Session 633-2/24/01

Public Session recorded at Body Mind and Spirit
Charlottesville Virgina
Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area, the wind is now getting (———) and we find a tremendous force field before us. We know that some have before experienced the speaking of words but we understand that their heart knows (——-) that it is new for them. We come from a distant part this sphere and have utilized this entity for many a year. It is a experience that has been a rare exchange for things applied and answered we see. We will try to make this as informative and humorous as possible knowing as time goes on among this circle you will all become imbued and enmeshed in the healing spirit that enters amongst you. It is that we address this particular group with information. Sometimes we speak on global issues other times we speak of personal issues. We have watched the different fields of work within your Governments and knowing that this particular working towards of energy is now changing this whole country of yours. It is a time for centering and peaceful attitudes and approaches. Nothing can ever be accomplished by selfish interests and in so doing we all must work together in a common goal of the good. There are many strife’s and troubled signs in Iraq and Yugoslavia along with China and of course your Middle East. We find much pain in these countries and also much pain in the undeveloped areas of the nation of your own nation and of South America. There is a field change coming in tomorrow at 9:30, 10:30 in the morning which will start changing things and moving things around. We find in your astrology of Zodiac fields that Mercury is about to be coming out of retrograde and in so doing you can all start to breathe again. Spring is guaranteed to you here in a few days (enounced) to you the Daffodils are blooming already and your Hyacinths are about ready to show, not to mention in six days your Weeping Cherry Trees will show themselves. But of course you never thought that spring would be here so fast. This is the change of energy that is coming through this weekend. We have only to explain that change is ever before us.
Forces-We are now ready for your questions.
Isis: Thank you for coming in.
SUR- This is a question for a loved one, Kay, how can she best enjoy this time of transition from high school to college?
Forces: We see many aspects to the particular soul. This moment not too final (? ——) of your life, but the fulfillment of her full name would help us to send her on this one, her last name.

Forces: From the experiences that we see of this vibration she has a tremendous energy field and expression of wisdom to be approached and had. There is a cross link what would be considered of information coming through her and applying it is difficult at times. We see that we find that this particular entity is well beyond her areas of expression. We also see the difficultness of expressing words that she feels and senses giving the right approach and mannerism of thought, we find also that this particular entity has a hard approach of seeing, communicating and doing all three aspects. What we are trying to say is that the bridge in which she is moving is ever building and ever being constructed. She finds in this the challenge of meeting the new areas of her life. We would suggest the new approaches that she Katherine will be taking must surround herself with music of the Middle Ages and harpsichords of (your) Venetian strain. What we see is the soothing sounds of the chants of the Middle Ages will have an great deal of expression for her solace and sanctity. The transition from one place to the another is challenging but at the same time she will be receiving intuitive information from her other levels of knowledge which would be applied in this aspect.
SUR. – Thank you.
LL.- I would like to ask a question about who are all of the souls in the form of babies and children that I’ll be working with and asking what is to honor these souls, what is should be my primary focus in working with them?
Forces: Communication is the most important aspect with these souls. The touching and awareness that the souls have a conflict in other lifetimes and it’s the knowing that they have transited from one expression or galaxy of experience into the third dimension is quite confusing for them in knowing that they were in a solution formed space of liquid and now catapulted into solids. There are many qua, qua, quite alarming experiences when a child is brought from one sphere of experience and ah knowing to ah another sphere of knowing. And it might be the changing of the solidness of the child’s body to a all inclusiveness of the now. What we are trying to communicate with you is the souls that are called child or children or, or infants are very much attuned to classical music and sounds. We have always been since the (fully) communication with this ah form that in the 60’s and 70’s we expressed the need of Beethoven’s Fifth to be played on the 22nd of the month. We also reassured or expressed an interest that the classical field of music around this particular day helps especially the nervous system of the child or the umbilical form of ah creation. When a child is formed or created, the 22nd day of the month is focused on the re-entering and nervous system alignment within the body. Therefore this particular classical piece by Beethoven marks the ah forming of the exact system of, of the child’s nervous system. We find that the communication of child in spirit form and physical form is constant and growing ever in each period in the cycle. The child is so much akin with this world and the next of which they came from that to, to have these sounds tone-ations and words and color and energy around the child is most, most important in their development. The chanting to the children are also an element that reverberates their structure of soundness and security. The touching of the child in loving and caring moments of, of, of comfort and, and projection to the child of care and security is very much needed in their development.
LL. – Thank you.
SUR- This is for my (?). In thinking about future sources of revenue and direction to put my energy into for the center here?
Forces: We find in this questions many fruits and wisdoms of interesting applications. The appliance of alternative medicines and the ah introduction of Chinese herbal essence into your center could be a very ah secure and straightforward energy field of knowing and understanding and information to the members of this particular association. We would suggest that in making your place available for the education of the arts of alternative medicine which you do consecutively but increasing the tempo. This would increase a tremendous knowledge and wisdom and ah (? applyings) an application of the same for the members that come through these doors. It is also a time of community center as far as growing to learn. We all do not have information and acquiring information from the community of those who have gleaned and gained insight is an aspect with the mental component of organization skills that you have that is very much needed at this time. Aum does this answer, equate with the question you are feeling?
SUR- Yes. Thank you.
LL- This is for my body and spirit; I need a health reading at this time.
Forces: The stress factor that we see around your body is that of worry and what would be considered Aum mis- aum-information. We see a tremendous stress applied to your area of your auroric field because of the not seeing or understanding how to help. In so doing, the need to help is ever important for you. You have devised an aspect of listening and the skills of listening with your clients and most of your loved ones was the saving answer to your search. But now you’ve reached a plateau that even listening doesn’t give you answers to where it worked once for you, you now listen so intently that there is no answer to the solving of the problem. Even though your listening has developed over the years, but now it comes a time when action is now needed an and no longer listening. So, it is good to listen and it’s important to listen. But if action is not applied with the listening, it is like faith without works. What we are trying to say in this physical reading a lot of the stresses and strains of your body ailments of uncomfortability comes from the field of not knowing what to do next. And this not knowing what to do next causes an anxiety factor in your field of operation. What we are saying in this particular question is that when you act upon what to do, there will be more security and the anxiety factor will disperse and disappear. Because in you, you will have the knowing that you are actively taking charge of your life. So your health that we see affects your nervous system first and then ripple effect into your blood system happens. Your blood system then has a reaction with the liver and spleen and then also the reaction with the stomach. All these things are going to be in alignment and fixed, but you just need those moment of silent meditation, of, of giving, of recycling yourself, of who you are and the resource of knowing that you have the answer, you’ve listened well enough, and now you will take this great control over yourself and your body by implementing strategies of action and application for (service).
