Session 642A-3/22/02

FORCES: (Beginning missed) Situations, falling of your ice into the ocean and great changes in the Pakistin, Pakistan and inner turmoil in Israel. We find all these very coincidental, coinkidink as they call it, in the changing of an energy field is also a particular comet on its way, newly discovered ah in the event of earth’s destruction ah no life savers can be used. Therefore, we find Pakistan will be going through internal turmoil will split the country in half. Those that are for the Al-Qaida as they are called which physically it is prone to cause a internal civil war within Pakistan which will spread into India. Each one will use its own ah ideas of confrontations. We also see the many changes in South America and also witness to the fact of the ones who are young and have their freedom moving around also trying to secure for themselves a place in history. We find guns to be in complete opposite in the gun control to allow guns more privileged in America and where once the World Order wanted to get rid of the guns they had an adverse reaction and now the guns are the most prestigious and prioritized and the most highly possessed in every family. We also will see a great deal of review with Black incarceration of prisoners to find that in your prisons of a 100, a 100% of the Black population in prison at least 48 to 49% are there wrongly. So therefore how it is designed to find them guilty is a cultural thing and therefore it is just going to be a great ah review of the American prisons to see that innocent Black and Puerto Ricans and Indians are found in prisons ah to be wrongly there because of their color. We also find a great deal of advancements in the AIDS population where there will be a cure ah to be had for AIDS that will be relatively be a simple cure but it none the less a cure that will take ah the individual 10 to 15 years to be cured of it as long as they have the regiment. We find teeth to be totally be an obsession with this country, but also there is going to be a new technique that when teeth have cavities that there would be a gum-type clay machine or clay component that would be fitting the teeth. All the teeth would be encased in this poxy and a oxygen bearing type machine will be turned on allowing a energy of oxygen through the teeth. By the very process of doing that any cavity that is in the tooth dissipertes, dissipates and is removed and falls out while replaced with the high oxygen content the enamel of the tooth. Therefore, in the future there would be no cavities in the teeth and by the proxy of the epoxy ah clay ah field. And all of this is operated on that of oxygen. Of course there are different other components of the clay mobile but we would rather not get into them. We see implants to be done by a family for the first time in Texas and then we also see animals of wild different varieties to be implanted. We also see that there is a great deal of changes coming up with that of the United States and Canada. That friendship is no longer friendship because they are all involved in their own particular greed. We find England changing its Parliamentary procedure and even to the point of asking the Queen to step down from the throne and allow AH Charles to take over. This would be a direct order by Parliament to the Queen that they’ve have had enough of her ruling and in a nice letter of kindness asking at her 65 birthday to step down as a senior citizen of England, a prominent citizen of England, and a no longer Queen of England. And this too will be the delight of Charles as he clicks his heels all the way to the altar marrying his next wife to be. So, as you can see, will be a private ceremony, no fanfare, just another wedding in its own self. Ah there dare not be a fanfare because Princess Di would come out of her grave in the middle of the circle of the hounds, and would destroy his ah derriere. We also see that England still has problems with the European crime and France too now becomes in this quagmire. We see Denmark having sub-mini revolutions in its own “askafey of fear by foot” that means that people who run for fear. Now we find that there will be a great liking for the area of Italy where the entity has traveled making spot the great ah excur, ex ah, ex what we are trying to say, make it an exciting excursion to that of Italy. We also find many different disadvantages in America as far as those who are handicapped. And we also find that there is a great deal of elevator changing system of how to get from one place to the other. We find individual helicopters now being designed and you will find before 2003 to 4 individual suits of travel by air. That means the individual will wear space boots or elevated shoes and will wear this contraption suit that they would fit in very convenient to travel ah like the Jetsons from one place to the other. Of course it will be controlled, but you know by the year 2022 there will be direct ah units going back and forth. People would just Ah jump into the suit and travel to the city in less than what would be 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Ah all depends upon the average (?) ah there. We will find bears doing a lot of strange things against humans and against themselves. And we would find that fish population doing strange things in itself as the salmon goes upstream. We find that the ships too will be a disclosure for the first time in the United States along with other countries will have a podium discussion on contacts with UFOs extraterrestrials and how the government had to keep quiet for fear. Of course, this will create a great deal of revolution and revolt in the country where people will be annoyed and upset and would even ask that the fact of why turn to the church when there is now extraterrestrials to turn to. As you can see, this has been a very light session with all bits and pieces of information. But there is a greater thing coming out of China where China will like to open up its ports for everyone and this Taiwan situation will totally be passé because they will be too involved with their own revolutions within their own countries. Their will a cultural revolution of education and also the universities will be shut down and all sorts of ah war mongering through China. It will be like a smell of going back to Mao Tae Tung’s China and at the last moment everything turns around and goes to a universal freedom of democracy in their own place. And it’s called the Chinese McDonald’s McKnocker. Unusual as it is. Russia is trying to play catch up with everybody in the world and everybody just looks at Russia and goes “Get on with the program. Meanwhile, the Russians’ airplanes go down, boats go down, bicycles fall apart, buildings crumble and they are just one big lazy bunch of people. Not really, but they gotta get themselves together in their own creed. We do not mean that they’re lazy. It was… what they are perceived to as far as the maintenance records of their airplanes. People get onto airplanes in their country and you sit there for 3 hours before you take off the runway. Everybody gets on with cheese and vodka and drink to their hearts content, they have no intentions of taking off. If you believe that your plane leaves at 9:00 in the morning – don’t think it. You be lucky if you take off at 1, 2 in the afternoon. And if you do take off it is a Russian cosmonaut miracle. A lot of plane passengers get on and stay there all day long. Everyone breaks out a lunch and everyone takes turns eating out of everyone else’s lunch. So it is a big picnic and at 6:30 everyone asked to remove themselves from the plane and go up to the unit stations to stay overnight until the next day so that the plane might be able to take off the next day. At this point, everyone is out calling home and everyone is coming in with more baskets for the next flight out. That’s what you call a Russian flight. It goes clear across the whole country and never moves an inch. There were a lot of changes in the mid-East but also there could be this accident of killing Arafat and really well they didn’t want to which causes an international outcry and international bloodshed for everyone transcends onto Israel. I always say you know you might as well get if over with you know get it over with once and for all so that you can move on. Why lollygag about town waiting for it to happen when the other shoe should fall anyhow. So this should be an interesting sight. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you so much for coming in. Do you have other groups like ours that you, that let you speak to?

