Session 621-10/10/98

Forces: It completes the Zero at 2012, this is exactly what the earth attraveled through space and time will come upon. Now it is up to the individual to change their attitude and their perception of how they perceive things. It is not that what has happened to us. Everything has happened to us. If you really look around this room what has happened to you. What has been done to you? Let’s take a moment in this lesson and we ask to go around the room and bring out one thing that has happened to you. Be it with one word or two pronounce what has happened to you. And watch what’s been and what is being said.
IS:I survived cancer…
DD: Prayer answered.
Forces: Jehu.
JU: Seeing miracles and things manifest from other levels totally change things around.
Forces: Four.
ES: Able to touch other people…
Forces: Five.
Q: A little more patience…
Forces: Six.
Q: (?).
Forces: Seven.
Q: To make everyday special.
Forces: Eight.
Q: (?).
Forces: Nine.
IS:I have, seen and felt the greatest power possible. I have met many great men and woman and they have been powerful on a worldly level like politician and or thinking themselves to be powerful or are powerful in other people’s eyes. And the amount of power decision, choices that they supposedly have. People with money lots and lots, millions and millions of dollars and I have seen it all to be a small, small power compared to one moment when you come in. When we say things when we do things. The fact that I can look at something and say this is not the end. Hope and real, it’s not hope unrealized. Its hope realized that I have experienced. I believe because I have seen not because I have been so good as to have Faith, I have seen, I have felt. I have never experienced anything like this and I don’t quite understand if somebody does not comprehend it. But I have seen it with my own being.
Forces: Ten.
Q: (?).
Forces: Eleven.
JU: Totally different understanding and concept of the world than most people would understand it to be. And seeing it in a total different light and beginning to understand…
Forces: Twelve.
Q: (?).
Forces: Thirteen.
Forces: AL:.
AL: Finding the good in everyone.
Forces: Fourteen.
Forces: At this point we have the 14 stations mentioned. Listen to them review them. These stations are the stations that will get you through the next six years. Most important, most important of all these 14 (?) or principals or stations or platforms of metal (? mettle) is attitude. How you react. The most sacred key of unlocking all cosmic law is keeping yourself grounded, anchored and in the presence of now. Nothing can touch you, nothing can alter you, nothing can affect you while you do this. Our second vortex of alteration and energy begins now. (Forces: Breathing in and out strongly) Remember it is all how you react. Take a look at your (?). You are only the sum total of your reactions. The moment of this time and space is the total moment of what you give it. If you center yourselves and find that peace. Then that is your reaction. What we’re trying to say is the sum total of everything that you experience around you is your belief. No matter what comes through that door no matter what it is bad or good indifferent, negative, positive that should not deter you from your center of the now. Do not be thrown off with, oh this is a bad day or this is a good day or this is any day. Every day is a good day and every day is a day in which you become closer and closer to the Presence within you. Knowing this to excel and advance is unbelievable. The entity had mentioned that he was to do and wanted to accomplish. The push and drive regardless of the task at hand and the fear and the anxiety and the challenge is the manifestation of how he changed the whole world. Not only how he changed the whole world by being positive, by belief, by faith regardless of how the other thought forms were around him, he triumphed and persevered. To scale the height and change the destiny of things to come. What we’re saying is by one reaction of faith and trust and hope and belief you can do anything. Watch your negative comments how you say them so quickly how they must stop. Don’t give time to your beliefs of negativity. Those things must stop. Destroying or putting down of things, of saying negative comments or bringing it down to the base level, this is not a time of light and goodness but the slime of the darkness. It is like do not let the Nothingness eat you up. Question.
IS: May I just add on one more thing to what I said before. The enormous power that I’ve seen…
Forces: But what would you do if we did do it?
IS:(? ).
Forces: Yes (?) the measurement of the reality of this existence.
IS: How can anyone feel lonely…
Forces: What, you see, is during the moments of dialogue over the 30 years of talking with you if you ran the tape from the beginning to the end of what you had concurrently and continuously how many days do you think you will have in this (?state) tape. Does anyone know?
IS: What you are saying is how much meditation have we done. How much have we thought of you or allowed you to come in to our everyday lives…
Forces: We’ll take a gander at this while we’re in dialogue. How many would say……give me, give me something in your mind.
IS: Are you talking just about the tape?
Forces: Lets repeat the question. Who has the question? If we take all your recordings of us talking with you put them together and run them continuously, concurrently from the beginning of your tapes. The beginning to the end of everything you have recorded. How many days will that take?