LL- Can you be possibly more specific about what strategies in particular that I need to put to use?
Forces: Your first approach overall would be the loved ones in your life. You cannot be allowed to be hampered or controlled by flare ups and emotional outbursts. You must put limits and controls on these outbursts and you must not be swaded or affected by these movements A. B. you would apply an ever growing dialogue with yourself and your God of knowing where you are at, at a given time and what you are accomplishing in the given time. B. set schedules for yourself and C. apply the schedules, not only to yourself but also to your loved ones that they would find these schedules also a guiding force for their own self growth. The loved ones personally have to become mindful of the track and time and feel of development. We would say that by you sitting down with self first, with your God, with your dreams and write – as we do see you carry this new book in your hands – the writing not only of words in this book of stories and poems but also the current tracking of self as you go through this time and space. We see that by you scheduling yourself and scheduling those that you love and applying what they would like to accomplish, it is kind of circling the wagons in accomplishing this (?forthright). So being specific in nature, apply these same tenets to the ones that are in your field of operandi and apply them not only to yourself but also to those that you do love, not to control, but also to seek that they can take control over their own resources and advancements to their personal development. Sometimes it’s good to keep track of where we are at as guideposts along the way just as an ocean has its buoy marks and of course the sound of the bell and of course the sound of the lighthouse with its reflector so it is also those same elements that will guide the big ships from out in the darkness to safety.
Q. – Thank you.
Isis-Just to clarify one thing for the entity LL. You mentioned the spleen the blood and the liver. Is there anything immediate that she should also apply on the physical to these areas?
Forces-We see a word of field of grapes could be increased in the diet along with juices. But we also see cranberry and apple juice and cranberry and grape juice for her kidneys and liver. We also see a Castor Oil; the Castor Bean is marvelous in a healing element. Applying this to the area of the liver is most effective for this entity and would have marvelous affects on her regrouping energies.
Isis-Thank you
LL-Thank you.
Q. I wanted to get some information on how I can best focus my energies in the next coming months and year to improve areas that are not working so well in my life. I wonder if you can clarify some of these?
Forces-Again we have a field of doing of asserting of accomplishing and then stopping. What we see is when you make a plan to accomplish something, be it in the house be it at a work field be it at even enjoyment. You must have a controlled situation. You are not the type that allows for no control in your development. You must put walls up and structures in order for you to make your climb. This is what we would suggest for you and as frustrating as it is for your past as many times you attempted to change things. You have fallen back in a sliding off the path and then becoming disillusioned with self and then the inability to apply in application form those same tenets that you are striving to achieve. That in so discouraging your process or progress you become most important, disillusioned with self. In this chain and ball reaction you then reiterate a vibrational field of what’s the use. What we are trying to change in the thinking behavior, do not set your goals so high there unattainable. Be a faithful steward. What we are applying here in every great basketball coach in your nation the first tenet of success all of them agree on this principle throughout the nation be it in your area of Durham or San Diego or El Paso or California or Boston, Missouri or Dallas. These are your hot spots of energy changes that are going on. But the most important aspect of a coach relationship with the team is attitude. If your attitude is of right attitude is everything. Your attitude must be charged up, heightened. You cannot allow attitude to demoralize you and bring you down into a field of oblivion and misconstrued thoughts, ideas and what would most damaging of it all be negative thoughts, destruction, of self pity and of all important rage. Why we bring these qualities up to you is that if you in your sincere approach, time yourself, pattern yourself after a goal set limits to the goal don’t go beyond the goal a time limit is important, a week is important a month is important two months is important three months is important four months is important eight years are important thirty years are important we can go on and on right a lifetimes important. But what’s interesting in this particular dialogue is you must get set a schism, a map, a Mercator map a diagram of what you need to achieve. Do not make your goals too much or too way up or out of the pattern. Set limits don’t be hard on yourself. Attitude is everything. But also perseverance is important along with approach. How you approach yourself and others. How you explain what you want to achieve. If you find yourself impossible to tell the one next to you what you’re feeling. How is that person he or she going to know what you’re feeling? It’s impossible to understand what you are feeling if you don’t know how to say it. Now if you can’t say how you feel then you really cannot explain it to anyone else. Most important in this dialogue go within yourself find out what you want to achieve. Don’t be all over the place as we have said before focus, approach with the right attitude, line upon line precept upon precept; allow gentleness in your defeats. Don’t be so hard on what you cannot achieve, but knowingly the things you cannot accomplish then bring the community involved with you to help as a helper. If you need help go to the helpmate. I have this saying a duck can cross the road with that of the mother. If it wasn’t for the mother with the attitude of crossing a highway with its little siblings, that is the duck in its attitude approaches a busy highway and crosses it and then you have in your areas of, of, of Long Island, Westchester there are duck signs. Watch for crossing ducks, but they walk one with the other, they approach life like humans should approach it. Act as though you have the right to cross the road. Well you do no one can stop you, who’s going to stop you I mean who the cop the police officer, the automobile might be arrogant to run you over but say la vi as they say at least you attempt to try. But attitude is everything. Cross your roads with a firmness and purpose. Set your goals, day at a time, hour at a time, week at a time month at a time, let’s stop at that. Let’s not go any further than a month. You measure your approach bring in the community to help you devise different ways and schemes to make your attention level heightened. Know your weak points know where your shortcomings are all this can be applied within self. Why did we go off on this tangent to talk to you in depth about what you’re trying to achieve because we hear in you a calling, here am I Lord use me. Let this affirmation be a guiding force for you. Here am I Lord use me. There is another point in any progress, if you believe, if you believe in it, it is contagious everyone else will then believe in it. If you do not believe in it no one will, if you don’t believe in it how can you make anyone else believe in it. Believe in yourself if you are to change anything be it in depression or morose or feeling down turn it around help another human help a child help an infant help those who cannot help themselves to believe in themselves. If you cannot believe in yourself turn to that which cannot believe in themselves so you might believe in yourself. This is from our best advantage point up in the Mountain here. (Laughter) A way in which to guide you to approach the most difficult things of life and of living. Don’t be hard on yourself, give yourself time don’t scrub it and throw the baby out with the bath water as they say don’t just be disillusioned with your advances that are slow, Lord help my unbelief in so doing give yourself a chance give yourself an opportunity when you fail don’t scrub it when you do not succeed try again. And another aspect that coaches go after is no one likes a quitter you got to keep trying even though you haven’t succeeded keep on, keep on. Lincoln was not a President right away he lost many elections, maybe if he knew how his election was going to go when he was President he would have had second thoughts and considered that this was Divine Will that he wasn’t President. But the fact is if it wasn’t for Lincoln we would not have had a spiritual anchor in leading this country to its changes of spirituality and principles of anchoring this country today and the nation and the world. So in short try (forces speaking very fast) to listen to all, these principles apply then immediately and check it up and put it on the grill and cook it. (Laughter)
Q.Thank you.
