Session 604-8/11/94

SESSION 604 8/11/94
Tom- Open up our minds and our hearts as we would perceive what you would have us to know. Amen.
Tom-Breathing heavily in and out.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and we have seen and dealt with lots of changes and wars in the galaxies. We have seen major conflicts in distant planets and star systems disappearing altogether. There are many changes going on around you and unfortunately you will be here and gone before you know of it. These changes are new galaxies being created and old ones being eliminated. There are many changes within your planet and many conditions that will be altering the nations. We find many Spiritual lessons and aspects coming about and many a revelations of the Spirit. It is the days and hours in which to be in a Spiritual path, will be in. Now those who have endured the longest will be in, in and those who just been created and formed at the moment will be in but not as much as those who were on the path for many years, those would be in, in. There will be many different signs and angels, symbolisms, thoughts, forms and many different lessons of the words. We would find that on the reading that you had explained ah in the ah Gospel the other night, would be the linage of Jesus, but it’s interesting, it is Joseph, it is more or less the linage and Mary’s linage is different more or less so both parents are different linage and yet they come to a point where it doesn’t matter about the linage for the Holy Spirit created and made that of Christ and knew not to be made by man and of course this is an interesting concept in which extraterrestrials do impregnate the female populace on the earth and one wonders if Jesus was incarnated as an alien on the earth to bring the message, makes an interesting thought, a great expectations for a movie more or less. We find that the Korean North is still uneasy even though they had the (use of quite elusive) plans to invade South Korea more or less the compromise and, and negotiations between the United States had halted such arrangements for the moment. We see Iran enormously building up or building atomic weapons and their power is unbelievable in this regards or trying to take some sort of control in the world. Iraq of course is in cahoots, along with China and Libya and what would be called Libya. We find Egypt struggling very hard to maintain the Spirit that they are expelling that of the dark side from them and Israel of course being challenged at every moment for their strength in the world but their Spirit side must be developed more in order to manifest that of the purpose. We find the United States changing again continually, drastically in its own endeavors and we find that many opportunities for the Spiritual focus will become again more and more prevalent. We find chemicals to be advised to stay away from, especially additives in foods and we find the truth about Cancer coming more and more to the surface, of the toxins and the additives that are in our food. We find that the cure for Alzheimer will be found to be quite simple and we find that there will be many clothing styles in an alien form and nature. We are now ready for your questions.
IS-Thanks very much for coming in. You said something about the ones that were the longest on the path are you speaking for the whole world, are you speaking for the group or…?
Forces-We are speaking for the consciousness that will be happening and is happening, basically the world, the path, the group, the nation, what would be at the moment.
IS-At this moment in time are there any other groups in our degree or greater?
Forces-Well we have a few but none to the point of being ex, exceedingly greater, ah just the very fact of track record is what were speaking about, maintains your position.
IS-…..the celibate approach or the married approach?
Forces-We do not want to get involved with that that is not what the spiritual path, whether you do one or the other, it’s the development within that’s important, let us not get in tack with celibacy and marriage, each one has its position and each one has its job to be worked with.
IS-I’m asking because the Catholic Religion has the celibate…?
Forces-And so does the Jewish force.
IS-Yes but it’s not as emphasized.
Forces-None the less it does exist.
IS-Thank you.
IS-Why am I having so much physical pain?
Forces-Changing of the season and different toxins being released from the body, more so the changing of the climate and moisture in the air along with the changing of the seasons for the cells.
IS-These pains are more…
Forces-different elements are coming out of the body.
IS-This late stage…?
Forces-It’s not such an element of late or early, it’s a continuum of development.
IS-Thank you.
JE-You mentioned in an earlier Session that my younger brother had been taken by aliens regularly. When we were all living together as kids, how come I was never aware of that…?
Forces-Well interestingly enough one room is a different universe from the other, ah we just see this as a Conti, a happening for him and sometimes they have in families the abduction of one and not the others.
JE-What would be the choice?
Forces-There’s to be making it.
JE-What would prevent them from taking all of us…?
Forces-The implantation and the taking of the child at an early time and also the genealogy of the linage of Father and one son and continues as it goes down the line.
JE-Is my brother aware of this?
Forces-Consciously no, but subconsciously yes.
IS-JEs Father has been abducted too?
Forces-Well it would stand to the pattern yes.
JE-Thank you.
DD-In Irish myth the beast with a 100 eyes is that the Urim
DD-The Pascal triangle that is the Thummin and that would point the opposite direction of the Urim?
DD-Would that be underneath the beads and you just move them on top of it.
Forces-You could do that yes.
DD-Is that the way to use it?
DD-I have another question about the Crystal Structure building kit is that similar to what you would use.
