORCES: No, not in your particular case.

ISIS: Why then was that taken out?

FORCES: An error in judgment.

ISIS: Oh God why didn’t anybody stop me?

FORCES: These things do happen.

ISIS: I thought I was doing the right thing?

FORCES: In retrospect, it would be considered right, but at the moment do not, but down the line it was.

ISIS: Ah, is there anything else I need to know about my teeth at this point so that I don’t let them do something or do something?

FORCES: We are ready for your questions again.

ISIS: Is there anything else that I need to do for my teeth or not to do?

FORCES: Well you, gargling with salt water would be good along with a certain amount of a drop of iodine in the glass of water.

ISIS: The liquid or iodine? No iodine.

FORCES: Of course.

ISIS: Like once a day, twice a day?

FORCES: Ah once a day is enough.

ISIS: Is there anything that I should tell the dentist to do or not to do?

FORCES: No. Everything is in its place, yes.

ISIS: Is the Epstein-Bar cured?

FORCES: We find it to be yes, yes.

ISIS: It really is cured and it won’t show up anymore?

FORCES: No, we find it as such.

ISIS: What is wrong with me?

FORCES: You’ve been pushing a lot and doing a lot of things. The average person would have gone to, to the bed a long time ago.

ISIS: Really?

FORCES: You have been pushing tremendously to get a lot of psychic work done.

ISIS: Well, I couldn’t find a newspaper to send to Washington, or whatever, what shall I do?

FORCES: Well, we’ll look and tell you.

ISIS: Well, I have a Richmond directory. Should I publish myself there?

FORCES: You could it won’t hurt.

ISIS: Is there anything, in any way, shape or form, that I have neglected to do or done, is there something wrong with any of my clients?

FORCES: No, you have done properly.

ISIS: Thank you. I truly feel that you come through in every reading.


ISIS: Thank you. Thank you for doing that. And do people think so or do people think…?

FORCES: Oh, yes. Very pleased

ISIS: Ok, now things are getting a little tighter there at the Center? Should I think of start thinking of moving from there?

FORCES: Well, you can keep a place there, but have another side place to go to at the same time.

ISIS: The only problem is where to go that they have their own clientele where I can be recommended. Anywhere else that I go, like a room in a place, I can talk to the walls, but if somebody doesn’t recommend me if I don’t find my own clients. That is the only reason why I didn’t go in there.

FORCES: Well, we understand that, that is why you don’t have to leave that particular place, but another place that you will go to they’ll have their own personal clients.

ISIS: It’s not L and J, right?


ISIS: You will direct me?


ISIS: Thank you very much. Is there any other health problem in me at this point? Can you check me out and my throat included, because I keep smelling the things, I am taking the penicillin but I keep smelling the infection.

FORCES: No, we don’t see that or anything to note. Aum, ah No.

ISIS: Thank you so much. Does Dr. K–g know that he made a mistake taking out that tooth?

FORCES: Well of course but he won’t commit to it (?). Something that comes with the territory.

ISIS: Thank you very much. With AC, did I do the right things?

FORCES: It was. You did the best you could. As unfortunate that you say one “No” to the person and immediately it blows up to World War Three. But again it allows her to leave with everything (—–) same.

ISIS: It allows her to leave with everything saved?

FORCES: It allows her to leave with everything the way it was to be the same when she left it and the things she needed to work on has not moved that much so it’s still again the same.

ISIS: So, she didn’t learn anything here?

FORCES: Well she did but it’s the fact that she wanted to have more control than she did and it freaked her out

ISIS: More control in what?

FORCES: More control in cooking, and saying, and directing things in the house and that seemed never to get off the ground.

ISIS: No it didn’t.

FORCES: Nor did she.

ISIS: Would that have helped her if she had some…

FORCES: Well, a great arm would even have that ability to go upward considering that it falls down. No, it would not help.

ISIS: No, she could have been in charge of the sessions, she could have had the most honorable….

FORCES: Again she is so wrapped up in herself that she only sees the world according to how she feels.

ISIS: That’s the reason she can’t find a boyfriend, isn’t it?

FORCES: Well, she is so wrapped up in herself. Yes.

ISIS: Is she aware though of the amount of stuff she did gain here, that she did get?

FORCES: Well we have a certain amount of perspective that she’s gained, not only in the spiritual world but also knowing and asking for that particular arts you have into the, the space up in its entirety to the moonlight of much…

ISIS: I don’t understand.

FORCES: That means, what we’re trying to say is that you are gaining in your power and your (acceptance) of approach to the psychic world with your clients will (who) continue to be a very good force even into March.

ISIS: And I hope that it ___ the rest of my life.

FORCES: Well, every month is a new beginning. We, we would review contracts every month.

ISIS: Oh, thank you. Oh, God. So, I am OK?

FORCES: Yes, you’re OK.

ISIS: Is there anyone that can push the P. K. and the…?

