Session 650-?7/03

We have visited you but never have we found it so wet. The different areas have been under a cloud protection for movements and also for the strange slanting of weather formations. It’s interesting to see whether your cloud cover how hot it would normally be by it unit 80 to 86 to 90 degrees of sometimes this past week if it wasn’t for your cloud covering. We find a great deal of strained relationships with Israel within your own country. There are many different ties that are being made anew in different systems that will fight for the salvation of Israel and also for the understanding what they are constantly saying and doing and knowing. The people in Israel are just as tired of conflict as you can get but none the less the Arab position needs to be addressed in putting to order where both areas are at, a peace state, even though you will put all the blood into the river doesn’t sanctify the river, or that the bottles will come and take it from your springs for that still doesn’t justify that balancing between man and God. And then as we said these causes and understanding and ideas of the changes within Israel are such a nature that it cannot be put aside. There will have to be structural boundaries made within Israel and with the Arabs included. This continues the prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Issachar. These are the carriers of the traditions of Abraham. No matter how we look at it, ah Issachar is still the younger child-brother of Jacob, and Isaac and all the rest of that which follows the lineage. So we find this world situation in a dilemma. And how they are to fix it is slowly go through it. We find the children taking over the country, where we also find the children being an influence ahh to the children. It is not easy to run a light of reflectors like they have. So they wonder who can we send forth for our own (? good ole miracle) our own miracle and these are the, these piano stools of the great conflicts to come. So as we see Israel going through the many changes of its country. There’s also the internal changes and also the fear that America is not really on their side. Unfortunately it always goes through President to President and it makes them either pro or not so pro. Even though Israel has its own ups and downs, they’ll be able to take over a certain part and wait within the own country. And their much, much more movement behind the curtain that they are not able to reveal. As far as rebuilding the Temple of Jerusalem it is something that they cannot personally reveal. Question.
IS: Thank you for coming in. When you were talking about Jacob and Isaac’s brothers, were you talking about Esau or Ishmael, Esau was Jacobs’s brother and Ishmael was Isaac’s half brother, so…
Forces: We talk about both of them, for Isaac and Ishmael is the brother connected.
IS: Right.
Forces: But Jacob and the brother …
IS: Esau…
Forces: Esau is connected.
IS: Esau and Jacob are biological mother-father brothers. Ishmael is a half-brother to Isaac.
Forces: But they are still connected as far as the spiritual boundaries and fulfillment of that element. Even though Ishmael is not with Isaac through his mother, it is through the father that the prophecies pass down.
IS: So you were speaking of Ishmael, you said Issachar, so you meant Isaac?
Forces: We meant all of those mentioned. Ah Isaac is also connected to that of Sarah and Sarah had her handmaiden, and her handmaiden’s child is connected still to Jacob in the fulfillment of the heritage of the Empire, or the prophecy through Abraham of the Kingdom. If Abraham was ever to contain himself and not take Issachar then the trouble would not ensue. Have we totally confused you?
IS: Just a little bitty. You mean if Sarah didn’t give Abraham her, the Egyptian handmaiden, then Ishmael would not have been born.
Forces: Well Hagar.
IS: Hagar yes.
Forces: Well Hagar was the one that had the kingdom of the Arabs in her, and that is where the Arabs come from, but they are still brothers to Abraham.
IS: Sons, yeah.
Forces: And they must understand that they are brothers, Israel and Hagar’s are Abraham’s seed. They have to understand that Jerusalem, Israel and the Arabs are One.
IS: So, will that happen? It doesn’t seem like anything…
Forces: Well, the point is, you know, just as Jesus was Jewish, he was a great prophet. But he wasn’t Catholic. He was Jewish. Now with the Israelis, understand that they too gave a great author of life and seeker of life though Jesus that changed the whole human race. So, you tell us, if the Jewish people would just sit home and eat hallah, then the world would not have the problem that they have. But because the Jewish people have a habit of roaming, then they seem to get into everyone’s business. And change the world. So, can we alter the pattern of Abraham? No. Abraham is part of the Arab’s race and the Arab race needs to take that on. And Abraham is Jewish.
IS: Right.
