Session 615-4/18/95

Forces-Greetings to all here present now we are in this area and have seen the many movements, the world in its situations, different blood baths and bombs and confusion that it causes. This is a beginning and a continuation, not an end. We see that there are many planning of incidences to create such an archaic reaction. We see that the different people that have been destroyed in the plane crash of 33 have been destroyed by a bomb in itself and falling out of the sky. There are also many different clever moves in order to cover these things up, the World Order in itself is involved in removing these particular people. We also see that many electronic and add on CompuServe and networking of violence through the networking system and this is creating hate, communications of Nazism and destruction of such portions. This would have to be watched and controlled in itself. We find that the Soviet Union, Russia as today called will have tremendous political changes and we also find that these whirlwind situations of China and North Korea will not end. We have many changes coming about in the undertaking of certain countries like Africa and India. We definitely have many changes happening and it is best to keep oneself covered and not be involved with so many political involvements on worldly levels, involvements of other countries and involvements of statements of support of other countries. We find that there are many changes and many alternate confrontations dealing with the spirit and if all would just reserve their focus to the prayer life and psalms then that would be half the battle. We are now ready for your questions.
IS-Thank you for coming in. Is there a reason why it’s such a long time since you last came?
Forces-The Great War and conflict throughout the planets especially Jupiter and the battle that still rages there.
IS-Whats at Jupiter?
Forces-Tremendous warships of conflicts and encounters.
IS-The reptilians?
IS-But not with you right?
Forces-We are observers and referees more or less, that they do not get out of control.
IS-Thank you. The spaceship that I saw a couple of weeks ago was that you?
Forces-That was one of our what would be considered visiting ships that we had presented ourselves that night, yes.
IS-The beam that was coming out, to me it looked like it touched the roof of the house.
Forces-That was more of energizing and giving certain energies to this structure of the house.
IS-Was there a reason why you came and showed yourself?
Forces-It was a beginning of visits to come.
IS-Should I have stayed longer?
Forces-No it was enough.
IS-It’s not like you were going to take me up?
Forces-No it was enough for us to show ourselves to you.
IS-When people see UFOs this is not what they see is it?
IS-Because that beam is something that I don’t think I ever heard in sightings, that they see that beam like that…
Forces-There are other sightings like this but that’s true.
IS-Thank you.
JE-Can you tell me what’s causing my skin condition and can it be fixed.
Forces-The skin conditions the lymphatic system, the sweat glands and the pore systems not sweating, (there’s) a treatment of releasing sweat which constantly happens, in this particular case the cells are striving to remove the moisture from your body of breathing and becomes clogged and starts reproducing itself to move the clogging. It is best sometimes to understand that this is a process of constant change and there are levels in which one can and will be able to remove these ahh skin lesions. It is a normal process of the body building up a resistance to the clogging of the sweat systems. Ah we would see in a couple of months a new ah medicine out that will facilitate the helping of this skin condition. Aum eating plenty of garlic can heighten and give the element of sweat possible for the cells, warm sea salt baths too would help with the body, along with a um ingestion of certain ah what would be considered peppermint tea and eucalyptus breathing ah elements on the skin.
JE-It gets better in the summer.
Forces-It is because of certain rays of the sun that helps but then again it’s the cyclical affect too, and it just so happens that the summer time allows the process of healing to happen because of the cyclical affect, it hits on the summer.
JE-Can you just fix it?
Forces-We will help you with it and remove a large percentage and put it into a dormant stage.
JE-(Phone rings) is that true?
Forces- We would allow a person to answer that in the other room just in case there’s a question on the other side for this.
Forces-You continue with the questions.
DD-In the Book of Solomon it talks about the 5 accursed nations, are they the 5 negative alien races?
DD-Does that go along with the 5 races of man?
Forces-Well let us say that the attributes of these aliens, yes.
DD-Each alien has a different race it affects?
DD-Which would be the one for the white race.
Forces-It would be the tall’s. Question.
DD-Thank you.
IS-So the reptilians are the Chinese?
JW-With the changes that are happening, we know that the invasion force is on its way here. With the predictions of China invading the United States, will the alien influence in the world still be hidden or secret at this point?
Forces-It would not be readily seen but there is a tremendous comet meteorite that is coming towards the earth that will affect the axis, which could tilt the axis, a very slight bit, just enough to cause tremendous affects.
JW-So that will be the beginning of the natural disasters?