FORCES: Oh, she was coming, she was found to be eating at (?) Scottsville’s Arch, Archie’s restaurant last night, so that means she does guest appearances down there. You just have to ask Chris to give you a call when she shows up and you inadvertently walk in right on her the next time.

ISIS: She on her own doesn’t remember me.

FORCES: Well she does, but she is just so important in herself.

ISIS: Jesus Christ.

FORCES: No, no, he, he wouldn’t have anything to do with her.

ISIS: Does she have a better psychic than me? I am sure she did considering I did not do much work with her.

FORCES: Well, you know psychics for her is like none payment funds rejected, return to sender, no such animal, she’s, she’s been known to be very callous in her own approach for paying certain things, but we, we don’t mean callous to be callous, we don’t mean it that way. But what we’re trying to say is that there is so many different items that this particular entity’s taking care of that she (?) had an oversight in reference to you.

ISIS: But she got the letter?

FORCES: Oh yeah. Everyone always has full intentions of paying, its just you get caught up with other things ah in this case more important. (?) what we’re trying to say don’t, don’t be a bit surprised if you one day you get an envelope with a check in it, you know ah, (?). Stranger things have happened.

ISIS: Right. But will she send it with an invitation?

FORCES: Maybe just a white envelope with a white little piece of paper with a white little check in it.

ISIS: No invitation. OK. I need to know the truth.

FORCES: It’s a possibility. But not right at this point.

ISIS: And S—-a?

FORCES: Doing well

ISIS: Is she going to call me?

FORCES: Yeah, she will. Yes.

ISIS: She liked me, didn’t she?

FORCES: Yes, yes she does.

ISIS: And I was totally… Didn’t I blow her away?

FORCES: No, no you were very cordial to her. You didn’t surprise her too much because a lot of stuff she, she was kind of receptive to.

ISIS: The information that I gave her was all right, though, wasn’t it?

FORCES: Yes, yes definitely.

ISIS: And she knows that?


ISIS: How about the other one, C——e I believe?

FORCES: Oh, yeah you’ll have a visit from her too again.

ISIS: J. N. right?

FORCES: Well, don’t be a bit surprised that might happen too.

ISIS: Well, it is a good thing I don’t have to live off of these (—–).

FORCES: Yeah, or wait on the corner for them, yes, you’ll never get picked up.

ISIS: If I have to wait for them to feed me, I would be a very skinny lady.

FORCES: No, you would be dead. (Laughter)

ISIS: It’s not like quality of my psychicness, correct?

FORCES: No, no. It is just that they are wrapped up in themselves, of themselves, and by themselves, that’s all.

ISIS: Now, how does S. P. feel that she is the one that said (——)?

FORCES: Well, we won’t get into that. We have a feeling she’d rather do (—– or bills on demand or something like that. Pay up or, or you are dead in the morning.

ISIS: She does not know that I sent…

FORCES: Well, you know, she might found, might find out by…

ISIS: Yeah, but as far as she knows, she did not call me back or send me…

FORCES: Well what we’re trying to say is there are going to be many challenges and sometimes you need to do things that are not the norm to get the people motivated and to get the spirit moving, so sometimes, because of the troubled times that we are in, it is best to understand that this cycle that we are in of desperation and fear, anxiety, failure, destruction, and death is ah, this is what’s going around lately have you read the tabloids. It is not building empires it’s you know, but what we are trying to say is to get people motivated and to get them moving one has to send that unbelievable ah force out that only can come from this house. And a lot of people will be looking toward this house for protection and guidance. So this is the hour for which this house was built. Now in kindness to all the other people who are crowded in this room, maybe we will ask questions from them.

ISIS: Ok. Thank you.

ES: Thank you very much for my mother’s health and well-being at this time.

FORCES: We are glad you put at this time. Well, it is ok we noticed that she has her ups and downs but it will be fine, I mean there are those moments that she needs also to focus on mediation too, to center herself in silence and saying everything will be fine. You know, anxiety can provoke sudden, sudden chain reactions everywhere.

ES: Is that what her cough is?

FORCES: Yeah well, yeah we would say it is a nervous cause, but it is also caused ah by anxiety, yeah… concern that you know she needs that extra nudging you know that things will be all right.

ES: Is going to the allergist going to help her any or is she going…?

FORCES: Yeah, he might have a good time with her, yes.

ES: OK. Thank you also for helping me through Isis also with J-e at work. Should I write up these last days events again and give it to my supervisor, would that…?

FORCES: Well, again, let’s let this last day event be written up but held, not given, and then when the next time, in about three or four days, he does something stupid, then you submit both of them.

ES: Oh, no. Thank you very much with that. I am having a harder time with shoes, thank you for helping me find the shoes today, with my bunion. Is there… It seems to be getting a little bit bigger. Is there a surgery or something that I would have to think about sooner or later, or…?

FORCES: No, no, no, no. Bunions can be removed very easily ah call your Chinese man and he will have an herb that can with, withdraw the bunion and, and. and lower it a lot. Better than what it is.

