Session 625-11/1799

Council- (Speaking very slowly) Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and have dropped in. There will be lots of ships to enter tonight, some good some destructive. In this area it will be ours and over 30,000 ships, in this 50 miles along with 700,000 ships in the next 20 miles. We have the Arc Ship at this moment over it and is hovering. We now begin the cycle of what we have been talking to you all these many years. We ask you not to be frightened or scared in all the things to come. Anchor yourselves in us and we in you, meaning this that we come tonight. We ask your heart to be not hardened any longer and your mind to be filled with this Spirit. The entity will be moving from place here to Arc Ship above constantly wearing him tremendously. Do not be afraid, there is this dimensional pull that will take tremendous amount of his energy to come with us every night. We will travel to the distant galaxy in every direction and we will return him every 3 to 4 hours. In so doing this experience is to solidify our presence in the earth. It is through him that we will be brought in. He has given us his life all these years to allow us the presence of ourselves. And now we will enter in. We will exalt that which we have come from and we will set up our Empire here where you live. You will have our Presence all around and angels that you term will materialize in form for the en-ergy will be sealed. Well in such a moment it does have a ripple effect. Then this place that once slept will now be exploding with prosperity and Spirit. You have seen the slow progress of small steps in making this energy of this moment in different areas. Be it with your museum and be it with your restaurant, be it with your soapstone. But now a big (?) energy of Brotherhood comes into play. It is our Brotherhood of our Galaxy. This is the Law and Presence of the One. The entry of His is equal to no other that has ever been on this face of your earth. Moses has seen the Burning Bush and in so this fire did burn and in that fire all was not consumed. Now we say that this Bush has come alive. We must admit that this woman’s house that was materialized with this energy was not of a fire natural, but of the Lord to awaken her conscience of us holding her. Now we will take each one and materialize in our way that they might see God and in seeing Him the Creator of All That Is we will take that presence and show the Lord is One. In so doing His time has now returned and the sky shall be filled with His Presence for tonight He reigns down and enter in to your earth. Nothing shall be the same anymore. We come from a distant galaxy the star of WHOOM in which we say DE-WHOOM-ZYST-DE- GAH-(IK)-SAY of ONE, He is the Creator of Force His Presence and Arc Ship is hovered above. In this we quietly kept our (moment) and stood our ground before your advice and heard us not a long time for we were there with this declare the Ship is now in place. And why we say we were so quiet you could not find our place for we were sending this in place and sent it too you all. If we were to reveal our hand then that which is the evil one would not allow such stand. For they would fight and declare this war that would at least last for more than 2 to 3 thousand years. We have prevented this from that episode, in which we say, and now we have this new, this life we declare it to you today. And where we come, it was from one, the Galaxy of AT-MUN and now we’re back in all its form, so let us now begin. We ask your hearts to not be closed on most a prominent day for now this energy coming your way must work through this heart. And let them do what they must do for you will stand this test. And know this truth that all is one from beginning to the end.
(Deep breathing in and out many times)
Council-We stand here before you the Council for we fill the sky up ahead and many are out feeling our presence. We must this is the moment now. We stand before you and demand that you spend your private moments; we ask that you find more time to meditate and be in tune with us. This is the individual choice. We will instrument that which has to be. Now we send a message to you. That is you must endure and persevere in spirit and in love not to stop the flow. We have shown you many trials, tribulations that have come. We will watch the many changes that China will begin to go through. It is an enormous power, but from the beginning of our talks, China will be the Brotherhood of man and the worst possible attack on China this moment, is not by bombs, not by war, not by words of dignitaries or governments, not by food, not by missiles, not by armies, not by plants or animals, but by the Spirit, for now we have instilled in China the revolution of their spiritual search, their yearning to be with their spirit. It is a flame they cannot put out it will spread like wildfire, it will topple their government and bring a new democracy into their country.
Council-We are now ready for your questions
IS-Thank you so much for coming in and why was the reason for such a long absence. Were we at fault, could we have done something different?
Council-As we said we had to be silent to bring the Arc Ship here. You had nothing to do with it.
Council-When you say the Arc Ship is that part of the Ark or the Ark is part of that?
Council-Same as one, it is now part of this house.
Council-It hovers 300 ft. above the house and extends to exactly 20,000 ft. higher.
IS-The beam of light that I saw from the ship what was that and what was the purpose or what was that.