Forces: And the 40 days would be the exact amount. Therefore you have been 40 days, 40 years, 40 hrs in the wilderness. Now comes the Promised Land. Do you need a mission statement in the Promised Land. (Laughter) We will send two people to different parts of the world in this group. We will provide the travel, the time and the lodging. The food you will get from where you go to, when you go. And you will discuss and talk about the Book. Simple your mission statement is to share the Book. This printing, next printing and the following printing. The first place that we will destine you all to go, two of you, will be (? not) mutt India, (? not) mutt India. And you might say who is mutt and Jeff. That will be the dog and pony show. That will be the two of you. Helsinki is the area. And basically four days is all you need. When this will happen we will let you know. The next place that this will take place believe it or not Ripley’s believe it or not is Kentucky Hopkinsville Kentucky and then your next place that you will do this (?) (?) You will find yourself in the country of Scotland, Edinburg. Those are your areas of vortex change Helsinki, Hopkinsville, Edinburg. When this will happen (?). The first team that will go out will be the entity JE: and the entity of ES. Your next group will be in Hopkinsville the entity JU and the entity of DD. Then we will see Edinburg and this will be the entity of IS: with the entity of the one we speak through. Now those are the beginning plans that will happen down the road. Now that we have gotten your interest we’re ready for you next question.
JN: Where should I put ED into college in the fall?
Forces: We do perceive a college in Pennsylvania (?) is a great indicator. There is one in Maryland that would be good too. But this particular one that you know of in Pennsylvania will op, open the door for him.
JN: Guided (?).
Forces: Yes this could be a very challenging year for all of them. Just put yourself on automatic pilot and just listen and allow us to give you the answer without hesitation and that will be your guidance for this year.
NN: Is there one alien race that’s more dominant in the New World Order?
Forces: Yes, excuse us yes. It’s called the Bushinite. (Laughter) It is the most dominant field. Now we’re not making a, but we do mean a interweave of the reptilian race mixed with the humanoid from the galaxy of Ulsa Minor or Ulsa Major. There both different but there both the same mission. That is your dominant race that we speak of. But your most superior race over this race is the Reptilians that come from the Galaxies of Orion. Question please.
JN: How does …?
Forces: You don’t mean it. Eat oatmeal. And they retain their food they don’t throw it up. What they do is they shred oatmeal on their skin and it is absorbed. Now we use the word oatmeal but it’s a paste that is the consistency like oatmeal and this is what they live off of. And they do not get rid of or throw up their food but they absorb it.
IS:Is it all over their body or just?
Forces: OH any part of the body that they put it on. More so the hand or the arms. But they don’t even have to do the hands or arms. They ah, ah the fingers, the fingers spatulat fingers they absorb their food through.
IS: Are any of those aliens using humans as food?
Forces: Yes of course yes, yes, yes, yes. They use the essence of the emotional body of the human earthlings to absorb the essence for their energy. No different from and this is why one needs to be careful that you can go and take out energy from people because your low on it yourself and therefore you violate that person because you haven’t done your homework and rejuvenated your own energy. Therefore you go and create an area to get emotional reactions so you can feed off of. No different from the reptilians versus what you people on the earth know as vampires. At this point we will consider a change of energy field in another 5 minutes.
Group: Our Father
Forces: Now we are back for more questions.
ED: I would like to ask a question. How does the soul leave when someone dies?
Forces: The exit of the soul could vary. Some can go straight out of the stomach area through shock or afflictions from injuries. Normally you will gather your strength by from your feet up. So the process of death happens at the feet first moves on up and the last (? breath) presence of the soul or the essence of the soul is to the top of the head. So therefore when one does die their exit doorway is the top of the head.
IS: (?).
Forces: Well again we talk about the body becomes a heavy stone. This is the weight that falls on the body as death is happening and the stone is the affect of the presence of atmospheric. This slight transition that takes place is what causes the pain and its only temporary. Once you’re out of the body there’s no longer that pressure.
IS: Same (?) pressure (?) jets…?
Forces: Yes it could be applied.
JN: The night Tom went on a flight back in 1984 was that the night that (?)?
Forces: There was a relative transition form that was going on there. Ah it was a possibility yes.
JN: Because I felt
Forces: Yes.
Forces: Yes.
Forces: To keep your body alive.
JN: Thank you.
Forces: Would you mind repeating that? (Laughter)
AL: Vietnam (?) Saigon (?) waters (?) flooding?
