Session 643-5/13/02

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find the many different changes in Israel to be very demanding and ah to be ah the government of Israel voting not to allow the Palestinian State to exist is going to exist is going to cause a great deal of unhappy individuals. But I think we’ve seen all this happen, it might reassure a certain amount of control before this concept of Palestinian State takes everything and gets out of hand in itself. So it’s a way of checking and balancing a concept. We find also the great destruction of the Polar icecaps in the Antarctic is caused by these experiments and technologies underground under the Ocean that has weakened the structure altogether. One more large chunk falling off will raise the water levels considerably throughout the world. We find that there are many individuals that have allowed a percentage of the information to be gathered and then not even bothered to see who has learned what in there delivery. We also find that if it is not too old the concept of what would be said the deer (? beer) runs and also the drinking. What it is (?) of course the area of April or apples? But we find the different changes coming about with more advancements in technology and reservation to the great (? free skate). We are now ready for questions.
IS- Thank you for coming in. Is there a reason for the little disturbance in the information?
Forces-Because of the different weather changes going on around you.
IS-What will be the outcome in Israel at this point?
Forces-The outcome is going to be something that changes from day to day. But we will find that there is a certain amount of a peace related condition that will spring out and in so doing this might be a corner stone and foundation to making this peace accord happen.
IS-What I’m asking is the Biblical prediction on this or is this the beginning?
Forces-Well it is the Biblical predictions ah in the ah would, there is no way in which this history of Israel can be altered in a ah way of no conflict. Israel as itself has been created out of conflict therefore we find it that this should not be the sense that Israel has no conflict. It’s been created out of conflict and it will always continue in conflict until they get there spirituality and there concepts of spirituality out of conflict.
IS-What would do that? What would they need to do to become more in tune with the spiritual realm?
Forces-Well a big example and unfortunately it is a very sore spot with the Jewish Nation I mean not as a nation, as a nation for the Jewish people is that of publicly announcing that the Messiah already happened. And in so doing it would be a change of the Jewish State as they know it. Ah many Great Rabbi’s feel once announcing that Jesus existed, they no longer become ahh needed and they become defunct according to the prophecies. But what they don’t understand they’ll be, become changed in a consciousness that in itself the Messiah is what they gave the world. It’s just that the Messiah wasn’t born a Catholic and he, he was Jewish and therefore he is not a Christian as the Christians say he is, He’s Jewish. So therefore we don’t understand we watch you earthlings do things and it makes no sense to us. We’re totally baffled in your operations from day to day. Sometimes we wonder if we should come down and talk to you any longer. I mean it is ah its mind, no we don’t have that mindboggling sensation these earthlings call. I mean this is galactical mind ah, ah, ah, ah boffeling to see, to see the reasoning of the earthling. It makes no sense to us how you reason things. One day you feel this way it’s that next day you feel that way it’s this. Next day you feel another way it’s another way. And it makes no sense to; I mean we have watched you for thousands of years and even up to now we’re still like ducking cover. So well maybe that’s the way you guys operate down here I mean we wouldn’t operate this on a plug nickel as you would call it in your currency. But (?) the Israelis all you have to do is they have to accept that they have the Messiah happen. You know the bus left already. Nobody at the terminal well its gone you know. The train has left the station. It’s like your terminology (——) Elvis has left the house you know. And when that happens, when the Israeli’s, the Israeli people understand that they gave the world the most Sacred thing that could ever happen to the world. I mean it was a young Jewish carpenter and we you know, he had all his buddies (———-) all over the place and they made the best tables in the world. Well, well my point is he wasn’t just a carpenter but he was also a Great Philosopher and, and made, he changed things. We watched this whole thing happen and, and, and yet the Jewish Nation quietly accepts Jesus as a Great Teacher, as a, as a Great Orator, as a Prophet as a, ah, as a, duh, as a Rabbi with his followers. But they didn’t (———-) of what Daniel approached and Micah, Mal, Malachi talked about and David write Psalms to and Samuel plucked his cords on and, and, and Saul weeped to and ah, ah it doesn’t make any sense. We ah I don’t, we don’t understand it was proph, er, jus, prophesies that you guys have and all of a sudden they throw the baby out with the bath water. And that’s not what we