Session 613-11/?/95

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and have seen the many changes that are coming about in the political field and endeavors of international and national control. We find that conflicts are still carrying itself on in this Moon and great conflicts and battles are ensuing through the aisles of Jupiter and into Mars. We are undertaking so many different changes and demanding as such these changes. There are many instruments in which contribute to the inappropriateness of the Governments power, but as long as a constant barrage of feeding tendencies of students that these qualities could be used by the Government. None the less there still are some regions, a change of control and power. We also sa, see the major one conflict of who is in control and trying to gain in itself more of its personal life. We also find that the Soviet Union’s tables are filled with the selling and bartering of her (own)(—————) remember that these extra aliens visiting and coming into this area are not friendly and we see tremendous conflict in China (?) and above the earth. Because ah the silvers abhor such conflicts so we usually have to take the conflict going, sealing of self off from (?) kind of helps you grow into a stronger but aloof… All in all we find that these changes are coming closer and closer. As far as where would you like. Of course with these changes you do have a secret police on your side. We are trying to get people to understand the many changes and adepts in the world history. It’s something that cannot be rushed. And in so doing many ah (———-) seems like that in this particular session you might have 3 to 4 individuals speaking, when that happens pay no attention to the other 3, the one that is speaking is the one you need to listen to. You know that in your society knowing the many different changes and strange encounters that you meet with, we have a feeling that you are McDonald hamburgers’, wondered what this means, for the Great Arch is the symbol of the Reptilian aliens, 3 arches is of a different race, but the double Mac Burger unfortunately is an alien symbol and is the reptilian symbol from IO, the planet Celeste galaxy IO. In this we, we did not want to tell you everything that is happening, but we have just got confirmed and over our own TV screens, says more or less to say, the answer was “what the heck”. (Laughter) So it was that we tried to speak to you to that point in which we got confirmed to speak to you. MacDonald as you have the fast burger is a reptilian controlled organization world order style. It is something very shhhh, ahm it, it represents meat hamburger and your hamburger meat ahm. It is controlled by and to infiltrate every government and country it possibly can get into and unfortunately, bear with us, there are microchips in the plastic, they are sending out waves and, and information and gathering of information and used as a front. Ah we didn’t particularly want to tell you all this, because there is enough paranoia ism going on at this very moment, but of course, MacDonald is used as an alien force phase front, by the world order and governments of both sides. So it’s a convenient spot, there is nothing wrong with it, but you need to understand where it’s coming from. It will be controlled and it will be useful not only for the reptilian aliens, but also for us, we will take advantage of it. Of course you would say, well ,what does this mean to us, hmm well everything and nothing, everything because there are many different changes coming, and in this part of the things that are coming, we find that the labels and symbolisms are more pronounced ever before. There is a question of how do you know, know the alien reptilian force or alien reptilian in front of you? There are many different caricatures of a reptilian person, this is what I would consider the breakdown of reptilian knowledge or you knowing the fact that the reptilian society alien creatures as we spoke about many years ago, are on their way back. Needless to say, what does this impact imply upon us, being that we are here and the representation of this force, you are protected in that very presence of our presence, of this particular mode of creature, therefore, they cannot touch you. It is not you we worry about, but the force of others that are into our lined and breaking out and sharing of this protection is our main goal. We still haven’t answered the question, we know. How can you discern a reptilian alien in front of you? You can’t, why can’t you, you can’t. Well that phone call is good but we must not break this connection. How can you tell, they have slits in their eyes lateral or known as cats eyes.
1. Obstacle.
2. Scales. There are certain scale like creatures that being that reptilian nature, their scales would be found below the ear lobes or in back of the ears, they are scale nature substances.
3. You would find more or less a foul smell, occasionally coming from them; they cannot process the food or air vitally right.
4. They do try to interfere and block information; they do not particularly like this information coming through.
6 or 5
5. They are mathematical, very’ very astute to mathematics and very wise in calculus.
6 or 5 or 7. They find themselves to be always finger digital movement mild force, in short they have a problem of fingers always moving, reptilian fingers always move they do not stay still.
