Session 620-5/31/98 part 3 missing

Council (Speaking very slowly and deep): Greetings to all here present now. We are in this area and (have) seen the strange going on of many factors. There are pains in this your land, for all the world to see. We did not know why it is but only the lame doth see. In such a way we’ve had enough of trials and tribulations. They tear the fabric of the will for all to continue their deeds. There is no will that can stand such assault on there every side. We’re finished with such a childish mess and now it’s on our side. We will stop this but very night in which we will admit that those who try to challenge this land is now aflame amiss. The zeal they use to burn their torch is now to light their own. For now that caverns of misdeeds are there to see its own. And doors will ooopen wide for all to see their own afoul. The stench shall smell and raise its head as one scream afoul. And know you this tonight we come disgusted in its way. We stayed away and fought our cause to come back to this amazed. The children were allowed to go their path of hell we know. But now it’s time for us to dabble in this we call the witching spell. It’s not to be, it’s not to see but plain on the nose of (yon) that this the deed of your President was much afoul we know. But set it up to see on high was but a mess it is. And so we say the other side is now to pay for its deed. (Breathing in and out strongly)(Another Force comes in)
Forces:Greetings to all here present now. (Very Deep Voice)It has been a long time in coming but this is the night in which we will start the process of entering a new phase for the Millennium. This is the night of entering so it’s still and quiet as we can see. But now we see the Council did speak to us as it was all so easy to see. We must admit there are times when these your earthlings do dispel the doubt of darkness we see amidst this foul abyss. But as we see and as we watch from afar a distant spot we’re per, perplexed and dismayed to know how much you are all lost. And yet the Chief of all the Councils doth say to us, get you back to them. As the cry of Moses to the one we lead. Get you back to them. For they build strange gods and bring down some in awe to have this party. But now it’s time to rectify this mess that they have done. We must admit as we see it, does displease the One, the One we can not only say, but now we’re back, we’re back to stay. We have uprooted many a fort and battle plunged in your planet of Jupiter. And now that is all among us still and yet we have sufficed to say, won that mighty battle. So tonight we bring you good news. A night that has taken us at least four years to do. That this particular onslaught to earth has now been halted. But the sad point of you, are those who have been planted here do not know this time, that they have lost the battle there, only for their eyes to be opened. It is a sad, sad note, the dismayed, distressed, disgruntled souls. And not a purpose of a plight nor a dream or direction told. But remember lose not your sight for now is real to you. But we say where you go and what’s to follow is what you do here that will be there for you. So think not that it is end if you grow old and dim in vision. For remember as gone it is to be your Spirit lives in Technicolor vision. Remember one thing and one thing alone, that your Soul is Eternal and that in which your body does is only to get you ready for that of the tunnel. What you do here now is to be done on this side you come. Things do not stop; they do not end, where your mind is that is how you begin. Watch your thoughts and watch your mind for God only knows when your mind. For when you come to the other side, if you are what you are now—that then will be the life you start. So shake off these thoughts that might send you down for the morning comes and might find you down. But then your life itself anew will last for hundreds of years of you. So count not 60 or 90 as much for where you go triple that you must. For this life is but a few short years. But where you go is many more Tiers (? tears) There is no safe place or haven to rush. So pick up your glove, pick up your feet, count that dust for what you do here is what you’ll get there. There’s no running from it, it is inevitable. We find in many different areas great stress and strain. We find your markets to be a mess. And teleportation to be the best. We find your country in shambles and testify to its de:may and dis:my of internal strife for of such the attack goes on and is not that which is from beyond. For the attack is within through sarcastic words, through judgments of a harsher note. For it is infiltrated through all that judgments now will run rampant over all. This be not of the whitest side, this be not of the good side. Remember this, that this is a dark, dark hour. But your own light can be the brightest at this hour. Takes one small light to curse this dark. But that light you have. It’s so difficult to keep. It is up to you to meet the challenge in which night and future is. For that light that you carry has tremendous power over all this dark. We see Russia in its own dis:mire and dismay and disruption anew. We see conflicts from every side. This can be set and mark our words the Union of the United States and Russia is in the making. This will solidify their economy and bring it back to new. And one global land will circle the northern hemisphere as one land anew. We see China much in an uproar and (? dis:::) over this move. In which they then try to grow and take the lands that they knew. We see that of South America challenging the every front for financially they are in a bind, therefore they must also meet. This year is not going to be a year just simply come and gone. But every day will be a task from, you fill in the blank. But each does day that you shall see a breath of water meet that in your meditations task and prayers of daily meet (meat). So hear these words as we have come, back to guide you through. This year shall test you every bit, every new op a new. So be you strong, be not weak, remember that which is. For many are counting upon your feat (feet) to lead them through this most darkest meet. Carry this the torch of light the light you’ve been guided to:::for so many years you’ve prepared yourself. Now it’s up to you.