Forces: At the same time, the children of Abraham needs to take on the part that the Arabs belong to Abraham and the Arab race was created by Abraham. Nobody else.
IS: Right. They do acknowledge it.
Forces: But they need to acknowledge the fact that you are brothers.
IS: Right. But is that going to happen? I mean it doesn’t seem like…
Forces: Well the answer is yes. And why we give you yes is because it is the prophecy. It goes beyond your control. It has been ordained at the very moment of conception in Abraham’s tent. They were not thrown out of the tent of Bungo-Jungo, they were thrown out of Abraham’s tent, which meant that the child was not four years old, or two years old when it was thrown out, but well onto 6 and 7 years old.
IS: Wasn’t he 13 years old?
Forces: Yes. So the point is he was a man according to the law so he lasted well into 8 and 9 years old, 10 years old. That is history. He was in the domain of Abraham, so it is part of the heritage, whether we like it or not. An old adage is “if you have a problem, the problem is yours for the solving.” You would not have a problem if you didn’t have to solve something in self, right or wrong?
IS: I guess so. So is there a prophecy in the Bible that specifically, that you can tell me which book or chapter or whatever where this…
Forces: Daniel speaks of it. Isaac speaks of it. Isaiah speaks of it.
IS: Isaac?
Forces: You will read the chapter of his life, Isaac, and you will see answers in that.
IS: So, is there in these books a prophecy that in the end the Jewish people and the Arab people…
Forces: You will basically find that in Daniel.
IS: Daniel. So, that is saying that the Israelites and the Palestinians, and the Arabs are going to come together again?
Forces: They don’t call them Arabs or Palestinians, that’s kind of their other name, but they call them of the child of Abraham, or the children of Abraham.
IS: I see. Thank you. Is there a time when this is going to happen, before, is it going to happen before 2011?
Forces: You’ll see the remnants of that taking place at that time. And then 2065 is when it will be fulfilled.
IS: OK. So until then Israel and the Arabs will not be at peace?
Forces: Well at 2011 it will start, but of course the chain reaction will be many years to put together.
IS: So even now as we see it …
Forces: We, we would not now open up an Arab ah convenience shop in a part of Tel Aviv.
IS: So, at this point there is nothing that is going to happen, not until 2011?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you. Now, do you see this extension finished?
Forces: We will see it to be finished and it will be.
IS: How will I find the workers?
Forces: Well, let us put it this way, we will start sending the message out to those to come forward to help.
IS: Thank you. I am so tired of that. It’s my folly.
Forces: Well, we won’t label it totally on you. It is a two way street but at least it’s a learning curve.
IS: Well, that’s the problem, it is a curve. If it wasn’t curvy, it could have been finished and done as is; it is because it is curvy that it is my folly.
Forces: Were not saying it to that way at all.
IS: I know, but you are being kind to me.
Forces: We are not being kind; we are just saying the truth. Anything that is added onto this house is part of our own experience.
IS: Well…
Forces: You have just been advanced for your time that’s all.
IS: But you do see it finished?
Forces: We will help you to get it done. We will send the message out.
IS: Can you say when or…?
Forces: In less than three to four months you’ll see activity.
IS: Is there any suggestions about what kind of windows, or what kind of doors, or what I should do to, how I should…?
Forces: To get around the curve of a window, have just a bubble window. A window doesn’t have to open up either. It could be a skylight that you could put on that side.
IS: Would that also have to be custom made now?
Forces: No, you just order your skylight for the measurement of that instead of having it up on the ceiling or the top it’s on the side. It would open down, instead of up and down.
IS: And I can just order that kind of a?
Forces: Yes, it can be ordered and affixed into the square that it serves.
IS: How about the arch on this floor here?
Forces: In what way do you speak of?
IS: There is the window and the French doors that were supposed to be, one window facing the driveway, and facing the front of the house which is an arch, sort of an arched window.
Forces: Well, we could also see that as a window that has a bottom moving pane, but not a top pane moving.
IS: And I would be glad to get anyone that can do that?
Forces: Well …
CM: We will look around for it and find somebody.
IS: It would not be exuberant like, they are talking like $50 an hour and they do not even know how to do these things. So it is like Kr…a created something that nobody else can follow.