FORCES: Well, would you believe that the entity when he sleeps does have another group in Russia and he does have another group what would be considered in Israel. So yes we do have three other groups: America, Russia and Israel. And one taking off in what would be called the Washington state area and also in the Oregon area.

IS: And the entities that they speak through are…

FORCES: The entity we speak through here.

IS: So it’s only in an altered state, in a sleep state?

FORCES: The entity is very busy. He goes from place to place without you guys knowing about it.

IS: Thank you. Now, the Russians, their economy and all that is like this because this is communal living that they were all used to, that somebody else is supposed to take care of things, isn’t it?

FORCES: Well not right now there is no communal living there now. In fact, if they went back to the communal living they had it better off. Now that they have democracy nobody does a damn thing, I mean in, in, in, in a nice way, I mean. Everybody just sits back and waits for the Socialism to start up again.

IS: Isn’t that why Russia went down because the communal system basically was a way of people getting away with doing nothing?

FORCES: Well, again it is what we said, there was more things done when that system was in effect, than what it is done now.

IS: Thank you. With my Volvo they told me there was nothing they can do about it.

FORCES: What did you want to do with it?

IS: I don’t know the wind to stop from coming in at the window panels?

FORCES: Um. Then take it to the president of Volvo.

IS: Here in the shop?

FORCES: Find the president of the maker of Volvo and take it to them. Don’t bother with these idiots.

IS: How do I get in touch?

FORCES: You’ll find a way, knowing you. We didn’t mean idiots in a bad way.

IS: Right


IS: Except the 2001 apparently was really good and because the seats were higher and….

FORCES: Well, trade it in for a 2001.

IS: Yeah, but it is so much more expensive.

FORCES: So live with it. This is not a night to ask questions you are going to get it. We just came from a meeting ourselves I’m so sorry to say so were kinda little like wipe hmm, we went through a lot of the two ah, 200 hour meeting (—-), we are not complaining don’t get us wrong were not saying anything about them, but my God, my God, there are many different things we could get attached to but I don’t think we want to get attached to 200 hour meetings.

Q: It sounds like Tom’s board meeting.

FORCES: We won’t comment, go ahead.

IS: Um, the designs that Peter finally did the design of the extension, the closet and the downstairs is this how it should be?

FORCES: Yes, it should be. It’s OK.

IS: Do I need to add on a shower downstairs?

FORCES: You don’t have a room to spit in.

