Session 612 10/14/95

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find many things moving faster than has been expected, expected to. There are many forms of earth changes now slated to take and to be implemented days ahead. We find that with the changes in lifestyle in the Kings, there will be a altering of forms of income and process many responses, ah in such a condition these changes are what would be called singular (—) but on the active side would not be as active. What we are saying, the Philippine Government will change its own roles of approaching this, we find that in sharing the many different byproducts of work and specialist in such fields of work, that these characters by their own development must be put into perspective. This things are changing for the good and not so good in its own structure and advancement. We find that there will be some aerial dynamical artistic displays but it would also disaster ah in it. It is better that they do not stand (—-) then if they do um ah we find they will not. We find the many different changes again from the land and earth, but now we’re speaking of platforms and groups of studies, there is what, too many groups at this point in a dialogue, in needing to bring it to ah, ah, an appropriate ah (Matthew) ah we had (——). There are those changes that we give you earlier, to this reading, there are then again changes that would have nothing to do with the entities, but knowing that these changes are good, (this would be able to gather and sharing these tender feelings too that of sin sooner than you think for these arrogant approaches. Ah it would be wise the situation of (——-) and spending in that area was placed in the ah, ah wallet, but in such conditions the wallet is not necessary. Uhm we also see that Jimmy ah in the context of the power of the light has also much choice and decisions to be made in the next two weeks. In such this is of course you might say who is this message for, if ah it, it is a individual, (rand ah it through the tunnel and ah (—–) in this position you have that power and (——) with an associate (Arab Nation?) we are (——-) helping the situation of many different changes and government changes. We find as reviewing the ah Bosnia situation, ah that there are mass graves sites, two or three isles down ah in the ah, ah progress of money forms and answers of, of changes. Again we do find changes happening and we repeat them so many times, but the changes are there and necessary for the moving on of, we also find that there will be a earthquake responsible to forms and, and positional forms at, at a certain point of yeah the presentations (each nurse could fill this) situation out so when the next history person comes in then it’ll be history in its own self defeat, a lot of the self destructive mechanism inside the body comes from the rational mind, in such it makes no sense, everything that is rational is irrational in its own category. We are now ready for, your, your questions.

IS: Thanks for coming in ah it is very unclear. Are the conditions in this room ok or?

Forces: We have no intentions of throwing anyone out there is just the food quantity has altered the ah in communication ah, ah skills and we might speak, speaking of onions and turns out to be canary juice.

IS: Can we do something to improve the transmission in any way?

Forces: Yeah. What we have spoken to sum up; A. Still more earthquakes and earth changes coming, Mexico, Japan, United States, South America, parts of certain parts of Australia will be touched. We find that there will be changes in the situation of approach and explanation of these approaches with Bosnia and with the greater question of allowing the spirit of each not to destroy or rip down but to build and to gain. Ah this is what is going on now in, in, in individual homes, but also in community homes where their all crunching their ah appropriate ah information sheets for themselves. Well what we are trying to explain is that ah there will be mass graves unveiled in ah the complex between the two (?) and the region northwest. We will find that the individuals ah who will say the U. N. has no fighting power will come up with great challenges in this country for never has this challenge of U. N. authority ah, ah over whatever ah particular ah military you might have. But the (?) fact of it is, there are changes coming and the clock or situation and presentation of a man whose time has moved on and another person has filled up the shoes. We find that ah, ah if one would take a paintbrush and try to just see the different; ah you’d be (?) by at such ah. We did see a car going the other way. Ah what we were saying is one of the vehicles had flown over this proximity, breaking communication up with you, this is one of the ships that had moved on over to this area. We, we find the weather changed are still maintaining but also going on and this needs to be ah helped through and ah the effect of it is still ah, ah, ah powerful. We at this point ah will again regroup and, and recharge for the second ah, ah, (phone) i.e. your situation. Ah it is nice you need to do this. (?) major concern while you were doing that, the health and safety of the situation. Ah black is also very powerful, but of course leaving and coming back with a thin colors would attribute to nothing at all. We would say nothing at all is what we are mixed with or meeting with in this particular approach. Ah we are now ready for your questions.

IS: When you said that massive graves are being found or going to be found, you meant at Bosnia?

Forces: Unfortunately I would love to say yes. But of course there’s a particular (——–) in this situation.

IS: So where will those massive graves be found?

Forces: In the area of the conflict, throughout the area (?).

IS: Not Bosnia?

Forces: We find it in the area of said person to give us what we need and understanding that the spirit of the future rests within you. Ah question.

IS: Its still not coming through clear.

Forces: It is coming as best as we can make it. Ah it is altered and fractured, but it is coming down, ah, ah as best ah.

