Session 624-8/18/99

Forces-Greetings…we find that there are many kinds of eruptions and planes of your space of the earth. Those things that are to come are things that will change the dynamics of the earth. We have mentioned before the changes at every corner and now we find that the earth itself is in such disarray, we find the elements of existence and power is of such a nature that there are inclinations of beings in its very vicinity of approach. In so witnessing there then are distractions and malfunctions of the order to which we see. We know that the, long as we spot these changes they would not occur so quickly. But because of the anxiousness and the general benign-ness of approaches that we could and will not hide the approach now, particular field. We know that with these changes that are to come, it would be a singular event only to manifest in a larger experience as (?). Ok now we see that in so doing there is a benign approach of understanding of the accomplishments of the telltale signs. All that is being said, not that the type of sandwiches but that it will be felt by the (? lights). We know that there are many changes about ready to happen and about many, maybe even at this very moment. A point of reference to directions, but as we said these days to come are (stocked) with eruptions and negative concepts in its own peripheral around. And these eruptions the weakest points are your volcanoes and in so doing the most important area can be averted only by safely handling those who are aspiring to do. Now it’s time at the next speaking wise you are termed and now the Israelis to go. In such a field of yonder way that goes this and that per say, we know that the moment of understanding (? B, Bee) is just 15 feet away from you and me.
IS-Thank you for coming in. Since the air conditioner is off is there anything we can do to make it comfortable for the entity.
Forces-Yes turn it back on.
IS-But we can’t here.
Forces-It was a joke.
Forces-A joke.
IS- You’re talking about the earth changes and the earthquakes that are happening everywhere. Is this the beginning?
Forces-Yes but it is the beginning of greater earthquakes, more and more and greater and greater to come.
IS-Now there more clustered there’s more of them together and everyone sees the weird weather and understands?
IS-Can this be stopped?
Forces-In particular the stopping can be changed, but on a general whole the changes are not to be stopped.
IS-Thank you. Is Dr S someone I should go back to him?
Forces-We find improvements in certain elements yes.
IS-How many drops should I do?
Forces-Slowly at first it cannot help you overnight.
Forces-Just don’t over dose on it.
ISI was up to 3 drops…?
Forces-Needs to drop yes.
IS-Would he be good for the entity?
Forces-We would (——–) we’re not answering that at the moment.
Forces-Thank you so much.
JU-Because of the things that are happening in the world, the evil forces and other things that are taking place, in addition to meditation what can people do when they ask and try to see what else they can do to get through this period.
Forces-This is a strong period of darkness, prayers, Rosaries, candle lighting, moments of chanting psalms, hearing and of course Frankincense burning, but all these put together could get anyone (?).
JU-Any incense in particular would be stronger than others?
Forces-Frankincense is still the best.
JU-Thank you my sister what can she do for the tumor that she has?
Forces-Oh again we would say the tumor can always be shrunk by eliminating food subsidies to the body. Of course she would find the idea, we have something that could be, it is done, it is accomplished, it is gone, it is done, it is accomplished, it is gone, it is done, accomplished, gone, it is done, accomplished, gone, it is done, accomplished, gone she keeps repeating that with someone over her, then it will be accomplished and then gone.
JU-Thank you and thank you for the little box.
Forces-(—–) me to thank it’s the entity, he’s still, still wise you know.
ES-Thank you for helping my mother through her little episode.
Forces-Again it was removed by the entity not by anything greater than what he has asked us to do. Otherwise she would be dead.
ES-Thank you.
ES-Would the hydrogen peroxide intravenous be something worthwhile for either Tom or Isis?
Forces-Oh again this procedure could be done but (——) it is also affected by (——).
ES-So just doing 3 percent hydrogen peroxide bath?
Forces-Even the rubdown of such is just as effective. Of course the IV solution diluted, it is known to be effective too.
ES-Is there a good oral solution for that?
Forces-(—–) doing oral solution, of course the 3 percent is the normal (?).
ES-So taking some every day would be helpful?
Forces-Washing and bathing is, is sufficient.
ES-Thank you very much.
NN-Is calcium citrate the right form of calcium to be taking?
