Session 603-7/9/94

Tom- (Laying on couch) Open our Hearts and our Minds as we would perceive what you would have us to know. Amen.
Tom-(Breathing in and out heavily)
Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area as can see and we have the changes of many ah natures again. The spiritual world or side as we know it will finally be revealed of what we ah, are ah leading too is the fourth level of when you’ll be (X potentially ripped into). What we will be seeing is certain cracks or veils lifted ah with ultra-violet to the lowest level of optimum vibray, vibration then in such a condition the spirits world, souls from the other side will be filtered and have a positive exposure on film which would be revealed under certain solutions. All this will accidently be discovered ah, there has been ah discovery and claims of capturing the spirit world and this is a great of revelation that will begin to change attitudes of dealing with one another and handling one another in a different perspective other than the greed. We also will say that the conditions of discovery, they will call them certain elements or characteristics of chemical vibrations. You got what would be considered the chemicals ah, ah, ah, what would be in your language ah, the ah elements and an element will be discovered and also a new element of ah, ah understanding. There are certain ah in chemistry elements numbered, but now 7 to 17 elements would be from this quality and one after another will be ah discovered. What would be these elements found ah likely again in Ireland it will be discovered along with elementals. So we have this quality also appearing in ah parts of Finland. We have a great explosion of different approaches in Norway, Sweden and Finland being a strong country system of proclaiming a different way of doing things ah even to ah the point of together as a country ahm we have this understanding that a great ah energy ah revelation field will be opened and a great cure for Aids will be ah revealed by different qualities of energy, vibration, light and meditation, sound and color coordination along with this energy ah exposure, it is like sauna or a sauna light it would be called. Now we have different explosions in North Korea with the changes coming on and connected with the peoples move ah on internal ah marches ah we mentioned ah these qualities before and the progress is still happening. There is a great discussion of Tibet being given back its land in which will create great pains and anxieties within China and this again should be focusing ah before the year is out. We find the different ships and boats are making excursions to Ha, Haiti and making stops to pick up, private yachts and boats picking up immigrants or citizens or whatever. But there shall be a great conflict within the people of Haiti, for there is such conflict in that country along with its own development. We also find that the Soviet Union will make attempts to establish different monetarial skills and different inventions that would shock the East and the West in its attempt to declaring itself ah as capable as producing such inventions ah we also see the a ah new plane system that would be called the saucer or the flying ship in which the government will then come clean of its information of obtaining the quatrains (coordinates) and the degrees of how to create anti-gravity ships as we have given to you many years ago will be exactly of the same principle ahm we also understand that there is tremendous ah upheavals that will be in ah Africa and it will create great animosity and conflicts of life and how to support such undertakings. We see the Vatican going through changes along with the Pope of course and we also see a new consciousness coming up on the scenes to allow woman to become servants of the Priest and after they serve the Mass they do, and it is a first step of many different levels in which the woman then will become in the area for a priesthood. We are seeing many different changes coming about in America and different countries being stronger and less dependent on the need of central government, but more individual governance. We see food supplies dwindling in certain countries along with certain cure for different cancers coming forward. These are strange for the Liver cancer along with ah breast cancer; there should be a tie between both.
Forces-We are now ready for your questions.
IS-Thank you for coming in and for all this information. Did you say a cure for Liver and Breast Cancer?
Forces-Breast Cancer is going to be revealed that it is hooked up to the Liver. It is the Liver that sends the signals of the (? expiring) Cancer cell hooking up to the breast. The Liver in a woman is connected directly to the left breast.
IS-Will they also find a cure?
Forces-Yes they will be finding a antibody to inject into the Liver that will create the reaction of the antibodies into the ah, the Mammo glands and lymphatic glands surrounding the breast.
IS-When will this happen?
Forces-In less than 2 years.
IS-Would that be something then valuable for me?
Forces-It will be only if the cancer cell comes back, but not to do it until that time, in, in your particular case we do not see it necessary.
IS-Thank you.
IS-So you don’t see it coming back?
IS-Thank you, period.
Forces-Well what we are trying to say is, the atmosphere and the ozone levels makes us all susceptible to cancer cells, if we are careful and cautious we would have no problems of it ever coming back.
IS-What does careful and cautious mean?
Forces-Not too much sun exposure.
IS-And that’s the major ingredient?
Forces-You we, you will find this to be a, a, a element in which it will affect the liver in a negative sense. The liver creates only the cancer causing cell when too much ultra-violet sunlight pollutant by that of the ozone level creates this happening.
IS-Thank you.
IS-The cure for Aids when will that come forth?
Forces-That is already in the process that’s happening.
IS-Is it going to be anything like you’ve given us about the cure for Aids?