want and you know when you really look at this it doesn’t make any sense. Because it’s part of your tradition, part of the prophecy, part of the lineage that has been given to you by the Great Prophets of old and, and it, it just like, it’s like and its affected the whole world. Everyone’s selling bagels on the corner and, and Jesus made them you know and there’s courses everywhere and towns and houses have changed and civilizations have changed and it wasn’t changed by a Catholic, you know, it was changed by a Jewish man. So it’s, when this country of Israel accepts their own heritage that they have created this wacko called Jesus. I mean you know it was a Jewish man who went to Synagogue with the, with the Torah, tarot, tallis and he didn’t go to a Catholic church and do mass. You know Jesus never said a mass; the only time you saw a mass was they grabbed last supper and made it into mass. But the, but the point again is when the Israeli people, not the nation, but when the common person Israeli common person the when the common Jew accepts the fact that Jesus existed and was the Messiah. Regardless of all the bugadoo that the Jewish religion will fall apart and go into cracker, cracker jam eating and, and, and, and, and Carmel well, wafers and, and no longer exist which is not true. What will happen to the Jewish religion it will then transform into its true state of Jewishness so enough of this, and then this conflict that you’re having in Israel will stop. But the conflict in Israel that’s happening to ah, happened because of the plight that they have with this guy called Jesus or Yahwar or Yeshua or whatever. So the conflict happens and war happens and, and, and, and, and, and, and this is why it, it comes upon them because of their own, it’s not arrogance but (?) you know everybody has a way of seeing things we’re not making a judgment we by all means don’t want to make any judgments on you earthlings. Each one crazier than the next and we don’t mean that in a negative way by the way. We meant that we don’t know where you guys are going.
IS-Is this conflict leading to the Biblical Third World War?
Forces-Well unfortunately Armageddon as they all call it, it’s inevitable. I mean ahh it has to stop, hopefully it can be stopped. It doesn’t have to happen. But I mean it all points to this prophecy that Armageddon and its going to happen on the plains of Armageddon, Har-Meggido (ref. Valley of Megiddo). And you know every, every Tom and Mary Lou and Sue and, and, and Jacob and Jehoshaphat and, and Rapunzel and every China and Chinese and Indian and Russian is going to be running around like trying to find a turkey to cut with a chicken hatch. So am no it’s not good things to look for, for you, for you kids down here I mean it I wish that it doesn’t have to happen but one thing begets the other thing and yeah that’s the answer, the answer is yes.
IS-Is there a date?
Forces-I rather not put a date on to this point. You know we all might as well have your curds and ways and put a bomb in your nose this whole thing on that date
IS-Just don’t want to go flying anywhere.
Forces-Well yeah I don’t think we’ll have to worry about flying. Everybody on the earth will be flying in every different direction. But ah no, no, no we (?)But 2006 is the year, you don’t want May 5th 2006 to be said no , no, no, no, no, but it’s a very definite May 5th 2006 to be a very, and May 6th could be a very destructive moment if people don’t get a grip on this. I mean earthlings forget about people oh God this is, this is no way to run a plane no one has ah. We kind of got caught off guard with your question not that we’re normally off guard, but the point is we can handle anything but you know total apathy and hysteria and, and things that don’t make sense ah and the way they reason on the earth God I they, no God has nothing to do with it. But ah the reasoning power is baffling and we watch it and we wish that Israel would come to their senses. But you know the Palestinians are just as you know waiting for ah we don’t know which end to run too because a no sooner do you go to one corner that you wish you were at the other corner. So Aum yeah these, these, this, these years coming up ah is, is very challenging and hopefully we could make a mark on the challenge that would Israel just accept Jesus as the Messiah so they don’t come across that the hook and sickle and, and God’s wrath on them for not accepting, I mean that’s all that’s happening is a sickle of, of (fact) on Israel for their failure to accept their own heritage given to them by Yahweh by God so you know that we stand there saying what else can we do to get these people awakened to the fact of their own heritage. You know ah it’s just unfortunate the Jewish people are very, very strong, they gave the world they changed the whole world but they, they don’t move an inch, they just, you give it on a platter you have the stone on a wall, but you know I guess that they ah don’t read. If they can express their own Messiah then things will change. Then a whole new heavens will come down. That is a long answer we agree yes.
IS-Thank you very much.
IS-When you speak to us ah…
Forces-Did we get paid for it. (Laughter)
Forces-Well we should get paid like you get paid. We could make a fortune.