Forces-We have to say no, the citrate is what we won’t have. Calcium is best to be taken in carrots and best to be taken believe it or not, what would be considered in juice form, even though it is absorbed quickly we would find that you would find the carrots to be effective, but also you would see calcium, a large percentage on currants and raisins.
NN-Thank you.
JW-Thank you can we understand at this point what’s happening with the Montauk area?
Forces-It is controlled by the extraterrestrial (? fleet).
JW-So we lost control of everything their doing what they want to do.
Forces-Nobody has control it’s an intergalactical space (area).
JW-And that’s why it’s so guarded to keep people off so they won’t find it.
Forces-More or less.
JW-Thank you.
BAR- Could I ask which stones you would recommend for my necklace and also my ring?
Forces-Again the ruby is effective for the new comers on the block and of course the graduates to sapphire.
BAR- Thank you.
Forces-And occasionally throw in when their bored. (Laughter)
Forces-We have know that there are a change of stones coming up and those who would want it stone changes, we would see even though you have blue sapphire or ruby. Those who are in this particular group and do adhere to the recognition of the Higher Forces for the year 2000 everyone can wear emeralds.
IS-Thank you.
DD-The 3 revolving bodies like I understand is that correct, E=MC squared and all that goes along together?
DD-In the Bible Code where would I find Toms name, under what name?
Forces-The name is considered one of the directors, Moshe Ah Alibone, Moshe Ali Alibone.
IS-Moshe Allupin, Allubli?
DD-And am I understanding correctly that the Urim is a way of calculating the codes even though people say you can’t calculate it without a computer. With the triangle you can calculate the code in the same way. Could you help me understand how to do it?
Forces-The mirror reflection is the perfect way.
DD-Mirror reflection?
DD-Can anything else be given on that?
Forces-Holding it between that reflection can give you the answer.
DD-Is Amapi a good thing to get?
Forces-It’s a little sappy.
Forces-It’s a little sappy.
DD-Not good?
DD-Does that mean no?
Forces-Sappy (—–).
DD-That means a no?
Forces-No sappy Scientific Appreciation of what we would be considered the Network Velocity.
DD-So it’s very good.
Forces-Well it’s still sappy.
DD-Thank you very much.
BAR-Thank you, I want for all the guidance and help that’s come my way over the last couple months since I made a job transition. I just want to understand about the stones that both the necklace and the ring should be of the same the ruby?
Forces-Again up to the year 2000 after that emeralds.
BAR-Thank you.
Forces-No one needs to do sapphires, no one needs to do rubies, no one needs to do diamonds, now it is finished, it is emeralds for all.
IS-Thank you.
LS-Thank you (——————) question for myself if that’s of.
LS-Can you let me know what’s imperative to this world, peace of mind (–) forward (–)?
Forces-Always have ice cream on hand.
LS-Any particular flavor?
Forces-Marsh mellow chocolate. What we would say that is increasing (?) surround you by Gregorian Chants, candles and occasionally what would be considered Beethoven’s 5th (?).
LS-Thank you I can do that with great joy.
LS-And for me I’m constantly looking and trying to remain open to the right venues and the right business for me to be in, using my voice. And over the past few months I haven’t done a lot towards that I feel in some way I’ve been resting that anytime I try to make a lot of forward movement it sort of stops so I didn’t push and actually I’ve been quiet patient with that, I just wonder if you could tell me if there is anything coming up I should be watching for, paying particular attention too with regards to my work and what I should be doing with my (?) also in particular this composer, writer, poet Leonard Cohen that I’ve been so drawn too of late?
Forces-It is something to be said th, that when one does not want to do something that’s when you should do it. And in so saying this, it’s the initial force of the dark side that strives to stop anyone from doing and breaking through, they put into the mind that, that you can’t do it, or don’t want to do it. In so doing they stop you. That’s your (?) telltale sign or the challenge (—) that’s it. When you see it you know that you has to move forward, when you see that, that is the gate that you must be going through because that’s the gate they don’t want you to go through.
LS-Thank you.
JE-Can you tell me about tattoos you see them absolutely everywhere? I know it’s bad?
Forces-Unfortunately it is but we would also say it’s a security blanket to put an image on the reflection, but it comes from another time in which in the Pre-Atlantis time people had attachments or accouterments all around, these are just Atlanteans coming to be manifested from that time.