Forces-That will be on the line of its cure of course, once the Medical Profession gloats over it, they distill it down to the bare essence, taking the (glot) and the basics away making it very fundamental ah but basically it will still be the same element.
IS-Recognizable as such.
IS-As the same as what we had?
IS-Recognizable to somebody who is familiar with it?
IS-Thank you and for Mary N. anything?
Forces-She is going through her own moments and unfortunately it is very painful, but if she just keeps her spirits and maintains it as best as she can, it will pass over too.
IS-Jeanne A. who (————————).
Forces-It would be a visit that will be good and enlightening, along with many different services in the house she should (?).
IS-Thank you. …the chemical vibration is something that we are not totally aware of at this point is that what you mean?
Forces-It will be of such yes.
IS-I mean I’m aware of it but scientist are not recognizing such a thing at this point, so how will it be in Ireland and in Finland it will be discovered?
IS-Thank you very much.
JE-In the last Session you were talking about other galaxies and people I don’t know if they were humans or different evolutions, different galaxies. How are those peoples evolution compared to ours in terms of the Fall of Man or building up to Atlantis and the destruction and starting over again and the Messiah coming and accepting Christ and moving on? What big milestones happened in their evolution compared to us, something that we could relate to?
Forces-Could you kindly put it to the bottom line question. Could you break that down for us what you want.
JE-How is their evolution different or compared to ours?
Forces-The evolution is that they have to work on their emotions, that they have lost. They envy the earth people because they have emotions. We’re working on the aspect of Love in this emotional ring. Emotions are the evolution scales of the ladder that is good for the centers of the body, but they have lost their emotions so they are not growing in any direction. They have to regain emotions.
JE-So if they are working on emotions, in this aspect were working on the Love aspect is that correct?
JE-So is each galaxy sort of working on different aspects of development is that how it works? Or are they simultaneously moving up and each one is like a different school?
Forces-Each galaxy is working on a different part of the center within and without and (?), that is what will always go on in the evolution of the earth.
JE-So where do we go from here after this one, what’s next?
Forces-Plenty. (Laughter)
JE-Thank you.
IS-If we need emotions in order to achieve through the medium of emotions, if they do not have emotions, what have they been working on or nothing and how can they…?
Forces-They have been working on the cee, cen, centering of themselves. Now there are other a, ah, ah, sssh, ah, properties of, of, of civilizations that are working on different elements altogether. So the properties are different from place to place.
IS-So each being that we recognize as an alien really are…?
IS-…they are different learning processes?
Forces-Uhmmmm yes.
IS-Is that why they are physically different?
Forces-Well there are some that have different types of reptile, there’s some humanoid looking, some (e) longated looking, some short, some round, some ah…So each one has their own characteristics.
IS-Did you say reptile?
IS-So is each one of them a different lesson and is that why they look so different or is it because they come from different places?
Forces-Yes it is true but comes from different places and of course the first part of the question is correct.
IS-So that would be true for anybody, anywhere in the whole entire Universe or Universes that we manifest the thing we work on?
IS-Thank you.
MIM-How many thrones have been left vacant through the fall of Lucifer and his followers?
Forces-Well initially 2, but of all there’s a thousand and one ah different numbers to give you the correct answer to that, for at any moment it changes.
MIM-Who will fill those thrones?
Forces-Hopefully the throne will be still used by the deciding angel.
IS-Did you just say at this point…?
IS-At this point still angels that fall?
Forces-Well let us say this; their capability of falling is there. But at this point it has the gross potential of moving to the light side.
IS-That’s what is meant by that as below so above, we are a reflection of what is really happening with the angels?
IS-Who does it first we or the angels?
Forces-Well hopefully the angels will do it first.
IS-When it comes to the bad side also the angels?
Forces-Well hopefully yes.
IS-Thank you.
MIM-If that’s the case does that mean that man can try to reach that higher place, a throne, occupy a throne?
MIM-And has Francis of Assisi taken over the throne of Lucifer as I read in a text recently?
Forces-Well we, we don’t know if he’s a sissy. (Laughter) No the answer to that is no.
MIM-Thank you.
IS-Can really a human occupy an angel’s seat?
Forces-There is a theological expression, no. (Laughter)
IS-Because it’s a different species so to speak.
Forces-You need to get ah, ah castrated first. (Laughter)
IS-So it’s a whole different evolution is that right?
Forces-What we are trying to say is the angels are of a network of deities from a different galaxy and their development, that have no need to have sex changes as we do. They eat through osmosis and moving in the air, of course they don’t eat the way you do. So that is the force in which the ah angel, angelic world moves about.
IS-And yet they are capable of falling continuously?
