Session 651-7/24/03

We are watching the different development within your particular road and there is a great deal of (?) experiences of things in these great moments. We find that there are being many to come who do not want to stay while the evolution. We find that there are many different changes about ready to happen and we come back to Our Teacher and our (?) in order to find both in (——). We find that the different changes and stars that are going about and this (——–) have a clear perception that still (? ———).
There are many different changes that are about ready to take place. The entity was involved with the Council this week and ah witness our concerns of several places. A lot have been moving out of the cities into rural areas and opening up their own credit cards of course this isn’t really important for us. Um we find that the (? ——-). We also see that there will be a tremendous earthquake in Mexico City; it will kill over two million people. Going to anywhere from 1.5 million to 2 million people. It is interesting to note that the earthquake will be right in the heart of Mexico City and that no one ever thought they needed to move, it is my choice I would say to them in Mexico City, for all. We find also the water poisoning in the dams and the rivers, the Hoover Dams and other big huge dams in the nation. We find also this great expedition of changes and a knowledge of Military Law being changed and altered. Now that we have come and told you just to get yourselves ready for the (Elk Club?) uh you can, but in this subtle of interesting dilemma we do have these predictions that we (attack?)—————-. In so doing the different shades of people will be trying to make—————- the understanding of the earthquake there is no earthquake here but there are those that ————we wish to, to stop.
Forces: We are ready for your questions.
IS: Thank you for coming in why is the reception so unclear?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: Because of the transition of the energy fields but at least we have gotten the most important message out. We also know that of Mexico doing a lot in her own power.
IS: When is that earthquake going to happen?
Forces: 2004 in that era. It would be a shame if people still stayed there. But knowing people (—————) of a (?) of our (?). This will happen in 2004. As far as the extraterrestrials we have been very strongly ah to the proximity of its origin we also have to say that those who were and are in the assembly ————-to get knowledge and understanding of their condition. Question.
IS: The water poisoning where is that going to happen and when?
Forces: It would be in Denver and (in) (?). We find that it basically very innocently———————.
IS: Is there anything we can do to make the reception better?
Forces: We will try our best, but we will give it much as we can because of the refractive cloud. Question.
IS: How will I do in the new place?
Forces: Very good (no problem?).
IS: Will I like the place will they like me?
Forces: You’ll be too busy to know whether you like it or not. You’ll be just very busy in the clients.
IS: Did I give correct information about the nurse I spoke to?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So she was not abused?
Forces: We don’t see that.
IS: How will it be found to be?
Forces: ———–ability for the entity to go before (?) to see if she (loud A-uh)——————-.
IS: So they will not find her the not guilty?
Forces: Well there is a great deal of politics.
IS: T… daughter said a long time that always that she has been molested by a nun. I didn’t see that as such. But now she’s suing with everybody else the lawsuits against the Catholic Church. Will she win?
Forces: We find that the suer are suing the private people have more chances of winning.
IS: Even if didn’t happen?
Forces: Even if it didn’t.
IS: In Luke chapter 17 verse 3 and 4 it’s talking about forgiveness but it’s saying it in such a way that it means, when Jesus is saying if somebody offends you tell them to stop it basically.
Forces: And if they don’t hear you.
IS: And if they don’t.
Forces: Then you bring it to the altar.
IS: Also the other one If they still do it and then they ask forgiveness.
Forces: Then you forgive.
IS: Then forgive them.
Forces: But if they don’t you tell them to walk.
IS: If they don’t and then they don’t repent, they have to ask forgiveness and then repent?
Forces: So this has been a double whammy. These things are important if you do ask to repent.
IS: So it’s not that automatically you just forgive everybody even if they don’t————?
Forces: In this particular case (he was?) dressed totally in a brown affect which created a great deal of angelic force to help him.
IS: I didn’t quite understand.
Forces: What we’re trying to say is that you will be protected at the (house?) (hat?).
IS: So it’s not automatically just forgiving anybody for anything?
Forces: No it has to be well planned and selected.
IS: There has to be a person asking forgiveness and also a person repenting, so it’s a little different?
Forces: Yes but at least you have more at your back than anybody else. Yes we now————-it’s important to us.
IS: Thank you.
CM: Thanks for coming in. I have a question about a lot of talk about asteroids and comets coming into the inner solar system. Should we look forward to any meteors that are coming near earth or at earth?
Forces: Well there’s one that will be coming. Remember in March you had one coming very close to you. There is now we believe as we have told you that planet that is the planet that rotates around the sun and nobody sees. They have seen it today and it is experiencing a revolution around the sun every three days. So it’s the quickest planet that you would ever want to go to the bathroom.
CM: So I am correct in thinking that it is going around the sun every three days?