IS-When you speak in a Session and you speak to a small group us there is an echo created correct and actually enters into a whole other kind of ripple effect where people get it into their subconscious?
Forces-Yes exactly. Everything that we speak aum, aum well again if you take your very first Session that’s been recorded to yourselves on June 3rd 1972 everything was prophesied in the first two pages of what you guys are dealing with today and what has happened at this very moment. And the reason why we did that is because we’re sneaky. And we plant little things so accurately done that they will materialize so they would give glory to the whole divine process. Nothing is ever said in a session which is said without being it calculated way to measured; every word is given in exactitude for a certain affect.
IS-Thank you so much. For all these years we are so blessed to just be able to hear.
Forces-Well it is also a way in which is a Mercator map for thousands of years to come. People will look on these Sessions and will affect and create a whole new world, a whole new spiritual society of people that they can build in their own community and their own galaxies to come.
IS-The web site how successful is that going to be in the short run?
Forces-Well again it’s something we have planned so don’t you think anything we touch is going to be very successful. Its part of the plan that we have, have endeavored to create and start 30 years ago. Knowing that the time is June 3rd 2002 to be the beginning of what we are to start. Very successful by the way we’re very good. (Laughter)
IS-Thank you so much.
IS-(?)?Predictions Laverne better?
Forces-Well it quiet obvious she gets a goose egg. Yes. Much better.
IS-Thank you. Starting to be known?
Forces-Yes of course.
IS-Laverne—here years…
Forces-You’re with us for thousands of years. (Laughter)
IS-How many incarnations do I have. It’s not important.
Forces-How ma, ah, bu how many incarnations did, did you have? Anywhere from 17 to 23.
IS-Oh that’s not bad maybe.
IS-Why haven’t they found any archeological traces of King David in Israel?
Forces-You mean his, his body. (Laughter)
IS-Any kind of writings or any kind of ah. The Bible is the writings so I don’t know what they’re talking about to be honest. But they say there is no archeological trace to any kind of ah I don’t know something like they found Temple pieces from (?) the other but they never found King David. Are there then?
Forces-Oh yes they’re, there, they’ll be able, yes of course it’s saturated. They’re just not looking in the right places.
IS-What would be the right places?
Forces-We’re not telling.
IS-You don’t want them to find it yet.
Forces-Well we can’t allow it to be found because there’s other things involved or we can’t give it that easily. But if they look in, in the Dead Sea area you’ll in the caves, there are many caves that are saturated. And under the caves of Jerusalem there are saturated pieces there.
IS-Thank you very much.
IS-My teeth the implant is it taking?
Forces-Yes its taking.
IS-Will the other one work?
Forces-The other will take yes.
Forces-Yes it will take.
Forces-It won’t shake.
Forces-It will be ok.
IS-And should I have a balcony of the extension?
Forces-It’s already planned and done yet.
Forces-You could.
Forces-Well it’s best to have like a French door.
IS-Double French door?
IS-French door…?
IS-Open balcony…?
Forces-It could be open if you want.
Forces-It’s best to open it into the room.
IS-Instead of window?
IS-Will it be too cold…?
Forces-Uuum no.
IS-Thank you very much.
IS-Is there anything for the entity Tom that can help him with his breathing problems.
Forces-Well the weather isn’t the best lately in fact with all this coldness it hasn’t helped too much but. One day at a time.
IS-Anything I can do?
Forces-Not at the moment.
IS-Thank you very much for…?
Forces-Yes, yes you are.
IS-I appreciate that…
Forces-Yes of course.
IS-Is there anything I can do to help my throat and arm.
IS-Anything for throat?
Forces-Well just the gargle of the iodine, gargle of a little bit of a vinegar.
Forces-Yes a little water vinegar. Apple cider vinegar.
Forces-Well it’s a your just so much intense on reading, the glasses wearing so long. So everything’s a combination.
IS-Thank you very much.
JE-We were watching a program the other night about the Great Barrier Reef and there’s like thousands there’s like a whole world and thousands the creatures that live there and there’s so many colors and designs. How did it get there? How did it all get figured out and colored and started and all that kind of thing?