IS: Ok. Ah how does it work ah karmicly for people that say well if there would be a God how would he allow all these people to be killed and massive graves or that kind of slaughter. Could you explain to us, is this a good moment to ask this question?

Forces: You might get a confused answer.

IS: That’s what I am afraid of.

Forces: But we are trying to give you the answer and throw peas at you that turn into carrots. Question.

IS: Yeah I know so maybe this is not the best time.

Forces: Repeat the question just for the academic challenge.

IS: So next time we shouldn’t allow the entity to eat?

Forces: Well this is a affecting it at some point. We’re trying to alter through it, but there are many layers of levels around the body that have been affected by the food element and therefore our clarity is been altered like the sun not able to get through the cloud settings. Question. Repeat the question.

IS: Yes. Thank you. Ah how can it be explained karmic-ly or philosophically or the truth. What is the matter with a person that?

Forces: First of all you never explain the truth, because the truth is again what we say to everyone relative. Your truth is not someone else’s truth.

IS: Now someone would say.

Forces: That doesn’t stop you from bring up facing a cup of coffee of course Question.

IS-How come if there is a God He allows such slaughter and mass graves and things like that? Of course it goes all the way back to the 6 million Jews and etc. How does one look at that? How should one look at that? What would be the explanation for that kind of seemingly random slaughter of people? Without any kind of divinity intervening?

Forces- This is a karmetic tone within the country and the circumstances of freewill. In such a condition a country that does take over and in- acts this type of policy of attack and also to use, ah then we do not know for certain if this is a monetarial ploy or if it deals with a of a now in front of you. Both questions originally deal with, with the movements away from the minus oxygen appeal. But how do they get away with it aum, ah we find the cause there are many people involved and they have their own agendas. So it doesn’t really do her much good by sharing to anyone these situations. What we’re trying to say is that there are times in ones existence that is best just to try to apply, not on job information but that which is off. Ah we, we find this particular preacher within this ah particular so.

IS-So basically what you’re saying is karmicly man has to play out their freewill and then pay for it or not pay for it. But thats basically why nobody can intervene except other men because its not between God and man. It’s just between man and man.

Forces- Question.

IS-Was that the answer?

Forces-We hope it was.

IS-Did I understand I mean the answer?

Forces- (?) for you to perceive it in time. It was the answer.

IS-However there are those times where Divinity intervenes?

Forces-All times Divinity intervenes.

IS-What would be any kind of rulings on that or is it just as momentary. Are there any rules to that?

Forces-Unfortunately no.

IS- Thank you. Another question I have is should we have an official Christmas Party?

Forces-At this particular time we will look into it to review it and see what agendas are being explained and what’s being approached and the energy coming in at that time. Um we will review it. We will not say no because there will be not too many souls in this position to be able to reflect this at this moment. We have to approach ah the same situation about (——) and about patient’s ability to come into our unit. And of course it is not even capable of (——-) the Spirit of the Gospel of this work. There are many different changes going on around. We mentioned that of the earthquake, we mentioned the approach of many what would be called currency and ah, ah and the approach of ah, ah putting it all into a powerful stand. The government does not want this to be a, a, a, a business but an, a front for powerful stand operations.

IS-What did you just say about monetary things and–?

Forces-Well let Us just say we got it through and got it into the earth. It is something that ah the monetarial level of each individual ah should be the approach of ah, ah three of their own breadths for ah that of ah, ah children’s purposes too. Questions.

IS-I don’t think we quite understood.

Forces-Well it seems like we’re baffling here tonight but it is going to be understood one way or the other. But it’s basically the other tonight.

IS-But I don’t want to act on something if you have just said something and I misunderstood it.

Forces-We feel we’ve answered the question but again it is a double-edged sword and doubled sided question to begin with. But there is an answer to it as given. Question.

IS-Can I ask that question again?

Forces-Ask the question again you’re wasting the time ask the question again.

IS-Are you saying there is some monetarial changes that are going to happen that the government is trying to do something different because they don’t want people to hold onto money. Is that what you’re saying?


IS-Are these changes coming on fast?

Forces-Yes they are looking forward to put down the 100 dollar bill to a different size shape and, and image.

IS-So what you’re saying is whoever has cash we better do something with it?

Forces-Well what they are saying is they will still honor the cash of the old but there are more im, implementations coming in different facets. This is that has baffled society for so long. Question.

IS-Thank you and for the entities health and is there anything that can be given?

Forces-One day at a time. Ah thing are water and the spirit of, of the listening power of the receiving has been entered into. Ah just to receive and to focus on quite moments to get answers. Question.

IS-Thank you.

ES-Can you tell us the phase of the war between the government and the aliens. Where there at, it seems kind of quite but wherever each side is at and what their planning?

