Session 616-10/23/96

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have returned from a long Mission that took us at least your earth time 200 years to travel, but in reality in the speed we have traveled far and wide, length and breadth of the Milky Way. There are things that have changed tremendously in the galaxies. (Phone rings) We will allow you to answer that. That there are many changes about to happen in the earth’s crust and shelves, many volcanoes exploding and many dormant ones at that sea level changing and many strange appearances of migrating birds in the wrong places. There will be many strange signs in the sky and many encounters of alien crafts. We would say the explosion of TWA was done by the galactical war that is surrounding the earth at this time. It’s not an easy moment or time, but at the same moment it is going on and now that we are back, there is a certain amount of stability in this conflict and war. We find that there are many food additives that needs to be watched as far as coloring of dies of red and also certain whites. We also find that frozen green peas at this time should not be eaten and we find that there are a onslaught of McDonald curses of their burgers and food they have provided, for it is the most unprofitable health wise food you could eat and it is at this time come to the moment in which it needs to end, so we will end it, a great franchise selling food that is not good. We are now ready for your questions.
IS-Thank you for coming in. Where have you been if possible to ask?
Forces-We were on the end of what is your galaxy, the Milky Way, by that we had traveled, two of these types of galaxies in a distance equal to the size and double. This was the visiting and of the Council of different Empires to look into this conflict that is going on between certain aliens, be it that the grays are now back in full force, but were kicked out by the blondes, but now the reptilian Empire is being involved which causes a great deal of concern.
IS-Thank you, thank you for the trip to Israel.
Forces-The trip was provided by us, for from this moment tonight we will be going to that area and be there for the entire month for the work to be involved and the work that we need to accomplish for the beginning of the millennium to come.
IS-Will it work out for us at UL’s?
Forces-We find no problem there.
IS-Will we be able to visit Egypt and Jordan?
Forces-That will be accomplished, we find no problem there.
IS-Thank you so much. And for L. F. is there anything that can be given at this point, is he going to win…?
Forces-Again we find no problem there.
IS-And for her house that she’s building.
Forces-We are using and utilizing this force of energy and we will utilize this force for our own concerns, it will be very interesting to apply what we need through them to get accomplished this conflict and put it into bay. There are many countries that are also very angry and we can utilize this particular platform to put that to rest.
IS-Is that through L. F. And SU?
IS-Thank you, and their house, is that part of what you answered?
IS-Thank you.
JW-Thanks for giving me the strength and humility for the things that I am doing. Is there any correction (————————–) be aware of?
Forces-Just keeping up the disciplines that you have set, meditations increasing and prayers of course, also when you accomplish a job remember tackling the job in the right attitude, a prayer approach always first before any job is accomplished and also knowing the details that you need to work out and stick-to-itiveness to get it accomplished.
JW-Thank you.
MIM-Thank you for coming in. Last week I had a couple of days where I was (?) lots and lots dreams. It almost felt like an eruption of things that would be going on. Am I picking up on the energy coming in?
Forces-There is a tremendous amount of energy that is coming in that will be impossible to (?) picking up on. (Phone Rings) We will allow you to answer that.
MIM-Is there anything else I need to know while the entities gone, what I should take care of or do?
Forces-Again increase your own Psalm reading, have your own personal Prayer and Meditation and section of hour, the tremendous energy that is coming down will be those of people asking questions for direction. People there are no easy roads here, do not look to be protected or be safeguarded unfortunately this is the hour in which people will come to you for questions to be asked to you for answers. You can’t ask for that to be taken away, you’ve prepared for this moment; it is very dark out there, many people are fearful from day to day, you have the resources we have given you, you cannot turn this house away from people, they come in just as the tours come in, that they receive the energy and wisdom and the light in which we have rested here, people need to be feed, do not be held accountable that you have closed your doors, for not of the feeding, it is the job and responsibility that has been given to you from the beginning of time, it is not that the time is now, but the time is accomplished, for many are going to call upon you for their own help and guidance and direction. And you will lead many people in these directions for this is our calling, our will and our bidding that you’ll be receptive to what we give through you, that you be receptive to what we will lead you to do in guiding these people. You cannot be comfortable in choosing who should come or who should go, this is not of your making or your choice, you are of the ambassadors of our Empire; our time is now you cannot stop it.