Forces-It could be.
DD-Is it a good set?
Forces-It works.
DD-Thank you very much.
JU-Does darkness cause the pineal to secrete melatonin as they think?
Forces-It is a creation of such but it also is a closing down of not turning on the light within.
JU-If a person sleeps with the light on does that affect the activity of the pineal at night?
Forces-It could affect it slightly. It is when no sleep happens at all that it affects it greatly.
JU-So sleeping with a light won’t doesn’t have a detrimental effect?
Forces-No it has to be an intense bright light equal to the sun.
IS-The person that does not sleep is more affected?
Forces-When sleep is not at all then the pineal is affected yes.
Forces-It doesn’t produce during those times in which it does and should.
JU-Is there a way to increase the production of melatonin or is that desirable?
Forces-Well you do not want to increase because there is a certain amount that it does a day and it cannot increase and it cannot increase if it does not produce in a day the day, the day sufficient thereof, so it only produces a certain amount each day and if one day it doesn’t then it will catch up another day, but in, in reality those who do not sleep at all, whether day or night, need to and that is why those who are caught in a war situation and cannot afford to sleep, become deprived and illusion starts setting in.
JU-The hot and cold pattern that I go through is that ok?
Forces-Well we don’t understand.
JU-I’ll be sick and all of a sudden it will stop?
Forces-Lower your sweet intake and sugar intake and pastry intake and salt intake and these flashes of what would be called temperature changes will subside.
JU-Thank you.
MIM-In a pamphlet that DD gave me to read it explains how Lucifer uses the element of breath to attack those who are on the white force, who are on the spiritual path, what other signs are we to look for which Lucifer would use to attack the white force?
Forces-A lot of times it’s the personal ego, in which a person feels there cause is right and immediately creating certain confrontations ahhh issues or what would be considered issues or statements of people and things, they look great and sound great, but then it just takes away, so you have to be careful of different issues and, and agendas because each one has a set ah aspect, ah not enough praying and too much mental work and visualization in those fields.
MIM-Thank you.
JW-In the dreams of the wars and ships, there’s always an element of not being able to be directly touched although you’re deeply involved in a situation, what is the secret?
JW-Dreams of wars and ships and deeply involved but never touched by the other side, what is the secret?
Forces-More like a protective field ah around but also to give you understanding of the importance of self discipline and self inner strength.
JW-The Rosaries a key there?
Forces-That helps yes, but most important and that standing on that is the foundation that gives you the strength, but you must keep the gate strong ah from what would be considered (?) doubts and anxieties.
JW-Thank you.
ES-Thank you very much for being with me the last couple of weeks and getting me through that. The shape that I’ve drawn every since I was little, is that the Pituitary or is that the incubators in the ships?
Forces-Well both are the same.
ES-Did I see the incubators?
Forces-There might be a perception of that existence ah?
ES-How is that the same as the Pituitary?
Forces-It is formed the same way.
ES-Tissue wise or…?
Forces-Design wise and also tissue wise.
ES-Why would I be drawing it?
Forces-Because it affected you.
ES-In what way?
Forces-Knowing that it exists.
ES-Up there?
Forces-Up there and in there.
ES-Thank you very much.
TV-Thank you for taking care of me day after day.
Forces-We’ll send you a bill. (Laughter)
TV-Is there any guidance for me for this New Year?
Forces-There is an aspect of spiritual development of finding that sound and finding that implementation of unlocking certain keys of spiritual laws and in so doing it will create the focus and the stick-to-itiveness and understanding ah some spiritual principals that have not been uncovered.
TV-Thank you.
IS-Will L. F. win…?
Forces-There will be a struggle but we, we see his inability to hear of becoming or running for senator has created great changes for him, there are times when he thinks he should have done it, ah we see the potential for him los, winning is ok, but there are kind of unpredictable encounters coming up, but we do see in the end part a winning feat.
IS-The card reading was correct…?
Forces-Well you did but there are changes that has to be, unpredictable changes and that leaves it up in the air, people will be making the decision on the very day of the election, one way or the other, so there is a wanting in him and that is his inability to be concrete, too flexible or going back and forth, if anything in the next few weeks he must make a stand that right or wrong will give him that respect he needs.
IS-Should I tell him?
Forces-It is up to you, but a stand that will last as a direction not as opinions or statements.
IS-Thank you.
Forces-Well one or two or three or four might want to, it’s up to where and what the needs are.
IS-Is Paul Olko good for me?
Forces-It will ah be good yes.
IS-Dreams about BN…?
Forces-There is a desire for a return ah?
Forces-Well he did leave in one fact a great desire for spiritual advancements ah there are times when he feels he’s doing it but quietly he knows he’s still missing the energy that can’t be found anywhere else.