Q. Thank you for being here my question is that I feel that I am on the cusp of making a lot of changes and most importantly in myself expression of my purpose here and how I can be of service and my question is what can I do to facilitate that change and discover my passion and my service here?
Forces-We are taking time to review this and give you the right answers that’s why the tape needs… What we understand is you are in the right place at the right time, listen, you’re here with us this is the right place this is the right time, can’t be in a better place than you are of now. Why not everything is at your disposal. There are wishes to move to the Virginia coast line, there are dreams to go there and re-anchor yourself at this area. But there are challenges to be meet here right in your own back yard. We feel that the changing of topography and landscapes at this moment in your evolution is not what would adhere to your spiritual principles of development that you have come into the earth to do. What we are saying and trying to say that the next 6 weeks are pivot weeks for you in which when you were in Egypt doing (during) the Temple of Sacrifice and leading that Temple you changed a course of history by leaving the Temple and going to a different area of Greece. In your dreams you want, visions of course, we don’t have dreams ok, I mean at that time, got to be straight in thought, in your vision you felt you can reconstruct what you had created there, leaving a lot of unfinished business. What we are saying is that in that particular lifetime you did go to this area of Athens and got lost and enmeshed in that society. Now the same comes again to meet you in this particular time and it is the challenge to go or to stay and it’s a spiritual challenge because you place that the concept the precept or the work that you were involved with is of a spiritual nature it is so finite of its divide that one is of one side and one is on the other side the divide is immense it is like going down a major highway and one turn of the fork turns to your Philadelphia and the other one goes straight to New York City. But what we are saying is they are both there the road is together the artery is there joined close as my hand to your face but that one turn that simple turn as slow and as innocent and as unpretentious as it is takes you into a whole different direction what we are expressing is our deeds turns our lives. If we turn our face from the sun we no longer get its heat but the turning of our face is not what the problem is it is the knowing of same and doing of same that implights the that is the implication of the action we don’t mean to be convoluted with these words but what we are trying to do is express totally the concept. Your spiritual decision is (a pulling) and your physical decision is (a pulling) and your mental concepts are (a pulling 😉 now who will be the seat of action and that seat of action is something that you must go within. We say this as a gift to you that this feeling that you have now is not a feeling of this lifetime but a lifetime way back then that now revisits you and reemphasizes the need to make the right decision. So whether you move from this area to go to do an other item you must keep in mind that there is a spiritual connection a line a thread that has weaved itself all the way back to that age that connects to this age. Now in 6 months time we’ll be happy to talk to you about your progress and in 6 months time you will be in a evolution different from the now of the moment and will have more information to share with the decision process. It’s not a done deal but every month counts for the next 6 weeks so you have a month and a half that can equal 6 weeks. So A. revisit this issue or concept in 6 weeks time. WE guarantee you; you will have more information at that time about your directional find that needs to be at, your compass.
Q. – Thank you very much. Can I ask for some clarity in terms of what is important for me to focus on in these next 6 weeks in order to get this clarity?
Forces-You got to be true to yourself. The soul that’s inside you is blossoming every moment, it’s coming to a new awareness that never before has it achieved. You must admit to the fact that you never thought you could get to this point and that several months and a year ago you were at a different point that you never thought you could get to this point, but you did it and you accomplished it. But now what you need to do is take a soul inventory of yourself every day, the morning before you wake up in the morning while you sleep in your bed you must say your affirmation whatever this might be. Lord God I’ve now entered a new day of my being, I am cognitive of the fact that I exist on your behalf, a new opportunity dawns; say that quietly you don’t have to move you don’t have to go anywhere but just be in that area. Now your next fact is to get to an area of Silence quiet meditation of 3 minutes 4 minutes before you take your action out, then as you drive let your driving be a reviewing of the things to be accomplished that day. Challenge yourself challenge the things that you need to accomplish in that day write them down have a tape recorder near buy talk to yourself. Give in to the tape recorder the things that are challenging you or frustrating you or asking you questions to handle. Then as you do approach to your job or to your work area that taping should be done. Play that tape when you drive back, listen to it and then answer in that tape what you would think you have learned and what you think the answers were to those questions in the morning. We always constantly go through the morning with questions of anticipation, trepidation, anxiety, fear, aggravation and sometimes frustration of not knowing how the days going to be. As you go through the day what do we say to (?) not that bad, it’s not that bad. In so doing when you come back home listen to what your tape was said, listen to the tape that you played in the morning. 99.9% in this work that you are asking to be more explicit we will give you your answers of the day. Then the same will be true of the week. Do the same tape for the week a tape different from the day. Listen to the many things of the weeks demands that you would want to accomplish review it at the end of the week and then answer it in the evening only. Answer yourself as the sun sets or as the evening chimes at 6pm but remember in so doing all these charging systems and so doing to be more precise, remember when you wake up is the most important part of your life, because you are coming from a soul place. You’re coming from an existence of another vibration; you’re coming from the real reality of who you are to this reality of who we will be. In so doing these things it will help you to meet the needs of the day. Affirmations are necessary, this will be a great day, a new day, a new horizon, a new beginning, a new approach. I will meet those challenges with a can do attitude. Nothing can be impossible.