IS-Thank you.
ES-Thank you very much for the help you’ve given me and the dreams that I’ve seen so far. Can you tell us who the Holy Comforter who came to the Apostles was?
Forces-That was what would be considered the Counselor, the Paraclete, the Guidance or the Servants of many, for they had come in as a Light of Flames, Illuminating them. They were entities that came from other galaxies to be the Guidians; it cannot be said any less than that, the Illuminators they are called.
ES-Are they still helping those Apostles now?
ES-Thank you.
ES-Also can you help me…? (Forces Interrupt)
Forces-We are considered one of the Illuminators.
ES-Thank you. Should I continue with the teas from PO?
Forces-They wouldn’t hurt.
NN-Why was Morgan taken up?
Forces-Unfortunately he came in to try to catapult his parents to more of a spiritual nature and commitment rather than to a worldly power.
NN-Is that happening?
Forces-Slowly but its unfortunate that it had to materialize, but his job was done, he needed to move on and they of course will move on also.
Nina-Thank you.
DD-Do I understand what they call the Duat in Egyptian is the same as Daath in the Jewish Kabbalah?
DD-And what they call Sokar in Egyptian is the same as Zohar?
DD-And the gate to the Duat they called the Rostau, reverse it and you get the Taro and the Torah?
Forces-Yes, exactly.
DD-The infra-red film will I get a chance to use it at Giza?
DD-On the projective geometry does it go along with the Book of Formation, it talks about it?
Forces-The entity will move through many different areas and we will be talking to him directly, face to face as of old. Question.
DD-Thank you.
RGG-Thank you for all the guidance and I welcome any suggestion that you have.
Forces-Listen to the voice within, but remember taking from one to the other, to the other is ok, but you need to focus at least the directional find, as it is, have a focus, as this house has been your focus then let it work for you, but let it be the stronger light than all the others. Question.
RGG-Thank you.
JU-The purpose and Mission of this trip to Israel, can you tell us about that, the goal?
Forces-To direct, to find, to reveal, to open the new Temple of Jerusalem and also to reveal the Presence of and the manifestation of the Ark.
JU-And things will begin to open up all over the world after that moment?
Forces-Like a great flood.
JU-Could you give us some preview of what might happen?
Forces-Libya, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq all will be like pus balls and explode internally, externally and also France (they) not being able to contain themselves, will war upon themselves and create a great commotion, but the Jewish Nation by the strength of this visit, by the manifestation of this particular Apostle and this particular leader of the Wilderness will once again reinstate the power to Israel.
JU-Thank you. Is there any guidance in terms of what’s happening…? (Forces Interrupt)
Forces-For what is this moment is the moment of all Israel been waiting for, not the culmination of creating the state in the 40s, not the 7 day war, but this moment now, for this is the time that the Messiah comes back.
JU-Thank you, some guidance for things at work, to be doing?
Forces-We would encourage you to have and increase your prayer level and structure it personally to do the psalms continuously, let not one day fall for it has fallen, your work will reflect that of your spiritual prayers and by keeping those prayer up your work will take care of itself. But you must man your gates for others can put it down, but you can’t.
JU-Thank you.
JE-If your 200 light years away at the edge of the Milky Way, what’s beyond that?
Forces-There are two other galaxies twice as large and equal to what your galaxy is, and beyond that are other galaxies, we had to travel to the third point of the (Lay-na-Lau-na) and (Ax-otis) Empire, never before has this Empire been named to you, for this is the Empire where we have come from.
JE-I can’t imagine the distance what is it like beyond, beyond, its forever, where does it go too?
Forces-Deio-Veosk-Rou-Naroot-Neroondo-Nerun-Keroon-Aroot-(—–) Eroot-(——)(—————————————–).
Forces-Run that slowly and it will tell you the answer.