6 or 7. Serpent tongue. The tongue is quick and strange as it is there are some reptilian humanoids that have snake well, Zzzz lizard shaped tongues that dart out, that you don’t particularly want to hear, we know.
Then you have scales on the fingers, the third digit finger has a scale within a scale, moon within a moon, this is very difficult for them to cover up, they can become humanoid in certain form, but the third finger has three or two moons on it, this is a quick give away, no one is supposed to know this, you do.
Are they dangerous, um huh, they can be very mean and nasty, they have no respect for your children or younger creatures, in fact they particularly like storing of younger creatures for their food supply. What does this mean, they abduct children? You have a thousand children to a thousand five hundred children in America, a day abducted, what does that mean, they disappear. What did they disappear for, their food, they like the children because there is no toxins in their bodies, therefore the toxicity of humans, you, stink, they don’t want you, there is too much toxicity’s, more metals, albumen, all sorts of you,you,you, ecoli, your ecological damage, you are a disaster to their systems. They are meat eaters and unfortunately, this is the story. Now, these reptilians are nasty creatures, apart, they look upon the human race with disparaging ways, they have no regards for you as humans, in fact they have contempt for humans. They do not like humans, they do not like humans, we could all say together THEY DO NOT LIKE HUMANS. Well now that the first lessons continued, now we have fulfilled this information, reptilians are not your friends. In this way (we don’t have to repeat that) in this way we find that reptilian aliens are not good God like creatures, in fact on the scale of one to ten, one being not too bad, ten being the worst, they rate a sole total of thirteen, so, what we would see, these creatures are obnoxious, devious, man-eaters and like children, they also have a certain habit of fouling the air, when they are in or nearby and they have a certain aspect of total dislike for things other than themselves. What we are all trying to show you here, being “What the heck” was the command, it is to share with you this information, not to alarm you, but it is been said the reptilians are coming back. Reptilians are also a part of the Satan- Lucifer family, where they have wings and bat wings in the back, scales and have all the characteristics we have just spoken about, that’s why the church had taken it upon itself, the last time they were here, around the 14th century, 15th century and 13th century, that they prepared the people and strengthened them for these evil ones, what they did then, there was no control over, though what you could you not see this, they could do anything they wanted to then and you know it’s almost different now, but they think it is the same, that they can do anything they want to, well not with us being present here and the force of our presence in its making. Unfortunately, they cannot do everything they want to then, which is fortunate, which is fortunate for yourselves. Now we move on to the next point and the next point is the different scenarios of World Governments, ammunitions (? Anthrax) and what you call conflicts. We see Israel’s course changing in many different ways and they are taking off of their own Prime Minister. Ah there is a, a stall, a non-movement until all these issues are corrected in its own basics. We also find that there are many different canyons and reservoirs one is for one aspect the other is for another aspect. Finding out the information is a very important and hustling type (show) to continue to receive information regardless of what other people fear or think, this information must be preserved and must be guarded. We now ready for your, were now ready for some of your questions.
IS-Thank you for coming in. Is Israel at this point on schedule, was this something that was going to happen, is that part of the prophecy with Rabin now out of the way, in any way shape or form?
Forces-Not really, but there was a schedule not the murder aspect, but there was a (——) a respected schedule to go on.
IS-The prophecy as it stands Syria will be the catapult.
Forces-Well Syria has always been its own worst enemy; in fact Syria has always been an enemy to the Israeli people. Question.
IS-Thank you.
JW-You said the reptilian armies are approaching from Jupiter, how long before they get really close?
Forces-In 2 months to 3 months.
JW-Thank you.
AL-What’s my mission?
Forces-To eat all your food in a timely manner, to drink your milk in a timely manner, to go to school and fulfill your classes and workload and to come home and to do your homework in a timely manner, in fact I think timely manner is very good and coins the proper type of information. The mission for you is to accomplish this lifetime in a timely manner and we would say the pressures of the world, of course you will put into its right focus. You can build a great empire on the spirit of, the spirit within and the light and the color of your own commitments into this, but everything has to be in its right focus. So your mission is to develop self every day, to become better and an intricate part in the whole daily operations and to receive information that will give you a hint on what you are to accomplish in this lifetime. But it seems again timely manner is very important to you.