Forces-It was created by Josie the art woman. (Laughter) Well basically it is a combination of a vibrational tone and a air, what, the reefs create that aum atmosphere for those life’s to compete. Basically its completion to survive and they have to be very creative in those reefs and in their creativeness Josie paints them so they can survive. We use the word Josie, Josie not jersey but Josie. What it means in that word is your definition of creation. Jose-yo, Joe-ye, Joe, Zohse-you. Zohse-you is the ability or the Law or energy that motivates and formulates survival of, of the fittest, survival of the plants and the animals. In the reefs they have to be very creative. The colors that you see are for survival and therefore thousands and thousands of years taking a dull mackerel and making it into a flaming ah Liberace, not liver but Liber-wa-ce yeah, yeah, whatever. It gives you a concept that these creatures have to be creative in order not only to not be eaten but to eat. And then the reefs have to be creative in order to continue their life cycle and in their designs of their protruding out into the ocean. This is the Magic of the Law of, of, of Surviving and the Law of Give and Take and the Law of Creation. Where (do) you find this particular concept you will find the environment to be very colorful, very competitive, very, very, very strongly out working and it is not only in the reefs but in the cities, in countries, in, in galaxies. Anywhere it challenges the mind to survive you will have it to be very, very creative and colorful and very productive in its like.
JE-Thank you.
DD-In the last Session you said something about, in the first chapter of the Zohar, the 14 precepts, you said the number 7. Do I understand it as being the fractions like in Gurdjieff?
DD-And where would the 3-6-9 be then?
Forces-Hovering above.
DD-In the prologue?
DD-That sets up the whole…
DD-Interprets that, so that goes along with the Bible Code then…?
DD-… interpreting the Bible Code?
DD-Is there any way you can give me an understanding of how to do the Bible Code without the Computer?
Forces-Go backwards and then go at a slant. Go backwards, step backwards from it and then approach it at a slant.
DD-There was this dream I had Tornadoes and there was a framed picture on the wall. I thought it had to do with a past life. Did it or is it just my imagination?
Forces-It is
DD-Could it be said what it was or not necessary. Or did I understand what it was?
Forces-You did.
DD-Thank you very much.
JU-The use of the Psalms that we use trying to follow what was pointed out to do is that being properly or is there a better way to do it?
Forces-It’s doing, it’s doing very well.
JU-Thank you very much. Could you give me some guidance on a theme or a pattern to follow for that room downstairs?
Forces-Well uhm keep on working at it and the theme itself will be given and pattern. But put it into some sort of practice and the practice will take its form.
JU-Thank you very much.
JW-In Genesis when God had mercy on Adam he was going to a helpmeet, not necessarily, what does that mean?
Forces-Well hum this is a Servant of a Higher Nature of Adam. It represents Adams Higher Self, but also represents the quality to be at one with, of knowing himself.
JW-So if he had found the helpmeet within himself there would have been no need to go through the second evolution.
Forces-Well there was times in which he didn’t have to be the many creations of Adam. But then it was apparent…
JW-And this represents us not listening to you?
Forces-Yes in many ways yes.
JW-Thank you.
NN-The Burning Bush what kind of a bush was it?
Forces-Well it wah…, it was a bush that was on fire. So that was the kind of bush it was. (Laughter) Aum we would find the bush to have a description and the description would be that of an Olive tree, but not an Olive tree as you know it. The bush is represented as a, ah Pomegranate bush, but not a tree. In….we have the aum bush that is saturated with oil and aum resins in it an Eucalyptus tree is close to the type of bush this was. Hope that helped.
NN-Thank you.
IS-Did it actually burn or what actually was the phenomenon?
Forces-Well God in the bush.
IS-So it wasn’t really a fire, the way; I mean like a fire what would it be considered like today an electric fire?
Forces-Well the bush was not consumed and all that looked upon the bush saw it on fire when it wasn’t on fire. Cause if it was on fire it wouldn’t last long. (Laughter) It was the Voice and the power of the extraterrestrial Yahweh in the bush. So basically it was a presence of the element of this Entity that did not have form, of the earth form. Dui, dui, dua, Aum, ah it was a as best as you could see the true Essence of an extraterrestrial form that to you earthlings, saw as a burning bush.
IS-So it was an actual Entity? (Coughing in the back ground)
Forces-Oh no, no, no it was the Essence…
Forces-Oh get a grip. It was the Essence of it, of the, of the, of the, of, of God. It ah what you call God in the bush but it wasn’t a bush. It looked like a bush. You have the skeleton of creature’s right.
Forces-Well that’s what they were seeing the skeleton of, this God or extraterrestrial.