JE-Thank you.
IS-Isn’t it also at the time of Abraham and Jacob that the Ishmaelites were the ones that carried the rings in their noses and in their ears and the time of Isaiah, Solomon they all talk about the earrings in their noses should be removed.
Forces-It’s still the same type of ah, a, a, a experience of entities.
IS-Those were the same entities coming from Atlantis too another incarnation.
IS-Thank you.
JE-So its decoration basically?
Forces-It is a (a—-) attunements of a, ah, attachments of to that vibration in that period of Atlantis that kept them down into the earth.
IS-Is there also a similarity in that and the fact that people that were slaves, if they chose not to leave their slavery after 7 years in the Jewish homes then they would be put against the lintel of the door and a ring or something would be put through them signifying for them to be slaves forever.
Forces-Again this has merit in its own right but we do not apply it in this particular case, that there was this heritage at that moment, which is true. It all reflects just the Atlantean or free Atlantean souls that have that attachment to that (moment).
IS-Thank you.
IS-Was the name that you gave Moshe LuBloom or LuBloond. Have I spelled it right here in Hebrew I wrote?
Forces-The second.
IS-LuBlunde, can you see if I spelled it right?
Forces-You did.
IS-Ok. Was then the entity Moshe LuBlunde?
IS-He was a great scholar.
IS-And he was called The Genius.
IS-When it’s taking in the Bible about two thirds of the population dying in Revelation Gog, Magog, are they here now, is the scene being set for that?
Forces-Let us say it is being set.
IS-Who would be Gog and Magog.
Forces-China, India, Syria.
IS-How will they connect with Syria?
Forces-(? Israel).
IS-When they talk about two thirds of the people dying are we talking about Israel or the whole world?
Forces-Well let’s leave it at Israel for the moment.
IS-When they talk about the rapture, that’s not real correct?
Forces-Well it is as far as the experience of understanding and illumination of the body.
IS-But it’s not going to be somebody snatched away at a certain point?
Forces-Well let us put it this way, illumination and the understanding of who we are and knowing where your going is rapture. That is something internally changes you in which you no longer uses your logical thought, but your Spiritual Heart, that’s rapture. What we are trying to say is that your logical mind analyses everything and puts it in a box, calculates everything and formulates an opinion, that’s not rapture. Rapture is when you go from your Heart; speak from your Heart regardless of what your logical mind says, so you can transform not only yourself, but all those that you meet around you, that’s Rapture, you bring them into Rapture.
IS-Did I give rapture to M D tonight?
Forces-I don’t know, that’s not what we’re talking about tonight (———).
IS-Why did I have to go through the Gershon you could say poof?
Forces-We did say poof. It’s just that you had to go through Gershon so it would stay poof.
IS-Thank you.
Forces-Some people poof is not enough.
JU-Where is the, if there is one specific spot in the earth, the headquarters and the focal point of the New World Order, what Country what area did it come out of?
Forces-Brussels, Luxemburg, Switzerland.
JU-It’s not the British Royal Family or the Italian Princes that the Libertarians think it is right?
Forces-London, Buckingham Palace.
JU-So the Royal Family does have power?
JU-Why over the past 10 to 15 years…
Forces-You see as we speak Power of the Higher Forces, as you call us are superior and supersedes the World Orders. (Laughter) And we are the Eternal Order of the X Factor, and that is who we are. It supersedes and have always been a Thorn in the World Orders side. We hide they seek.
IS-Do they know about you?
Forces-Yes, they’ve tried so many years to get us and find us, were illusive, we take the common person and use that person.
IS-Oh so they’re trying to create a psychic wing, so they’re going through it with probably, machinery and every which way to try and create a psychic link, is that it?
Forces-Hum something like that.
JU-Over the past 10 to 15 years especially, there’s always been tribalism in the world. Europe has always been tribal even though it pretends to be modern. The whole world is going back to ethnic tribalism. Countries are dividing by who they came from, who their ancestors were; everything from Yugoslavia to all of Eastern Europe is ready to destroy the rest of Eastern Europe. What is causing that, why is there a tremendous drive to go back to the tribal form, is that being manipulated?
JU-By the New World Order?