AL-Thank you.
JN-It seems like a lot of people in the Baltimore Washington area have been sighting UFOs and having alien abduction type experiences. Why is it happening in that area or is it happening everywhere and what I can do to help?
Forces-It is happening in the area and a lot more than normally reported, what can you do to (?) the aspect of sharing, those individuals who have an abduction, that you would share information of how to understand what there (—-) what’s this in front of you and where you are going. All these particular information would be very, very important.
JN-Could you clarify that please?
Forces-In what particular case.
JN-Exactly what I need to be doing for these people?
Forces-Well let’s say for these people, ah the one meal is not going to kill them, if they have more than one meal in one given day then they have a habit of (—–) personal (—). We also find that the refrigerator being not here, one cannot understand what is going on.
IS-Thank you. Is there a reason why the information keeps coming and going?
Forces-That’s the way information is. Question.
ED-What’s my mission?
Forces-Oh same as for the younger one, but this one be receptive and positive, every obstacles that have been placed before you and remember before you know it, that the child that you take care of now will, will have its own life and its own force and its own (—–) adventures. I feel that in this particular case (? Ace is ace).
IS-Should we continue asking questions?
Forces-Oh the next person.
Q: When the reptilians arrive in two to three months, are there any specific occurrence we might look for?
Forces: First of all, as we said, let us focus not on just one race, but a whole lot of races, people have a feeling that they’ll be good, when they find out that they are not good, then they are bad, and if they are bad their not good. Oh (phone rings) Of course you will not interfor, inter, inter interfere with that particular inter, interact, interruption, but I think we answered the question whether they are good. We cannot answer any more that ah, oh, that they are good or not, they are just plain downright bad. Question.
TV-Could you tell me what time of day I was born?
Forces-We find that you had come into the earth plane more or less in the afternoon, particularly there are different time frames, but 2:00 to 2:30 on the spirit level you came in, you materialized physically somewhat later.
TV-Thank you.
Forces-You have a habit of materializing somewhat later. (Laughter)
TV-Thank you.
DD-In Islamic Mysticism, Shaykh Nazim says that the Anti-Christ is chained on an unknown island, like Napoleon, and he has 30 lieutenants. Is that correct or is that symbolic?
Forces-Well we can only say that the analogy of it in information gathering finds that, yes. Question.
DD-How is he chained?
Forces-Well chained in a different way or force field is put around him that he doesn’t break through it.
DD-Who’s the ones who are holding him?
Forces-A group of World Order forms, leaders and endeavoring money makers, bankers.
DD-So they will release him when they want to?
DD-The reptilians are into calculus, I’m studying it too.
Forces-Does that make you reptilian.
Forces-Does that make you reptilian.
DD-I wonder.
Forces-Some of us do too. (Laughter)
DD-It’s a different type of Calculus that you.
Forces-Are talking about.
DD-Could you give me any more information, you’ve given me some?
Forces-In which re, respect.
DD-Another hint about the Calculus?
Forces-You will find that the answers we have given you will serve and are accurate to the very point of discovery and in your discovery of the numbers you will find that backwards would be forwards and forwards will be backwards, not to give you semantics here, but the answers that you are looking for in some particular parts of the scheme is that it materializes on a spirit form first, then taking its shape on a physical form second, it materializes on the ethers first only to material, manifest on a physical later.
DD-Thank you very much.
IS-You don’t mean Napoleon physically is still alive?
Forces-Well we feel that if he was he could be very old today. (Laughter) but no we are saying that his etheric energy form body is in this area. Question.
IS-Now was not Napoleon also Hitler and he is going to be the Third one too?
Forces-Well were not going to jump onto that bandwagon, but we will say there’s an aspect of truth in it.
IS-That’s why he’s being held down.
Forces-Well shes being held down because of its own law and, ahh indecision to find himself with (indecision.)
IS-Thank you.
DOM-The UFO that Gloria and I saw, and we didn’t see in its entirety, was it good or was it evil.
Forces-Is it, what color is surrounding it?
DOM- Orange.