ES: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

FORCES: There is a leaf that you can put on the bunion that kind of drains it ah brings it, ah the swelling and the, the impact of it less and less.

ES: Thank you very, very, very much.

FORCES: Yeah we know that you didn’t think about that.

ES: I have a question for JT, if that is OK?

FORCES: Yeah (?) if she wants to ask it, yes.

ES: She wanted me to ask if it is more beneficial for her on all levels if she stays with D—-s or if she should leave?

FORCES: Well, this is a very important question. We don’t believe in separating parties nor will we ever give the OK to do such a thing ah. In the long run it will benefit her to stick around and help out because it will make her that all rounded person, you know.

ES: So will it be all right, as Isis and I were saying, to just calmly and quietly say, I am going to Schuyler and I am spending the night and then he will get used to it and it will be a bit smoother for the two of them, at least in that respect?

FORCES: Well, we would be careful. Spend the night, he might come with a gun, you know? So we would have to be careful on it ah. Anything can set him off.

ES: She probably should not bring it up at this point?

FORCES: Well, no this is like vomit, best to leave it alone. For the moment. Ah maybe down the road, things will give that he will let her come. But we would say around May would be a good time.

ES: Ok.

FORCES: May or June. We would just be a little more careful at this point.

ES: Thank you very much. I guess we wouldn’t push that point right now.

FORCES: No, no, no, no.

ES: It will be good. Thank you very very much.

FORCES: Very much welcome.

DD: I have one of my weird questions. In the formula E=MC2 would the E part be meditation?

FORCES: Yes, it could be applied very nicely to that yes.

DD: And the M would be the chanting?

FORCES: Yes, definitely.

DD: And so the prayer would be the C2 ?

FORCES: Double the chant. Yes, exactly.

DD: Double the what?

FORCES: It doubles the chant. Yes.

DD: Prayer doubles the chanting?

FORCES: Chanting doubles the prayer.

DD: So C2 is prayer?


DD: So I have it right?

FORCES: Prayer, chanting, and then that meditation.

DD: Prayer? So prayer would be E?

FORCES: Prayer would be first, then chanting, and then the next.

DD: And then you reach meditation C2?


DD: That makes more sense than want I had. Thank you.

ISIS: Do he not say that E was meditation?

DD: He changed it around.

DD: Another question I have…

ISIS: David, Hold it. Let’s see which one is correct.

FORCES: E is also meditation but also is prayer.


DD: This gentleman I am reading Victor Schauberger, he seemed to tap into water he understood everything and he could get energy and he could make generators

FORCES: He is correct in his observations. Yes.

DD: Is it possible to make a generator from his work?

FORCES: You could. Yes.

DD: And is that the same thing as you referred to as polaric energy?


DD: Can anything more be given on that? Like you started giving some chemical…

FORCES: Polaric energy is also like the aurora borealis that you see that is the electrical field that is around all things and the energy is very increased during the day just before the sun rises and just before the sun sets. That’s why temperatures go up and down during the setting of the suns.

DD: Thank you.

FORCES: It (isn’t) the temperature that goes up; it’s the electrical field of the person that goes up.

DD: Is the juniper oil a replacement for hibiscus?

FORCES: It could be done yes nicely. Yes.

DD: Is that the best thing?

FORCES: It could be done yes nicely. Yes.

DD: And then one more question about the spring. It doesn’t seem to be running like it was before.

FORCES: It runs faster in the spring and summer.

DD: Is there a certain angel that a…

FORCES: All springs are covered by an angelic force field, an etheric force field, yes.

DD: Is there one down there particularly?

FORCES: Yes, of course.

DD: Could you give us a name on it?

FORCES: Zippidy-do, no ah zip, zip, zipper. Ziplo or zip, zipla, ziplock.the zip Zepar is the name. Zepar.

ISIS: Zepor?

FORCES: Zepar. No.

ISIS: Zepar?

FORCES: Zepar. At this point we will be leaving and one question only.

ISIS: I want to thank you for the bathroom now very much. Now is everything there ok or is there something else at this point needs to be done. And I want to thank you also for finding K.

FORCES: It seems like it’s done well. Aum we don’t perceive or look at anything that has to be done that hasn’t been thought about.

ISIS: I got the sink. Does that include the creating of the staircase from the closet? Downstairs? Isn’t it spiral?

FORCES: We don’t know where you came from that side. Spiral staircase.

ISIS: Not spiral. Staircase from the closet down to the room below the closet to make it into a spa room like to make it into an exercise room?

FORCES: Oh. It would be a round staircase; it would be like a….well.

DD: Spiral?

FORCES: Something like that, yeah, that could be done.

ISIS: Spiral?

FORCES: Well, it would be like little, little steps, but it could be done.

ISIS: Not comfortable stairs?

FORCES: Well, you don’t want to live on a step, do they? At this point we will be leaving. Speak to you again. Greetings to all here present now.

ALL: Our Father, who are in the Heavens.