JU-When a person is confronted or is in a situation where they might be threatened or some sort of situation with the New World Order is there steps or…?
Forces-Elimination (——————-) explosions, bullets.
JU-How does one get protected from this assault?
Forces-X Factor.
JU-Thank you
ES-Is the book by DD Icke on queue?
Forces-It is some points that are ok, other points that need to be ironed out, but generally I think, we’re on queue.
ES-You are.
ES-Should I change the order or the number of psalms that I do in the morning, the ones that I exchange every other month?
Forces-You could double them.
ES-Which ones would that be?
Forces-The evens, to double evens, the odds to double odds.
ES-So do the same ones that I’m doing but…?
Forces-To go (——) next one and the other times two. So you do 22 then its 44, you do 10 then its 20, if you do 2 its 4, if you do 4 its 8, if you do 14 (—–) 28.
ES-Thank you very much.
NN-When a soul commits murder on the earth and they get prosecuted and then they get the death sentence and if they get executed, how is their karma as opposed to someone who didn’t get caught is all this taken into account on the other side?
Forces-Yeah because they are sent back again to die again immediately, like a child.
NN-If they didn’t get executed or caught.
Forces-Yes or (——) something like that, but immediately they’re taken out.
NN-Thank you.
IS-The ones that got caught are taken out or the ones that didn’t get caught.
Forces-The first ones that got caught are taken out, (—-) are taken out.
NN-The ones that do some kind of payment here, doesn’t it lessen itself or does it just depend on what they understand…?
Forces-Payment is payment is always payment; no one gets away from payment. We extract payment on all types and all levels, payment is payment.
NN-Thank you.
JW-Nostradamus references the New City in his prophecies, the bombing could we clarify to our understanding the New City, perhaps New York or Chicago or something else?
Forces-It is New York.
IS-How come so many of Nostradamus’s prophecies have not come true?
Forces-X Factor.
IS-So it’s the story of Jonah?
Forces-The entity is changing the whole world, changing this place to be the most popular place of Spiritual Work. It is the New Jerusalem of the century and this is the house in which it will come from, whether people will like it or not, we don’t care.
IS-Thank you.
BAR- Is there something the group, the four of us in New York should be doing in particular?
Forces-Meditate more, enjoy it.
BAR-And is there a time that we shouldn’t be in New York because of something bad happening in the city?
Forces-You will all get your walking papers in time.
DD-Could you give me the 3 letters that you gave me before; I seem to have lost them, the Hebrew letters?
Forces-Aleph, Tenz and S.
DD-Thank you. Could you tell me if the Ogam has anything to do with the calculating the code?
Forces-Yes, it locks into place and anchors it in; the anchor is of a L degree, twisted to the right, forms a T, sets in place, locked in time, Time Travel.
DD-Thank you very much.
BAR-Thank you I was wondering if there was more that I needed to do during my morning meditation.
Forces-We can just say, just doing it is more important. Sometimes writing down the responses you see is equally important.
BAR-May I ask you about BL job prospect of (——–)?
Forces-Well it can.
BAR-Thank you. What is BL job prospect?
Forces-It is his job prospect in the public theater to apply for a job in the public theater prospect. Now, your saying will he get the job.
BAR-Yes that’s what I’m saying, that’s what I’m asking?
Forces-A job was slated for him and can still be for him, but there must be changes within, it’s some internal changes he must look at first before he gets the job.
BAR-Does it change (———) he needs to do himself?
Forces-Well not me of course.
BAR-What kind of changes and are there changes that I can help him with?
Forces- Well this is something in which the individual themselves must search and come up with the answers, you could assist by being there patiently, reading but this is an individual development, answers come from within, remember all the time, you never find it outside of yourself.
BAR-Thank you.
LS-General help…?
Forces-Would ask you to find yourself a Bonsai tree, tiny things seem to create such talented scores with you. So surround yourself with tiny things, this will extract from you the musical scores that you need to see.
LS-Thank you.
JE-What happened to Kennedy?
Forces-Well poor Joseph Kennedy, he just gave up the spirit and died, some didn’t like him, they thought he was bad. But in all reality he died maybe an old man, but in all reality he made lots of money the wrong way, but then he had good servants to work hard and were loyal to him, regardless, but (?he’s) still buried.