Forces-Well falling, not as what man knows as falling, but falling of a different sense, of not being able to keep ah, focus on their mission that they need to acquire, so fall is of a different nature that man understands, what fall is. We can’t reveal to you everything about this nature for it is one of the cornerstones of what makes everything around you tick and if we, not to say you can’t understand it, but it will take a while for us to explain it the angelic world, but the angelic world has been seen for thousands of years and of course they are visitors from other planets and galaxies that have landed or has made their move and there are other angelic species that operate on the basic principles of servants to their leaders, that they are in league with. So not to complicate matters ah there is a lot to the angelic world.
IS-The angel falls the seat remains; they are just being expelled out of the power of that space?
Forces-Well again it’s not as man understands it, expel, reject, they contain and retain their position, but it is of a different evolution that they go through.
IS-In the Bible in Hebrew it says man can aspire to become a little less than God, in the English they translated it that man can aspire to become a little lower than the angels?
Forces-No, no, no man will become higher than the angels.
IS-Thank you very much.
DD-On Pascal’s Triangle do I understand it as being the Urim?
DD-And the ephod would be…
Forces-Upside down.
DD- like the Urim is the dynamic form.
DD-And the Thummin would be same diagram.
Forces-Upside down yes.
DD-But pointing up.
DD-You put them together and you get a ratio in there?
Forces-Yes ¼ of the half.
DD-Also who would be the best person to study the fluxion calculus?
Forces-Basically receiving it will be the best.
DD-Not reading Newton himself?
Forces-Well Newton gives you basics but (receiving is the calculus).
DD-Do I understand the First Matter (Alchemy) as being Atlantis?
Forces- I, that would be yes.
DD-Thank you very much.
IS-Wouldn’t the first matter be Mu?
Forces-Matter, Mu was of a etheric nature. Question
HR-Thank you for allowing me to be here. I would like to ask a question for Michele E. from work her family who’s been missing in the Caribbean for 3 weeks are they still alive?
Forces-We still see their life force.
HR-We see them (?) south of the Island. But we see their life force yes.
HR-Any particular Island?
Forces-South of the island that they have come from.
HR-Thank you.
JU-In an earlier Session about (neuropeptides) you said to focus on them in the mind or as a wall flower arrangement, is this like visualization?
JU-That could activate them…?
JU-The same as if you had…?
JU-In the world right now…
Forces-Let us hit you on this, not literally of course, but if you all will understand that it’s not the doctors or hospitals that cure you yourself, surround yourself with a can do and capable attitude and nothing can touch you, no one and nothing, that is the energy of the creator, it is the energy of the forces, but you can go through time and space with this approach which will make it very, very possible to become and accomplish anything you set your mind to, focus it.
IS-Where have I failed then?
Forces-Well we didn’t say you failed; now whose focusing are you focusing on. Have you received a card saying you failed? (Laughter)
IS-Well not exactly but.
Forces-(———-) we move on question.
JU-The trend in the world seems to be everyplace in the world almost, going back to ethnic groups and smaller tribal subdivisions, throughout Europe to a lesser degree in this country, but in other nations where everything’s splitting apart, why…
Forces-What will be happening here is the basics of the spiritual law to maintain and keep, not on the judgments of the law but on the basics of the essence of the Spirit, this is the life force for the next four years, that is why this particular group will become very, very, ah, ah important in that chain link of Spiritual Traditional and Spiritual Physical and Spiritual Spiritual and it’s the Spiritual nature that going to be focused on in the next 2 or 3 years.
JU-Thank you.
Forces-Any ability of having X amount of people together for that in itself is the accomplishment of the Spirit. Question.
JW-In the other Session you mentioned about flooding in Florida and you also mentioned about the Russian United States Alliance. Can we know at what level this alliance is happening in Russia and is there anything we need to warn people about or do with the Florida thing, anything we can help with or pray to stop?
Forces-It will start off with pockets in which the big huge sinkholes in Florida will be filled with water and this here will be a scattered approach of water accumulation, it is though the Florida Peninsula is below sea level and all of a sudden people are beginning to realize it. As far as Russia is concerned, ah American business comes in useful for it will start taking over different parts of Russia’s ah working business.
IS-You did say something this Session about the Russian economy that they’re going to do something…?
Forces-Changes with their monetarial system.
IS-Can you give us an example of…?
Forces-Changing the levels of ah rubies or rubles they call it, they should change into rubies and the scale level which will de-monitor the whole ah system over there. Question.
JW-Is this the beginning of what you had predicted about the balance between the United States Government and the Communist Governments?
Forces-Well it formulizes it yes. Question.
JW-Thank you.
ES-Yes thank you. Is the process written in the Celestine Prophecies, that what we’re watching with the human race right now is that being accurately portrayed in there?
Forces-Well let us say it gives you a clue of what is happening, but there is much more ah indirect work going on and a direct ah dis, dis, ah disorganization skills. It, it, it gives you a level and of what’s being done as some people try to put it in words and interesting words they are, but then you have to couple them with the mental arena, etheric force and mental force and then the spiritual ahhhh elevation.