Council-It is a blue light.
IS-I saw it as a big white beam last winter.
Council-It was their opening of sending down a message of peace.
IS-Was I supposed to do something, didn’t know what to do about it?
Council-It was doing about you.
IS-Did I leave then too early?
Council-No one ever leaves to early, they leave when it is enough.
IS-Thank you. You said for him for he will come are you speaking about the entity named Jesus Christ?
Council-We are speaking about that which is higher than Him, the Voice that spoke to him from above.
IS-Could we know who that is?
Council-The Eternal One.
IS-When you say this ship is over the house, now the changes in the earth is that what your speaking of, that are coming in?
IS-There are so many places that, it’s either you or somebody is speaking to these people about all kinds of comings goings and I always think that we are so small I can’t imagine that you’ll come and all of a sudden people here in the house will become a spokes person for something or other. I’m thing you’d probably go to the government or you would probably go to this government, things like that.
Council-The government comes to you.
IS-That’s true, you’re speaking of all the politicians.
Council-We’re speaking about the government.
IS-More than the Dinner Party?
Council-We are speaking about that government that which is the energy that runs this earth comes to you tonight.
IS-You’re talking about you correct the Higher Forces?
Council-The One yes.
IS-Thank you ah Do I need more communion, more meditation?
Council-All here does.
IS-Thank you. For the entity, you said he’s going to be exhausted from all of this is there anything I can do, is there anything that can be done to minimize it or…what can be done for the entity?
Council-He’s not of yours, he’s ours.
JU-In looking at the lives of a couple of U.S. presidents in relation to the New World Order. What was F.D.R.’s relationship to them?
Council-He was the implementation of the process of creating and implementing the concepts of establishing the basis through unions, the World Order.
JU-Then going to both Johnson, refusing to take the second term and Eisenhower his Farewell address talking about the Military Industrial Complex. Was that warning about the New World Order or were they part of it?
Council-They were part and at the same time giving the answer.
JU-Giving a warning?
Council-Giving the answer.
JU-In the various Names of God in one discussion it was explained part of the reason for the Nazis moving against the Jews had to do with whatever deity was related to them as opposed to Jehovah or something similar that represented the Jewish Race or the Jewish race was aligned with. Does that mean that there’s a different type of constituency for each.
Council-It reminds us of this joke that was printed in the computer lands. How vulnerable the Jewish people are but how pure they are, for in their simpleness they have all power and might. The Pope had said that all Jews should leave Rome and the Jews did not want to leave their home. So the Pope had said bring me among you a Rabbi or Teacher and I will ask questions to him, if he passes these questions he stays, if he fails then you will leave and they agreed. And so they looked for many months for a representation of the Jewish people. And this old man Rabbi Moshe Ben Guria and was chosen among the community for his wisdom and compassion. And the day the questions surrounded by the population in the market square and his people, the Pope and the Rabbi. And the Pope sat and the Rabbi sat facing one another, and the Pope held out three hands (? fingers) and immediately the Rabbi put one finger up and pointed it to heaven and the Pope said ok. Then he waived his hand around the Pope, and the Rabbi put his hand directly down on the spot and (the) Pope was amazed. And the third question was, Pope took the Bread and the Wine and the Rabbi then reached in and took an apple and the Pope said fine the Jewish people stay for he has answered all the questions right and above all with wisdom. So what were the Three fingers pointing up any of you?
IS-The Trinity.
Council-Yes the Trinity.
IS-And the Rabbi answered there is only One God.
Council-Yes One God.
Council-And then what was the circle, the round and round the Pope did.
IS-The whole world. That the message is going to go over the whole world or that the whole world belongs to something or…and the Rabbi said the world belongs to the lower, I’m not sure.
Council-What is correct the whole world is filled with the presence of God and the bread and wine.
DD- Garden of Eden apple and fall and redemption.
JU-Or the Communion bears fruit.
Council-Yes totally right and what was the Rabbi saying with his hand pointed up.
IS-That God is all.
Council-And what was the Rabbi saying when he pointed down.
IS-That ah…
Council-Anyone else free opportunity here.
ES-God is everywhere.
Council-And what was the apple he took out.
IS-Shall I say?