JE-John Kennedy Jr.
Forces-Oh! Well the Kennedys are Kennedys or Canadies, Canadies followed the same line. He was removed, take out by an explosion of his ship, he was killed.
JE-They had him killed?
Forces-No, no, no they didn’t have him killed, he was killed.
JE-Was it an accident?
Forces-No it was premeditated.
JE-Why were they after him?
Forces-To stop the gene line or the blood line of his heritage. See what we have to say to you is they all come back and then the only way to stop it is to kill them. But then the X Factor always chimes in and changes all.
JU-Whoever’s removing his gene line has to remove a number of other Kennedys as well at this point?
Forces-Yes. Ah through cancer er, or through Pope Magic, yes or through skiing down the cliffs and hitting the tree orrr, so all, of this is going to be (noted too).
JU-Why did they rapidly have the funeral on the ship and bury them at sea?
Forces-Well let us say that there is a gene spread to move it fast and spread it out so it would be recycled.
JE-Who’s doing all this?
Forces-The World Order as we call them.
BAR-Why the Kennedys specifically?
Forces-Genes, genes their bloodline, their ability to cause tremendous havoc with their rebellious spirit and strength.
LS-Would John Kennedy Jr. have run for President?
IS-The food storage that we did is this good enough?
IS-Thank you. Will M.W. run for Governor?
Forces-Well there’s a plan, but then he’s hesitating and wants to stop.
IS-And is it known at this point what will happen?
Forces-No, could be some several knocks on his door to tell him it wouldn’t be wise.
IS-So it’s not know what he’s going to do is it?
Forces-That might be true to interpret yes.
IS-So we don’t know what’s going to happen with L. F. yet?
Forces-We don’t know yes, right.
IS-Thank you.
IS-Why is BN coming back here?
Forces-The inability not to make it and be able to not make it and coming to a small area, that he reminded of himself, of the connection and of that feeling of that connection, that he could not find anywhere else of the connection, that came from while he was unconnected. So now he’s striving to connect himself and in so doing the area is where he thinks he’ll be getting that feeling of connection. But again it won’t be there.
IS-It won’t be there?
IS-How will he do here?
Forces-He will still try to be connected.
IS-Will he be successful?
Forces-They’ll be some conflicts (——).
IS-Thank you.
DD-The (?) that I worked on today is that, that ah (?), that (?)..?
Forces-That will help you.
DD-Is there anything else going on (—–) still feels like something?
Forces-It’s just the irritation that will take a while to drain and to remove itself but castor oil packs will help speed it up.
DD-Thank you.
IS-In that case ah can something be done to help my teeth?
Forces-Again castor oil packs around the gum level, outside would help you, but again sometimes teeth have a habit of just falling apart when you don’t want them to. (Laughter)
IS-Can they do anything to help to fix it?
Forces-Yeah (—) constructive ways of doing it.
IS-Are they doing them?
Forces-Well again each one is different.
IS-Is Dr. King…?
Forces-He is doing the best that he can.
IS-Thank you.
ES-An experience with one of my patients parents the last day I was at work. When she was talking to me at the end of my shift I really felt like she was just purposefully sucking energy when I least expected that she would and she looked reptilian. Did I see her for who she was?
Forces-Well that’s what you would consider a reflection of the force that was trying to get in around you. So the woman was just the plated mirror of reflection that you saw, so it is true.
ES-Is SUP on BN’s side?
Forces-Yes. But it’s not a side she claims, just she has interest.
IS-Right because he’s going to bring back the Democrat thing into the clinic, is that it?
Forces-Ahhhh the interest, interest, always interest, but we have interest too. But were, we have interests too.
JU-Is L. F. aware of the New World Order?
Forces-Anyone involved with the committees, immediately knows about them.
JU-What is his connection or orientation with them?
Forces-Compromises, implementate, implementations and yes acquiring the media to move.
JU-Does he serve them in any way or just works with them?
Forces-I mean he is trying always to do that which is best not knowing in the naiveté of what the seriousness of it all is.
ISIs that why he quit Congress?
Forces-Well there was an aspect of that too yes.
IS-And he quit also that big, big committee, ways and means?
Forces-At this point we will be leaving.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father.