Forces: Questions.
IS: Thank you for coming in and thank you for (—–). What will happen with Clinton is he going to stay in office or is it not yet decided?
Forces: There is much conflict and much haggling over this situation. We will infiltrate and take its course and protect such this the child. For we have interest of our own. We have this country (sighing). In the House it will be a mess that is what the state of affairs will be. They are disarranged and unsettled too. But the true fate will come when it hits the seat of the Senate as it must do. And then we’ll take over and be there. For we do activate that floor and by this strength he will get by, but not an easy task to do. There is much dis:taint in this your land and much more conflicts to. But those who stand in this area should of stand with him to. But it is us will deed our do and will make this turn right. But only to see this mess carried out its fight. And as we say these words to you it’s not an easy thing for a setup as a setup goes. This is an obvious thing.
IS: Thank you. Because it does look like a setup like Helen of Troy we don’t know whether she was truly a magnificent woman or a Monica Lewinsky.
Forces: All we are saying is that worse has happened and the attention is thrown to this. When you all should be developing and protecting over to that. But remember it’s in here that matters during this next Trojan year. And through your meditations and prayers of spirit will give you that strength of use (? youth). Question.
IS: Thank you. For the entity Tom his physical body. Is there anything that can be given to help him?
Forces: We see that there are several things but I guess this is our lot. It’s up to us to move him through. It’s as simple as that. Question.
ES: Would it be more beneficial for the house if I stayed in a wage position in the hospital or if I moved to the point 5 part time?
Forces: It’s not the position of a wage or point 5. Numbers are numbers. But remember it’s the heart and the service and the doing without begrudging. That is the true position. Your job is there for all that you want. But it is the heart that is the keynote of your position.
ES: Thank you.
DD: The Tarot 36, 36, 36, 36 and then I have 48, 48, 48. I was thinking (?) 36’s are at. And then I have another combination which is a 13 suit pack. Which would be the correct one?
Forces: Of course all those who are hearing you have not the foggiest clue. And sometimes we can side with them and say we agree to. The 36, 13, 48 is the right course to do. But the 36, 36, 36, 36 is a right and true.
DD: So which one is it? I’m stumped here.
Forces: It is the 36, 36, 36 the one to do.
DD: But in a year’s time we change our mind and change to 46, 46, and 46. But then in the year of 2010 everything goes back to ten.
IS: Thank you.
JU: Was the Clinton incident set up from the beginning, who set it up and what are we being distracted from by everybody paying attention to this?
Forces: It was of course a setup true as all for all to see. The poor boy did not play the game and therefore lost his head. He didn’t fall into the things they want nor said the things to do. For the World Order wanted change and he refused to do. The last two years of a Presidents term is slated for this a course. That the World does Order the Order of the World is there agenda in its course. He just refused to play the game and so they had his head. Of course he was supposed to be the boy of their team. But Clinton being who he is, no one can tie him down; he’s filled of spunk and energy to, in fact he’s charming to. But we would say it is the course and destiny to keep your people busy with mediocrity. So in this challenge it is that of course to keep all looking away while slowly on your eastern shore, your money fades away.
JU:Is that a similar pattern of why Bush went into Somalia for no reason at all because the World Order had a reason for him to do it?
Forces: Well for the sake of information leaks and not to give you too much you’re right on that of course we say but there is more to this leak. There is a lot to be said tonight but we feel so assure that your two years and mind up there cannot possibly, possibly handle it all. So for sake of decency and for truth we give you tidbits of course. But with each Session you will have, we will show you this course. You must be given the information at a slower rate so you may know these feeling to and of course consider this fate. So yes it is the answer true that, that was such agenda. But there is much more that’s going on out there and this is what we’ll cover.
HA: For the benefit of my family the money that just disappeared how can I get it back and besides a whole lot more?
Forces: What does besides a whole lot more mean?
HA: For freedom, just for freedom to be able to do things?
Forces: Well it’s not the right spot for us. But financially is not the right moment for now. Hold on to what you have and then we can tell you what is to be. At this moment it’s not the investing that is the trouble, but it is the loss that you are reflecting and this of course can give you trouble. It could be worse than what it is as you know best of that. But there are times when things fall down and some say hold on it will rebound. Don’t invest this moment now keep what you have. But by the New Year things will turn around and then we can talk for that New Year. So keep what you have. Your loss is true it cannot be undone. But the days to come, there is a trick that can make it run for you.
