Session 649. 5-25-03


Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have come in to speak to you as a group but most important to share some concepts and ideas. We notice that there are those who (———–) (? coming back soon) from your studies on the earth and there are those who are just a whiz kid who get (? Flax) and all that but we also find that the strange situation of the world is still precarious and not really in its rightful space. We find that the entity has been tremendously involved with the work and the precautions that that should take. We also see those who have been on vacation (? ————–) deleted jopady has found the lopathy. Now what we were trying to say is the deleted car has found the road pavement. We are also concerned about as the entity (? ever seen or seems) to witness some of the prophecies we have given him from the night before last night in the Council Meeting. One of the most interesting of ah seeing things ahead of time is knowing psychically the things also ahead of time besides the door knob. Alright so we see that Tibet will grow and grow into a colony of China and China refusing to let it go until it pops in one way or the other the popping noise will be very interesting. We also see that Turkey will take over Afghanistan and parts of Iraq and Tajikistan and (? Pu—–stan) and anything else that is (? Stanley) (? standing). But of course the United States will just stand by and watch it. But this is a plan in 2004 to 2005 in which they won’t stop taking over Afghanistan Tajikistan (Vanisastan) and ah, ah Pakistan, even Pakistan mind you is involved with this move. So it’s not going to be something that you could just generally stand by, huh stan by mind you it’s all the stan bys you know. Alright now we move on to infiltration of the world by sound and remote and a lot of times people would be coming up from any heart burns or accidents or standard protocol in fact (?is that) they find themselves in the middle of a heart attack. You have to excuse me? ————- Well we see—–? water bill. Yes what can I do. Alright we are ready for you questions we’ve been watching everything at this moment. We find a little ah, ah activity on this side so don’t mind us if we flash in and out ah but we’ll be here more or less of course. Questions.
The dream I had where something about spheres and crystal and I was crying and I couldn’t read this manuscript. Two times I tried to read it and something about the 24 going out. Could you help me understand that?
Forces-Well of course the manuscript deals with some sort of prophecy within the making and deals with the creative flow of energy that is also in the making.
DD: Could I ask another one?
Forces-Ah sure since the, their coming to take you into this prophecy mode, sure.
DD: The Obelisk that you gave…
Forces-Yes I got ya.
DD:I interpreted the numbers that you gave as being an obelisk, 64, 46, 23 is that correct?
Forces-Ah repeat the numbers again.
DD: 64 to 46 to 23.
Forces-You have to repeat the numbers again.
DD: 64 to 46 and then to 23.
Forces-You have those correct.
DD: Is that an Obelisk?
DD: Can you give me the height of it?
Forces-Well it is a 122ft., then it’s a 133ft.
DD: Thank you very much.
JN: AL problems?
Forces-What problems does she have. We have a couple over here we could use.
JN: Mental and physical problems eating disorder?
Forces-Well let’s get to the young soul that has this problem to ask some questions. Question do you have an eating disorder.
AL:I guess so.
Forces-And the answer was?
AL:I guess so.
Forces-I guess so is that what is being said (?).
JN: Yes
Forces-Why do you have to be her interpreter. Why did you have to be her interpreter?
JN: She said yes.
Forces-And what was the answer.
IS: She said I guess so.
Forces-Ok, ok. Next question what would be the next question on top of this. What would be the next question? Why.
JN: Why does she have it?
Forces-That’s it that’s the question. Ok the one named AL why do you think did this?
AL:I don’t know.
Forces-Why did you, why did you go into this before that. Is it to find order?
AL:I don’t know.
Forces-Is it, is it because it’s the only thing you have control over?
AL:I don’t know.
Forces-How do you feel when you do this disorder they call it. How do you feel about it?
AL: Bad.
Forces-Why bad? Why bad?
Forces-Did you say cause of my problems?
AL: Yes.
Forces-(?) AL and design retortion of food intake with the prep-atorial (?) of calories weighing that of, of ah miniscule diet versus a happy fat saturated diet. Where would you be on that scale? Huh?
AL: Don’t know.
Forces-Ah how long have you been like this? What was the answer?
AL:A few years.
Forces-Do you want us to help you stop doing this?
AL: Yes.
Forces-Ok, ok. Would you like me as the Council first, first and foremost use the magic of the, ah, the, what would we call this, I don’t know what this is…(laughter) do you see this AL do you see what this is…
AL: A microphone.
Forces-That what it is? Looks like a, a microphone oh. Are you watching it, watch it, you watching it?
AL: Yes.
Forces-What’s, what your name?
Forces-Ok we got there. Here’s what we would do. What we would do the Council itself is asking you to understand you can eat again. I think we have a firm watching over you and looking at your body that you feel like you can’t eat because you’re bad……….Do you want to answer that is that a true statement?
AL: Yes.
Forces-Why do you feel that you’re bad?
AL:I don’t know.
Forces-Something been said to you?
AL: (?).
Forces-Did someone do something to you?
AL: No.
Forces-Do you think something was done to you?
AL: (?).
Forces-Was something done to you?
AL:I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, ah, I don’t, I don’t know.
