Session 642B-3/27/02

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. Will you turn off that machine. (Air conditioner) We have seen the pain and (—) in Israel tonight, and many have been killed and maimed. This would be kind of the last event before some Great Retaliation is done. We feel sorry for the many afflictions that happened in this area. But at the same time it is also happening in the world. We find many politicians will be framed and brought before trial Congressmen and Senators for things they haven’t done. And we also see a great turbulence and other changes about to happen.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you so much for coming in. Ah one of the things on my mind is. The monies that we have in the house all the cash monies that we have. Is any of them counterfeit or is all of them good money?

Forces-We see them all to be real and good money.

IS-Thank you. Is it because I have been doing it through banks and stuff?


IS: Thank you very much. Now the letter that I’ve written, that you’ve written. Is it going to be published?

Forces: We see it as such yes.

IS: By whom?

Forces: Well the Daily Progress is one, a very interesting collection.

IS-Anybody in Washington?

Forces-There is one for the Washington Post, they would like to do.

IS-Was there more stuff that should have gone into that paper or?

Forces-No that was enough.

IS-Thank you very much for that paper, you’re the one that wrote it right.

Forces-Well we helped to put it together.

IS-Because I know some sentences there, once they were put down, they were your language. Is it going to help anybody?

Forces-Well it’s better than a whole scale conflict over it.

IS-Is the letter going to help?


IS-For the new structure there, you mentioned the kind of wood that should be used, which is a fancy wood. So are you saying I should go fancy there with the sinks and things or should I try and scrounge up stuff?

Forces-No it’s not necessary to scrounge up stuff, but semi fancy would be good.

IS-Should I go to Lowe’s or Ferguson?

Forces-Well you’ll find a better paying buy at Lowe’s.

IS-So that tells me what quality, where I should go with what kind of quality I should stay with.

Forces-Yes, yes.

IS-And chandeliers and things, should I take the kitchen one or should I take…

Forces-You take anyone that you want to.

IS-Thank you and I am going to put in a shower. Because I think for later on maybe…

Forces-May be necessary.

IS-Thank you very much.

IS-Why am I having headaches now?

Forces- Oh just moments of the pollen which is coming out which of course is the sinus headaches that happen.

IS-So it has nothing to do with the (?).

Forces- No its just pollen.

IS-Thank you very much.

IS-Ah is there anybody else that I should invite for this (…) dinner that’s becoming larger than…

Forces-None and we think that you have covered everything.

IS-Thank you.

IS-Ah now the dentist tomorrow is everything going to go ok with both of them?

Forces-Sure yes.

IS-And what happened with Jessica and Fred, apparently if I understand correctly they have lost their land, is that it?


IS-And that is…

Forces-Kind of sad.

IS-Was there anything they could have done?

Forces-No it was out of their hands.

IS-They were just over their heads?

Forces- (…) yes.

IS-Thank you very much.


DD-Could you help me with the Schauberger spacecraft. Did he actually build a working model like they say?

Forces-He tried too yes.

DD-Did it fly.


DD-The way I see it is that an egg upside down in the middle.

Forces-Yes it is.

DD-Then fins around?


DD-Is there anything else you can give me on that egg shape?

Forces-No (know) this is the natural shape of the Universe.

DD-Thank you.

IS-Is there anything that can be given for the entity Tom because he’s not breathing well or something is not right.

Forces-In time it’s the different changing of the weather.

IS-Is there anything that can be done…

Forces-Not at the moment no.


Forces- (——–).

IS- (——-).

Forces-He is its just lots to do, what has to be done.

IS- (———-).

Forces-Well there are thing that he wants to make sure through the transition of the governor mayor that is ah. And preparing for the transition and, and getting ready maybe for him to think about running for different council seats in Charlottesville and (?).

IS-What’s happening in Israel is that something now is it shifting…

Forces-Tremendously yes.

IS-And they realize that…

Forces-Yes they don’t talk about it openly but they do realize it quietly how, how horrible it is to deal with the Arabs.