Council-So the people took the Rabbi aside, the Jewish people Rabbi what did you say, why and how did you know how to answer him. And the Rabbi said well its quiet simple (right) quiet simple, when he raised the 3 fingers he was telling me that we had 3 days to get out of Rome and I said up yours. (Laughter) When he was waving his hand, he said we will be moved from this area and scattered everywhere and I said to him we will not move from this spot. (Laughter) And of course your third well that was quiet self explanatory he pulled out his lunch, I pulled out mine. (Laughter) So as we were saying keep it simple, don’t read into things to make mountains that are really just mole hills. Don’t give people too much credit they don’t deserve it, don’t blow up things that are really a piece of sand. Remember we do it too ourselves no one does it too us whatever happens remember you did it, no one has done anything it’s how you interpret things, it’s in your head not anybody else’s. This then is the Jewish plight they look very intelligent but in all reality they’ve kept it simple, they don’t know what all the fuss is about and it boggles their mind to realize that the world just doesn’t get it. They haven’t complicated their lives or made themselves superior; they just did what was natural for them and everyone else around them was amazed and aghast, keep it simple people, don’t read into things as your computers will tell you, keep it simple.
IS-Thank you.
ES-Thank you again for helping my mother. Would magnesium be a supplement that would be good for IS?
Forces-It would help.
ES-With the planes that were down by Montauk was that the primary objective or what were they doing at Montauk that was a secondary action?
Forces-Of course they will try to make this a suicide, it’s very believable they say a prayer in Arabic and everyone says the Arabs are trying to kill themselves, if we say Our Father in the Airplane what would we be doing. So it is a war of Extraterrestrials there and it’s a field that unfortunately these jets get in the way and some are targets to begin with.
ES-Thank you.
JW-I have a question from Bartholomew may I ask please?
JW-He would like to know if the recording for his cd is that to be done in Samuels Studio or would there be a better place.
Forces-He can start there but we feel he will not be content; he will have to go to two other places.
JW-He listed Rick Jensen’s or a large professional studio like Manhattan Beach Music, would that be correct?
Forces-He will find this to be so.
JW-Thank you very much and if I could ask for any guidance to bring me in to the New Millennium I’d appreciate that?
Forces-Keep it simple, don’t read into things and don’t take the whole world on your shoulders.
JW-Thank you.
NN-Why is Turkey been hit so hard, why does it keep doing that?
Forces-Because of the great conflict of exterrestrials that are landing there.
NN-So that’s a pretty heavily (?)?
Forces-It’s a pretty heavy entering base area, always have, has been, always.
NN-Thank you.
DD-The thing that I saw in Egypt the cloth around the Egyptians, that’s in a triangle form and has rays coming out of it. We saw it in the museum. Is that a trigonometry function?
DD-How does it work?
Forces-It is the apron or the apricot of movement or sound with the ships.
DD-Is that the same thing they were talking about in the Bible, David and the Ephod?
DD-The Urim points down and it points up?
DD-Do they cross each other?
DD-The Fourier Transformations that the right way to..?
DD-That’s what we call it now, the Math?
DD-The simple way not the new Wavelet?
DD-And the Ogam just hold a mirror up to the…?
DD-Thank you very much.
JE-Thank you for all the test I went through and everything came out fine, thank you very much for that.
Forces-You kept us busy.
JE-The Emerald that I have can you tell me where it came from and why do I have it and what’s its use?
Forces-Believe it or not it is from South America, it’s really from one of the ships that had landed there and (it) got transformed into that stone ah thousands and thousands of years ago the civilization was one with the gods and these are directly akin to what we are doing this time and in their ships landing they materialized in this essence, in this particular stone we have the essence of one of these past creators. But be careful never wear the stone when in a bad mood. So what we’re trying to say the stone represents the will and also a ship from bygone civilizations crystallized in essence of love. This was the civilization that this dynasty had come down into these people. Why do you wear it, to remind you of that very simple fact, God is Love.
JE-How is the best way to use it?
Forces-You must tell us that.
JE-Positive attitude all the time.
Forces-See none of you have any need of us. (Laughter)
JE-The Ship that’s above our house is 300ft up and it goes to 22,000 ft, that’s pretty big. How does it affect movement around here?
Forces-It is now changing the energy field in this whole area. You will find Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds on your land constantly.
Forces-On your land. It is the results of the energy field.
JE-How does the movement affect each of us here?