Forces-Then we would say that it was a reptilian force. The orange color is another scale of information, you see ships in the sky, if they have orange a breathing glowing force around it, 99.9% you will be their Big Mac. (Laughter)
DOM-Thank you.
ES- When the reptilians come is part of their aim to release this entity off the island and part of the world order is to control that entity for our purposes or their purposes against the reptilians?
Forces: Well that can be applied, but it is also their ability to infiltrate, to take over the earth in a negative form, which of course, we will not allow to happen, because we represent that force of Mighty Mouse. (Laughter) We give a secret in that little explanation, but their force is that they have been here many thousands of years ago and just coming back to see what has been done, how the people have advanced and what has been accomplished.
IS- Why did they leave, or what made them leave in the first place?
Forces- Because they are on a cyclical journey and their comet and force of energy has to be moved wherever they are at, or at has to be reflective of the energy field that is allowing them to be.
IS-Oh my God am I understanding?
Forces- We understand, that you understand, that we all might understand. Question?
IS-Thank you
JE- If it was thousands of years ago, why did they put, I guess the cathedrals; those are images of reptiles, why did they put them on top of the cathedrals?
Forces: To remind you of their presence and their being here, to remind you of the battle that they had with them and to remind you that they are still lurking and will be back, also it is also the aspect of creating the Omar, it is called the thought form, Omar for them, is that will not allow them to materialize where such forms are created.
JE- So the cathedral was a representation of keeping the evil away?
Forces- The reason why this is placed on the high pentacles of the cathedral towers, is because the reptilians etheric level, forms on that level or that height above the earth, and it is an Omar to cast them from that level, therefore, they cannot materialize down on the earth, because the Omar has sent them away.
IS-Do they eat flesh or do they eat the blood?
Forces-Well, I don’t know if they have a choice or if their choosy, the fact is anything goes with that aspect.
IS-So those that we consider, or call vampires, are yet another race?
Forces-Well no they are reptilian by nature too.
IS-So they are part of that race.
Forces-They are part of what would be called the Dracul area, more so called Dog People, Dog Face, Sluppals, woof, woof. (Laughter)
IS-Now, Ann Rice, has she seen them or is she getting automatic writing?
Forces-She is receiving, seeing and automatic.
IS-So she knows what she is doing?
Forces: Yes.
Forces- What is the big force of this, the Dracul dog, dog, woof, woof face, has a what would be called a Uff-no that is a repugnancy to us, we have a habit of pissing people off, excuse us in using that terminology, but we have heard, rather than do that than to be (? afoot) but the fact is we anger and aggravated their situation, we don’t do it deliberately, it’s our very Presence of body and mind. The entity has activated certain elements within the creative mechanisms that he is working with. To set certain Towers of Strength in the vicinity and areas, and these Towers and Strengths would be augmented as Pillars of Omar, or Pillars of Omar to dispel, distract and send away the reptilian, reptilians work on many different levels, they can walk through walls, they work also through your electrical outlets, they also work through, strangely as it is, the running water of engines, they also do not like Christmas lights. It irritates their slanted eyes, their ah, ah, ah, ah, ah astral eyes and Christmas lights are a what would be considered, a secret weapon of ah, of us. You wondered why we said, many years ago, hang your lights, hang your Christmas Lights, (Forces singing) deck the halls with boughs of holly. If you too understand all the weird things you do, you might say, oh, now we know, so Christmas time is not a particular good time for the reptilian races sometimes it is good to hang Christmas lights throughout your trees all year round, but of course, your electrical bill would send you to the sky roof, but maybe, what we’re trying to say is, we fight the alien reptilian force race, Dracul, dog people, woof, woof, in direct and indirect ways and a direct way openly revealed to you just now is through that. Another way to fight these entities or satanic forces is blue colored and light colored colors, clothing colors can particularly have a… Question?
IS-Thank you very much.
NN-The space center in San Antonio, is that still a strong alien center?
Forces- Yes, Yes.
NN-Why did they remove the dam that used to be there? I mean, was that part of some…?
Forces-Well, let us say the base is under that, so there was a conflict and skirmish in that regards.
