Session 635-7/12/01

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find the challenges with Israel and its peace shall come to that of dealing with the Palestinians, more and more world opinion will begin to surface and change against the Palestinians to crush it and to come more for peace. We understand that in so doing different nations will join in to try to make a peaceful accord happen. We find also a different weather cycles will be changing and many different experiences of heat will materialize. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you so much for coming in, the, I’ am having a mammogram on Tuesday, ah how does it look for me?

Forces: We see that it will be ok moving right along with the rest of the body.

IS: With the rest of the body.

Forces: Yeah.

IS:-So I am ok?

Forces-We see it to be normal.

IS-Thank you. My throat what has happened to it and I know it happened with the drugs because that’s when it happened.

Forces-Different changes in the weather and the different cords and you have been using it more and more. So the resting of it occasionally won’t hurt.

IS-At one time when doctor K… messed me up and my back and my jaw, everything was out of kilter. And you told me that’s ok it will all go back to its original place. Is this going to happen with my throat or is this a whole other thing.

Forces-We find it to be remaining in a situation and then to return normally again.


Forces-Could happen in a week’s time.

IS- Could happen in a week’s time?

Forces-It can happen.

IS-What must I do to help it?

Forces-Sometimes just resting it will help.

IS-Thank you. Am I taking advantage of all the clients that are coming…?

Forces-Well you can’t take the gold from their teeth, nor their clothes off their back. But you seem to be doing fine.

IS-I don’t mean it like that…

Forces-You’re doing the best you possibly can yes.

IS-Thank you. Are those people being helped?

Forces-We would also suggest a glass of pure water in a goblet with a drop of blue coloring would help the blue coloring goes down and forms in its own (?) you would be able to receive a message for the individual.


Forces-Doesn’t matter water, water. Doesn’t matter as long as it’s clear and one drop no more no less will tell the persons message.


Forces-No, no, no we (did) not say drink it, just watch it and it will form a symbol that you could tell them.

IS-When do I do it…?

Forces-At the end.

IS-Thank you. My dreams, violent, negative…?

Forces-Sometimes a clearing of the way for the positive to come.

IS-Seems we fell into hole of negativity…?

Forces-Not really.

IS-…negativity……my dreams…?

Forces-It’s not that at all.

IS-What is it?

Forces-Its keeping time and movement and space.

IS-Why did the cat Bob go away?

Forces-The cat is gone into different areas to experience the summer.

IS-After all these years…?

Forces-Change of cycle.

IS-So it no longer cares about the people here?

Forces-No it does it just changing its venue, called cat-it is.

IS-Will it come back?

Forces-There’s a possibility that this will happen.

IS-Is there somebody holding it?

Forces-No, not particularly.

IS-Does it know how to get back here?

Forces-All cats know the origin, where their at.

IS-But it came to us when it wasn’t young. Maybe its origin is elsewhere?

Forces-It still will be good.

IS-Another cat…?

Forces-We can do that.

IS-Somebody that you would like us to have?

Forces-We can do that.

IS-Good idea……mice?

Forces-It will be ok.

IS-Thank you. Colin wants to know…?

Forces-You can be inspired (……….).

IS-Could you tell me?

Forces-There’s a certain percentage of it that’s not being declared nor being used in this country but being (filed) out.

IS-Which country?

Forces-Costa Rica.

IS-Will he know what I am saying?

Forces-He’ll have an idea.

IS-…here in the country…?

Forces-It is the big companies the companies that are watching over his sources are also weighing in less than what they have and sending it to other countries too.

IS-Watching over…?

Forces-For the sake of not giving too much information, the companies that he has is not declaring what it is mining or what its resources are. More so the companies are not declaring their resources (openly).

IS- I don’t understand…?


IS-And it’s because…other guy?

Forces-Things of that nature yes.

IS-And is there a way for him to find it?

Forces-It’s a surprising (?) check.


Forces-We already said it we must move on.

IS-Thank you. Will he she becomes a client…?

Forces-It can very much definitely happen.

IS-Thank you.

ES-Thank you for coming in …? Who has been in the skies the last three days?

Forces-Major Ships.

ES-From which…?

Forces-From us.

ES-And are the clouds that I think of as entities, like the dream that I had in Israel, are they singular entities, the huge cloud with the (?)?

Forces-Also the Watchers of the Clouds.

IS-So at Susan’s when I showed everybody the face…?

Forces-They all saw it.

IS-And that was you?

Forces-Yes. We figured the entity was not there so we should show a guest appearance.

IS-And they all saw it?

Forces-They appreciated it.

IS-Thank you.

DD-On the Juniper Berry could I make a tincture out of that, that would be good?

Forces-Yes you could.

DD-Where would be the best place to get the berries.


DD-Thank you and on the tincture from the Walnuts should I increase that from 3 drops?

Forces-It can be increased yes.

DD-Increased everyday to level off?

Forces-To level off.

DD-How many drops should I take per day now?

Forces-Three, four.

DD-Thank you and on the 3 revolving bodies I had the idea that you see them under the ships. You could take like 3 spheres and make them revolve and make yourself a ship, be very simple?

Forces-This is true, this is true.

IS-Do you see my bathroom finished?

Forces-We see it finished yes.