HA: Thank you.
IS: Should she keep the money in the stock market or take it out?
Forces: Considering the amount she has we would say hold on. Again bringing up this fact that money we just don’t do. So reminding of you of this talent that we can sometimes do. I would take my money true and hold it out. But quote us not that we said this. But this is what I’ll do. Only because of the money you have and the wage and price is so. And where you have it just won’t do but we will deny this too.
IS: Thank you.
SUP: Because of previous losses and because of present lawsuits should L. F. continue to run for Governor of Virginia if so when and if so how. And should this be or should it stop?
Forces: We don’t find this a difficult question. We don’t find it to be hard to answer. His destiny was of the vehicle that has passed. But there is a tiredness and the Democrats can become new in this strength coming. So we would say this he must find this answer within him. He must feel and know he can win. But then we would say this door can be his as Governor too. It would not be a difficult task in the years coming. For things are being said and demands of this your Governor of this State, he’s lost a few and will continue to do the same with each passing day. To make him a most personal Governor of his friends who want him to say that his judgments and doing of things is only but the lobby of those friends. We have it said we cannot lie it can but be only true, that he can be our next Governor but he must find this to be true. We can prepare it and make it so and plan all the future to. But something has to ignite in here to make it come true. And that is the task that he has to do in order for it to be. We could set the stage of course as we did before but then again it’s in here that counts. There are a few of things that will make a great platform for him to lead and standing on. The entity has taken on results. This what we want to help those who are in need and poor and have not to eat at all. But not by this the platform be but what we will use in it you see. As a gift this is and can be his way of making it work for him. Along with the Social Security Act that can come directly from him that will make it strong and secure by his visions alone. We then as always have said his gift with those States of South America and most important and to all this the answer he has to help that State that we call Russia in its plight. Now we know all this and we speak of Governor but you see his platforms made. Take these tasks open this up and that will be.
IS: Thank you.
IS:Is the whole Party so tired and beaten and there is no leader or leadership or willingness to put themselves out. So L. F. would have to pick up that kind of energy within himself for everybody.
Forces: Let us just say this. Yes. What it is the energy that as he was. And we take this time to talk on this. As he was Woodrow Wilson, so as he dropped it to heal the States of Europe, it is now to be picked up again.
IS: Thank you. And so his platforms are all the things that you talked about plus in this time if he starts building relations, Russia, here, platforms so he’s more of a, he builds, he built what he needs to do plus he builds credentials on a more international level so when he comes to be Governor, a savvy Governor, not just a Virginia Governor and a preparation. And what you are saying is that this next time there is the possibility, but is it this next time if he can do all of the things and pick up that energy for the whole Party and emerge as the man of clear vision and energy when the whole Party is pooped out and take up that slot for everybody and emerge the hero basically for the Democratic Party in Virginia at least and take on these other things like the poor people, maybe because of all these people now that are coming off of welfare. Then the other thing the Social Security is it still this very time or is it the next time? Is this correct?
Forces: You should pay us for this information is true. But the prime act is the beginning of this new. And of course the welfare recipients to bring that back up to snuff. The pendulum swings both ways of course but these are the ones that can make it true. Come back for more questions we have plenty too.
IS: Thank you.
JS: What really happened with the Titanic and why does it keep coming up in movies and over and over again. The total fascination after seeing the movie, it really got to me I mean the whole thing. Can you explain why all that happened and what really happened? Was I anywhere around there for some reason or other?
Forces:( long pause)(deep breathing) Welcome to the (?door of) (?Torah) 8726:421 We see the entity incarcerated on the cell of C in which is the part of the ship, it’s not the first class that you were in but in the second class, your name was Sullivan. In which you were married to one of said individual in this group. You both did go down together dancing on the floor of the ship. The ship is known as such a way in such a flight too. It encased the souls of the sinking to a time zone too. It is not that it got hit by an iceberg it crossed a time warp travel zone or dimension of time. So the souls that went down there are all now found here this lifetime. And they are still handling that destruction of the ship. The majority of those souls were caught not only in this dimension but that in what is now known as Mars.
JS: What did you mean by the souls are here this time?
Forces: All those souls that have perished in this ship, simply were born in this age again.
JS: So they had to come right back.
Forces: Of course they were caught in a time warp zone and therefore never died. It is a concept that’s difficult to understand. It is like a fable on high. We tried to make it not too complicated but it is and can and does happen and in this particular case the ship went into an energy warp time zone.