Forces: The reason why the flooding took place was because the winged creatures (ref. Mothman) planet or Arc ship or planet was too close to the earth. Which they dropped into the earth at a certain time but that was their time to move from the earth. Some of them did not make the jump. That’s why the floods of Noah’s Ark happened at the same time the jumping off of the earth into the this particular planet that comes back every thousand ah we’ll say thousand but it could be in your time 23,000 years.
IS: Are these creatures then living here on the earth?
Forces: Trapped until the planet comes back again. Staying alive with their sucker fingers to take the certain amount of blood which is a gallon or two of course they replace it with insight and information but they’re, they’re trapped here.
IS:Is that the ones that we call vampires or?
Forces: Well this is separate, not a vampire issue here honestly. This has nothing to do with vampires. This is their way of life, if their energy field is getting less and less, because they didn’t expect to be here for 20,000 years stranded. So they have to do the best under the circumstances until the next planet comes by.
JN: Is that how planet X…?
Forces: Planet X got some coverage and we would say it’s something like that scenario. So is it from planet X that these creatures. Umm it isn’t planet X as you know it, something that’s coming relatively soon. Not 20,000 years.
Forces: Their particular planet is about 15,000 years away.
IS: Are any of these creatures are they part of the aliens that eat people?
Forces: Let’s face it (?) better not go there. (Laughter)
Forces: Repeat the question.
IS: Are these creatures using people genetically or like vampires. You said there 49 alien races and 5 of them are negative. Are these creatures part of the 5?
Forces: No.
IS: Will they survive then?
Forces: Well the interesting thing is they’ve done pretty well up to now.
IS: Is Noah’s Flood the same as Atlantis or it’s all different?
Forces: Same.
IS: So basically these creatures are responsible for the Flood and if Noah’s Flood is the same as the Atlantean Flood than what did the Terrible Crystal have to do with these creatures?
Forces: They were the pulsation quasar vibrational crystal that allowed the ships, ship to navigate past the earth and also to time travel.
IS: The Crystal or the creatures?
Forces: The Crystal.
IS: What you are saying is that something happened where their force somehow overwhelmed the force of the Crystal and something went awry in the Crystal that shattered the whole thing and caused the flood.
Forces: Yes.
Forces: At this point we ask the main doors to the living room to be opened for a force of energy that we’ll be traveling through.
Forces: Have a seat. (Forces breathing in and out very strongly)
Forces: Question.
ES: The dream I had where the children…?
Forces: The doors can now be closed.
Forces: Question.
ES: The dream I saw some light…?
Forces: It was a Portal to other connections.
ES: Did I dream the Portal…?
Forces: Each room was a Portal.
ES: (?)?
Forces: We did the television.
ES:I wanted to look at it and unfortunately…?
Forces: Yes of course that happens.
ES: And I … right side…left side?
Forces: Well yes but the quick mercury stopped it.
ES: Quick mercury?
Forces: The essence of writing.
Forces: Question.
JE: Thank you for the accident I had a couple of weeks ago. I look back and I could have probably gotten busted up in four or five places.
Forces:(?) It took quite a bit of doing on your part.
JE: Thank you for helping me with that as far as I know there’s nothing busted right just a little sprain?
Forces: Well we would say your ego got damaged. (Laughter) There’s a ligament strained it’ll take a while the entity straining it but it is basically very strained wound and just needs a little ner, ner, ner, ner, ner you know. (Laughter)
JE: Anything for my ankle.
Forces: Bandage change occasionally the ankle would help but it’s not saying yet.
JE: Not right now.
JE: Have I ever been abducted by aliens like in the movies?
Forces: Well there have been times we’ve asked you up for tea. Of course yes of course we true confessions.
JE: But is that you or those other guys?
Forces: None (?) totally us.
JE: I’ve always felt since I was a kid that everything would work out. (……) somebody is watching over you. I sort of felt that.
Forces: Sure. In reality that’s what we keep saying. Oh my God (? I hope this) will work out.
JE: In the movie they were talking about with the little girl the Greys were trying to breed with humans and come up with a hybrid child which they did in the end of the movie, which is the same scenario as the Xfiles. But on the other hand isn’t that really what Jesus was a hybrid from the Higher Forces or higher up in the evolutionary scale with humans. Same scenario all over again.
Forces: Yes but very, very elementary my dear Watson.
JE: So there just mimicking what they’ve seen already?
Forces: Sure I mean it’s a…What you say you always stick around with what, whaaal, what worked? The answers yes.
JE: Why is 1947 the time everybody became aware of it. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years. It’s nothing new.
Forces: It is the first time they got… (Tape stopped)
End of Session.