JE-Thank you.
Forces-The galaxy is (infinitesimal), eternal and every reaching, it is without mind or substance, it turns within on itself, for at the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning, it is a (? swarm-mol) of circles within a rectagon, octagon, square, curvic, in this form is ever changing, 8 sided figure constant turning within the circle and without the circle, in which is a funnel between the middle and the end and the end comprehends it not. You could travel 100 million years in one direction and not reach the end.
JE-Is there an end?
Forces-At the end is the beginning and when you have reached the end of space and galaxies as you know of, you then will go to the other dimensions that will be sucked into and that begins another journey.
JE-Where does that go?
Forces-That will lead you to the next galaxy or dimension. Remember 7 counted and above that 3 more.
JE-Does it ever end ever?
Forces-The 10th becomes the 13th, the 13th becomes part of the 1st, again it cannot end, it is part of the whole mass. But we must say it is unbelievable the amount of planets and stars and ships and satellites. Sometimes we watch you earthlings with your mind, peons as it is and concepts of you being who you are and your concepts of your identity, you have not even begin to reach your true identity and state of who you are. Some of you have not even done the work yet within, but once you have tried to do this work within, then you have mastered and moved on, all the work you do remember, will not go in vain, for everything leads on top of the other and they say your work that you have done for X amount of years, well the work you all have done here is the future of this country. Without you there would be no future. You all do not understand your importance as ambassadors of us, but without you there would be no hope or tomorrow.
IS-Thank you.
IS-Doesn’t the Universe keep on creating itself and recreating also?
Forces-It is a constant creation.
IS-By the time we reach the 13th new galaxies have been created?
Forces-This is what we implied. Question.
IS-For the trip…?
Forces-Make sure you have your Tylenol, make sure you have your vitamin C’s, make sure you have all the medicine that you need naturally for odds and ends, but generally all you need is yourselves.
IS-Thank you, also is that why I felt an enormous loneliness because you weren’t here?
Forces-We’ll we did have tremendous void with us going, which allowed certain things to happen, but all this would have to be and fortunately with the changes we are now back into this force, into this galaxy. So now you’ll see things popping again, we would suggest you take lemon and honey for your cough and much tea more lemon than honey and unfortunately its irritating as we could hear it. Question.
IS-Should I find a paying job for myself?
Forces-Well this could be looked into, but we will take more about this as times goes on.
IS-Any suggestions?
Forces-Not at the moment. Question.
IS-Will AC be accepted to UVA?
Forces-We have her as and can be, yes. Question.
IS-HA says ask Forces…talk to people too…?
Forces-She does affirm this and this is good but it would not hurt to talk to people too, but Higher Forces we have heard it. Question.
IS-Thank you.
MIM-May I get a blessing from you before the entity goes to Israel?
Forces-By the very fact that he will give you his own personal blessing and this you will all receive before he leaves, of his own doing. So when he institutes that particular blessing be it like unto, its directed from us.
MIM-Thank you.
Forces-Again people in the beginning when we formed you it was nice, but now we form you anew and the work continues, it won’t go away but there is so much to talk to you about, so much to enlighten you on, you are the ambassadors of us this is our Empire, we operate through this house, this is our (Umpire) we operate through it you cannot stop it the vortex is now open, the other side is now coming to fruition and down through your meditation room into the earth. All will see it in its own form and it’s the energy that (phone rings) will keep people calling. (Laughter) We’ll let you answer that one.
Forces-It seems like from one part of the country to the other, they all know that the entity is in another form and they want part of it. Question.
IS-It is hard for me personally to comprehend and maybe for other people in the house too, but that so few of us and getting old can represent…?
Forces-There is no such thing as getting old, people it is your second adult life, it is your second youth coming on you, it will be given to you, you will be rejuvenated and in part look at this, those who look at you wonder why you are not growing old.
Forces-At this point…yes…
IS-The Epstein Barr that I’m dealing with?
Forces-You are not dealing, it is a raised only to be lowered.
Forces-We must leave, we will speak to you in Israel the next time.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father