Session 626-1/2/00

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in this area and have not seen the conflict-ation that (?) mentioned in the items spoken by the world. These things were put together to put a (?) fear and anxiety in the population not to mention revenue. Many a person received and got money for the products nobody would have bought anyway. So as you can see these things are produced in different areas for financial purpose. We want to welcome you to this New Millennium 2000; it is like having a diamond called a 2000 k. In so doing we find even the Japanese Emperor today giving his blessing upon his own people. This is done in a most deliberate and thankful way. For the garden that is his is open on this day and to express his joy to the people, along of course the other day, in which his gardens are open, would be his Birthday. We see that you have entered into the New Millennium and stage of existence. Here many things in this country will be revealed for longevity of life and that of expansion of life. Do not be a bit surprised that in 5 years they will have a machine out, where you can go into and your cells would be rejuvenated to approximately 4 to 10 years earlier. So people would be experiencing less aging. People will be walking around with belts to rejuvenate themselves and give them energy and life again. So do not be fearful of dying just now, we have just added at least 20 to 30 years of your life on to you. We see that different areas of society and life are coming together to solve the major health problems of the world in which we will find major cures and products of positive things. Again items that would shock the world from all these diseases will start materializing to be cured. We are now ready for your questions.
IS-Thank you so much for coming in. I’m going to be asking questions for other people that have some questions for them. When you are talking about rejuvenating life is it people that are already healthy or is it everybody?
Forces-In both categories.
IS-The major diseases that are going to be cured completely or helped along.
Forces-What we would really saying is there will be cures coming out.
IS-In the next 10 years?
Forces-Less than 10 years
IS-Are we talking about Cancer, Aids things like that?
Forces-We would consider them diseases yes.
Forces–That is not a disease it’s an ailment.
IS-So asthma…?
Forces-Even that will be worked on.
IS-What can be done for the entity with him suffering at this moment so much from this asthma? Or is it asthma or is it something else?
Forces-No we would consider this that. But in all respect we would rather go on with your questions.
IS-Thank you.
IS-What should be done for AL to overcome the anorexia?
Forces-Again she should be as the entity had said surrounded by other peers, who have the problem that she might understand how to solve her own problem and that she is not alone with this problem.
IS-Talk I had with her and Julia…?
Forces-Yes of course.
IS-That’s what I did…?
Forces-To be her own boss yes.
IS-Thank you.
IS-For AC a fat burning pill…?
Forces-It is on the market but it’s not what would be considered up to snuff to what standards it should be. So technically it’s not yet out.
IS-Is Dr Kelley the Dentist I need to work on my teeth.
Forces-Seems to be sincere enough to deal with you.
IS-Dr. Kelly?
IS-And after him which Dentist should be my regular Dentist Dr Stapp or the one I just saw?
Forces-Well we do see (—-) who you’re speaking about. Either one at this time will be good?
IS-Is the young one better?
Forces-Doesn’t matter each one is best in their own right.
IS-But this one wasn’t as caring about me as the other one?
Forces-Maybe not as much.
IS-So the young one is better that way?
IS-As far as medical knowledge?
IS-The accident where somebody hit me. Should I pursue it?
Forces-You can leave it, leave that alone.
IS-Could you tell me my general health and tiredness with clients?
Forces-But you still do a lot of hours with them.
IS-I’m so tired…?
Forces-Yes you do put a lot out.
Forces-You do put a lot out.
IS-My health…?
Forces-Well it is all the energy on a psychic level that you use.
IS-And physically my health?
Forces-It is not that bad.
IS-Anything wrong…?
Forces-Oh we could always look for things wrong, but fact is that you are doing eV, almost everything that you have to do that is right.
Forces-Well you could (——).
IS-Is Cancer in my…?
Forces-We do not see this.
IS-And Diabetes?
Forces-Oh we don’t see this.
IS-Thank you. So my health…?
Forces-You are ok.
IS-Thank you for new client.
Forces-We will move on.
IS-Susan and L. F. did you have anything to say to them?
Forces-Just prepare for the crossing over of his Father and that we will take care of his soul, which is important.
IS-Anything political…?
Forces- Well until the point we talk.
Forces-Not until the point we talk.
Forces-Not until the point we talk.
Forces-Not until the point we talk.
IS-Me and the lines…?
Forces-You can.
Forces-If you want to yes.
Forces-(?) some benefits (?).
IS-Why is it that I cannot eat apples?
Forces-It’s that there very acid affect on the stomach.
IS-Didn’t happen until…?
Forces-It is because of the a (———) eaten.
IS-That’s the way it’s going to stay right?
IS-Thank you so much.
NN-Would you recommend something that helps osteoarthritis.
Forces-Well there are many exercises that can be done and strengthening the back. There is also a medication that is out that is very good to take. Ah in fact ah if your friend JN will speak of this pill, it is like adding calcium to your bones.
NN-The one she spoke of before?
Forces-And that is the one. Did you remember the one.
NN-I can’t think of the name…
Forces-Then I can’t either. (Laughter)
NN-That’s the one that she had talked about, she mentioned one.
Forces-It might be the one.