Q. Thank you.
LN. This is for my mind and my spirit. I would like to know what it is I need to understand to help me in my relationships with men.
Forces-We are going to ask for a break of 5 minutes. I… we will break for 2 minutes and then that question will be asked again. At this point the entity will come back and at 2 minutes we will come back to you with this question to be asked again.
Forces-Greetings to all here present.
Group-Our Father.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We had to give those who needed a break. Also those who wanted to break. But again we must respect the individual and give the opportunity for growth and also give the space needed to absorb information. We are now ready with that particular question again. Please repeat.
LN-I would like to know what it is I need to understand to help me in my relationships with men now and in the future.
Forces-It is a heavy question of a kind in which we wish that we could give you an answer to men. (Laughter) They are not easily understood nor do they understand themselves. A lot of questions about the sexes male and female always have people confused, men are from Mars they say and the woman is from Venus. Maybe they have it all wrong, maybe men are from the planet gumbo and the woman is from the planet Ursa Minor, also Major, also minor, also major. It’s not that minor it’s not that major but what we will say with men, if this will help out, that even the males do not know. Now see you didn’t expect me to say the answer with the man is the woman, no maybe you did. But the male does not know see we give them so much credit now don’t we, yeah. We say males know, a woman doesn’t know. You know society says the male knows the woman doesn’t know. Society depends upon the male to know. Moses didn’t know, he knew, knew nothing, he stuttered he didn’t know anything. It was Aaron who had to do his talking, but the fact is Moses didn’t know what was coming on or what was going off. He didn’t know day from day. He had to go by faith. The same thing with men. If they don’t go by faith they don’t have answers. If they don’t go by a certain amount of wisdom in their faith. If they do not go by trying to receive answers from above well then their lost they don’t know. It is not that you have a problem with the males. Its quiet obvious, all the males you’ve had problems with in one way or the other, which makes you very frustrated of is there not a male out there that I could have a normal positive relationship with. The males are so into themselves that and this is not generalizing it’s just you know, their are basic needs the male has, be it food, of course a warm bed, that’s the first prerequisite ok, food you know the minute they wake up they must have food ok a shower next thing and of course ah sexual entertainment you know is another thing. But the males also need a vision and they receive sometimes their vision through their dreams and sometimes their vision is through their expectation of inventions and expressing, expressing the un-expressible, the things that are not of the earth, visionaries. Then there is the woman she is the one that helps him with his vision and his dream, not so often has it been said, that every great man, behind is a woman as your society says. The senate in Rome always as the entity has spoke about, the women always watched everything and told her husband what was really going on in the Senate, of course they paid attention. No greater thing than that the woman is in alignment with the male her husband in their lives and dreams. What we see for you is you must have a vision and a dream that you can align yourself with a male to work with. Now it is not that the males that you had in the past were all bad, they were not that bad. (Laughter) as you thought in the beginning, but as time grew on they became worse and worse. In fact you would rather be with your cat and dog in the vernacular of course were speaking. And the more you tried to get along the more difficult it became and the more unbelievable it became. And not to say that you haven’t tried your best in bridging the gap between the males, but it always left you never really at the spot where you felt good at. Let me just say this can you understand it’s impossible to find a male to get along with, can you understand that?
Forces-Now how can we help you to change that around. Well become self sufficient, be your own boss, do your own stuff, be you’re your own person. I’m not saying be your own woman, I’m not saying that. What we are saying, take care of your own territory. Take care of your own house, shore it up, repair it, be prosperous. Then a man will come along and be proud to be part of that. Course security doesn’t hurt. What we’re trying to say is we are trying to activate the vision in side you, a vision that you have, that you can have a male couple, couplet with you. Forget the idea of going out and finding a male, that’s as you would call it passé, finito, finished. Don’t go to it at that level. Go now to a different level and build your home, build your own Castle, build your vision. What were asking you is what’s your vision, what’s your dream, what’s your ideals. Do them, do them with all your heart, apply them whatever you believe in then go for that. I have and the seeing of such and the knowing of such will incorporate the understanding of such. When you become aware that you are your own person and your own visionary and your own place is on solid ground, then the male will come to join you. So it’s not why can I not get along with the males. I could go on for years showing you how males don’t even get along with males, let alone males don’t get along with females; it never happened it never worked out. It, it, it’s just complication after complication there’s an agreement somewhere along the line, that they both work together. They don’t agree all the time but at least there is that hooking up with we call it a soul mate or we call it the other half. But when you finally hook up with your other male side then it will be a ride for your life. What we’re saying is that growing in the process of growing will never end. You will constantly be growing with your partner. Now why can I not get a male partner that’s not the problem here you can get a male partner. Why can’t you get along with males, well they can’t get along with themselves. So now we have the problem solved. We know the answer, that’s it’s a no win; it’s also a no brainer too. That the males have their own ball of wax, so does the females. But how what and where is your question, how can I get my other half to be active with me to be sharing my life with him and why can’t I get along with males. No you do get along with males, that’s quite well; we are aware how well you get along with males. You do and can get along with males; you do very well with males, its just males don’t do very well with themselves. So now we raise the octave higher that you should find a male that can couple with your vision and I promise you it can happen and it will happen. But then you will have a vision that solidifies the male and the female together. There are many types of relationships that go on in the world. Male females get together and sometimes it’s so magical that it’s spontaneous and it’s active and alive from the very beginning. Sometimes it’s very active and alive at the end. Sometimes it’s very active and alive in the middle and then at the end. Sometimes it becomes very active and alive in the beginning and then loses everything and then becomes active and alive in the end again. But what we’re trying to say is the male female relationship becomes alive when their vision and their needs of their vision components become hooked together and they both complement one another in their achieving evolution and progress. We have doctors who are working with doctors, lawyers who marry lawyers, engineers, engineers, vets, vets; you have people of all walks of life that hook up with one another. In your particular case and we are striving to get you to see this that its, that the male aspect that you will attract can and will be done when your vision becomes active. Have, have we kind of helped you with this thought form.