Forces-You do know don’t you. You want to talk about it?
AL: No.
AL:I don’t know if something was done.
Forces-It’s what?
AL: It’s just stuff.
Forces-You have to forgive us our hearing is like 3,000 years old and we need a new ear. (?————-).
AL: Its stupid stuff.
AL: It’s just stupid stuff.
Forces-Stupid. Like what?
Forces-Well what, what do you think, let’s begin with a list of what everything might be. Give me an example of one thing.
AL:I just destroy everything around me and I don’t mean to.
Forces-Do you feel everything around you don’t like you?
AL: No.
Forces:————-they talk about the list that doesn’t like you.
AL: Maybe.
AL:I don’t know everybody doesn’t like me but——–.
Forces-Who else doesn’t like you?
AL:I don’t know.
Forces-Anyone else you know that doesn’t like you?
AL:I don’t know——————-.
Forces-Has anything been said to you that made you feel that you’re not liked.
AL: What people do———–.
Forces-What do they do?
AL: They—I don’t like you——-they don’t want me to do it
Forces-Who is the (?sad) last person that said that to you?
AL: Like a girl.
Forces-What’s her name?
AL:(? Rachel ——).
Forces-What does she do now?
AL: She’s just hanging around and she (—-).
Forces-Do you feel liked by anybody?
AL: Yeah.
AL: My Mom and her friends—————.
Forces-What was that?
AL: (—).
Forces-Does your Mom like you?
AL:I guess so.
Forces-Does your Dad like you?
AL:I don’t know.
Forces-Well one is a guess so and the other one I don’t know. Why don’t you know about your Dad?
AL: Cause he’s different than my Mom is (?—–).
Forces-Your Dad is different?
AL: Yes.
Forces-How different.
AL: He’s just————–.
Forces-Has he mentioned anything to you that might imply that he doesn’t like you?
AL: He calls me critical and I spend too much time with my Mom.
Forces-Well—have you told him how you feel when he says certain things to you?
AL:I don’t know.
Forces-Is that a no?
AL:I don’t remember.
Forces-Ok maybe what you need to do is express your feelings to him, to tell him how you feel about things.
AL:I do sometimes.
Forces-And what happens?
AL: (?).
Forces-Anyone else makes you feel this way that you have to lose your prosperity or place?
AL:I can’t think straight……
Forces-You can’t think straight?
AL: No.
Forces-Would you like this to be taken away from you?
AL: Yes.
Forces-Would you eat something after the Sessions over so we could help you?
AL: I’ll try.
Forces-If we protect you from it.
AL: I’ll try but it’s hard.
Forces-Yeah. We’re going to do something right now for you that will take this thinking pattern away from you and you’ll be very, very hungry after the Sessions over. Are you ready for this?
AL: Yes.
Forces-(Breathing in and out seven or more times.)
Forces-We will put on this area of you an Angel that will protect you in getting this particular weight back to a level where you will have life again. Do you know that your heart is very close to going into a, into a situation of stopping?
AL: No.
Forces-Well because it’s not getting the nutrition and the vitamins that it needs from the food, that’s what start happening for you that, that you’ll start bleeding throughout your different orifices and then your heart will be the next thing to go. What we’re trying to say to you is this could be a good turning around point to get life back to you again and just as this Session is over it is and will be to help you. And it will motivate you to take things to eat gradually, you won’t gain any weight but the fact is it’s a gradual experience, so you can be familiar with eating again and then we’ll take it from there the next time we meet.
Forces-Will this help you?
AL:I think so.
Forces-Is this what you would like?
AL:I think so.
Forces-Then we have done this and accomplished just for you right now.
AL: Thank you.
Forces-You’re welcome. Question.

ED: About this World War Three that’s supposed to happen in 2006. Is there any possible way that someone can do something to stop it. Is there any possible way that I can do something to prevent the war from occurring?
Forces-Every individual who becomes (? believer) of the fact that they can do things to stop the war actually can. Ah the Patriot Bill that has been passed is a Bill that takes away rights from the people and, and of course this is very dangerous. It needs to be relooked at and rescaled down. The Patriot Bill is very, very dangerous and takes away your freedom. This is a very good area to petition and to focus on and to get into the stream of protest and basically you’ll find this with a lot of Democrats but there is a lot of work to get accomplished the next 4 to 5 years, but…
JN: Thank you.
Forces-I hope maybe we could help you understand that it is through the Patriot Act that you might find your bearings to prevent the World War Three as they call it and ,and to (?————). But unfortunately there is and will be an Antichrist very, very strongly present on the earth which will persuade and dis, disdain the everyday people from doing things. That they would be pulled up into this type of Antichrist spirit.
ED:Is there anyone to weaken this Antichrist?
Forces-No. No. there’s, no, no there’s no way to weaken it because people are ready for it. They have been programmed to be receptive to this image so it’s kind of ah something we have to stop our thinking and regroup ourselves from being taken in to this particular pattern.
ED: What is the age of this Antichrist?