NN-Thank you very much.
NN-And do I picture the burning bush in the light, do, I do that right, the energy?
NN-Thank you very much.
Forces-We see you doing that just fine.
NN-Thank you very much.
JU-Thank you for coming in and for all the help you’ve been this year. Can you give me guidance for this coming year?
Forces-You’ve got to control your temper it can lead you into dangerous paths.
JU-And are there things that I need to be aware of or you can tell that will be coming in the coming year things to do?
Forces-We would see that there are many opportunities for you to advance in futuristic planning and concepts, but to put that on paper and to get them in a concrete manner, this would be very good.
JU- Thank you, can you give me help on focusing, concentrating, I always have a problem and more recently it’s more so?
Forces-It’s just the concept or the fact that you’ve become aware of it. Up to now you have denied it. It is an interesting concept we understand but you need to focus and this is true and you realize you haven’t been doing it. In so doing this, focusing that is, it is a task that you must discipline yourself to do. But you can’t allow other thoughts to pop into your mind to do them, while you’re doing one task. Or else you’re going to forget the first, first one done. So what we would say is again, put things on paper make them concrete then stick to it until you get it accomplished.
JU-Is there any prayer I can say to help me with that or psalm.
Forces-Lord let me remember my Mission and the purpose in which I intend to accomplish the things you would have me to do, return from not one side or the other but continue on a straight path.
JU-Thank you very much.
DD-The Tarot deck I’m working on the 8th suite would be the board is that correct?
Forces-We find it to be true.
DD-Would that be a flat board or could I make like a cube of 6 by 6 by 6?
Forces-You could do this.
DD-Would that be the right way that it’s supposed to be?
Forces-We would find it to be good.
DD-Using the figures of Dee is that how the board would look?
Forces-It would possibly work yes.
DD-And the 9 suites are the cards?
Forces-This can be applied yes.
DD-Is there any way it was already made before, it seems like it was made before.
Forces-Well it was but everything always made new.
DD-When was it made before?
Forces-We find it in the 1800’s.
DD-Who made it?
Forces-It would be considered a gentleman in the northern area of Boston. John what would be called Smith.
DD-Is there any residue of his work left?
Forces-No all decayed.
DD-Is there any other help you can give me with the making of it.
Forces-That you’ll find as you do it.
DD-In the computer graphics?
DD-Thank you very much.
JE-The lights this year outside, the Little People weren’t helping. They were cutting them off and breaking them.
Forces-We’ll they weren’t being mean they were just mischievous.
JE-Why this year usually there’s no problem?
Forces-We’ll because you went over the limit of lights that they guaranteed you, they have agreed to a certain amount, after that you interfere with their world. So they went around periodically turning (?segments off in the circuit of their world). (Laughter)
JE-Even up until tonight their doing it.
JE-So how do I fix that?
Forces-Well you have to make an agreement with them that you need to give them something in return. The Little People have a habit of barter; you give them something they’ll give you something.
JE-What could I possibly give them?
Forces-Talk to them they’ll tell you.
JE-We always got along up to this point.
Forces-Again you had crossed over a certain amount of lights so therefore they feel that you owe more time in a certain state which of course we call meditation. So if you spend some time in the meditation room. Then of course you’ve conquered them.
JE-Thank you.
Forces-See some of you feel that you will go after your own problem solving them or feel that your problems can’t be solved. Have you ever stopped and realized how little you have spent your time in the Prayer or Meditation room where we have a force of energy to give you. Don’t go around complaining and feeling sorry for yourself this is a negative energy that doesn’t have to be expressed. If you stay in the meditation room this force of energy will be given to you to handle any problems that you are facing.
JE-Thank you very much.
JW-In preparing for Tom’s involvement with NAHUC and the CCU. Is there something I can do to keep it more organized or do better?
Forces-Could be…repeat your question.
JW-In organizing for NAHUC and CCU for Tom in this coming year it seems previously we haven’t been successful in keeping important papers and stuff readily available. Is there a better system I could use that would help?
Forces-One of the better systems is when the entity comes back from the meetings, that months going through it instead of going through it at the last moment. It is frustrating of course but all things meet all things at least 89 to 93 percent of those papers are junk. So therefore filling half of them away will be ok. You can’t be meticulously correcting all things neither is anyone in that group. But the fact is that if immediately when it is over that month to put it and file it away in its proper place. You can’t find everything to be accurate because no one is in that particular sphere.
JW-Thank you.
Forces-But how about for yourself.
JW-You give me all the help that I need what could I possibly ask for.
Forces-We would like to suggest that the things that are right before you will be given to you as answers. And imagine that the creative ability to questions that are involved with you and answers to the challenges ahead are always at your foot step.
JW-Thank you.
IS-The situation that happened with (?) (?) Medical Center and Tom could anything have been done about it or what’s going to happen.
Forces-What is Bronk?
IS-Blueridge Medical Center.
Forces-Sounds like a cough syrup. It is part of the experiences. It was nothing that can be done.