Forces-Does it help?
LN- Yes.
Forces-Do you see a vision?
LN- Yes.
Forces-Now set your goal to acquire the vision and we guarantee you the male will show. And it’s not that you can’t get along with males you can. Now imbued impress indwell with the thought of vision and you will have the right stuff to have this component of the male female relationship happen. I, I hope we were able to get this concept, a new concept, an old concept but this concept to you in the right way that it can help you.
LN- Yes thanks you.
Isis-Thank you it’s been a lesson for every female here I believe. Thank you LN for asking the question.
Forces-And the males to who are in this room. They now understand that the jig is up. (Laughter)
Q. This is a question for my mind spirit concerning about activating my vision and insight and for now and the future?
Forces-You would like to activate your vision and insight now and for the future. Activating your insight and your vision now and for the future happens, vision happens with practice. Visionaries always keep doing and redoing and redoing and they never stop doing. Visionaries never stop asking the question of how. To become a visionary you must persevere constantly no matter what your concept is. Dress to win, dress to win physically, dress to win mentally dress to win spiritually. You need to dress to win, sometimes it pays to spend an extra time of who you are so when you come into the world, the world knows who you are. What we see and what we are saying is your vision is activated every day, every moment. As you are driving from one point to the other in this modern world you have to see and you have to say to yourself am I a visionary am I seeing things in a vision way am I applying to myself a vision. What the main factor of turning on a vision is to turn yourself on with a leaf. You must do a critique of yourself every minute, every moment, to say have I lost my vision or am I on my vision. A plane leaves the airport and it is on a tracking device constantly as it goes from one airport to the next it is being tracked, the tracking device is the visionary device and it allows the plane to land even without its own operation and it controls it by automatic pilot to land specifically to the co-ordinates that you need to achieve if it was fog or you could not see or snow or rain. The same with the human being your visionary aids must always be on they should never be off. If they are off you go off track, waste 20, 30, 40 years, waste your whole life. Many people die without a vision, many people exist and not even realize they don’t have a vision. A vision is something that you must turn on every moment not only every day but every second you must check yourself to see is your visionary wipers on are you in a visionary field. To turn on your vision is to have repetition of thought, mantras, mantras, affirmations, affirmations, repetition, repetition. All these elements are of necessary value when you have a vision it is only a culmination of repetition, acclamation and redundance. You must constantly say to yourself positives I can do it, I will do it, I am doing it, I will approach this in the right way. You must constantly see this vision active. There are many things that can bring us down to a negative. There are many people who strive to get us to react negatively. We must be alarmed and set to those activators who try to take our vision away from us. What we are trying to say is your vision is something that must always be on never off and you must constantly check it every minute, every second. And if it’s off then you’re guiding in your own visionless life wasting X amount of years. In your particular question your question was simple and brief and to the point. How can I have vision how can I activate my vision. You have vision the minute you make a vision. Once you establish a thought of a vision it becomes concrete. Once you start to say I have a vision it becomes real. A vision becomes that which you think. If you set yourself thinking of nonsense things of things which has nothing to do with your goals of vision that’s what you are and that’s what you filled yourself up to be. But you must have a vision which you create and have and you need to reactivate the vision every day. How do you turn on the vision, mantras, meditation, repetition, affirmation, positive thought. No matter how hard it is for you you must reaffirm the positive no matter what happens in your life you must go as though a new beginning has approached and a new start every moment a new beginning. Forget the failures forget the past forget those things that are not necessary to look at anymore, look to the vision, to your future activate them by a constant repetition of reaffirming them in your thoughts in your deeds and in your actions. Visions are what separates the doers from the non doers. The successful entities from the non successful entities. It is that your vision upholds you and keeps you afloat no matter how dark it looks on the outside, no matter how dark it is the vision is your light at night and during the day. It is through this vision that you activate through mantras and prayers and repetitious and also do not forget the most powerful thing of good deeds. When you do a good deed it’s a repetition of the positive. When a good deed is performed, a repetitiveness of goodness, cleaning that yard, mulching that land, painting that house, giving to those who need of help that is the repetition of a good deed. In so doing this good deed in the repetition of the act it manifests and multiples times 7. So whatever good deed you do it also instills, cements rejuvenates the vision. Through good deeds you implement the vision.
Q. Thank you
Q. This is a body mind spirit question.
Forces-Let me have you ask that one more time.
Q. Specifically what job line of work or vocation will best allow me to live my life’s purpose?
Isis-Should this question be repeated?