IS: So basically the souls are still trapped, so part of them have reincarnated and a ghost part is still…
(Tape stopped)
Forces: It was an experiment that went wrong. They sent the ship out being the best and the largest and the strongest to
(Tape stopped)
ES: Hebrew letter?
Forces: It is called the shadow letter or the shadow of the high.
ES: Will it ever be revealed?
Forces: It’s only revealed in the dream world or the shadow world.
ES: Thank you.
MIM: I’d like to thank you for helping me going through the things that I have been going through. Mine is not so much a question but a request. Could you heal me?
Forces:(Deep breathing in and out) Let us put it this way. As Jesus spoke to the thief on the cross, this hour you shall be with me in paradise. What we are saying, the other thief leave him alone can’t you see he cannot save himself let alone you leave him alone he cannot save himself. We hear your plea and take it right, know the plight you’re in. We also know your faith to be all so whole and strong. This group will save you. Now we say this, it is up to every one of you to turn from your dark sides and come before your Ark and be not a unbeliever but a believer. We are tired of your doubts and your cynicisms. We cannot change that but you have a brethren who’s asking crying for help. Turn your hearts away from darkness and help him.
MIM: Thank you.
HR: Thank you I’d like to thank you for all the success I’ve had over the last year. I’d like to ask some questions about my mother, she’s going through these fainting spells. Do you know what’s causing them and can we do anything to rectify it?
Forces: Get number 486215:1899(?1999) And her name?
Forces: Middle name?
Forces: There is there is a degeneration of the nervous system from the point in which the heart receives its message on top of the heart to the brain. Because of the nervous systems energy or lack of thereof there is a synapse that does not jump from the Mamendah Medulla section of her brain which controls the breathing and the heart. In this section (?) the electrical impulses are weak. We see that one the break of impulses through the nervous system to trigger electrically the heart. The impulse to trigger electrically this the circle of the heart is misfiring we see causing a total stoppage or breaking of information or downtime of impulses to the heart muscles and there is some sort of cleaving or wiping away the old muscles that no longer receive the impulses to newer muscles below. Now it can be rectified very easily if she would wear copper bracelets and in so doing this could and should be the catalyst to conduct the synapses at this energy that stops this message. Of course her heart is getting older and you have a secondary problem which creates it to mix signals of rapidity creating it to go into a false rhythm and we call this a jerky rhythm creating the heart to stall or flutter. It is through those moments that we see through the system now that the flutter of this heart calls causes her to drop. Because the electricity of her energy stalls and basically for that moment stops. Copper bracelets could enhance the electricity to jump over through the different areas and meridians of the neck and arm. So wearing a copper necklace and right bracelet could be adjust what the Forces ordered.
HR: Thank you.
JW: Should that be made in a generator style of copper or is there any other metals that should be done with it.
Forces: It could be.
JW: Thank you.
JW: How long did Lazarus live after he was resurrected and what did he accomplish?
Forces: Lazarus lived for a period of 26 to 29 years. He accomplished the Society of Brothers that landed in England.
JW: So he took Jesus with him after his resurrection to England?
Forces: I don’t know what you said.
IS: Was he part of the group of the people that…
Forces: Excuse us a minute would you please open that. Excuse us its annoying. Go ahead.
IS: Joseph of Arimathea is that the group with Lazarus?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you. Who is the person in the group that was JE’s wife on the Titanic?
Forces: We put that book away. It is up to the individual to ask the question.
IS: For the entity HA is there anything that she should be doing or can be doing to help herself, not just financially but in any other way. And can I be of any…
Forces: She is also very good at volunteerism; let it be a start to volunteer for service that will grow into another item. Where and how it’s up to her, but there is a tremendous gift that she has in helping. And it is in that spirit of helping even if it’s one day a week which will open a lot of opportunities for her.
IS: Thank you. And for the entities AC and JS can help be given there?
Forces: You’re asking for help?
IS: Yes. For AC calming down of the nervous system and the refocusing of those energies could be helpful. And for JS the focusing of the energies spirit in which per say of the mind he is and future plans that he has the connection between him and of us and the Higher Forces and his connection to the outside galaxies.
IS: Thank you. AC meditates; will she accomplish what she’s setting out to do?
Forces: She can yes.
IS: Thank you very much. Also for SVP what is wrong with her physically?
Forces: We need her full name.
Forces: She’s running too much, her battery is running too much. She’s exhausted her battery exhausted. She’s exhausted herself. She needs to slow down, going too much and too fast. The electrical impulse affecting. She needs to increase her immune system, needs fruits and vegetables, juices, she needs fresh sunshine. Her energy is very, very low. Bananas and of course proper diet is what her problem is, she needs proper diet plenty of water, lemon, foods not good whatever food she’s eating it’s not healthy and it’s been contributing to this. And she’s also very distraught by this too. She’s going, as we would call it to eat bananas, she’s going bananas. We will send her some energy to work with her tonight.