Forces: His ah expectations was to fill in and then put the window in the fill in.
IS: To fill in?
Forces: The window itself can be measured, but it if its smaller then you just fill in the window space with an insert.
IS: Can somebody do..?
Forces: Let’s say that we will send out the message, and take care of that.
IS: Thank you so much. Does Kr…a not bear any responsibility I specifically said to him at the beginning that I cannot start anything unless he promises that he is going to finish it. I sort of knew he was going to pull that number on me.
Forces: Well, remember, he comes with a lot of baggage and this is part of where he is from. He has a lot of justice trips and a lot of judgments and you got to understand his past wasn’t the best of everything. But it is not that he pulled it on you, it is that he had to go and complete some of his missions that he had to seal and put beside him and the ah work has been produced and it will continue.
IS: I mean there were all kind of people that came through here that charged $22 per hour and they never came back. Why not? Why didn’t they even come back?
Forces: In what respect?
IS: They would come take a look at it and then I would not hear from them.
Forces: Well, again, clients and people are so different nowadays. Not they we did not give you an answer. Aum work ethics is not the highest in its own value ah but again it has to be a dedicated worker on spiritual values to maintain such an energy within the house.
IS: I just feel it is so exhausting because for so many years all of that stuff has been on my back, like the responsibility for it, step after excruciating step and I so wish that somebody else would become responsible, and it hasn’t happened.
Forces: Well, I have to say to you, you took it on yourself. No one was allowed to get involved in it. Now you are saying this other item. You do have a certain tendency of taking control and you need to stop saying this drudgery it’s not as hard as it is. It will continue to move. It’s not the end of the world.
IS: Thank you. Kr… is not coming back here, right?
Forces: Again, sounds like he’s not. There’s always that possibility and chance that he will alter his own perceptions.
IS: Rabbi Solomon what did he think of us?
Forces: He has a certain child-like quality and lots of energy for he is a very exciting person to be around because he can make things happen too. But at the same time, he was ecstatic and overjoyed that he’s able to talk with individuals who are awake and not asleep. Also he had said that many Christian people are after the path more than the Jewish people are, and unfortunately the Jewish people are comfortable in their religion and not seekers because they do not want to rock the boat. Therefore, they don’t want too much information given to them because they are comfortable with their religion, and it becomes a social club and not a religion, but becomes a social outing. Many people have gone to Synagogues today not for the spiritual development of the soul, but because it is the best social club this side of heaven. So, why is this happening? Why do they have the best songs and best chanting? You can go the services and move around and hear the same chants for hundreds and hundreds of years. But their biggest chant is to search after the mysteries that are laden in the Jewish law, in the Zohar. Now of course the Kabbalah has them too, of the Jewish religion. And people do not want to retire to those because they don’t want their lives made uncomfortable with the information of thought. And of course also responsibility.
IS: How did he feel that we found in the Book of Esther, that the Name of God was found there three times in reverse and that whole thing? How did he feel?
Forces: Well he acted and felt like he discovered a new religion. He felt like there was a new discovery that was never made before.
IS: It was.
Forces: Of course, he was excited because it catapulted him into a different arena as a wise, wise person. He was also very sharp that he was seeing the entity reveal the Book of Esther and its meaning before he could even realize the meaning of the Book of Esther, even though he had heard and answered the question of the mystery of Esther in the Book of Esther and, and he realized that greater things will happen in this particular race, not only for time but for getting Book done.
IS: For getting what?
Forces: For getting the things done.
IS: Is he now going to be a big shot to his own Hassidim people because he discovered the Book of Esther, or will he say where it came from?
Forces: Well, being who he is, he will explain where it comes from.
IS: So, he will credit where credit is due.
Forces: And that will turn a lot of people to have meetings just the way you did to hear just the talk where people will leave rejuvenated.
IS: So, he will call us back?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And how did he feel about the basket of fruit?
Forces: Overjoyed tremendously and honored that he has seen not only the Fruit of the Sabbath, but that the Fruit materializes on a Sunday.
IS: From the Sabbath to Monday, right Monday, no Sunday? Right, from Saturday to Sunday.
Forces: Yes.
IS: I wanted to invite him here and we talked about it but I started thinking about how he would feel if I invited him to a house that has so many crosses.