Forces-Well the Antichrist would be, as the entity had said, very beautiful looking, very handsome and very beautiful. At the same time it could be around 22 to 28 of your, but another interesting thing about the Antichrist is that it is through the gene pool and the genes will be used to create this Antichrist. Let us tell you something even more su-spaciously su, su, su, su, su, su, stupendous, they will take the genes or the Cloth of the Shroud that they’ve taken the Spirit of Christ and will create it in the gene pool. Therefore creating another Christ. And this will be done through France. And it will be the Antichrist. Now the biggest signs that we have given you just now will be developed in the European theater and basically through France and will affect all of Europe, in fact all of the people will be crying out for the Spirit of Christ to come back.
ED: Thank you.
IS: He’s going to look like Christ, so we’re talking about a clone that’s being created?
Forces-But without a soul now, did you get that?
IS: Yes.
Forces-Be it female-male, very beautiful to look at, very handsome, but without a soul or capability of loving anything. And this is what the entity had seen in the Council.
IS: So they don’t know yet whether it’s male or female?
Forces-Oh it’s both.
IS: They want it to look both it would be a hermaphrodite?
Forces-Well that’s the cloning process.
IS: So.
Forces-See the cloning process makes it male-female and that’s what they’ll be going for.
IS: Male-female how does it have both genitalia or male-female…?
Forces-Well we won’t go into that aspect the fact is it’s cloned.
NN: Will it actually manifest into individuals?
Forces-No it be one.
IS: Whose brain will be in it?
Forces-We’ll be it spirit of, of that which it was, the problems with the…
Forces–Did you want to say something?
ED-About cloning I read articles about cloning and how when they make clones it speeds up the aging process of the individual being cloned. So would this individual just go through a rapid aging process when it was cloned?
Forces-To reach the point of 23 yes.
IS: So it’s not yet been created?
Forces-Oh it’s in the process now and you will see it in 2006.
IS: On the predictions about the person with the turban (Nostradamus) has that already taken place?
Forces-Well they think its Taliban and it could be the possibility, he’s in everyone’s face, so we would say yes.
IS: That was the prediction for the forerunners.
Forces-Yes but it’s still not over yet.
IS: Who else?
Forces-But we would have to say he will be attacked by certain elements from the planet of Jupiter around 2009, where people will be running to save their lives. The virus will hit around 2005 and there will be much death and destruction as far as health is concerned, around that time, so everyone will be crying out for the Christ Spirit in which will appear in the sky and descend into the earth as one of the major, what would be considered visitors and will be the Christ Spirit in 2011.
IS: And until 2011 the Antichrist will reign?
Forces-Oh will do a real bang-up job. But this is part of prophecy too that the Antichrist will come first.
IS: Yes.
DD: Who has control of the Antichrist?
Forces-Well those who created it through France will have a great deal to do with it.
DD: Who in France created it?
Forces-Oh this we would saying many a system can create it, many associations in France that developed it. What we’re trying to say you have this religious group in France that believes in cloning, it is through them that they will match into this.
ED:Is this group the Raelian?
IS: And are they funded by some of those Families? (See Session 655)
Forces-Yes of course they are.
Forces-At this point, we will speak more about in coming days ahead but it is good for ah people to get their priorities, and evaluate their processes together. AL we hope we have helped you today.
AL: Thank you.
Forces-Do you feel a little different?
AL:……….I don’t know…
Forces-Uh huh well you know your cared for and you know you are special for us. Maybe you will draw our picture, what you see us to be. We would like that.
AL: Ok.
JN: What do you think of the dream sessions and how does that encourage?
Forces-It’s trying to encourage her to move on. So with the (?) space that you are in, it will start taking and helping you to do and develop. It will be delivered and protected by you with the Angel that the entity has given you.
Forces-Greeting to all here present…
IS: My finger and penicillin and NN questions.
Forces-We will help you yes.
IS: It will take care of it completely?
Forces-It will yes. Anyone else questions.
Forces-You concerned about the person who didn’t ask questions.
IS: Yes I am.
I was wondering about offering up the Rosary is there a limit to how many people at one time or is it more effective to offer it up to one person at a time?
Forces-It’s all up to the individuals, but the answer to that question is one (?), one dollar per person.
IS: May I come back to my problem?
Forces-We were expecting that.
IS: What is wrong with me and where did I get it?
Forces-It is just a fungus, normal typical virus, that’s in the system materialized in the finger, it just happened to be a skin virus. It’s no different from ah from anything else but just let us tell you this don’t pet the cat any longer.
IS: So it is from the cat.
Forces-Ah just leave the kitty alone until it clears up.
Forces-Greeting to all here present now.
IS: JN has another question?
JN: Is the Sars virus one of the viruses that are being sent around for the whole (————–)?
Forces-Yes to destroy and annihilate.
JN: So that’s how the reptilians do it?
Forces-Yes in China.
JN: And what can be done to help people get over the virus?
Forces-Well there are those who will get it and to get it over with there will be an antivirus ah that China already has you know…on it.
IS: Was it released by mistake or on purpose from a laboratory?
Forces-We see it as purposeful.
JN: Was it released by China or some other country.
Forces-By China’s experimental area yes.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father.