Forces-We are looking towards a question of, of, of approach of what is really the situation as far as ah. Again we are trying to put the answer in a best frame. Repeat the question again.

ES-Can you tell us where the government and the aliens are at this at this stage of their war?

Forces-Now do you want us to tell you where the aliens are located on a map or do you want us to tell you where the aliens are as far as at what point of evolution they are at now?

ES-In dealings with our government.

Forces-Aum we would say that this is something that is active at this very moment and the government is in (lear) with the aliens and have several projects underway and in hand and working with them. And unfortunately we all know the stress that is coming about around us. We all understand that it’s not letting up. And what we need for you to do is to lay yourselves self down and use your instrument of gravitational pull (?) ah form to get this balanced out. But yes there is a prime feeling of understanding and communicating and trying to communicate this new concept to people. The new concept is being communicated of the question of whether there aliens and extraterest-terestrial beings. You find them in movies you find them radios you find them advertisement and, and you will find them on bill boards new, find them in different spots everyone listening and yet in a way nobody can connect because no one thinks they are doing a, a bad job. But in all reality we ah have come to a corner of our lives and we kinda take and do so much. But again, again and again we keep saying that word because there are changes and there is beginnings four times in reference to this question.

IS-And where are the aliens located at this point physically?

Forces-You’ll find the places where the floods are first and foremost and you’ll find them with earthquakes under. Then you will find them with different electrical outlets and stages of channeling of eliminating their pull (pool).

IS-That new Japanese or that new old Japanese eruption of the mountain is that caused by, it didn’t erupt in 200 years, is that something to do with them?

Forces-Well have to review it and figure that one out.

ES- When you mentioned to use our instrument were you speaking of meditation?

Forces-This is the first and foremost instrument of channeling yes.

ES-Thank you and thank you very much for Thursday night the Hospital.

NN-What does it mean in Isaiah Chapter 58 the high places of the earth. What are the high places of the earth?

Forces-They represent energy fields, they represent energy lines of the earth. Any center, what is happening is the information we are trying to get through is, what were trying to say is that with the conflicts that are going on between different aliens, we have now reached a point in our communication with you that we are being blocked as far as not you hearing us what we are saying, that is, it is not being send out to you ah by the way you should hear it. What is the, what is the information aum let us say this that you do not understand as a people the things that have been done, to the races of people, is to divide you and to separate you in issues and in racial conflicts. The racial conflicts are created to separate put stumbling blocks and to stop a filling up of the panel to hear clear and audible tones of what is going on. Now your question is, repeat.

NN-What are the high places of the earth?

Forces-We answered that was there another question?

NN-I just wanted to know if it was a positive when you talked about energy, is it positive energy fields?

Forces-Oh yes and also it could be negative. Positive energy fields of the gathering of the energy in one center, long before the building of prosperous city had been formed. If you take Syracuse for instance Syracuse is Syracuse is Syracuse, for they say a rose by any other name still smells. What were trying to say is why did not Syracuse become Buffalo or why did not Buffalo become New York City. Now you say New York City is New York City, Buffalo is Buffalo, but the energy field of New York City existed before the name and the energy field of Buffalo existed before the city happened or the name. What were trying to say without doing double talk energy fields operate on the earth as Mercator maps, linear patterns. The earth is a grid and on the grid is all the energy fields marked and where the line going, in a lateral, in a line going in the horizontal meet up with and every X line is a minor or a major. Every 4th line becomes a major, every 8th line becomes a super major, every 16th line becomes a max major, and every 20th line becomes a major-major. You fill that up and grid it off and press it on the earth like a sock or a glove, Glove is not in nowadays, and fold it around the earth, there you will have your grid-work. At the same time, a question was asked, where are the aliens, the answer is all the flooding areas of the world at this moment has been incorporated to hide aliens, extraterrestrial beings of a negative force, not a positive force. The dam that China is creating that is destroying property wiping out millions and millions of peoples, lodgings, homes, families and altering the whole structure of China as we know it today is an alien project. The Dollar Bill, usage of your currency is to control (is to get) more control over people and to squeeze more and more out. What is happening now is that everyone is exhausted from this ordeal. But we are saying do not fall into that pattern of your exhausted for that is what they are manipulating and trying to do. You are not exhausted, there’s no reason to be exhausted, it is only excelling, there is only life and the Spirit of Life to be had every day and every day enter into this relationship and when you come home instead of saying how bad its been, how can you live every day saying to yourself how bad its been, you’ll start believing it. The day has been day the day is the day sufficient unto itself. Now of course the evil of the day, but what were saying is to replant the thinking process, before you know it you could come home saying it was a great day and then get yourself all to with those thought-forms. But the day is a day that you can change, that you have the power, for there would be one standing before you in the elevator, and take a quick look again and no one stands there. Has that not happened to you, has not, not materialized. Another thought, motivate yourselves, more than that there is not that much in order to accomplish the desire approach. You all put together in this form to get yourselves ready as always for that which we all call the End of the Days. But in reality it is your luck to know the End of the Days will not happen for you. At a moment, moment, in short what we were saying that a moment notice, you will be taken up. What were trying to say is there is a factor out there that is trying to demoralize and get people disgruntled, disheartened, their role leaders are being destroyed, their image of respect and power is gone and being waned. This is all a set plan to demoralize and get people discouraged with life itself. Question.