IS: I know.

FORCES: Let alone a shower…

IS: So what’s more important, a sink or a shower?

FORCES: No, what’s more important is a toilet or a shower? Sink doesn’t bother anyone, it’s under the stairs. This is what I have been told.

IS: So is the potty under the stairs.

FORCES: The potty is under the stairs but the stairs are a little bit higher up over the head.

IS: What should there be?

FORCES: You should stay with potty. For we know how you think on it.

IS: How many windows should the upstairs have and where should they be?

FORCES: Again the upstairs could have anywhere from two to three windows, but remember the more windows you place in the more you use the space up and no shelving can be had.

IS: That’s right, so, I am happy with one window.

FORCES: Then just use the one window.

IS: Should it be a larger window than the one that is there now?


IS: Ok, should it be a window that does not open up?

FORCES: Well, it would be nice to open up the window.

IS: Should it be the window that I took out from the bathroom or a whole other….

FORCES: It could be the window you took out from the bathroom. That would be a very nice (spot) one.

IS: Should I overlay it with another kind of window that is weatherproof?

FORCES: Well, you could do that. It also could be a window from the floor to the ceiling because it’s not going to be that high, (——-) but you could do that.

IS: But where would I be sitting? And that is another question. Should that be my workroom or should this studio here be my workroom?

FORCES: Again that’s all up to you where you want your workroom to be at.

IS: When I am working on the phone, where do you see me?

FORCES: Where do you want me to see you futuristically speaking?

IS: Well I don’t know. I don’t what is the best place. Is that the best place for me, or should I make a door on this and work here, or should I stay where I…? I think where I was, what I am doing is right there, past the closet, I don’t know.

FORCES: Either place will work.

IS: And the downstairs, should it have just one window or one door, should it have a window too, on the side?

FORCES: It’s not necessary but one window is good.

IS: Ok, so could it be like a just one window and the door, or should it be just no window and just a door?

FORCES: Well, maybe just the door. You really don’t particularly want to see out of that.

IS: And the door, should it be a storm door like what envision?

FORCES: Yes, you could do that.

IS: And the staircase is that Ok the way it is coming…

FORCES: Yes we find that to be good.

IS: And then the doorway here from staircase should it be another storm door for protection?

FORCES: Yes Um-huh.

IS: Thank you. May I continue asking?

FORCES: Well, let’s go around once to give the dear hearts something to talk about.

ES: Can you tell us what did create the ice to fall apart from the Antarctic?

FORCES: Well, it was a misapplication of a extraterrestrial ah unit that was not working properly along with other insignificant indirect ah ownership of that area. What we are trying to say is the Antarctic is not a landmass per say, it’s an ice mass. But it is also the thought forms of the etheric thought forms of man. And therefore with falling it apart, it also represents the spiritual thought forms that are falling apart.

ES: Does the arctic represent something similar then?

FORCES: Yes, that is what we just said.

ES: The other side?

FORCES: It is the spiritual manifestation on the etherical on this side, the whole continent of An, Antarctica.

IS: Ice represents crystallized thoughts so is that what that represents, like a mass of unspiritual thoughts or spiritual thoughts that haven’t yet manifested?


IS: And the mass is it from the people on the earth or is it something else?

FORCES: Let’s move on.

ES: Thank you very much.

JW: Thank you. In the last session I asked about the cave with Adam and Eve had told his son that he needed to be buried there to guard the gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Is it truly those three items or did they represent the remembrance of slavery and then the keys that would unlock the DNA for what Jesus would have done as a resurrection?

FORCES: And your question is?

JW: Am I correct in assuming that that is what they represent, the gold, frankincense, and myrrh and that is what Adam had to protect so that it would be ready for Jesus?

FORCES: And what does the gold, frankincense, and myrrh?

JW: The gold would represent the remembrance of our slavery, the frankincense and myrrh, I am not sure which is the component, but they would unlock the keys to our DNA so that we would be able understand (or to create the miracle).

FORCES: This you will find to be true in its component, the second part, the first part and the third part, the first part and the third part is different. But the middle part is frank, what you just said.

JW: Thank you. Any hints on…

FORCES: (——) please wait for us to speak.

JW: Sorry. (Laughter)

FORCES: Don’t press the buttons to go to any floor. Your elevator will take you there just as fast we could get you there. Now your answer to this is that the Incas have a healing service that’s thousands and thousands of years old and this will be applied to your first element. And you are quite aware of this ceremony for some reason we see you have that information.