Forces: Well, again there is culture and that’s no different than sending to museums, but sometimes it’s best to send photographs, so he knows what he is getting into.
IS: Oh…
Forces: And then he can make his own decision.
IS: How do I not take control, I mean I don’t want to control, I want people to become completely on their own, pass by and say “This is broken let me fix it.” I never wanted to take control. How do I not take control?
Forces: Well, it is not like you have to take control, it is just that you have so much information that others do not have that control to open that door while you do.
IS: But, it is like, I would be very happy if I see people pass by and say “well, this light bulb is out let me put it in”, or “this thing is messy, let me fix it” or “this is broken, let me see what I can do about it”. I would be delighted. The feeling that I have always gotten here, it’s like they see something broken, they close their eyes and walk the other way so they would not have to fall over it, or they cross over it. And that is why I feel that I am the one, that is why I feel the drudgery because I feel like I have to point out, I have to, it is like I don’t want to, and I don’t want to be in control. My greatest thing was that I don’t want to be walking around with the overalls, and you know getting all that stuff, like I did for, I wish, I mean I don’t want to do that, I mean that is not something that I sought after.
Forces: Well, again there will be lots of things to be done and it all will have its own measurement.
IS: Can you help me with that somehow? I don’t want to offend anybody, I don’t want to do any of that, I just feel that if I don’t do something about it…
Forces: Well, occasionally it’s good just to point it out and let it all work itself out, instead of delegating who should do what when. Just point it out and let it all work itself out.
IS: I will try. Thank you very much. The question about celibacy, is celibacy a thing of spirituality, is celibacy a thing of the control, is control a thing of spirituality, and I have a question also about Jesus with that, but can you speak to us on that, can you speak to us on celibacy and what it really means?
Forces: Well…
IS: If it is not for this moment, that is fine, I mean…
Forces: Celibacy is something that can be done for a period of time, but it’s not even to focus on it. If one chooses not to have relations, well we find that to be ok. But there are many reasons why it is not written in stone to continue celibacy. But at the same time, it is an evolutionary pattern to reach certain heights of spiritual evolution. It is a question that can’t be answered with one answer, but it is a question none the less that is out there and it just cannot be answered easily.
IS: May I ask about Jesus?
Forces: Yes.
IS: On that subject? Was Jesus celibate during his mission?
Forces: Well, some believe that he was active in that particular part, but again to bring this up as whether he was active or not, we just don’t have that time or space to bring that materialization forward for many have had such a hard time just trying to understand this man Jesus. Why bring any more stumbling stones forward.
IS: So, basically what you are saying is that this is something that needs to stay in the Mystery level so people can make up their own minds rather than just do something from a following point of view, but do something form an inward point of Evolution, is that what you are saying?
Forces: Yes.
CM: In a previous session, the answer was that there was positive sexual experience?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Before, during, after?
Forces: Maybe all through it.
IS: Was Mary the one?
Forces: Of what?
IS: That had these experiences with Jesus?
Forces: Well, when you say Mary we have to be careful not to think that it was with his mother.
IS: No. Mary the prostitute?
Forces: Well as reason to be, she wasn’t ah that bad of a person, but there was elements that is true about that, yes.
CM: There were lots of children, wasn’t there, with different women?
Forces: Well, again, it was a very active relationship.
IS: So he had children with Mary the prostitute?
Forces: Well, the concept is very hard to realize, but there is that capability or possibility of it happening.
CM: My understanding from the Cassiopeian material, he had relations with three women and children with three different women, and three children with each woman, so that would propagate a huge number to this point or period in time. And that is something of a blood line.
Forces: Well, we wouldn’t go that far, but the analogy that the Master had some activity could be just kept in a low profile situation. It’s difficult to express everything that the Master wants to talk about without getting all these other complicated issues involved. If it helps, he maintained his spiritual connection through it all.
IS: So, would you consider his brothers and sisters having children as part of the Jesus heritage, the genealogy, would that be where the genealogy would be more prolific?
Forces: Well, we would consider it very strongly that the genes of Jesus’ family were continued through that line for those spots (?parts).
IS: Am I understanding, partially at least?