Forces-We heard it. There is a need for self to help others; there is also a need to affirm a greater social order of things. There is also a need of those attachments that you have made that’s not working out, that causes your disillusionment. There are those bonds that you have affirmed on secondary levels that allows for discourse and disharmony in your life. There are those things that you’ve come into this earth to accomplish, to accomplish to fulfill not only on a worldly level of abundance but also on a physical level of caring. Your first and foremost aspect of concern is human nature and why things are not done the right way. Your second aspect of concern is the pollution aspect of thought and people with the wrong approach or attitude in their lives. Trying to bridge that gap that makes conflict with you with others. Your first question of how you can apply yourself to the needs of your future and make your spiritual aspect more evident is social order, human up-lift-ment and the arts. We would say creative thinking musical scores and that which enlightens those who great you are your gifts. The tremendous amount of caring and giving to those around you has to be asked this one question. This has to be asked, have I given so much that I have compromised my position in my belief and in my vision. You asked such a question before us and it is a pivot point in your life. You’re searching and you are asking the question and you’ve asked other questions to change this your life into a better direction. Now we say to you look at what you give in order for you to get fulfilled. Put some controls on it and limits. Not as much as what you give to others but controls for yourself. Six months of controlling your self will do a world of good for you and your development in what you have to manifest in the earth. There are those things we said before; you give so much in order that you have what would be considered harmony that you have compromised your own vision. Now music and the scores, society and its order, socialism and social needs of people deprived and not approaching to the level of helping themselves is what you can do. There will be lots of disciplines and lots of action in this work that you need to take control over. But this then in your social order of helping others can bring that spiritual aspect down, there are those who take so much that you need to say no and there are those things that you give so you can be fulfilled and that is a needs to be said no. In order for you to have a tomorrow you need for the next 6 months, apply the brakes to a lot of missions, objective accomplishments and futuristic goals and dreams of accomplishing what you wish. What we are trying to fill in the blanks with you it’s not that you cannot accomplish these things everything is timing and it is not the right moment at this time to accomplish so much that you have to get done. We would suggest to take a private inventory of the things that go out and the things that come in and try to put it in some sort of order that not too much for the next even 3 months go out and yet try to keep it in tact, do it gradually and apply your what would be considered social order of helping and healing others. In this light your spiritual aspect can be applied in the earth, when you are able to help others see things that they cannot see then your spiritual side will be helped and your question is how can I manifest my spiritual aspects. Hopefully in us informing in what we see here of you this will help you. Private inventory, stock taking is most important and needed in the next week.
Q. This is a health question about my daughter Lily Ann Blair ah she’s had chronic blood in the urine pain in the back and nausea. I’m looking for the cause and the healing.
Forces-Unfortunately what we see is a ah an assault to the back. Ah a um, an attack or a blunt force object hitting her back which caused this to happen. How it happened I cannot come to an understanding, but there is some things that are happening, too much of rough play, too much of action sports of a nature that happened so quick, body movements to fast aum there was and your answer to this question. An assault to the back of the lower spine. Does this ring true for you?
Q. I don’t know I can understand. Is there a healing for this?
Forces-We gave a, there is a warm soaks to the back area, aum we also see a vinegar pack. Soak in a cushion form vinegar and put it in this area of the back, ten fifteen minutes and then warm compresses to the back. Again cranberry juice, full cranberry juice for the kidney cleansing along with apples, juice and apples for only the afternoon part of the day. And in the morning part of the day, if she could make use of oatmeal and oatmeal forms of food in the morning and the afternoon just eat apples and the cranberry juice along with the vinegar pack for 15-20 minutes a week, every night it could be done or every other night or every third night as long as it was done, once a week is good, twice a week is better. But the taking in of juice and also the protection of also her activities during the day from the lower spine area and not to move through time and space not being cognitive of the fact of her body and the sharp blunt edges of chairs and angles that she is growing in such a state that awkwardness can happen through the moving of time and space. Not only growing in her body but also growing in her mind and spirit.
Q. Thank you.
Q. This is for body, mind and spirit. Having problems with allergies, low energy and I would like to know what I can learn from these experiences and what I can do to deal with them or perhaps become a person who doesn’t need these experiences.
Forces-We will review the body at this moment. The beginning of which we read the elements of this body, we find from the beginning of time in which he has come in as the present birth, as the elements of the soul coming in to the earth, getting encased within the body and in spirit and in the physical rock elements. In so doing it is the illusion of the physical body, mental body, spiritual body of entanglement in the earth causing the high and alleger and also sensitive atoms and also electrons around the body. We also find that in also that called the Pyramids of Hotep; he was buried and was buried into this condition. There was a period in which in that particular life he had found himself to be buried near to alive in so doing the suffocation of the body mind and soul reiterates the allergy field even higher. We find also that during the time of Napoleon reigns he also lost his head in the guillotine, in receiving that of the Royal family orders to be one of the first to go to the guillotines in Paris. We find this too contribute to the lack of breathing and also to the harmonious and disharmonious an, and disadvantage he did receive in this particular life contributing to ah high allergy forms in this life. It’s very important for this particular entity; also he must receive large amounts of water in his system. There is a dehydration that has advanced to almost to the point of mucus buildup in the lungs. We also have a what would be considered food allergy, food carcinogenics ah buildup food elements within the body, as toxins of the immune system cannot replace or get rid of. In so doing this body is what would be called exhausted from the toxins contributing to the mental lapse of memory affecting the synapses of the brain causing an emotional disturbance and what would be called imbued dysfunctional system of the kidneys and the urinary tract. We would consider it an overhaul of this body the mind and the spirit by putting this particular entity on a juicing diet of fruits and juices or carrot juice apple juice, green juices, green leeks, grass juices an abundance of juices, not to do too much of same. We would find the morning hours to be carrot juices around 8:00; we would say 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning carrot and the apple juice of same. We also would involve this to be what would be considered Potassium within the juice; we also would say that at 9:00 would be the green juice of red cabbage, half a pepper, apples, romaine lettuce as his green juice to be drink, to have a drinking experience to beat your life to be, to be dr, to, to drink of this within an hour no more no less this will be at 9:00 during the day, at 12:00 during the day and at 3:00 during the day. Also the carrot apple juice above and below ground. The below ground should start at 7:00 and also 8:00, 9:00 is your green juice, 10:00 is your carrot juice, 11:00 is your carrot juice, 12:00 is your green juice, 1:00 is your carrot juice, 2:00 is your carrot juice, 3:00 is your green juice. No other green juice should be after 3:00 pm. Carrot juice of your day should be no more than after 5:00 pm. No juices should be done or taken at 6, 7, 8 into the evening. Lots of water intake we know we have your kidneys on the run after this. Grapes intake and stay away from yogurt products during these 3 days of juice taking. We’re not asking you to take juice for a week or a month, were asking only for 3 days. It will be a high intensity diet lots of salads and vegetables, vinegar oil and what would be called balsamic vinegar can be used. Stay away from all yeast products. Yeast is your main enemy in this particular life. Baked potatoes can be done; onions abundance and garlic abundance can be done and should be done by the entity. We would advise also that soups of all natures without meat should be absorbed. Stay particularly away from tomato soup at the moment, basically tomatoes, you can have tomatoes in the soup but tomatoes should be stayed from. We also see that bath taking must be done and saunas must be applied in these 3 days. A sauna will be good for the system it will reenergize your lymphatic system. We also exercise you into what would be a trampoline. Your lymphatic system will be energized in the morning when jumping on a trampoline, you do not have to get a big 18 footer. (Laughter). A two footer would do good. You jump on that at least 6 to 7 times in the morning afternoon and night, that become your second home away from home.