IS-And the retaliation would be Israeli.


IS-Like in the old days.

Forces- (—-) Yes it would be like that in the old days.

IS-What I mean is from the Bush Administration the first Bush. The second Bush they all undertook supposedly, well the first Bush went after Saddam Hussein to make you know supposedly to make up America’s spirits give them something to look at besides him.


IS-So that’s why they never…

Forces- (……………).

IS-Never finished Saddam Hussein. The Israelis could have finished him already.

Forces-Yes they could but they chose not to.

IS-Because that was part of the agreement with…

Forces-It was part of the plan yes.

IS- That’s what I mean.


IS- Is that over?

Forces-More or less coming to a very quick finish yes.

IS-So the Israelis won’t take over (that)?


IS- I am sorry for the lives.

Forces- No but still.

IS-I wish that they could do and show what can be done.

Forces-That’s right but it will be stronger and stronger and Israelis parts with these raids being weaker and weaker.

IS-Should we go to Hilton Head?

Forces-It could be planned as such yes.

IS-With my clients the gentleman that I saw yesterday he looked straight from middle earth?

Forces-Yes he was.

IS-He was?


IS- Is he aware of it?

Forces- No, no, no, no. But he does have that magic.

IS-Yeah who is he what is he.

Forces-The ability to bring up that magic in us.

IS-Because he looked straight from the Tolkien.


IS-Lord of the Rings.

Forces-Well it’s not he’s not aware of this.

IS-Will more people come back to me?

Forces-Oh yes definitely yes, definitely yes, yes.

IS-The pamphlet that JW is making now?


IS-Those four testimonies is that the right ones are they the right kind of things.

Forces-Well something like it yes.

IS-Should I change something in there……say more accomplished…first testimony that JW put in…

Forces-It should be all right. It’s not bad at all.

IS-So all four of them are good subjects…

Forces-Yes they’re all good yes.

IS-I tried to see if I could get different subjects.

Forces-Well it’s very good.

IS-Some people….

Forces-Yes you did very…

IS-Why haven’t those ladies called me back?

Forces-Is this the rich people?

IS-Yes. Like S is she afraid of me?

Forces-Well let’s say that, that they are complicating their lives more and more. But ah they’ll call back in time but yeah they realized that what they’re doing.


IS-My Question.

IS-Oh they’re just informed with their own personal pedigree and their own interests at the moment. Sometime it takes one of them 21/2 to 3 hours before she can even come up to (see the sun).

IS-S….a she already experienced 6 hours, she didn’t want to let me go. Why hasn’t she called?

Forces-Well again she has her own complications going on. If you enter the door of your car you will find some interesting ah ballots that need to be cut and it just a…

IS-Need to be what?

Forces-Ballots and thro, thrown away.

IS-Pamphlets in my car?

Forces-You will see it not to be pamphlets, but you will have feelings that this would huh…

IS-Are you speaking of the car itself not being balanced?

Forces-Yes huh.

IS-So I need to take it to the shop?

Forces: (?) But it, it won’t be able to be not too serious.

IS-Should I take it to the Volvo or?

Forces-Well arum sometimes it’s good to keep it with the Volvo place.

IS-What should I tell them things are unbalanced?

Forces-Yes and let them handle it.

IS-They will.

Forces-They should you’re complaining customer.

IS-I am a complaining customer.

Forces-Yeah we figured you would like that.

IS-They probably see me coming and they run.

Forces-Well (…).

IS-Is that right?

Forces-Sometimes yes. There’s nothing wrong with that.

IS-I don’t know what else to do at this point.

Forces- (…).

IS-Is it in front of the car or what shall I…

Forces-It will all work itself out once you bring it to the dealers. Yes.

IS-Thank you very much.

Forces-Yes that’s our treat.

Forces-At this point…

IS-And thank you for finding the certificate.

Forces-Yes we seem to find a lot of stuff for people lately

IS-I don’t feel like my normal …

Forces-So is all of us.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving but we will come back to speak to you again.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

The Group: Our Father.