Session 619-no date

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and have watched over this sector for the duration of time. We have been moving from different sectors, distance away and returning this part of the year. We know that many are changing and forming in different centers of the earth and different land changes are prevalent at this moment. You have heard of the word (—-) and works spoken of it, but it is not what it is to be or said, it is a cover-up for a conflict and war that is now is ensuing between aliens and aliens and your government of the World Order, it is the weather factor that is the war conflicts and attacking the earth as fires within which are melting the cables of New Zealand electricity to the burning of (?) in the Far East, the Philippines and the areas and sectors of Indonesia. We know that this concept is very difficult to understand, but there is a great war going amidst you, this war is different from other wars, because it is the final conflict, between the final frontier. We also see great land changes and flooding and earth movements in many different directions. We strive to give you information as best as we can, but with the many changes that are about ready to take place, we find this a very difficult task to give you the direct scenario of what is to be. Iraq is still not to be trusted and by May 13 they we’ll have another conflict at hand and see, we also see many different supports of Iraq, be it quiet and underground and also ah in a form of directness. There are many different changes again with Iran which will find itself opening its doors to western force and we also see that Egypt will have its own surrounding problems. Israel too will change its cabinet ad its force field of leaders and this would be a direct effect on making decisions within this country.
Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

IS-Thank you so much for coming in. Why have you stayed away for so long?
Forces-There is some internal work that all needs to do and there are many different lessons and work and directional finds and also not to be noticed by the evil one.
IS-So are we still as a group Mission or is that different now.
Forces-It hasn’t changed the mission and group is still in a workable suitable fashion.
IS-Younger people…?
Forces-This will all find itself in its own time.
IS-Chest and shoulders…?
Forces-It is a slight congestion but it’s also a (—–) problem along with strained muscle problems, strains and tensions, all complicating and building up, plus this anxiety factor at times, but it is a ah, ah, ah combination of little factors, that make it apparent, ah stress of the muscles and strain, straining of, of tautness of the muscles of the chest is causing these certain (?).
IS-(—–) activity?
Forces-No we don’t see that.
IS-Thank you I also want to thank you for my new profession, any ideas on that?
Forces-On the even days you should do odd numbers starting as far as your entry into the phone system and on the odd days you should do even numbers to start.
IS-Don’t understand.
Forces-On the even days you should start on odd hours and on odd days you should start on even hours.
IS-Thank you very much.
ES-Will the Hall of Records be found?
Forces-That’s being uncovered as we speak.
ES-Is that several governments working together?
Forces-There are many different closing off of patterns, but this is the uncovering of it yes.
ES-Will they share any of that or…?
Forces-No of course they will carefully watch over it for many years.
ES-So no one will hear about it for quite some time?
ES-Will they see spaceships in it?
ES-Thank you very much.
JW-Jim McDougal did he really die accidently or was he assinated?
Forces-He was ah assinated.
JW-Thank you.
Forces- The one with the heart attack.
Forces-It was put on him.
Forces-Because of the President would not be in conflict or receive any mitigated complaints, circumstances, evidence from this man.
IS-So he was going to change his story against the President?
Forces-He was ah more or less against and using it to accuse the President.
IS-Thank you.
DD-Could you tell me about the Bible Code, they found in Israel is that correct?
DD-The one that I’m getting will it be workable?
DD-Is that just one factor of it?
Forces-There are at least 17 factors of it.
DD-So they only found one?
Forces-(?) one to seven they can interpret yes.
DD-Is it possible to program the other ones in?
Forces-Yes each one is kind of a, an tiered label, tiered level, one on top of the other.
DD-The Bible has so many letters they say 300 and some odd thousand, could it be encoded on a three dimensional level?
Forces-Yes one goes within itself to the other.
DD-Three Dimensional level?
Forces-One in yes. (1n, yes.)
DD- about the 8 people going into the Ark, that was the 8 books of the Torah.
Forces-Yes along with 8 different rep, representations of the ex, extraterrestrials aliens functions.
DD-And the Book of Numbers is the key to it?
Forces-Numbers are the key to all things yes.
DD-Thank you very much.
NN-Why in the plagues of Egypt, why was the division between the Israelis and Egyptians done with the plague of flies, why was it done at that point?
Forces-Because it dealt with insects another type of alien extra ah manifestation and dealt with the inner networks of the Temple.
NN-Thank you.
Q-What could I add to my dietary needs to avoid this fluctuation I’ve been going through for the last four months?
Forces-You need to drink the plenty of water and the intake of your water system which is very important that dehydration doesn’t happen and ah move through time and space and its slowing of this process, oranges and peaches and pears and nectar fruits are very important too.