Forces-Nothing could have been done there is more that the entity was not involved with it that much. That the entity was moving faster and faster and going in places that could not be accomplished. Therefore they felt jealous and envious and resentful of the time that the entity did not put into it and his contributions to the Blue Ridge Medical Center financially was not what they wanted.
IS-That’s my fault…?
Forces-Were not looking for fault here were only saying their looking for money.
IS-Right and what is the reason with Benjamin coming back there?
Forces-He’s more looking for a, a certain amount of comfort ability and retirement of some sort of his old age security and a home place to raise his children up.
IS-And is he going to get all of that?
Forces-Well he’ll strive for it.
IS-Thank you and ah is it strange for him at all that he’s come back here where the group is?
Forces-It is part of his dream to return.
IS-But not because of the group.
Forces-Well the force of the entity being here and that of the Forces in the area give him security.
IS-It didn’t help Daniel.
Forces-Well of course he’s still stationed here.
IS-Daniel is not in good shape now.
Forces-Well the point is that he still is being helped in a indirect way as long as he has his Faith in what this house represents. Of course his life could have been extended a lot more than what it will be.
IS-And he knows it doesn’t he?
Forces-More or less.
IS-How are my meditations?
Forces-Oh they are good (?) sometimes there are times as we said more time could be spent individually.
IS-The actual meditation as I do is that…?
Forces-We don’t find any problem in them, we find (everything) to be there.
IS-Thank you.
IS-Another question for AL. AL has an honor drawing and there’s a female entity coming up. Is there any information that could be given or any advice on how to win?
Forces-Study and just, and just be as calm as you can possibly be.
IS-Thank you and while I’m on that what is the problem with AC not being able to have a relationship?
Forces-Sometimes they do not have it until they finish school and have a profession.
IS-So she will have it in time?
Forces-Let her focus on her schooling and her love life will find itself.
IS-Can I say to her you will have a boyfriend at one time?
Forces-Oh were speaking about marriage (?) so the point is when she’s secure of her job, the marriage will fall (?) into its place.
IS-Thank you very much.
IS-For JN do we need to do the family therapy she’s asking, with the psychologist, psychiatrist, if so with whom and does she need to continue anti-depressants?
Forces-Well of course we will say no to everything, but then again you know finding a little help here and there is also needed.
IS-Family therapy…?
Forces-Well again you can get that by doing things together.
IS-What are the problems with Dick and ED?
Forces-Well we would consider them, both have the same malaise…too wrapped up in themselves they should move on, but then you would think the older one would do it more than the younger one.
IS-Did he enjoy the party or didn’t he?
Forces-Yes he did.
IS-He did…?
Forces-Until the argument with (—–) came about and had to leave.
IS-That was my fault because I left the table.
Forces-Were not looking for fault.
IS-I could have prevented it…?
Forces-(—-) if you could have been preventing it it wouldn’t have happened. Everything has a purpose in it, in this particular case.
IS-Did I do…?
Forces-You did. Question.
NN-I want to get back into singing and playing and being able to do that in front of people will I be able to do that?
Forces-Well the first steps of that can (?) accomplished, is right here in the home.
NN-Well that what I mean.
Forces-Yes of course.
NN-Do that when people come over and not feel like…
Forces-Yeah that is your first fresh ground.
NN-What fresh ground?
Forces-Uhhuh this is where you shoos, should accomplish it.
NN-Like when we have people over like last night just do it.
Forces-Oh when you, yeah you’ll like the sneakers. (Laughter)
NN-Thank you.
JU-Periodically I go through these differences, it seems like I lose my balance or go through chills or get very hot or very cold.
Forces-Menopause happens in all of us.
JU-What can I do for it?
Forces-Change of life.
JU-Live with it or is there something I could do?
Forces-Oh put a sweater on when your cold take it off when you’re (warm). (Laughter)
JU-Awhile back you talked about centering yourself in energy of blue could you explain what to do with that or..?
Forces-Well when you center yourself, this is something that is a lifelong search for you and you know blue is a color of the centering project.
JU-Is there a way to picture some force or thing around, I do some things like that…?
Forces-Just sit still and do it and picture the blue around you.
JU-Thank you is there any guidance for the job that you can give me at this time?
Forces-Again you must accomplish that quietly and peacefully and focus on a, on a lasting basis or this never really will go into different cycles until you will accomplish all that has to be done.
JU-Thank you.
DD-I know you couldn’t answer me before because of, with my meditations, but is the basic premise that I have in mind right?
DD-And did Dr. Dee have this together?
DD-Did I have any relationship with Dee?
Forces-Not that we know of.
DD-What would be a good focus on like a Chinese style of meditation. What would be a good focus, to go back to what I had before where I had a very close meditation or something new?
Forces-Just try to do it which is most important the style is irrelevant, just doing it.
DD- Thank you.
JE-What happened the other night when the planets aligned and the moon was closest to the earth in several hundred years?
Forces-It was some force of energy of the ship that’s invisible that came into alignment there, between the earth and the moon and this is a ship that is again and let us just call it a ship.
JE-Is it a good one?
Forces-Let us say no, but let us call it a ship.
Forces-At this point we will have to leave but will speak to you all later.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father…