Forces-You will be able to see the angelic world and the etheric world much easier. People who come on the land will never be the same and of course it will change all governments. This is a candle that will become a flame.
JE-Thank you very much.
IS-When you say governments and you speak of the spiritual governments, you are talking about the Higher Forces is that correct?
IS-How will it affect us you said we’ll find jewels?
Forces-And also jewels of wisdom.
IS-What kind of jewels are we going to find wisdom or physical?
Forces-You’ll just have to find out.
IS-And when you say our land you’re talking about across or here?
Forces-It’s our land too.
IS-The whole world is your land.
Forces-Sounds like the song.
IS-With my teeth, a fake tooth or root canal?
Forces-Many choices but again it is best to do what you should do the what you call a, ah imitation tooth or the fake tooth but the root canal would cause more and more always constant trouble.
IS-On the left side?
IS-So remove the tooth and put in the imitation?
Forces-That will solve for the moment.
IS-And on the right side?
Forces-Well what is done there.
IS-I don’t know I should have left Dr.K a long time ago.
Forces-Well you were comfortable with him.
IS-I thought he knew what he was doing.
Forces- Oh he did but you can only do so much. We will direct you to do what you have to do with that.
IS-Appreciate it thank you
IS-Are these the right dentist?
Forces-We find them to be alright.
IS-Is it ok for me to have root canals?
Forces-We find no problem.
IS-Thank you. Dr. S. is what he’s giving me, is that a helpful thing for me the treatments?
Forces-It’s helping.
IS-Stay with him?
Forces-It is helping we find this.
Forces-Ah it is affecting your etheric level, so it is ok.
IS-Will it affect my physical?
Forces-Oh from the (?) to the body sure.
IS-I should continue then.
Forces-It, it is affecting you in a good way.
IS-Could I get that anywhere else?
Forces-Well you find that in meditation but this is a different aspect of it.
IS-The new client is the one you talked about?
IS-Shes legitimate?
Forces-We find her such.
IS-Could you help me to help her?
IS-She will see?
IS-Thank you. Why did my boss give her to me?
Forces-(?) she knew you could help her.
Forces-Sometimes they do the best they can by giving the most powerful psychic to those most important persons, so it will affect the lines in a better way. Shes offering her best to this woman. You are their best.
IS-Thank you. Better than herself?
Forces-She won’t tell you that.
IS-I thought why is she using me?
Forces-We just told you why.
IS-Thank you and how is my health doing in general?
Forces-As your Doctor, you can’t be any better.
IS-And the shortness of breath is that from the drops?
Forces-Different things that goes on but that’s moving in time.
IS-Am I getting the right meds for the entity Tom?
IS-For the Christmas Party (——) spend 8 to 10 thousand dollars for the Christmas Party.
Forces-You will be guided.
IS-Something but…?
Forces-You’ll be guided to do what you have to do.
IS-Should L.F. run for Governor this time?
Forces-The entity has already spoken, you need to listen to him a little bit more.
IS-So it’s a yes?
Forces-We have to say that this state is going through tremendous flux and tremendous gravitational pull. But if he really wants to win, the strategy we have.
IS-Should he come here then?
Forces-Oh no, no, sometimes we don’t want to see his face.
(Tape stops)
Forces-necessary that he comes here, for he comes here through others and through his petition, what we are saying is the strategy is with children education. They are the golden source of wealth for this country. Devise a plan to give education in the best way and improve schools tremendously, but give a tremendous force to the individual child, a child who has nothing, the indigent, the undernourished, poverty and the child who has everything, but bring it also down to the middle one. It is the middle sector that he should focus on, not the ones who don’t have and not the ones that do, but to the middle sector, he will win big if this is done.
IS-Thank you. The Democratic Party has gone down.
Forces-We will intervene and change all that.
IS-Will that come through some major…?
Forces-Miracle yes.
IS-Is your coming in today part of the change of bring in a new vision unto the land everywhere?
Forces-Well we couldn’t say it any better.
IS-Will M.W. give up…?
Forces-He has progressed in postponing it from August till September till October to November to December so something’s going on there.
IS-Could you tell us what?
Forces-It’s not really to his credit that he keeps postponing it. He has two personalities who are trying to affect this that he sees that it would be not beneficial for him. But he’s going back and forth; half of me wants to be good the other half wants to be bad. So it is this war that he’s going through. We will work with it.
IS-So L.F. should declare himself running?