IS-He knows it consciously?
Forces-Well were not going to say that openly. Question.
IS-Second dream…?
Forces-It is pointless.
IS-Is card reading for group correct?
Forces-We find it to be very correct.
IS-Daniel typing the Sessions is that correct?
Forces-He will be on his own flow and not make demands, as it is it is a major step to attaching that strength in itself.
IS-Thank you for finding somebody to help with cars, fixing. Is that going to be permanent help?
Forces-Well you’ll find it to be (—–).
IS-Thank you. Am I beginning to close the financial holes?
IS-Will I be able to do the therapy by myself?
Forces-Well gradually the therapy will have its positive-ness to you yes.
IS-By myself?
Forces-We see this can happen.
IS-Why do I feel worse…?
Forces-Things do change. Question.
IS-I will never get back to…?
Forces-We don’t understand what you’re saying.
IS-I feel sicker now…?
Forces-Things are changing for you making it in its own field develop more and more and better with the changes.
IS-Thank you is Paul Olko also good for what ails Tom?
Forces-It is helping yes.
IS-Thank you for all the things that we’ve been through the last few weeks. Is there anything for the group and for me individually in this New Year?
Forces-There will be more a spiritual enlightenment going on and movement on that plane for understanding and application on a physical level.
IS-Any more understanding?
Forces-That is enough.
IS-For me personally?
Forces-That was personal too.
IS-Understand it…?
Forces-Well it will be understood as you go through the doing to apply the learning of receiving.
IS-Is there something that I should not be doing or doing with the therapy?
Forces-No we see it to be ok at this moment.
IS-Including the (?) that I have…?
Forces-No that occasionally won’t hurt but not to do it to often.
IS-That part the pains…?
Forces-Well you could try it and stop it and see what happens.
IS-Thank you.
JE-How close are the X-files or what there based on and why are they coming out now?
Forces-Unfortunately people are wondering if it’s the information given during those times ah and it is, but it is also the government wanting to reveal and release the information gradually too.
JE-What caused them to come out this week with a whole statement about the Roswell incident?
Forces-Well there the governments doing the swan dance.
IS-So they want it to come out but they don’t want to be blamed?
Forces-Well they want the information to be revealed and then they want to work with the information to get people ready for the information so when the information does become information, people will already, will already know the information.
IS-There saying it was a Russian thing?
Forces-That is what they say for the moment now, that’s only to give you disinformation on the information to get you to ask for more information.
IS-Now McFarland and all the information that he came out with about Bush and about Regan and about Oliver North is that correct?
Forces-Well we find it to be information, some could be misleading, but it’s still information.
IS-Is he right?
Forces-He has some elements of information that’s correct, yes.
IS-Will that affect what’s happening?
Forces-Unfortunately I don’t think it will affect anyone, people are just trying to live, they don’t care what information comes on as long as the information doesn’t bother them and in reality the information bothers everyone of us, but they don’t care because the information is not something that they will understand at this moment.
IS-So Oliver North is going to be elected for senator.
Forces-Well that could be another type of information that will come across the airways. He has a very good chance of making a good go at it, but I don’t know as we would say the information coming out can again disperse the election to that away from him.
IS-Thank you.
Forces-It is that this year’s election is so up in the air as far as what really going to come down; up to the very day decisions are going to be made, but it does look like he does have a chance of making a dent in the whole election. Question.
DD-Fluxions are the energy structure around the earth is that correct?
DD-The fluxions that Newton talked about are the energy structure around the earth.
DD-The same as the Urim?
IS-Is not the structure Elohim-Jehovah?
Forces-It is a manifestation of the structure and the words yes.
DD-Trig is the physical and algebra is the mental?
IS-The Elohim is the Ring Pass Not?
Forces-It is the power of that energy manifest in to that.
IS-Then Jehovah is the one above it?
IS-Did I understand the genealogy the other night?
Forces-Yes you did that well.
IS-Was that understood by the parties…?
Forces-Uh hum, even inscribing that force on the staff that the entity holds, has a certain amount of heritage in it. Question.
IS-Thank you.
DD-You said at a right angle to a circle you would find the new math?
Forces-We find that to be true.
DD-JEs Father and brother with the aliens, there is those lineages that they are allowed to touch and others belong to different things and are not allowed to be touched by the aliens?
Forces-We find that to be true.
IS-So JE and his brother may be same house or different but…?
Forces-That is why in this particular case and JE was touched by us and had no problems coming with us on the path. Sorry about that.
IS-So there is a definite design?
Forces-Always. It’s not sending letters out to people to entice them to you it is the call that is called the invisible call that souls come.