JW: Yes, we have to __________.

FORCES: Yeah, but ah what we would say also is look at them, look at what you are reading, your reading material that you have lately aum and it be right in that material.

JW: Thank you.

FORCES: Anytime. It’s on the floor.

JW: OK. Yes it is. Thank you.

NN: The Wall street Journal reporter it was murder. Was he involved in the crucifixion of Jesus?

FORCES: Why, why do you say this?

NN: Because it just seemed like what he went through was a kind of crucifixion. I don’t know, I guess I am having, I have a hard time, and it seemed like a very sad thing. I guess it would make it a little easier to accept if I thought he was paying for something.

FORCES: Well, interesting. Umm, unfortunately my Lord, hold still a minute well find out what you’re saying it’s very interesting umm that’s very interesting. Well we hate to say this to you all, but reporters aren’t you know, sometimes they have to be, well, sometimes they have to do things that you might not want to do. Reporters can do that, you know that. Reporters always do things they don’t want to do. But this particular reporter was found in a very bad situation but what we see, the facts are he, the one who murdered him, actually enticed him to go to this place and they both got into this so called van, a white van, or this vehicle together as, you know like he was going to get some information. So they enticed him into his own death. Unfortunately, the reporter never thought he was going to be killed. You know, you know he had to, well, it’s not bad, you know the Russian, the Czars, the Czar of Russia never thought they were going to be killed the way they were, right?

IS: Right.

FORCES: No, they never thought that that could ever happen. Unfortunately, the reporter felt the same way. But because this guy was so, his abductor was so crazy, because you know, unfortunately, well, ah I guess it’s the inability of the American population or the American nation to understand how an Arab thinks. So, in this particular case, the American reporter represents the, the ah, ah…

IS: The heretics?

FORCES: No, no, no, no, no. Um, the naivety of the Arabs, so we were just, this particular reporter was naive, innocent in its own way, and childlike. Yes it’s something you would feel bad for the reporter, but in another lifetime in Rome, this particular reporter would send a, a lot of, of people to the prisons of Rome and the circuses of Rome because they laud against the empire or the Republic. So in that particular lifetime, he received back what he had done for too many thousands of Roman citizens. So, do you understand that?

NN: Yes, thank you.

FORCES: We hoped we helped you with your feelings. We have detected your emotional feeling tonight and we respect that and we hope we took time to in our great, on this sensitive issue for you.

NN: Thank you. I realize to that reporters aren’t necessarily the best… I mean

FORCES: I wasn’t going to go there. Let’s not go there; let’s not jump off the train. No. Reporters have a job to do and unfortunately or fortunately, without them we wouldn’t have the social order that we have in this democracy if it wasn’t for reporters, good or bad. You know there is always good and bad in everything.

NN: Thank you.


JU: In the last session we were talking about, or the session before, Dick Cheney’s reptilian form, are there people in the earth that appear to be human beings who are reptilian and they themselves are not aware of it or are they all conscious of this difference?

FORCES: Well, and each little time we kind of lose our centering and we act kind of strange and wild and these emotions of feelings of ah so that we have no peace or calm in our movements, this is being taken over by a reptilian energy force, so its, behooves us always to focus on our centering and what we do to other people and other things, cats, dogs, animals, and, and, and, and people and how we handle our environment and how we handle the things we have around us. That when we say well “I ah I just need to calm down” it’s because we have allowed our centers, or psychic field to open so wide that the reptilians were able to usurp your energy, and one thing leads to the other and then you are out of control. And whether it is you or the reptilian, ah, ah (—-)…what happens is in time there is no differentiation, it becomes so unified, that … so it has to be important to watch that concept.

JU: Thank you. Is Cheney a take-over, or is he something that was initially reptilian?

FORCES: (–) A normal take-over, yes.

JU: Is that mostly the case for what is in the earth plane now?

FORCES: No, there are some sail-ins and people who are, who are extraterrestrial aliens, who are formed, yeah, but they came in that way. But taking over is what happens, yes.

JU: And to defeat what is referred to in a lot of the writings and speeches as the alien, reptilian alien agenda?

FORCES: To defeat it?

JU: Can it be defeated and what would have to be done?

FORCES: Oh it can be defeated when the individual has centered themselves through meditation, centered themselves through prayer and chanting, and centered themselves into right thinking and calmly doing things, calmly, get that word.

JU: Um-hum.