NN-Why that particular area, why is that so good for them?
Forces-Because the caverns and the canals, and the covert action underneath.
NN-And is that mostly reptilian?
NN-Thank you.
MIM-The entity had told me told me I was a Cardinal in the Vatican in what year and whom?
Forces-Well we would have to return back to a Book to see, but we have you in the 13th century and it was in Italy of course, as one of the Cardinals of the South District.
MIM-Thank you.
MIM-Is it important for us to always maintain our rings on and our star and crosses when we go outside, being with all the alien invasions and so on?
Forces- The ring was a symbol to fight the reptilian creature, they cannot take the ah, the latticework of the gold because of its geometric design, it again, is offensive to their optic Light Lines ah eyes, and its symbolism or symbolic geometric design of the star and cross ah is an offensive ah symbol for them, because we are offensive to them.
MIM-Thank you.
JU-Recent discussions of the Presidential succession and changing of the 25th amendment, is that a healthy discussion or is it how to control the country?
Forces-Well of course this is what’s going on, the control of more and more of the country.
JU-Thank you.
JU-What kind of connection does the Pope and the Vatican and the network of the Vatican’s intelligence throughout the world have?
Forces- A very much so connection.
JU-With the aliens?
Forces-Yes. But they in the interim are trying to fight, but there are a group, or segregated group, within a group that’s trying to help.
JU-An extract that causes the body to produce DHEA is that helpful or is that a negative thing?
Forces-Well we don’t find it to be negative; we find it to be creative and helpful.
JU-Thank you
HR-Was it the World Order that forced Colin Powell not to seek the election.
Forces-Because he was going to run.
HR-Would it have been a good thing or a bad thing?
Forces-It would have not worked in appropriate actions with the World Orders desires and plans, therefore last week they told him not to run, that he should not run, and that if he did run he would not live.
JU-How was that message delivered to him?
JU-By an individual that he would recognize?
Forces-By the World Order representative Henry Kissinger.
JU-Thank you.
HR-Thank you.
DE-How do I know when I’m doing God’s will and not my will?
Forces-Will-tell you. (Laughter)
SP-I work for a large computer company research center, with very high-level intellectual people and before, you said that one of the characteristics of the reptilians was mathematics, I worked in a building with very high level mathematicians, is there a good chance there are a lot of them or a good portion of them in my building, and if so, how can I protect myself from them?
Forces- We notice a little nervousness in your voice. (Laughter) A blue stone would be good around, or taped strange as it is, in the navel area, this blue stone would fight their negative charge. Reptilians have a habit of taking the energy from this area of its creatures. Also, yes it is true, you do have a certain percentage of Zillyent people, we call them Zillyent people, these are the crossovers, that come into the earth and work as humans, but they’re Zillyent people because they are the fore runners, or scouts for the main alien group that’s coming in. You also will have the Digital people and these are the ones we speak about that are always moving their fingers. I guess it would stand to reason, in a mathematical equation, that they would be hitting the calculator more often than not. We also do say that they are very quick with their formation of these words and algebra creations (technology solve) One moment please. (Forces breathing heavily)
Forces: Information IBM is one of the headquarters for the reptilian order.
Forces: Information You will have the computer sect orders in California, Apple.
Forces: Information has an alien base E-quasar.
Forces: Information You would also have what we call Netcom, Sitcom information order center for the World Order, you would also have what would be called Database and what you call Internet, this too is a World Order control and it is sent through, so it will control the (beams) and what would be called the chips within people throughout the world. Just because you work in IBM doesn’t make you a reptilian.
SP-Thank you.
IS-And that is another question can they, in the classic stories of the vampires, they can turn humans and make them into vampires, is that something that is real, or is that something, what is it exactly, do they create zombies so that they can feed on them or for the lean moments or…
(Tape Changed) (Part lost)
Forces: but it does take the order of wanting control, aum what would be considered, the vampires as a very well stocked race of aliens and they still exist, but in its own course of action, they do have their own think control and focal creative tanks in their order.
IS-Tanks to hold, holding tanks?
Forces: Whatever you want to call it as such. Question.