Isis-Could an entity…
Forces-Excuse. We are reading something; you know we can’t do this live. (Laughter) Hold on. Question.
Isis-The entity Pat needs to leave.
Forces-At this point we will have a minute break.
Forces- (Tom breathing heavily, the Forces leave)
Forces-We also see with this entity that the air purification of his room needs to be done ah at a much higher and finer, finer detail and of course we also advise animals to be not in the area where the entity sleeps. The bathing and also sauna that we have suggest in the 3 week term. The sauna should be done at least once a week along with hot or Epson salt or dead sea salt baths once a week. Not to overdue the poor thing as far as in the salt on the lymphatic system that we talk about, but that this component of allergies and the molecule buildup of toxins need to be washed. There is a area in which large liquids or forms of water and with lemon in it is to be ah, ah, ah stressed. If coffee is taken into the system allow no milk to be put in the coffee. But if coffee is taken into the system, one cup a day to one cup a day. It is reminding us in the time of war in France, where they say one lump of sugar or nothing at all. We would also say tea, increase of tea, of course your green tea must be increased with honey. This is also a very, very important aspect along with peppermint tea before night which will be an exquisite ah release of your lymphatic sweat glands, that is your lymphatic system are working along with your sweat glands to eradicate the toxins or remove the toxins at night. A shower before bed time is also advised, a cold shower not too cold, not too hot, but cold enough would also help the system. Again we also strongly advise this entity to increase oatmeal taking and also the increase of raisins but not to be, most often to be careful of raisin taking even though we would like to have raisins from the Middle East for him. Raisins also cause an angelic and, well that too, but a allergic reaction for this entity. So we have to see that there is a high percentage from other lifetimes to this lifetime of an allergic reaction not only on a psychological and spiritual level which was from different lifetimes of transiting but also from also from the food preparation and the preservatives in the food that has caused this particular entity to have a severe reaction and an allergic reaction. We hope then we can revisit this particular entity as a refocus and revisiting as far as realignment. Also chiropracticing is for very much needed in his back alignment. There is a back that is of the lower 5th vertebrae down that is out of alignment causing the breathing difficulty. And also believe it or not a cavity within the mouth or a forming cavity within the mouth or a cavity that is filled within the mouth that is causing in one of the lower molars that’s causing difficulties in the breathing. Do you have any other questions that we might be able to answer for you?
Q. I started taking notes a little late and I guess I would like to review the 3 day juice thing?
Forces-What we will do for you is we will go over the 3 day juice for you in understanding this concept. A carrot juice of 6 carrots to seven carrots. Apples of one apple to two apples, along with this potassium. This to be taken at 7 o’clock in the morning for 3 days. At 8 o’clock the same juice, at 9 o’clock you will do a green juice the green juice, the green juice will be a quarter of red cabbage, a quarter not the whole red cabbage, a quarter, one quarter, not a fourth but a quarter. And then you would also take a quarter or of a green pepper. You will also take romaine lettuce; we would advise at least 3 to 6 stalks of romaine lettuce and juice this. Along with this an apple and then you will put potassium into that that will be your 9 o’clock. Your 10 o’clock will be your carrot juice again, your 11 o’clock will be your carrot juice again on the hour and your 12 o’clock will be your green juice, your 1 o’clock will be your carrot juice, your 2 o’clock will be your carrot juice, your 3 o’clock will be your green juice, after that no more green juices, your 4 o’clock will be your carrot and your 5 o’clock will be your carrot, after 5 o’clock no more carrot juices. That will be your 3 day mission. You should (?) also increase your salads and your soups. You can have soups without tomatoes, you can have soups with tomatoes, but you cannot have tomato soup, that’s interesting, (Laughter) no salt or pepper in your diet from this point on and stay away from beef for the moment, at least 3 weeks (coughing) I know this is affecting you.
Q-No salt and pepper forever?
