Session 614 12/31/95

Forces-Greeting to all here present now. We are in the area and (—–) many demanding changes are to come. There is but a year and this year we will accomplish what has to be done. We find that this year will be the year of power for the spiritual side of existence. We have many manifestations of the spirit through rocks and stones and gems and through these powers rededication of the spiritual factors. The house will be receiving much of the visitors and energies involved. The period of 3 days beginning from this point, being Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be an open grace period by us. During these 3 days the magic of our presence through people, items and experiences of expression will be done. We will walk amongst you, be with you and will walk through you. You will see us materialize ever so faintly and more powerfully as these days go by. This year belongs to us we will take control of it. The 3 days opened are the 3 days of invitation and experience of the visitations of our power it will penetrate and heal those requested to heal, and it will send forth a force that twill recycle and recharge you centers and our ships will sound around you and you will perceive them more and more. There will be a rising of vibrations and tones that will be indiscriminate of its sounds. We would say that during these 3 days is a blessed period and your feeling of dreams and aspirations, make known to the entity that we speak through, as far as your wishes and dreams, write down or speak to him before the sun rises and the manifestation of these wishes will occur. We also offer these 3 days as a open extension, that is those wishing to come forward, those wishing to come forward will pronounce the words, will pronounce the words, announce themselves and that will be our sign to you as that is the one. What we are saying is these 3 days will materialize our presence and will continue to focus on the energy being brought down. We find also the reiterating, we find also that the charging of the power will materialize more and more from our presence. The world in its own form will go through many changes, many demands, many expectations but know that all things are in our power and will be manifested through these years to come. The entity will be asked to do several things even though in reality not wanting to. One of these items is to officiate or appear in the presence, and this would explain some inklings of our power, but as time will go on it will be explained to you, be prepared, be ready the hours and days of preparation and support so that his message, that is ours will come forth. We find that there are many demands of changing and bring in this focus and energy of the galaxies and history to change. The very fact that history is not relatively what is real but what is fabricated, unfortunately the history received in the books are not real, are not supported by what reality is. If the true history was to be given a lot of individuals would eventually wake up and see the (fences) We find that many changes are coming, be prepared and be receptive to these changes, again there will be demands on Israel, upon the United States and upon Russia to materialize some of this control. We will hold this session and will allow an individual to end that particular noise in the other room.
Forces-If you notice, sounds like one of our ships taking off.
Forces-We are now ready for your questions.
IS-Thank you very much for coming in, thank you for the budget. Thank you for some of the predictions. I didn’t understand where you said coming forward and speaking the word. I don’t know if that’s what was said?
Forces-A person would ask to come into the house in the next 3 days to be allowed to, under our auspices, that is of our doing. Question.
IS-Thank you. Thank you for the past Christmas Season.
Forces-We figured if it rained you’d be really upset. Question.
IS-Have we accomplished in this past year what needed to be accomplished?
Forces-Yes. Question.
IS-What are the very demanding changes?
Forces-Demanding changes are not only internally but also to keep up pace with learning upon the level of the new civilization horizons, the next creations of the beginning of time, factual, in factual, deeds actions of the creation. It will keep you busy. Question.
IS-Can I ask in the name of the entity to help him heal?
Forces-(?) day by day. Question.
IS-Thank you very much.
DE-Thank you for giving me the strength to come down this particular weekend. In my personal situation am I accomplishing what I need to accomplish?
Forces-Speaking of your strength ah to come down, it only is a new beginning and only to identify with those have followed before you. Yes you are accomplishing what you have to accomplish.
DE-Is there anything I should be doing more?
Forces-Mentally form you’re your services, and your meditations and also your visualizations must be done strongly.
DE-Ok thank you.
Forces-Any time.
IS-Is there…
Forces-How did you get back on?
IS-Any particular visualization for DE?
Forces-Focusing of colors and clarity of vision of what would be called symbolism and also what would be considered affirmations, even if it say please be still or show the way or shut the mouth, commonly done in your earthly terminology shut up. (Laughter)
DE-Thank you.
JN-Who created human beings and what is the purpose of human beings being on earth.
Forces-Do you want this in a 3 page response or a 7,000 page editorial.
JN-3 pages would be good.
Forces-3 pages (Laughter) repeat your question.
JN-Who created human beings and what is the purpose of human beings here on earth.