Forces: Yes. We’re not going to the point that he had children per se, the Master, even though some have explained that he did, we have to say We do not have record of such, but he did have a expression of love to (?through) those moments in time.
IS: Thank you. But he never did legally marry any woman? Or did he?
Forces: Well, not to complicate things any more than it is, Mary Magdalene did have a certain pronouncement over him.
IS: Thank you. What is happening with my energy level again? Is it the weight or is there something?
Forces: It is a different cycle, the rain has created a great deal of slowness and the vitality of people have gone down tremendously without the sun. Your energy is affected by the sun and unfortunately the sun hasn’t shown itself to rejuvenate many people. It’s just a moment in time.
IS: Why is this weather, what is happening?
Forces: There is a, what we would call it, a vortex change.
IS: So the earth changes have begun?
Forces: As you would say, yes um huh. On the 11th and 12th of August, will be a tremendous upheaval change in many different directions.
IS: Of August, 2003?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And what will be the upheaval?
Forces: Many alternative energy fields, that people start becoming active in their spiritual awareness and evolution to the point of just talking and conceding to this energy field.
IS: So that’s a good thing?
Forces: We find it as such.
IS: Thank you. The entity D…y, how did she find the reading I had with her to be?
Forces: Very enlightening and still inspired, to the point it’s given her many visions of how to do things.
IS: OK. So when she said to me that she got 80% is she meaning that she got the 80% from me?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Of course the other 20% as I said nobody can testify anywhere, but she will be back.
Forces: She will cover many grounds what with the divorce and on the ensue; there is a tremendous ah upheaval.
IS: Good or bad?
Forces: It’s not a good thing it’s not a good thing it will be an uncomfortable thing.
IS: But will she need my help further?
Forces: She will call upon it.
IS: And others?
Forces: Yes others will still be coming.
IS: Thank you for what is coming because I know that this is a time of, with the economy being what it is; I guess I am very lucky.
Forces: Yes. Well, of course, very much so.
IS: I did the two hours, the first two hours I knocked it down from three to two hours, last Friday. Will I have an impact out of it?
Forces: Yes, you will. There is at least two people that want to continue for sure.
IS: And has it created a buzz or anything there?
Forces: Very much so, yes.
IS: And how will it be tomorrow?
Forces: We find it to be good, very good.
IS: Thank you and thank you for helping me.
Forces: Yes.
IS: And the thing with L…a and that person again from Y…ville, what is the matter with the people there?
Forces: They are known to be very strange and they’re known to have their own visions. Strange is not a bad word, we do not mean it to be bad, but they have different visions than the, of the other people who are in the world. They have other plans that they like to get accomplished. And never falls into line with the average individual.
IS: Did they take care of that couple? Did they fix it with that man?
Forces: We find it to be very good in the aftermath.
IS: Have they said something that is very good now?
Forces: There is that question that comes forward, yes.
IS: And L… and S…, how do they feel about this?
Forces: There is some complicated thoughts, but I think they are too busy with other things to be involved with this little thing.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: This is our take that there are other elements coming about.
IS: Will I have another kind of place or something from which I will work in town?
Forces: There is a possibility for this to materialize. Many possibilities. Ah there is these new offices that ah even as we speak ah that the entity CM has that will present an office that would be quite useable for you.
CM: Next to my office?
Forces: Repeat.
CM: Those open offices in my complex?
Forces: Yes, but again all these things are out there ready to happen.
IS: I do not know if I can commit myself for an everyday thing simply because so many things here.
Forces: Well, there are those offices, too, in the city that people would like to rent out just for a day or two and make that extra money for paying of their own rent.
IS: Yeah, it would have to be something open level to the downtown.
Forces: Yes, something like $30 to $35 to $40 a day.
IS: Yeah. Thank you.
DD: Can you help me with the Daniel prophecy, the one about Purim, is that really correct, the lot?
Forces: We find this to be correct.
DD: So that obelisk that you gave. The base is 64 and you gave it to be 133 feet high – now does that taper down to that from 64 or down to like 13 feet across?
Forces: We find this to be accurate.
DD: And then it goes to a point for another 11 feet?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Also the Book of Daniel, the sealed Book that he had, was that sealed Book the same Book that John revealed?