Forces-Try to stay away from salt and pepper you can cheat a little bit (Laughter) but have it as your main theme no salt or pepper, pepper is not good for your intestines it causes, causes blockages. Now at the same time get to a chiropractor not to a nunnery a chiropractor and fix the 5th vatabr, vertebra down vertebra down, also it would be very helpful to increase grape intakes and also if you want at least 8 glasses of water with lemon in the evening hours starting from 5 o’clock on, also in the morning the first thing when you wake up, before you have juices and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 o’clock its up to you to have these water implements, you can have water on the half an hour, juices on the hour. We would also suggest peppermint tea in the evening time from now on until forever. And we also would suggest green tea to increase that with honey. We also suggest oatmeal to enjoy oatmeal with raisins from the Middle East, but be careful of raisins. We also suggest a sauna and we also suggest cold water, cool water not cold, but cool in the evening before you go to bed. We also suggest to you a trampoline not 18 feet, but 4 feet wide, personal trampoline in the morning and the evening, in the afternoon this will affect your lymphatic system. You will take it slowly, you could do the juicing every beginning of the month for 3 days. The first days 1st, 2nd and day, that was the third day of the month, and do that for every month. This would be also very helpful. Your oatmeal’s would be good for taking and we also would also suggest lemon water for the taking. We find that the system has lots of toxic buildup and the water taking and the juice taking will help. The vegetable taking, also the baked potatoes with carrots and the baked potatoes with onions and garlic, increase your garlic taking. Your garlic will purify your immune system. Also we have this thought ahhh that ah, those know of a flaxseed oil that could be taken within your baked potato and vegetables and salad. Increase your onions in salad and tomatoes and salad and more salad and salad. Make sure you get your salad washed, spin them or whatever, make sure the salad is salad. Don’t do salad bars, no one do salad bars, don’t do salad bars, do fresh salad make it your own. Don’t do salad bars. There are some institutions that make the salad and make it ready and they have it fresh, but not salad that’s lying out in the open, it turns almost immediately after half an hour. This should help you and it is a beginning, there is lots of work to be done for you in this area, but remember it does not happen in this particular lifetime, this happened many lifetimes back. It is a conglomeration. I would also to suggest to you to have soft music, melody music, chanting music for you to calm. And know when fear and anxiety takes you over remember the words everything will be ok, let’s repeat our words (group repeats along with Forces) everything will be ok, everything will be fine. So let’s all everything will be ok, everything will be fine. We need to reemphasize the fact when fear grips us, repeat those words and you know what your Higher Self will hear them and you know what your Higher Self will do them. You’re giving a message to your Higher Self. If you say things are not going to be fine you know what’s going to happen, you Higher Self is going to believe it and then you’re going to go on a tailspin. I hope this might help you with your allergies. I know it will because everything will be ok, everything will be fine. When you have a coughing or suppression or a clamping down on your chest remember it’s the past life it’s not this life, it’s the past life, you dealt with that now you deal with this life, things will be ok. We can review you in 6 weeks, 6 months’ time and do another body check. That will be a futuristic thing. We won’t drop you of course we’ll watch you carefully and we will instinctively tell you what you need to do ok.
Isis-Thank you.
Q.The juice fast three days, the 3 days of juices is that a fast from other foods?
Forces-No we wouldn’t consider that a total juice fast, we would just say it will be augmented by the food you will take, be careful of the food intake of course, no beef during those, actually you should not have any beef at all for a while at least 6 weeks. But the fact is chickens good, you know, fish is good, beef well you don’t need to eat beef right now. The reason why for you we see in your system beef pile up of toxins in the beef, which is affecting you. Now not that you are eating beef were not saying that, but what we are saying is that while you are having the juices in your system it will start cleansing these toxins that your body cannot get rid of, increase your salads, increase your vegetables, increase your soups. Have a good time with the juices, but remember it can be done, even after the 3 days you could have a carrot juice once a day and you could have a green juice once a day, but when you do the 3 day focus it should be every hour, you could do it on a Friday when your off or Saturday and Sunday. It, it can be done, it just it needs to be done.
Q. Thank you.
Q.I would like to know how best I can recognize and expand my business prosperity.
Forces-We see the business is a append-i-ture of your psychic ability and personal ability, we see one to be the same. We also see that you need to clear the vision and also the area when you do your work. We also see the increase of your work can only be done when the approach is settled with the right attitude. That is approaching your work as sacred ground in which you are on. Do not allow family ties or family past or family deeds or interactions to interfere with your work. The abundance of your work can simply be done by attraction of thought. The thought patterns that you form will attract your partners of co-op and we use the word co-op because by joining in with one or two more of your peers you will double and quadruple your revenue. Now how do we do this the attraction of your mind, mental mind, physical mind, spiritual mind will increase the vitality of your prosperity. Any prosperity that one has comes from the spirit level first, the mental level second, and then the physical level. One approaches the material level first by getting money will not approach it in the right way. One needs to approach revenue from a spiritual level on a that level first and it will then ripple down to the physical level. Monetarily wise and also advantageous to your own prosperity, your mental attitude and preparation of the day and more or less everything that we have said here today can be and should be applied to you. In so doing it will quadruple and bidruple and quatruple and sextruple and whatever truple the revenue that you have now, if you make 700 dollars (——-) necessary a month we guarantee you at least 1400 a month. By attitude, affirmation, and positive and by affirming a attitude of can do it will change these things around. Most important family ties need to be put in and at bay while you do your professional work. You have that element of trying to heal and proper and utilize and work and condition and move them through time and space while you are working with your own work. This can be done, but it has pull, pulled you and has stationarise, stationalized your positive attributes in your professional field. It is something that is not cognitive of self it is of a subconscious level we talk about. In so doing and looking at this field it would be very beneficial to make your ground sacred and alive when you operate your professional level of work. Attitude, mental imaguring, positive thoughts approaching the day, a new day, a new opportunity, a new beginning, nothing you can’t do will turn a lot around. Your second thing co-op and your third element is making yourself available bingo.
Q. Thank you.
Isis-Thank you very much.
Q-Could I ask a question?
Forces-Of course you can.
Q-Should this entity that you just answered for be a practioner here at this space in the center.
Forces-This would be a advisable condition for her and a likeable condition. There is some plates on the stick that are pivoting and we advise a sit down conversation of honest talk to be able to work out these other concerns that might prevent this from happening. But with honest talk there’s nothing that you both cannot work on and out with. So yes we, we would largely recommend such actions not only for self but also for those of others that will come to benefit from this.
Q. Thank you
Q.Can I ask a question?
Q. I am trying to find more specifically, this is for my wife (?L. D.) what is the cause and possible remedies for this pain that she is having in her lower back and leg?
Forces-Again in so seeing a part of it is anxiety and stress buildup and it fractures into the lower area and back. The tension buildup does compensate the energy field, remember the lower back is your scsss, is your chi energy coming into the body. When it is compensated, when it is ah, ah, ah affronted, when it is assaulted with negative and anxiety energy and nervous energy and frustration it attacks this lower area first and accumulates all the anxiety rippling affect throughout the whole body into that area. It is a collection of ah toxins in that area and again increasing the water level and with lemon for 8 to 9 glasses will help flush away a lot of the toxins that have lodged themselves inadvertently in that area causing these reactions and side reactions.
Q. Thank you.
Recording ends