Forces-Human beings were created by the Elohim, human beings were created by the Elohim and the Elohim took responsibility by addressing it to Yahweh. Yahweh was part and parcel responsible; Elohim was the Genesis or Scientist Genesis of Creation. Their job was to change or alter DNA structures and gene pools. They have gene pools for everyone on the earth and in the galaxies. They are the Scientist of the Makers of the Plans, they were the Makers of the Plans after this Solar System through that of Zeus and (Awe), was destroyed, the whole Solar System as you know was totally in war when Zeus was on Mount Olympus, in such doing they had the power of wiping clean the slate of everything in this galaxy and now to be known to mankind. Mankind as you know was created as slaves or as servants of Elohim. The Elohim needed mankind to activate gold from the middle parts of the earth. Elohim created man in the Garden of Eden and everything was beautiful, they were workers in the Garden of Eden with the reptilian aliens, these um-tili (ref. Teli or Draco) aliens and the workers has excavated that of the caverns, not only on Mars but also on what would be considered Earth. The mining of gold was important and then along came the Spirit to give the Spirit unto man giving him a new creation, in so doing man was created as Servants or Sons of God, and Sons of God they were called to be and to guide into the atmosphere and into the elements around. Mankind has evolved as time has moved on, mankind and angels and archangels were always one together, man becoming more superior than the archangels will be when he is finished with his progress.
JN-So Elohim was the Reptilian from Orion?
Forces-This is true.
JN-Thank you very much.
Forces-Elohim was called the El of Him, it is considered not as a reptilian as you know it, but as a Reppor or Rebbi-dea or the Rebbi or the Rabbi as it is known today, or the teacher, in so doing they were of the power and of the existence between all the gods, being in this area Awl-rion was Osiris is that of the gods of heaven. Orion is the Empire or Kingdom. Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of my Father; my Kingdom is not of the earth, he spoke of his Kingdom that he came from, as “Pilate said is your Kingdom from the earth”, the entity is of one with this Kingdom, the entity has been sent from the Beginning of Time through that of Jesus, the Apostles that did surrounded that of Jesus were all those who had been breaded into the earth to do that of the particular work of the continuum. Each Apostle would take a particular age and continue it; Thomas was the Age in which John will be that Age, what it is said that Thomas came into the earth to fulfill and to make manifest the Age of the Spirit of Christ to come back as he is to return in this Age. In so doing it is said, “My work shall not pass away until heaven and earth shall pass away” as he has reproached to John as one of the Apostles saying “You shall not taste death” and in so doing John has and is and will be in the Presence when the Lord shall return. The entity that we speak of has been and is the Kingdom Builder or the Kingdom Founder in such doing in all forms, we find this.
Forces-We will now take our break for 5 minutes.
(Tom breathing very heavy in and out) (Session resumes)
Forces-Is All here. (Laughter)
ES-Where is the Apostle John now?
Forces-This is a Presence that is right before your eyes. Question.
ES-Thank you.
ED-What is holding my father back from developing spirituality and coming down here?
Forces-In life we have many different obstacles, one of the major obstacles that we find is self. Self has a strange way of becoming a stumbling block to progress, not whether to be harsh or sad that your father does not take advantage of this forum, but that you his son might show the glow and the beauty in which you receive while you are here. It is only through your development and your spiritual commitment to yourself that your father will be saved. Saved from himself and the world, not to be hardened of heart that he is not here, but remember, he is here through your eyes.
ED-Thank you.
NN-The cloud coverings with the ships how can you tell which ones are the good ones and the bad ones like the Dog-Reptilian?
Forces-We would like to tell you that there’s a clear perfect way of (dissent), deception is a word, but we would like to tell you to discern is a clear picture, but it is not. To see these ships are many to see if their friendly, some aren’t, some are, some are friendly and only to become not so friendly, some are not so friendly only to become friendly, some are, some aren’t, what is a symbol what is a sign, remember your signet of your crest is their respect of you. You carry the highest symbol in the galaxies, fortunately for you all you chose the right side; you’re in the right place. A lot can be done to you, but in respect, you’re in the right place, you’re wearing the right crest, therefore all ships must bow down to you. So it is not a question of whether their friendly or not, some aren’t, some are, but if you should spot or see or greet or meet, reveal your crest, it will reveal to them your ownership of the Kingdom, they must not transgress against you.
NN-Thank you.
Forces-Ono Ibos Edem, you shall stand where all other fall. Question.
RGG-Can you tell us about the physical transmutation that we will have to go through?
Forces-This is an everyday experience that is happening, the elements will become more and more pollutant, more and more toxin, therefore it is only through spiritualness that you will call upon the elements within to conquer and also to transmute these elements within.