Q-Thank you
IS-Epstein Bar and my whole body as it is now…?
Forces-What you’re doing for it is appropriate.
Forces-Yes it’s appropriate.
IS-Thank you, now with the work, what happened to me did I get gun shy.
Forces-We’ll there might be that moment but your still quite capable. You need to put those feelings behind you.
IS-Will I overcome that and get in there…?
Forces-Sure yes.
IS-…private people…?
Forces-Well they will show itself up.
Forces-This wouldn’t hurt.
IS-Do the people like me and find me accurate?
IS-Thank you, now the Benei N’vi’im cabbalists, how accurate, what is the information there, I mean it seems like he knows kabbalah and then he sort of becomes…?
Forces-He gets off on these tangents of learning, through fundamental learning’s but he brings basics when they are and it does more to that interpretations, which is very real and he tries to interpret it, then he has a tendency of losing it.
IS-And what happened to him where did he disappear to?
Forces-Oh moving around from New York to the Midwest.
IS-Did he fail or something?
Forces-No just trying to keep out of site for a while.
IS-He’s telling stories about Kabbalistic Israel, one particular pours the wine and it keeps on pouring and pouring from one bottle. That is a truth.
Forces-Well let us leave it as such yes.
IS-So are these things available to be accomplished?
IS-Can somebody like the entity Tom?
Forces-He seems to do that all the time. Question.
IS-Sylvia Brown…?
Forces-She’s pretty receptive on the etheric level to spirits. Question.
IS-Can I ever become like that?
Forces-Yes. Question.
Forces-Very quickly yes, yes. Question.
IS-What can I do to reach that stage?
Forces-(—) prayers and the meditation in itself. Question.
Forces-Talks to the other side of spirits yes.
IS-The Egyptian priest hood was infiltrated by old Hebrew, or old Atlantean that were connected with the Hebrews because it talks about Joseph.
Forces-This is true, move on, yes.
IS-Epstein Bar…?
Forces-We’ll of course you can watch the certain vitamin K and E, vitamin C and B plus these are very good.
IS-Those are good for Epstein along with a certain amount of seaweed.
IS-There’s also something…drops or something…?
Forces-It would be assimilated quickly yes.
IS-Thank you.
ES-In the second Psalm where it says “Thou are my son this day have I begotten thee” is that stating specifically like the point when human beings were given the gift of the spirit?
ES-So that whole Psalm is really dealing with humans coming out of their beastly form…?
Forces-And of course traveling back in the physical (force).
ES-And the rod of iron is that the implant, or is that something to do against the implant.
Forces-We’ll it could go both ways.
ES-Thank you.
IS-In the kabbalah the numbers of the different orders, angels or creations are given. It says that the Hayoth are the highest, is that correct?
Forces-It’s the highest of one level but not the highest over all levels.
IS-He’s saying that he Elohim are an angel, are they angels or are they Alhim, I mean a force.
Forces-We’ll you could interpret it as angels, of that a female aspect, of the etheric angel, archangels, but it is not an angel in itself.
IS-He’s mentioned there that the Elohim were corrupted because the sons of the Elohim took the daughters of men.
Forces-No, no, no, no the Elohim is getting a bad rap. (Laughter) It is like unfortunately it’s the bad PR because they created man.
IS-If they created man then they’re not angels right?
Forces-No of course not, they are the co-creators of the Universe.
IS-So why are they considered so low on the totem pole?
Forces-Because they’ve got a bad rap.
IS-But they’re not right?
Forces-No it is the same as, as the creation story, did not want to give them the power.
IS-Because in the Bible it does say…?
Forces-It’s the creation yes, of them being responsible for creating man.
IS-The UFOs there are all kinds and he’s taking about kabbalah a next dimension, like you said the unicorn went into the second dimension, he calls them UFOs, they are trying to have babies with humans and thus become physical is that correct?
IS-They’re much closer right?
Forces-They have to travel so they would be extraterrestrials in UFOs.
IS-They travel from where?
Forces-From different galaxies.
IS-So it’s not from this earth?
Forces-The ones for the, the World Order is, yes.
IS-What’s the difference?
Forces-One have extraterrestrials on board with the World Order, the others just have extraterrestrials.
IS-The ones that abduct people are UFOs that never lived on this earth, are not creations…?
Forces-And also by the World Order too.
IS-What is that World Order?
Forces-They comprise of all major countries and have an alien population on board to do also the experiments, along with the Government of the United States.
IS-But they are not creatures of this earth, they’re not creation of this earth?