IS-…all those letters..?
Forces-Well praying over them and sending invisible messages to them too.
IS-I work better with a picture don’t I?
Forces-Yes. Question.
DD-The war they had beyond Jupiter they said that was a comet, but that was one of the alien ships?
Forces-We would agree with you.
DD-Who blew up who?
Forces-It really doesn’t matter they’re all interrelated and it’s so complex before we give you the answer, it will be changed when we finished.
DD-You said we had alien technology in the 1700s what countries had it?
Forces-England and Germany.
DD-So they had UFOs in the 1700s?
Forces-Well they had the capabilities. Question.
DD-Thank you.
JU-Is there an exercise or Psalms, or some pattern I could do that would help with focus and concentration?
Forces-Saying certain words for a period of time can help focus and concentration.
JU-Are there special words or just choose?
Forces-Even if it is just a word in the Bible of different tribes or different angels that will help.
JU-Thank you.
JU-What caused the plane crash in Pittsburg airport?
Forces-There are unbelievable answers to that and we think it will never totally be revealed, but it would be a conflict of certain mechanical problems along with what would be called alien problems.
JU- Alien problems in what way?
Forces-Trying to get or go through different space areas that were set up for an alien ship to move by can cause a downward flight of the plane to go directly into the ground.
JU-Thank you.
MIM-In the UVA institution, the model unit program do you see that lasting for a while or are the higher management going to eliminate it in some way?
Forces-Well it’s already irrelevant, because changes are coming from every different direction.
MIM-So the model unit in itself will go back to the way it was?
Forces-Even that will be changed t0.
MIM-Thank you.
JW-Could you help me to remember the 6 points that God told me in a dream?
Forces-Yes each point will be revealed when needed.
JW-Thank you.
ES-The dream Where I was helping stock an apartment for people the homeless or misplaced people after what I thought were aliens. Were they aliens or just humans in uniform or taking over the city?
Forces-You’re seeing an evolution of these changes coming and their new children and there being regrouped and some are being recycled.
ES-The children are being recycled?
ES-The souls are coming in now?
ES-Thank you very much. Was I in a spaceship pilot…?
Forces-You have some doubts about it. Question.
TV-I was reading about the Reston Ebola virus a virus they found in Reston Virginia in which they had to kill all the monkeys and some of the scientist had contracted it, but it turned out not to be contagious…
Forces-Contagious to humans.
TV-Is that all true or was there…
TV-Did they kill any of the scientists there?
Forces-Some disappeared yes.
TV-Did they get it under control?
TV-So it’s going to pop up somewhere?
Forces-Oh yes.
TV-Thank you.
IS-A new plague?
Forces-Everyday there’s a new plague happening, the question is nobody has understood it.
IS-What can one do?
Forces-Cup of tea with honey, a little bit of lemon won’t hurt.
IS-The universes that you said that will come, vanish, go away and it will all be happening we will not be around. As souls where will we be or some of us?
Forces-Oh you’ll be moving through time and space, but you will not be as you are known now on the earth.
IS-Will any of us come back to the earth?
Forces-It’s up to you.
IS-Normally reincarnation would not be up to us would it?
Forces-You have a certain amount of choice in that yes.
IS-But these Universes that are coming and being destroyed, is earth part of that destruction cycle or is earth going to survive somehow?
Forces-Well there is a time when earth will no longer be, but that will be down the road.
IS-Has there been a cycle, before this cycle where we have Jesus as our Messiah, has there been a previous evolution…?
IS-That there was another kind of Jesus?
Forces-Yes always, there’s always been a Way shower.
IS-And how long ago was the last one before Jesus?
Forces-About 8 to 9 thousand before Jesus, there are 18 thousand ah it is comes from different societies, different civilizations, different moments, there’s always a pentacle that hasn’t been reached that everyone strives to reach.
IS-But the previous Messiahs had an impact the same as Jesus?
IS- Same impact on civilization?
IS-Were they a lesser evolution?
Forces-Nothing is ever lesser when souls are trying to reach it.
IS-Have we as a race evolved through the eons or it really doesn’t matter because it’s through reincarnation, different souls fill the same spots?
Forces-More or less they both make sense yes.
IS-Now what happens to all of these people that you have called, that were touched by you and yet they went off, like in JEs case the aliens couldn’t touch JE because you touched JE and maybe his brother something else touched him so the aliens couldn’t touch him either good or bad. What happens to these people that you have touched and they veered off, are they now free game for the Universe or are they still belonging just to you?
Forces-Well there is that point that they can’t go on the path until they return, so they might mark time but they will not make any progress until they return.
Forces-At this moment we will have to be leaving and we’ll be watching and we will return for other information.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father