RGG-Thank you.
HS-When you say that we have these next 3 days for linking with our higher selves and calling them into our space is it only here in this home or can it be in our own homes when we leave here?
Forces-It is a revelation that is given in so doing it can be, delivered, materialized and manifest on all levels.
IS-The reward is according to each person’s understanding?
Forces-It is a message that is going out tonight to all levels.
IS-Thank you.
TV-I have a question for J. Chen is it ok if I ask it?
TV-How do I accomplish what God wants me to accomplish in business and personal life?
Forces-That he must stand and materialize his physical body before the Ark in the Upper Room to receive the blessing and to continue manifestation of the spiritual life that is ahead of him. He then will continue the course that is set before him.
TV-Thank you. For myself can I have a blessing for the coming year?
Forces-(Breathing in and out strongly) (Eko De————).As you walk in the Shadow of Doubt, may the hand of the Entity guide you into light and may the Son ship give you your Kingdom. Question.
TV-Thank you.
JU-Could you explain who Archangel Michael is as far as we can understand it?
Forces-Archangel Michael is an Archangel created by the (for the) Right Hand of the Kingdom. He is of the Power that throws his force and energy throughout the galaxies. By his law all electrical impulses operate, by his law and regulations of command he is the Guardian and Keeper of the Way and he is the Deity of Power in which all powers must bend, in which all powers of creative energy and force of lines must yield to under his command. He is the Commander of the Energy Field.
JU-How does this affect the reptilian force that approaches now, how does he relate with them or what will his role be in what’s supposed to be taking place starting this coming month?
Forces-He is the Prime Medial Force of Armageddon through this. Remember the reptilian forces are those that have rebelled, but only, to only find their rebellion to be naught and we are coming to an Age in which they will repent under his command.
JU-He serves under you or is part of you?
Forces-Let us say that we recognize his power and move for and through it, but as servers, he is the Servant of the Most High who in reality is that understanding of the Most. We are in reality a commanding force to him.
JU-Thank you.
JU-Could I have an affirmation and blessing for the New Year?
Forces-(Forces breathing in and out strongly) Light of today will be the Dawn of Tomorrows. (Youhut Deom Ecedia Yoom) Question.
MIM-Thank you for coming in today.
Forces-Any time.
MIM-And most of all for becoming a very important factor in my life and carrying me through those moments of weakness. I want to do so much to help the entity is there anything for the year I should watch out for and definitely be on his side to accomplish what you want us to accomplish.
Forces-Remember by the very words, just the desire of doing that gives you your power and insight and blessing and focus, for by that you shall find your way.
MIM-Thank you.
Forces-It is not easy to run a Star Ship; it is not easy to gain access to the Ark, but in so, much shall be revealed.
IS-Is there anything for the entity HS this coming year that would be of importance for her?
Forces-Repeat the question.
IS-Is there anything that can be give for HS for this coming Year that would be important for her?
Forces-The Circle of Friends grow less and less and at the same time they radiate more and more. Her Horizon to come are the challenges of those things that still need to be planted. The future is only the present and the present is that of the past. We find that she will be called upon and needed, but at the same time choices must be made to where and how she should be, more should be this, less for that, less for this and more for that, only the inside of this growth, they shall be more to call upon her, but set the priorities and that will set her sail to go through this ocean this year of time ahead.
HS-Thank you.
HR-Thank you. Could I ask for some guidance for this New Year?
Forces-In the days ahead we find that those you are working with will seek to look and not find, will find and not look, in so doing it would be good to be careful about that in directions, to be more of a observer at work rather than a directional finder and in so doing getting the answers, but leaving them on the table for them to pick up to find, this is a most important lesson for you this year to get and give for those around you. You cannot always answer those who are asking and you cannot always answer that who are not answering, but you could always ask for those.
HR-Thank you.
JW-Thanks for carrying me this year, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Could I ask a question for Sarah?
Forces-To carry you has been no problem, it is how you carried others that we were allowed to carry you. Yes.
JW-There were flowers that came to her and she just wanted to know what they were and shes sorry she missed the first call.
Forces-The flowers are the representation of us and the Presence of us in the World of us, it is through us that we have our Presence and it is in us that we have our focus; it is through us that we have our designs and it is in us that we have our Union. It is simple us that was there.
JW-Thank you. Can you help me to reconnect all the circuits inside so all the talents and all the things that you’ve given me will make sense and I can use them for you right now?