Forces: Yes.
CM: Relative to earth?
Forces: Yes. It is counter clock, counterclockwise and it is always behind the sun in its own experiences (? in and of itself) seven is the digit number. So we have counterclockwise seven. It should take care of itself.
CM: Now is this the same thing as the Dark Star, the twin sun?
Forces: It is something that would be considered like that, but it is a planet itself and it just been discovered this month and it revolves around the sun in its own fashion.
CM: Thank you.
Forces: But it is always behind the sun. (? That is why you do all here are not witnessing to the sun).
DD: Is the book by John A. Parker “Squaring a Circle” is that all accurate like I discovered recently? Realized? I mean the basis of the pyramid numbers?
Forces: It is the foundation of such, yes.
DD: And you can derive them all from that?
Forces: You can.
DD: And in the book “Cosmic Fire” by Bailey the fourteen rules, do they go along with the precepts?
Forces: Yes, it is true what you just said.
DD: Is that a good book to read?
Forces: Yes, it is. Question?
DD: Thank you.
IS: I think that I just watched a Michael something, about the conspiracy basically with the governments to create…
Forces: Panic in the streets.
IS: Yes.
Forces: Everything has been prepared and orchestrated like they did during the American Revolution panic in the streets (? It was) during the ah different constructions (? apparently) repeat please.
IS: Michael is talking about is how Bush’s government is basically moved by companies.
Forces: Yes. And this is totally right they are.
IS: And basically that we are moving toward a one government world. That is what he is trying to accomplish.
Forces: Yes exactly.
IS: When is that going to manifest?
Forces: Well there will be many turns and upheavals. There is a question of maybe not being totally booked yet for that to happen. What we wanted to get in to talk about these upheavals, these ways of, of, of different cycles. Aum it’s a shame. But there is so much to be done.
IS: Who today are today the Israelites, from Judea or the ones from Samaria, which countries?
Forces: Well, we always say Judea.
IS: So the majority of the Jewish people in Israel are from the Judean?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So what happened to the Sumerians?
Forces: They are still there but not in a waking state.
IS: So they are dispersed to other countries?
Forces: (Suddenly). Yes, we see certain things (?). Do not go up this (ladder) without hope…
IS: The water poisoning…
IS-Where is that going to happen?
Forces: In the Midwest.
IS: When?
Forces: You will find that in 2005 right after that of the Soviet Union falling down.
IS: After what falling down
Forces: Tower of London (? thunder).
IS: The Tower of London?
Forces: Yes. We find the Tower of London being moved, and that (——) (? Lots) of energy (——-)…
IS: Is there a good reason for me to play it all out all the way till the end, or should I, when I started feeling in at Body, Mind, Spirit or should I have gotten up and left ?
Forces: (?) course you have the ability to get up to leave. There’s always the ability to do that you don’t have to continue in the same place.
IS: So there was no need for me to wait until the end?
Forces: No, no need to.
IS: Thank you. I thought I was doing the right thing.
Forces: Well (———–) (? To put a frame on that duration) you just do not understand why people have to be horses. You know what (—-). They just do not understand how the information is there for them. We just check in on it. We are now ready for your questions in different formats.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: (? Thank you for_____).
CM: I have a question about the cycle that’s coming up August 23 and 24th period with Mars apparently being closest than it has ever passed, and some….?
Forces: The trajectory of Mars should be around spring or summer of this year coming next year. We just have to do the best we can.
CM: Is that going to coincide with any other?
Forces: What you don’t understand is a, a … Well, yes sure.
CM: So August of this year 2003 is not going to be such a critical moment as people think?
Forces: Sometimes it is best to regroup and it is what this particular group will be doing. (?) Amazed (? —————) We need some type of scheduling ____?? Are there any other questions?
DD: You said they found a hair on the Shroud of Turin, that was used to make the Christ, was that hair of Jesus or somebody else?
Forces: ____survivors just in case. Well we will have to be taking off. We hope the craziness around (?) doesn’t make you seasick. We’ll call you with two big____?
IS: Can I just ask one?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Did I just have a healing a reaction a half an hour ago?
Forces: No…
IS: No?
Forces: No, we are not aware of it.
IS: My feet were hurting and the whole gamut.
Forces: It is best to remember where you get off and to keep your eyes open with chain and of course with ah different instruments. Use um all _____? We are now ready for your quest other questions.
IS: Can I?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Did I have a healing reaction?
Forces: Yes.
IS: I’ve been having that lately.
Forces: Well the different energy fields that have been sent but there is no particular reason for you to _____?
Forces- At this point we will leave, leaving only to be brought to call you back.
Forces- Greetings to all present now.
Group: Our Father who art in Heaven….