IS-Thank you. For Sarah and her situation at home is there anything that can be given to her at this moment?
Forces-We don’t all have to be flushed out and talked out and carefully looked upon. Ahm I would not particularly feel that it’s a comfortable moment, but yet it is a moment in which many different challenges have to be met. Question.
IS-Shes up for it?
Forces-Well we won’t say shes up for it, it’s more like shes down for it. Question.
IS-Thank you.
IS-Anything for Joe and Rose for his health and the second one is for their daughters?
Forces-In the (—–) particular field we do find many different changes and many different demands. Eventually this could settle out, as far as the daughters are concerned they will never settle out. There is a lot of work a lot of work a lot of ups and downs, but health will eventually, hopefully in all its due courses, ah have its own proper balance. Question.
IS-Also for Gloria, her daughter and her situation?
Forces-Again if she continues a regiment of healthy eating of food she should be on the road to recovery. Question.
IS-With the implants out?
Forces-Oh we do not want an implanted implant. Question.
IS-Thank you very much.
ES- When beings are implanted and you gave us the Psalms to read, which is something we can tell people, what is something else we can either do around them or suggest to them that could help block the ah, information, ah misinformation coming down to them from the aliens?
Forces: Candle magic is one, lighting a candle, also the Psalms and Rosary reading and also this general meditating on that.
ES-Thank you.
DD-The anti-Christ that is chained on the island is a physical body and they want to unite it with an astral body of the…
Forces-(? Host) (? Of course)
DD-And then create their own anti-Christ?
IS-This anti-Christ is not going to be somebody born, but rather somebody that’s the body is already grown up, a fusion?
Forces-This can happen yes.
DD-On the 20 sided figure is that the correct one for the world map grid?
DD-Thank you very much.
JN-I don’t know whether I am correct in remembering this from a previous session, you had mentioned that a lot of reptilians have intermingled with the Chinese”
Forces: Yes
JN-So what does that mean?
Forces- Chinese soup. (Laughter) A lot of the civilizations within China, being that it is in a rural, mountainous area was easy and acceptable for the reptilians to, advantage, to take advantage of it. Ah it has made the Chinese nation a strange concoction of different races, but it also has made them well advanced as far as their mathematical skills and calculations, but we find that there is more healthy individuals in China than the reptilians want people to believe, that they have taken control, they have not taken control over anything and they might want to have a certain amount of control, but this will not happen with our Presence here and also with the Presence of what we are putting and working through, the entity is doing again a lot a lot of Omar magic in this field in regards. So in securing the boundaries, we are ever moving forward with our Christmas lights.
IS-Now the entity having all these political involvements, what does it mean for us as a group, for those people elected?
Forces-The changing of the spheres of influence and the altering of the presence of the power (?) on the hill, so we can continue to utilize it for the good of the glory of the Higher Forces.
IS-Is my understanding correct as of this last prediction, election whatever, the entity Tom will not have his privacy as easily.
Forces-Well there is a lot more work involved and there’s an aspect of truth in that. Question.
DD-On the 8 books of Moses you told me the 3 other Books, they were the 3 elements like in the blood, do I understand Sulphur, Mercury and Salt?
DD-The Alchemist.
DD-They say that the (? gentleman) has 3 Books.
Forces-There is.
DD–Where are they located?
Forces-Spain, Portugal.
Forces-At this point we would strangely say that the amount of information we have given you has been to help you understand what is going on before you. All amount of healing in the body does not have to be done with the medications but health foods, water, fruits. Remember terrible times is also good times, when in seeing these troubled times, we find that the strength of our Presence for a few minutes will give you the Presence of the energy in the after minutes. Stick to the path, keep the spirit and faith, there are many captured aliens, over 400 of them by the World Order of different races, creeds, nationalities, colors and remember the Grays are fighting with the Benevolent ones, this one is called, there are those who are kind and compassionate and very, very graceful in their concepts of humans, also the Grays have more compassion on the children than the reptilians, and the Grays are a little bit more scared of the children themselves, but they have to have compassion to things, that we might change tonight, in order to get other things accomplished. So with not much confusion, we have filled you in as much as possible, as we can say.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father