FORCES: Calmly.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Can I make a Tarot deck just using the deck that is already there, just taking out the knights, and using the -^- material and putting it on blank cards, and sort of going from there, adding things on….

FORCES: Yes, you could do that.

DD: Adding things on as it proceeds?

FORCES: Definitely.

DD: And last session you said about the precepts and the phosphene figures, seven above and seven below, was the first seven above and the second seven below?


DD: Why would you put them that way?

FORCES: Why not? They have to go somewhere. Because the formless one becomes form when they are that way.

DD: And the phosphene figures as stated in that book, do they go sort of in that order, or can you give me the order they go in?

FORCES: They can go in that order, and they can go in a three cyclical pattern.

DD: The other question that I wanted to ask you, do I have any American Indian blood?


DD: From my grandmother?

FORCES: Yes. Two percent. Cherokee.

DD: Ok, and is this…

FORCES: See what had happened was during, not in her time but her, her mother’s, mother’s time, it goes back that far, that they were in one of the forts and the Indians came in and took one of their children. And that child had three children in the been inducted and absorbed into the Indian tribes, and ah just like the extraterrestrials do today, and ah, that was a pun, and ah therefore they had two, two children and each one was male, and but they went on from that point on, and that’s where your grandmother came on for the second, because they had two children which was girls and those girls went on.

DD: Thank you. Can I ask one more question about the phosphenes? I don’t understand. They go in spirals, circles, dots, grids, but I don’t know in what order they are supposed to be in?

FORCES: Spirals always first, circles come after spirals, then straight line, and then the dot.

DD: There are fourteen of them.

FORCES: Then each one is in cipro, in reciprocal of the order that you have just received.

DD: Combination?

FORCES: Yeah, just put it right in and it all will fall right into the path. You’ll see.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Shouldn’t there be a deck of cards with all the prophets of the Bible, all the kings and all the queens?

FORCES: Yes, yes, you could do that.

IS: Thank you. Now to continue with my…

FORCES: You have three questions.

IS: Oh, no. I need more for the downstairs…

FORCES: We don’t do…. We don’t do whiners.

IS: Uh-huh.

FORCES: No whiners on board. Not a good night. We don’t do whining.

IS: Ok.

FORCES: You have lost two minutes by whining.

IS: Oh my God. The heater and cooler business for the extension, is that the right one that we are looking at?

FORCES: And what one have you looked at?

IS: There was this one person here, but I don’t know if we gave him all the right information, but will he be the right person, or is that how we proceed with that?

FORCES: Well, take him as naught, but also take two other heating and cooling people.

IS: K. said there is one more I think.

FORCES: Then do one more, but there is two more out there.

IS: OK. Can you tell me which one is the best?

FORCES: Also look for Waynesboro, there’s one in Waynesboro that has , Staunton or Waynesboro, they both work together.

IS: Am I giving correct information to this new client, C.?


IS: Is my visualization the way that you told me, am I doing it correct?


IS: The floor downstairs in the exercise room, should it be carpet, tiles, or wood?

FORCES: Can be carpet – mildew whatever. Wood, well what we could do or say is wood is ok, but marble is what you have to go buy.

IS: Marble or tiles?

FORCES: If you can get marble that would be good; if you can get tiles that would be good.

IS: I thought maybe the tiles that we have left over ….

FORCES: Well, what we see in there is a tile work that’s of, of a different hue that will help, like putting more color into your tiles.

IS: Like a combination of tiles?

FORCES: Yes, like the Roman tiles with the Roman designs on the floor and also on the walls.

IS: Not mirrors?

FORCES: You could put mirrors around if you want to, but there are other places that will need tiles.

IS: The bathroom, something like that?


IS: And are the tiles, already what we have in the garage?

FORCES: Well, that would, that would go good too yes.

IS: Should I get new?

FORCES: No, make do with what you have.

IS: My teeth I mean obviously that contraption that is going to be invented is going to be too late for me…

FORCES: Well, It doesn’t really matter. The point is your teeth are OK.

IS: Is it now going to be OK, the implant? Thank you so much for helping me.

FORCES: Well yes, it will be all right.

IS: Will the last two need to be an implant also?

FORCES: You will be OK as they say.

IS: The trees that I am removing, is that OK?


IS: You talked about implants, what did you just mean by that?

FORCES: That shit happens. At this point we will have to leave. But is there any other questions you want answered?

IS: Me?


IS: Oh God. I had some questions that I even forgot about the bathroom door; I know that had some written down somewhere I can’t remember.