IS: Thank you.
DD: On the phosphene figures as I have in front of me on this paper.
Forces: I agree. (Laughter)
DD: From 1 to 15 do they go along with the precepts?
Forces:(Group laughing) Anything, yes we agree.
DD: I don’t want you to agree I want to know if it’s correct?
Forces: It is correct.
DD: Could you help me with the (?). I seem to be in a block with this writing, this new thing. You gave me everything I need but I don’t know how to put it together?
Forces: Slowly it will be put together, just slowly do it.
DD:I just feel all tangled up right now I can’t go anywhere.
Forces: Just take one down at a time.
DD: Anything else I need to know for it.
Forces: No this would help you. Just endeavor to do it.
DD: Thank you.
ES: Thank you for showing me the entity outside, the afternoon with the rainbow, who was that.
Forces: We would consider that as a spirit guide of this dimension. It is the protector of the gate.
ES: And with the rainbow was the gate open?
Forces: Yes.
ES: Thank you very much.
JU: Paul who I discussed some of the things that we follow. He follows some beliefs something like the New World Order or a conspiracy that’s centered in London with the British Government. Is there a lot of truth in what he’s been picking up?
Forces: Yes.
JU: Would it be ok to have him out here at some point in the future?
Forces: We have no problems with people. It’s only what they eat. (Laughter)
JU: The vertigo and some of the different energy levels that I’ve had in flashes over the last couple months. Is there anything I need to do for that?
Forces: Well we would say slow down, you move too fast. Aum we would also say deep breathing exercises can help. Don’t eat too fast that causes it to happen. Also cut your coffee down. That’s affecting you.
JU: Thank you.
Forces: And plenty of anchoring, centering, and of course increase your vitamin C, vitamin E and your B12 needs to be looked at with B7 the Seventh B. And what would be considered in that category of the ah, the ah magnesium level needs to be added up a little bit. Your magnesium levels down.
JU: Thank you.
Forces: Along with your phosphorus potassium level. We’ll leave it like that. (Laughter)
HA: AC’s nervous system, what should she do or eat or to get stronger and healthier?
Forces: Castor Oil packs at the lower spine is good. And also retaining of the food that she should try not to lose her food too often. And also the calming of yogurt and fruits around her. And sugars need to be avoided for a while but plenty of grapes or grapes… If you are strung out or nervous or anxious in any way turn to a grape.
IS: Is she bulimic?
Forces: Well is that your question? Is that what you’re saying?
Forces: She needs to keep her food down, I mean she needs not to lose her food and we’re not saying she is that. She needs to keep it together. Eat slower and eat the right types of food to.
HA: Is she on purpose throwing up her food?
Forces: Do you have a suspicion of this?
HA: I don’t know.
Forces: We don’t want to be the bad guy now do we?
Forces: What we’re saying, is and of course we’re not saying that, but what we’re saying is her food digestion capabilities and problems, being that she is so high strung, tens. She doesn’t keep her food down. It’s not a problem (baking) making but yes it is, but what we’re trying to say yogurts and fruits will calm the nervous system down, along with grapes. That’s and add it with the castor oil for the spine. She is very high strung in these areas and needs a calming. But a little water, not a bucket but, they have these water fountains, you caught, you guys call fountains. You kind of look at them and wonder whu, whu what is it. But it generates energy, we’re amazed at it, but you shuuuuu you do generate the energy in the house, room or whatever by circulating water. So this is would be good for her to use or get, will calm her nervous system down by hearing the water sounds. Now remember we’re not saying that word you said she is. We’re not saying that so we do not ever want to say anything that’s not accurate.
IS: Thank you. Is being a lawyer the right thing for her?
Forces: She would be able to.
IS: Thank you.
Q: Is there something that I don’t know in my past, it seems like there’s something missing I don’t know.
Forces: Would you like to talk about it?
Q.: It just seems like I don’t know something now I’m supposed to know.
Forces: How do you, ah how, how do you feel what’s missing?
Q.: Just something doesn’t seem right, something’s missing…
Forces: Do you feel like you lived and was a young person and abruptly taken out of that life?
Q: Not really.
Forces: Do you feel like you are supposed to be somewhere else?
Q.: Aumm no.
Forces: Do you feel like you are somebody else?
Q.: Auh no.
Forces: Do you feel like…
(Tape ends)