IS-Did the Israelites in the desert or at that point in time. Did they actually see and recognize an air force, aliens, spaceships.
Forces-All the time oh yes.
IS-So when they say in the Bible sell to a stranger, but to an alien. They are taking about aliens?
Forces-Yes of course.
IS-It’s such a matter of fact way that that’s why I don’t think anyone is realizing what’s there.
IS-Also the tape that I had is this the best tape I have?
Forces-Can’t get any better, there’s one more hiding out there but this is the best.
IS-Ok because this one still has like a little tiny something in the beginning.
Forces-It be alright.
Forces-All the little problems happen in the beginning. (Laughter)
IS-When the Sessions start appearing on the Web will it be touching those that have (—-)?
Forces-Well we won’t go that far but it will be touching the world. It’ll be seen everywhere.
IS-But not by those people.
Forces-Well of course those people will see it. But it will touch them too. But it doesn’t really matter because we really are out to give the message and it’s not those who were here and have gone because they really are still here. When we read those words they will be listening to the words one more time. But it is that the Will of the Higher Forces will continue to be done and for all those who have lives out there that are empty and have no purpose, they will start to live again.
IS-In my work I try to bring in all of these concepts including alien’s spaceships God the Bible. How successful am I?
Forces-Very successful.
IS-I bring it in a very natural…
Forces-Yes very successful.
IS-Thank you for doing that so ah…
Forces-What flying around in the extraterrestrial ships, that, right, yes.
IS-I mean I think I reach wherever I can.
Forces-Well we try that too ump huh.
IS-It’s truly an amazing thing that the Jewish people won’t take what belongs to them. I mean basically Jesus belongs to them. Why, why won’t they take him? I mean if he came to another nation with all the difficult prophecies…
Forces-It’s what you call preconceived conditioning that’s it…that’s all very simple. It’s the PCC that’s it.
IS-And that’s why all the things happened that happened in the past.
Forces-Right with Pre-conceived conditioning.
IS-What was the conditioning?
Forces-Well you’re told and you’re instructed and your given, but then you also have your own personal preconceptions.
IS-But other nations didn’t.
Forces-Other nations had their preconceived conditioning too going on. That’s why all nations are breaking down, the preconceived conditionings of all the nations.
IS-Thank you very much.
Forces-An open Balcony you could do.
IS-How large?
Forces-Well listen don’t have it so large that it goes over the road.
Forces-You have about 5 feet to work with.
IS-Is there anything else…K?
Forces-Yes that’s (? finished) been taken care of.
IS-Shipshape in that…?
Forces-It will be given.
IS-The space…?
IS-County relent…taxes…?
Forces-Well they’re working on that.
Forces-We will move on. Aum we will find two more questions in the group and then we will have to leave.
DD-The entity I saw in the picture, who I thought in my mind who I was. Was that me or somebody I was associated with?
Forces-It was part of you. Yes.
DD-What does that mean?
Forces-Aum let me think. (Laughter)
DD-Does that mean that was a reincarnation of me?
Forces-That’s right.
DD-Thank you very much.
Forces-Any time.
JE-Where is the Ark buried.
Forces-well several places that people would say the Ark is buried. But you will find the Ark where the entity found it for them in Israel in the tunnel under the Mount. But it has been taken out.
IS-Who took it?
Forces-The Jewish people of course. The Ark is in possession of Israel and then you will see your Temple built (?in) and only when they accept Jesus as their Messiah. (Laughter)
IS-What can I do to help it?
Forces-I don’t know we tried. (Laughter)
IS-Instructions for me…?
Forces-Instructions for what.
IS-What I need to do…physical, mental, and spiritual?
Forces-No we find you doing it you ah we are well pleased with you yes.
IS-Thank you.
Forces-Before we leave we’ll stress again that this particular group will be way showers for a lot of people who are new to these subjects that therefore take (?the) ah, ah concern on what and where you’re going with this that has been given you over the years. Ah an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Aum we will speak more on these issues, but remember if you are ambassadors for us then you also have to be careful not to overstep your boundaries and become higher than us and also the entity that we use. You all have a role to play humble yourselves. You’re not as indispensable as you think, where you think that you have the key role to allow people to come here. You are not the door opener for individuals you are the window for us to shine through. But you are not at all in control of who comes into and speaks with us. For if that happens as we have shown you we can reach all people and go right over your head.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father.