ES-Thank you.
NN-Was Pythagoras one of the lifetimes of Jesus?
Forces-Well let us say that there is a desire to, to lead to a yes for that, but we will have to say a yes with an explanation. Question.
TV-In one of the Mayan writings they had a couple of creations and some of them were totally destroyed and one of the creations that they talked about was the men made of wood. It kind of tends to imply that they were not totally destroyed, of all the people on the earth are some from an earlier creation that was scrapped?
Forces-Let us, let us say the man made of wood is that of Noah passing by them.
IS-So there was a Noah in every part of the world?
Forces-More or less yes. And then there is the wood explanation of this force of Ark shaped ship that wasn’t wood but looked like wood and they called that the man made of wood.
IS-The Ark was not made of wood?
Forces-The Ark, the Ark was but the ship wasn’t.
IS-Noah’s ship Ark…?
Forces-The Noah’s ship Ark was wood yes. The Ark, Ark was the Ship of wood wasn’t and it’s a pun on words. Question.
IS-So there was a ship inside the Ark of wood?
Forces-Yes. Question.
IS-Thank you.
TV-Why were they destroyed?
Forces-Elevated. They were elevated. A lot of them have left their bodies through a different force; some were looked upon as being destroyed.
TV-The ones that stayed were they lacking in something it just…?
Forces-Lacking in the perception level of crossing on over.
TV-Thank you.
IS-So when everybody talks about rapture is that…?
Forces-Rapture is a explosion of centers, of 3 or more centers within the body at the same time, simultaneously causing an illumination and an explosion of light and fire of taking up.
IS-Is there anybody that we know in history Bible that this has happened too?
Forces-There’s a person down in Tennessee that it could happen too.
IS-Edgar Cayce?
Forces-Edgar Cayce, yeah it did happen to him in a different force.
Forces-We got to understand that the Human being, the human body is an amazing force creature that has a reason of being, but also we have coupled that with the extraterrestrials and other deities from other planets coupled with that of the underworld, coupled with that with our own understanding of what is hoi, you know the traditional thinking of what is what is in the matter of things, for what is what is not what is, I ah hope you understand.
IS-You said that the government will finally release the information about UFOs. When will that happen and what will they release?
Forces-Actually their doing it through different programs, movies, tapes and gradually their doing it, until the point they build it, so that everyone knows everything and then they’ll just say yes.
IS-Is it a long process?
Forces-Everything in life is long. Question.
IS-Now in the scheme of things the angels are their own species we are the one who have to experience the sex and the emotional evolution, you said you did not have to experience sex is that correct?
Forces-Well there are some of us that I can’t speak for. (Laughter)
IS-So is there anyone of you that came down to earth that we can recognize again in history?
Forces-Oh who are we on the earth.
IS-That we would recognize.
Forces-Well Gandhi was one, was a force that came down to lead the people to the right thing.
IS-The White Brotherhood would be those people who have experienced…?
Forces-Even the ah great leader of the Aztecs was involved along with the Incas. Question.
IS-You said something about Principalities.
Forces-Well what’s going to be happening is that mankind will begin to develop to become one in relationship with the ah extraterrestrials and forces of angels up to this point man was very immature and not capable of dealing with these issues. Now mans evolution is coming that he can now understand these issues without making ah them into a God type relationship.
IS-So when we see angels we won’t make them into Gods.
Forces-No, no, no correction the angels you see all the time, you do not know you see them because of a different optical level, but you see them all the time, it is that we have to slow our self down, but then they have to, there is a field in which they camouflage that you ah like that building in that movie (The Shadow) is not seen but is really there, it is you think you don’t see it, but you do see it and they tell you, you don’t see it, then they tell you , you do see it and you see it, but you see it all the time anyway.
IS-I see.
Forces-Your supposed to say…(Laughter)
IS-My vision thing…?
Forces-Well there are certain levels of energy that comes in that creates that.
IS-Is it bad?
Forces-Well just changes the level of energy, not bad, it’s not (?), its different energy changes. Question.
IS-Did I help Joshua?
Forces-Yes of course you did.
IS-…take fruit…?
Forces-It is already taken fruit, plenty of apples on the tree.
Forces-At this point. Question.
ES-In the Book on Entrance to the Tree of Life, thank you very much, it talks about the final correction, what are they alluding to, is that going to be a process or is this everything we’ve been talking about man evolves or is it one act.
Forces-It is an optical question and ahhh approach to what would be called perception. Remember what you see is what you not to see and what you not to see is what you see. What we’re saying is that mankind’s evolution is happening to help them perceive what their seeing and not seeing what they perceive.
Forces-At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father