Forces-Some are some aren’t.
Forces-But you’ve got to understand that the Government, yours are also abducting people.
IS-What for?
Forces-For their own experiments of DNA structures, implants and baby booming.
IS-DNA work is not a high spiritual thing, it’s just….
Forces-We’ll it has its own merits and its structure of creating. Question.
IS-We’ll there is the real creation, does that have to do with just DNA?
Forces-We’ll we won’t get involve with all that mumbo jumbo, the point is creation is creation all the way down, form the highest to the lowest and of course the Universe Creator is involved with the highest.
IS-How come the Hayoth are the highest of that lower order. Hayoth means the animal, so is the Elohim the creator of earth and the people. Are the Elohim then less than animals?
Forces-No it’s just (———).
IS-The Hayoth their living?
Forces-No it’s the no.
IS-But there is such a thing as UFOs that are from another galaxy?
Forces-Oh yes definitely there’s no question about that, we haven’t any disagreements on that question.
JW-Could you tell us what’s happening with this Anthrax scare and information coming through is this alien technology?
Forces-No it is an alien attack, which they had attacked a different area and they were sure that it would break loose but they still contained it.
JW-It had nothing to do with Anthrax?
Forces-Oh no it’s a different type of alien extraterrestrial virus.
JW-Would this be to make their environment better and ours worst?
Forces-Yes. Question.
DD-The Code for John Dee could you give me a clue on what type of code it is, the squares?
Forces-It is called the Armament code or the T code or the LT code. It’s called the Lith code.
DD-Would I find a clue in any code book?
Forces-All you have to do is di-cipher the Aborigine Language.
DD-From Australia?
Forces-That’s where there at. They’re not in Walt Disney World. Laughter)
DD-The Ataus you talked about in the last Session and you gave two points for it, Jerusalem and the North Pole, what’s the third point?
DD-What does that word (Ataus) mean?
Forces-It is the Presence of the third circle it’s called the Cyclica or the so, sur, sura, Surga, not what you sleep on.
DD-What does it do?
Forces-It forms the energy below and above and is the doorway to the time travel. Question.
DD-Thank you.
NN-Should I go towards learning about management systems and stuff like that with computers?
Forces-You have that desire, but remember don’t jump into it too quickly or too much, force yourself to restrain.
NN-Would it be helpful to me, with the Book of Numbers, even though I don’t understand it, just to read it?
Forces-Read it and write it sure.
NN-Over and over.
Forces-Write it down straight and write it across straight.
NN-Would that help me also with music?
Nina-Write it down straight and across straight?
NN-Thank you.
IS-Why should she not rush into computers?
Forces-Because of changes coming in the future too. Question.
NN-I don’t understand about writing down straight and across straight.
Forces-The first half of any chapter is down, the last part of each particular chapter is across.
NN-Thank you very much.
Q-In the work environment there’s a lot of conflicting things going on, people’s attitudes and emotions, what should (——–) myself be aware of, or attitude to try to balance these out?
Forces-(—–) everywhere is overwhelming anyhow, but the major thing is to just move through it and, and that of course will have to be throughout the whole industry, (?) you can’t control it or you can’t stop it either you just have to allow it to move through.
Q-Thank you.
IS-What is the reason that L. F. did not win the election?
Forces-He wasn’t Governor.
IS-Is he aware of that?
Forces-Well this is what was told to him.
IS-When would be a good time for him to move toward it?
Forces-The time that just happened.
IS-So there isn’t another time for him?
Forces-Well it could be a making of a time but he has to learn to by faith apply that he hears.
IS-He said they wouldn’t let him.
Forces-Well that was his knowing the one they did put on was a incompetent person and…question.
IS-Is there anything that I should tell him on his career I mean which way to go or what.
Forces-Well if he really wanted to know he would have gotten a reading would he not.
IS-He doesn’t know that that’s what you do, that, that is a possibility.
Forces-Then you are not the one to tell him the possibility.
Forces-You are not the one.
IS-…with the work…will I overcome…?
Forces-You will.
Forces-Castor oil packs will do you good.
Forces-15, 20 minutes.
IS-How often?
Forces -Twice a day.
IS-Thank you.
ES-Are the supplements that I’m taking (—–)?
Forces-They help, yes.
ES-Thank you very much. Is there anything with my lower intestine that I should be worried about, seems sometimes sort of blocked?
Forces-Irritated Bowel Syndrome, castor oil packs would help that too (?) lots of water.
ES-Will AC enter into UVA?
Forces-It is a possibility yes, in the fall.
Forces-At this point we will be leaving.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father.