Forces-When you start at the very beginning you simple start at the very beginning. The very beginning starts with go (Laughter) without it you cannot have anything. Therefore start with music surrounding you, be it whatever it is, saturate yourself with the greatest plays, operas and theater and you cannot go wrong. But start with do.
JW-Thank you.
JE-Considering the entity… (Tape being changed)
Forces-Hold up. (Part missed)
JE-…through reincarnations, who are we and why are we here to function at this particular time as a group and individuals?
Forces-All who have remained and survived our network within the Arch System, the Arch system is a planetary system is a planetary created and developed for thousands and millions of years. You are of the Arch system that are part and parcel, of this plan, to manifest the turn of the Millennium, to bring in a new history but an old one, to reveal that of what we are, where we have come from, all those who have survived are those who have chosen before they came into the earth to do this work. You are (of) the Arch System, the Arch System is a Kingdom that you have come from and will return when this is done to take on your role in the Arch System, you are the Arch System, you are the Arch System, we have just programmed you for the next 20 years. (Laughter)
JE-Where is the Arch System?
Forces-The Arch System is a galaxy that is 200 light years from the planet earth, you reign there and focus there, all of you. And you have come into the earth to undo an undoing, to reveal and to be revealed. You are the Arch System, you’ve come from this galaxy R2T1, it sounds like R2D2 (Laughter) R2T1 is that of the system known as R1 (? Are One) in this system you have your Arch System which is a galaxy of 15 planets revolving around two suns in that you have and is part and is part of the Kingdom of the Galaxies, in that system. You’ve come into this time to revel this new history through the manifestations of all that you do, that all will look and see into this system that is materializing here in the creativities of the lights, as Jesus had said “So below, so above”. You created the galaxies in your hands and in such light show you reveal RT1.
JE-Thank you.
ES-Can you tell me who my brother (Ezinith) was?
Forces-It is a twin brother in the Roman Empire that had lost his life that you still cry for.
ES-And I was male?
Forces-You were the brother.
ES-That lost his life?
ES-Thank you. Can you tell us more about how Jesus fitted in with the Empire at the time that the Queens were in control?
Forces-This is a history that is beyond Histories, but remember Jesus had come down from this Galac into this earth; it is a Kingdom beyond all Kingdoms. To go into it, into the understanding of the Spirit of Christ or The Jesus that had come into the earth to reveal to people the alien nature, the extraterrestrial nature of the Kingdom. It is not been or will not be given that the Kingdoms be revealed in all, in one night, but remember he did say “My Kingdom is not of this world”. The cloud which is a ship said “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased” Now we say this tonight as we speak through this entity, we are well are well pleased with his work, but the work has not been accomplished for the seal has not been affixed, but remember who ever his seal falls on, is sealed and their destiny has been wrapped and crest for eternity, therefore the Females which are very powerful in the galaxies have no testimony to the original strength of the Father of Christ, for the Father of Christ is that of the original Kingship that we all and shall all be returning to.
ES-Thank you very much.
AL-What is my Grandmothers parents names going to be in their next life?
Forces-(Breathing heavily) their next life should be relatively soon and it would be considered, what would be an American name, DIS and an ALS Question.
DD-How does the Dog alien race fit in with the Kingship and Jesus, some try to fit them in, is he being coming from more so a Dog race?
Forces-Let us just say this, there is much to reveal to you about extraterrestrials, galaxies, constellations, Ulsa Minor, Ulsa Major serves who, the Hunter and the Hunter was who, what galaxy in the sky represents the Hunter.
Forces-And who are the servants to Orion, the constellation Ulsa Minor, Ulsa Major, Sirius. In such a thing many serious people come from, but remember they are servants to Orion. Orion is where you are having your Kingship from, it’s simple, the crest has been formed, the signet has been done.
DD-The Elohim come from Orion?
Forces-This we find to be true. Question.
DD-Can you help me with the cube of 8, do I understand it?
Forces-The cube of 8 works nobody knows why, but it works.
DD-Thank you very much.
Forces-If everyone sits under a pyramid your energy level will increase to 5 years longer, nobody knows why.
DD-Thank you.
Forces-Form a pyramid in your back yard, sit under it, put food in it, it works, nobody knows why.
Forces-At this point our time is up.
Forces-We wish you all a good New Year and only want you to know one thing, the years ahead will take a constant dedication and refocusing and the progress of faith, but to keep on the path, deviate not but go forward with the strength of knowing that in your doubt is your faith and in your faith is your future.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father