IS-Does it have the flower basket in it?

Forces-Yes it does.

IS-The small one?

Forces-It might even have the large one.

IS-The design edge tiles or plain white?

Forces-Either way but plain white is ok.

IS-Do you see the person that’s doing it?

Forces-Yes we do.

IS-Should we remove whatever (?) did do to see whether he did a good job?

Forces-He did an ok job yes.

IS-… did take care leaks…

Forces-Oh we would see it to be that yes.

IS-Somebody taking over…?

Forces-Well they might want to take a gander behind the wall themselves.

IS-Thank you and the tiles that I bought, trying to buy your sending it to me?


IS-And the floor in this bathroom will it be the pink and white?


IS-Where do I have the black, is it the black and something in another place?

Forces-It can be in another place.

IS-Not here?


IS-Thank you very much. We cannot touch the entity when you are here. I would like to have a hug from you. How can that be done?

Forces-In time, we don’t hug people, we give them a meaningful touch.

IS-Thank you very much.

ES-Thank you for helping me at work yesterday. Which was amazing. Is there anything I can do at work or that I should be looking for at work to be helping others more?

Forces-Just being there and presenting yourself. This is not the time to get involved with trying to assist or help more or less ah the broad spectrum because of the intensity. But your very presence is helping tremendously.

ES-Thank you. Should I work more than I am or is it ok what I am doing now?

Forces-Again this is not the time to increase the hours. The intensity and power and energy might be too draining at the moment.

ES-Thank you very much.

DD-John Dee’s monad that he made such a deal out of. Do I understand why he made such a deal out of it? Seems like he got it from somebody else.

Forces-He got commission.


Forces-Commission could be either money, food, liquor.

DD-So was it really a spiritual book?

Forces-It is but it’s still commissioned.

DD-I don’t understand. Someone had him do it?

Forces-It is not that someone had him do it. It is what they got after it was done.

DD-Potentia in the diagram he received from the angels (Nalvage) do I understand that as referring to the Theory of Relativity?

Forces-We would say such yes.

DD-Is this something to look into?

Forces-You could if you wish.

DD-Or is it just…?

Forces-Everything has a purpose and meaning yes in its existence.

DD-And the Monad would that be good to look at or that’s just off the line.

Forces-Again that’s up to you.

DD-What do you want me to do?

Forces-You might get some answers by doing that.

DD-Charles H. Hinton, The Fourth Dimension was he accurate in his presentations?

Forces-He was accurate to about 40 to 45, 50 percent.

DD-So it really wouldn’t be worth looking at?

Forces-You might get some answers.

DD-Thank you very much.

IS-I can’t find in the Bible where it says Moses you can’t enter Israel because you hit the rock. What did he do wrong?

Forces-He was instructed only to hit it once, he hit it more than once.

IS-But the Bible doesn’t say it does it?

Forces-It infers to strike the rock; it doesn’t say to strike the rock twice.

IS-And that alone was such a…?

Forces-Well it was a crossing point not of the rock striking, but of faith.

IS-They always say that the black descendants are from King Solomon but Moses also had a black wife. Are there any descendants from Moses?


IS-From the black people?


IS-Which ones are from Solomon and which ones are from Moses?

Forces-The ones that are found in Ethiopia.



IS-And the ones from Solomon?


IS-Also Ethiopia?


IS-So both of them ended up in Ethiopia?


IS-Thank you very much. Why did the diet drink affect me the way it did?

Forces-It affected the chemicals the (? alkaline) and the balance of different chemicals in the body. But it is also a cleansing that was happening.

IS-Is that something I should pursue?

Forces-You could but the point is it reaches the level in which you’ll have to just watch what you eat.

IS-Can you help me with that?

Forces-Sure. We’ll watch what you eat you go eat it. (Laughter)

IS-Can you help me in another way please?

Forces-We’ll work with you yes


Forces-Just don’t talk to your friend AL about it… She’ll agree.

IS-I know…

Forces-We understand.


Forces-We all have our problems.

IS-What is the cause of anorexia?

Forces-Wanting to be loved.

IS-So wanting to remain a little child would that go into that?

Forces-There’s a particular element of that in it yes.

IS-So as long as you remain small the illusion is that of young is that right?


IS-Is there also any issues of control?

Forces-Well that’s in there to.

IS-Is the inspection for the entity, how did that come out?


IS-Group…cat (Bob)..loved…what did I do wrong…

Forces-We wouldn’t worry about it or put it into that extent. It allowed a certain amount of attention and love and it grew the, the particular group grew by what blessings this particular cat came to share.

IS-What can I do to help out the group and what can I do to help out my business and what can I do to help out me?

Forces-In all cases just allow that particular energy to come in and to be perceptive to that energy of creation.

IS-Thank you for what happened yesterday with the entity R. Its real isn’t it?


IS-…looks like fantasy but it isn’t?


Forces-At this point the fantasy of that moment in which we deal with things and change it can very definitely happen. But we have seen the entity change a destiny with that person (?) and change his cancer into benign and of course with the force of prayer and trying to keep it all together. But at this moment we have to say that if we just focus on the path one day after another we all seem to manage to get to where were needed to go.

Forces-At this moment we will be talking to you again.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group- Our Father.