Forces: Yes.
DD: So it was sealed then, and he revealed it.
Forces: This is true.
DD: Is there any guidance you can give for me now in strengthening?
Forces: Well we find the apparitions and affirmations to be a positive and more stronger than ever before.
DD: The Psalms?
Forces: Yes.
DD: The angel in the Urim, was that Uriel?
Forces: We find that to be a strong significant element of that power, yes.
DD: So that’s the one I see in there?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Is he helping me?
Forces: Of course.
DD: Thanks very much.
CM: Thank you. We are just about done with the first five years of the sessions coming up to a part where we are going to reload the website, or I should say rebuild it. I kind of have some questions about that, and how the process is going and before launching if there is any other directions or any other guidance as far as what material or how much of the information about the house and about our personal lives should be on it.
Forces: Well, you are asking so many questions, we don’t know which one to choose. Aum yes, everything will be itself worked out. You can share a certain amount of your lives but again everything is seen in the session, too. So your personal lives are revealed through the sessions as time goes on. Will the individual will wait that long for the whole saga to continue. You will find a lot of people waiting for every session to come out to read the next session.
IS: Like Harry Potter?
Forces: Well, just as such yes.
CM: Oh much better than Harry Potter.
Forces: We know you have that feeling you wouldn’t be doing what you do if you didn’t.
CM: Thank you.
CM-I also want to know about the networking with other groups and ah my intuition tells me to go ahead and do as much networking as we can. But not having all the information compiled in order to share ah I’m kind of unsure if I should just wait and my sense of urgency is kind of ah…
Forces-You can network but don’t make it so extensive. Up to five networking systems to ten is more than enough.
CM-Ok and I’m kind of interested to know if you could tell me your perspective or answer this question. Who are the Cassiopeians that I’ve been researching for many years, from your perspective or well who are they from your and do you contact them I guess is another question.
Forces-Well we have remained a certain amount of tact in; we don’t want to alienate anyone. There is a lot of work that is going on, but at the same time there is that debriefing and looking at the work to get it out further and better than what it was able to get out. So it’s a process that is being accomplished but there’s lots of changes and internal evolution that’s materializing.
CM-Thank you. My last question is being new to the group I’m interested to know if you could give me a past life reading or something maybe particularly interesting with respect to Tom or the group. Any relations or particular lifetime.

Forces-Well that means that we would have to go through a particular Book. Let us say as what would have been said, not to give you exact details, but in the time of Christ there was a presence in and in the time of England there was a presence. But we won’t go into details for the sake of time and not that were lazy (laughter) we just are not going to climb the ladder for that Book tonight.
CM-Thank you.
IS-Esther her dream with the creature with the eyes, is that the Seraphim is that correct?
Forces-You definitely explained it correctly yes.
IS-Did I also explain the ships and the Higher Forces on the second Friday correctly?
Forces-Yes you did. We found that to be very pleasing.
IS-Thank you. Have I explained to the (?) kid H. his problem?
Forces-You did express that ah and it did sink home yes.
IS-Am I helping the entity S…n with his…?
Forces-There is a long hall in fact we would have thrown him out of the ship a long time ago. But you are helping ah this particular entity to work on those qualities yes.
IS-And I am correct what happened to him?
Forces-Yes we see this to be accurate yes.
IS-Thank you.
Forces-It is complicated part of his life by that very fact.
Forces-One interesting thing him trying to go back to get it or to see it or savor it is what cause the problem.
IS-You mean to go back into the childhood?
IS-He shouldn’t do that then?
Forces-Well too many visits there at that time could cause complications.
IS-So he shouldn’t do it by himself; he should do it with me?
Forces-Well you can visit back a certain amount of times by his self, other times just let it go.
IS-So please direct me.
Forces-Yes you can help and direct him but not too many times hereafter in that respect.
IS-Ok so help me to direct him.
IS-Help me that I don’t go too many times.
Forces-Yes we don’t want to overkill the area. Or visiting and doing that is correct but sometimes too much makes it complicated.
IS-Right. And with all my other clients am I doing correctly?
Forces-We find very careful steady flow yes of interest. This will be good.
Forces-At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
The Group-Our Father