Forces-We’ll the point is he’s watching so even though this hasn’t been said we will wait a few moments, in time.
IS-I’ll tell them to wait.
Forces-In their own desire, they would like to declare, but we have to do one more thing.
IS-It will be seen?
Forces-Oh yes we hope you will see it.
IS-Something obvious?
Forces-We can’t elaborate on that.
IS-Session where you said you were going to save Clinton when he was down and you did and SUP and L. F. are waiting for that.
Forces-We will give him our blessing.
IS-When it time..?
Forces-We just did!
Forces-We give him our gift and blessing and power for his tongue and we will (walk) work through him.
IS-To wait before announcing…?
Forces-He will be guided on that internally.
IS-Thank you. I used to have precognitive dreams including ones with politicians here etc. Why haven’t I been able to…?
Forces-Because the dreams have to be fulfilled first and this particular dream that you just said is about ready to be fulfilled.
IS-Not yet…?
Forces-Oh a little bit, but now it’s about ready to be fulfilled in a (?) way.
IS-Thank you.
Forces-Now we do have to say we will hold off on that. Sometimes we have to keep secrets too.
IS-From me everybody keeps secrets.
Forces-We’ll then their just as responsible.
IS-The blockage that I have where you say just pray and go with it? I’m still not getting names…?
Forces-We will give that too you.
Forces-We will inspire you with the answers.
IS-Thank you.
JU-Lyndon LaRouche that seems to come out with a lot of information dealing with the New World Order and some other things. Where does he get his information from?
Forces-Well there are the underground newspapers and some factual things that really do happen.
JU-He doesn’t get it from a higher source, but mostly from earthly stuff?
Forces-He might have some help like that too.
JU-What are the detrimental effects of smoking Marijuana?
Forces-It slows there brain cells down, destroys them, makes them less ah capable of functioning.
JU-Does it interfere with their ability to…?
Forces-It puts their etheric level into the second dimension, we mentioned that before.
Forces-Thank you.
JU-Thank you.
Forces-I knew we would…
IS-With the LaRouche people that JU is talking about, what is the source of their higher help?
Forces-Well they do depend upon some psychics themselves.
IS-Good psychics?
Forces-Well you could call them and find out, huh, huh… but not the best, they really aren’t.
IS-Thank you.
ES-At the dinner table with Tom when he was doing the readings, he mentioned that I was probably going to have to write a 3 or 4 page something for work, could you help me understand that?
Forces-More or less like a policy for care plans, but it’s also to help the nurses who are just going into the field of how to do their job in your particular unit.
ES-So it’s a real basic sort of how too?
Forces-Very basic, keeping in mind all the touches and avenues you have to do.
ES-Thank you.
JW-When I heard you tell me to get myself ready to go into the ships, can you tell me what that means?
Forces-Well the ability to be receptive to the voice and the ability to be creative in the earth. The ships are that vehicle to receive information and to materialize it in a creative pattern.
JW-When I start to see the pictures flash during the day, is it ok to just excuse myself and go into a short meditation to see what that is?
Forces-You could, but not to focus too much into that.
JW-Thank you.
NN-Quiet a while back you gave me for my meditations to picture the Name of God in front of a Burning Bush. Should I continue that, is that a good thing?
Forces-Couldn’t been any better.
NN-Could you give me some inspiration?
Forces-Yeah if you don’t put one foot in front of the other, you will not move.
NN-Thank you.
DD-On the Tarot deck there’s the 8 suite deck and there’s a 9 suite deck I can make. The 9 suite is much more powerful and simpler, do I have to still do the 8 suite because it is necessary to do or can I just skip it, it may be a lazy question?
Forces-No you could do the 9 suite.
DD-And forget about the 8?
Forces-Well each one has its place.
DD-Does it mean that I have to do both?
Forces-Maybe we said that.
DD-Thank you.
JE-Corrective eye laser surgery is that good, is it safe?
Forces-Well you could do that if that’s for you, but down the road there comes a point where it might not be ah working, but there is that 1 percent or 2 percent that it doesn’t take the right way. Generally the way they do it now a lot of them are very satisfied with it and they say it’s very simple so aum this again will be up to the individual to do.
JE-Will it work with me.
Forces-Anything can work with you we work with you.
JE-Thank you.
Forces-At this moment we will be leaving.
Group-Our Father