Forces-No the natural disasters is the affects of the melting of the ice caps, even 1 percent could flood the areas, causing tremendous winds. Question.
IS-The changes of the weather right now that we are feeling from hot to cold from hot to cold is that not already the beginning.
Forces-Yes. Question.
NN-What level of development does a soul have to be at to attain the Peace that Passeth all Understanding?
Forces-Any level immediately when strives for meditation and a centering, of that centering can be accomplished.
NN-So we could achieve that.
Forces-Because of other lifetime commitments, yes with this force.
NN-Thank you.
ES-Thank you for helping me with the other units in the Hospital, would the ones that I’ve chosen the PICU and the Children’s Rehab Center be appropriate?
ES-Thank you very much.
JU-Can a voice or the use of song and the projection of thoughts like the Bardic gift how does that work?
JU-Can voice or the spoken word…?
Forces-Chanting and the repetition of sounds yes.
JU-But not just directly with spoken word or…?
Forces-It helps the word also helps and that is the same process, but chanting is a repetition and en, enforcing this word.
JU-Is it a gift?
Forces-It is given in the soul lines and other lifetimes earned.
JU-Thank you and the special affect that’s happen a couple of times where everything becomes stereo sound, disappears and changes, disorientation.
Forces-Well let us say you needing to calm itself, your force down and center yourself, things were moving quiet fast and you need to focus on the centering and calming of your energies when this happens.
JU-Thank you, the story of Crete, can you tell us what really happened to it.
Forces-It was the evolution of Atlantis and explosions of such and the beginning of the Kingdoms of Atlantis separating.
JU-So that was part of Atlantis in the Mediterranean?
Forces-Well part of Atlantis in a group organizational form, besides the sinking of other areas, creating the jetting out of this Island.
JU-Thank you.
IS-Tour Saturday…?
Forces-We have planned it to go very well.
IS-Thank you, is there anything that I need to know to do?
Forces-Just be your nice natural self.
IS-How is my health doing and my eyes?
Forces-Well they’ll be changing of checking up of the eyes for different glasses, but it is, we find it ok.
IS-And my health in general?
Forces-Very good, even stronger.
IS-Am I really going to cure that Epstein Barr?
Forces-Yes. Question.
IS-Is there a diet that you could give me?
Forces-Yeah we would just suggest ah, what you are on now is pretty good. Stay away from the freezer. Question.
IS-Thank you.
JE-The creams I’m using now are they harmful?
Forces-Well we would say that certain salts needs to be stopped, ingesting of salt and the cutting of sugar, the creams aren’t as harmful as they can be, but too much of application can cause an affect, a long term affect but not at the moment as for a short term affect.
JE-I can continue with them?
Forces-Not constantly but every other day.
JE-Thank you very much.
IS-For the entity Tom?
Forces-One day at a time. Question.
DD-The Anti-Christ chained on an island of Greece, do I understand that the New World Order can use a low form of magic and…
DD-And use the essence of Napoleon.
Forces-Yes. Question.
JW-Is there anything for Michael?
Forces-Centering and calming of the force and Psalms of reading and by doing such it gives him the focus and also knowing that not all the time that (?) things have to be in order.
JW-Thank you.
NN-The souls that are actually that have a pattern of abduction if they latch on to the Psalms they could break that pattern, couldn’t they?
Forces-The Psalms are the breaking of the abductions yes.
NN-How many actually managed to do that?
Forces-Many. Question.
ES-Is there a certain Psalm that I could chant?
Forces-14 and 33 and 2.
ES-Thank you very much.
Forces-And 80. Question.
JU-Meditation instructions anything to add?
Forces-Centering of making candles, incense and color type arrangements, along with certain number of even days ah beginning of the 10 days of the month for a certain Chinese music. Question.
IS-Psalms for me?
Forces-88, 14, 44, and 33. Question.
IS-The auction dinner June 8th my involvement?
Forces-Just naturally let your instincts guide you.
IS-Anything for L. F.?
Forces-He will be guided and taken care of. Question.
DD-Vitamins for me?
Forces-E, C, B, and we would have certain other composites of the zinc.
DD-Thank you.
Forces-At this point we will have to leave, we do note that the friend and visitor of John who has come here ah with his research has been helped through us and a continuum of the research would be focused on and ah slant in the different answers of these cells will be given.
Forces-(—-) present all here now.
Group-Our Father