HR-The peace process in Northern Ireland is that being sabotaged by the British Government?

Forces-They do not want it, so they will be dragging their feet in accomplishing it.

HR-So when they entered into it did they not think it was going to happen?

Forces-When they entered into it they had demands they thought would be met. They were not met but altered, and then demands were placed on them.

HR-So what’s the outcome going to be?

Forces-Conflict, more conflict, but there is hope, there is a point of two individuals more so one that could mediate an agreement of X amount of years and to that point of time to take completely and materialize the agreement. But that man is one percent here, but cannot be able to explain if he will accomplish this deed until he matches up with that time frame, that time warp to accomplish what had been equally accomplished in another lifetime.

HR-Who was that person?

Forces-This person as far as being named, could affect the outcome, but it is the leader of the Arc Roman Legions of another life and the movement that the Irish people had under the way and was here in this particular country to get recognition for, by the President who was upset England for doing it.

HR-Thank you.

IS-When he was seeking recognition was it in a previous lifetime or this time?

Forces- Both. Remember were saying that the time warp will match up at the moment, remember any success that is done on a personal level, that you think you have succeeded in accomplishing something, that the time warp must match up with other lines and lineage, just as the earth has a power, and the lines of lineage of that, called the centers of
(Part Missing)

Forces-so-called strife is also a political and religious strife, the wanting to separate and divide people, there is no division, there is no politics, there is no right or left, there is no religious differences, there is no racial differences. What has been created was stirring the pot to make people feel there is, and it has been created by the World Order. These people have the agenda even to the point of planning a civilization on Mars to get the people of intelligence their and to delimit or degrade or jump off of the earth and to leave it in its pollutant mess. What we are saying is these powers that are, are trying to sabotage, trying to get one to kill the other, not only with them but with all issues be it religion, be it AIDS, be it any form of statement that will put one against the other is the purpose their intent are trying to do. The more they can do that the more they do demoralize, destroy and weaken the people of the earth.

IS-Are they involved with the aliens to, the World Order?

Forces-As we have said the World Order do not just happen here, it is a name were given in which the alien force are incorporating and using for their own needs. It was in (effort) and in operation in the 1600s your time. It was in operation in the Roman Empire, in Babylon, Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt. What were trying to say is the control of human kind, the Civil War was created to pull a halt to this Countries growth, Good Old England not get as powerful, keep them busy. We have told you the O.J. Simpson trial was created only to cause racial strife, black against white and to keep the mind busy on nothingness. If OJ as you call him was to appear on television, your best bet is to listen not to that trial, but to something else, for the fact is through the TV and channel and radio waves, their first objective was to get this whole Country to watch at one moment and force them in one way or the other like cattle or hoofer to the herd, to listen, to tune in and to get programmed. It is concepts that people do not understand and find them alienated, but we are not trying to alienate you or be the green army or red army or black army. We are just saying you have to be aware how your being demoralized, look at yourselves, look how you are going and doing this to yourself, that you are discouraged, disheartened. There is no reason for anyone to have these feelings inside, you have life, you have purpose, you have meaning, you should rejoice. But they don’t want you to rejoice, they want you to be disheartened and if work is put on you and the workload gets more and more, rejoice in the work.

JT-Are our politicians, a big part of this World Order?

Forces-There are set politicians that are selected, they obey or they get axed. No President runs this without them. And like with Carter they don’t exist to long when they deny it.

Q. Thank you.

ME-I want to thank you for helping me through ah getting things together. Can I ask diets?

Forces-Well just remember, transition times is also evolution times. There are many different plateaus and levels we all have to go through. It is not that the circle repeats itself, each time it gets higher and higher. So remember that each cycle that you evolve, it might seem to be in the same spot, but you’re not.

ME-Thank you.

Forces-Carry Prayer with you in all that you do. Dedicate it to your living God and communicate more with the Angelic Force that you have created and have raised up. What they are trying to do is make you doubt the power you have raised and make you feel it hasn’t been done. So remember grab a hold of what you’ve created, let it work for you. What happened, hold on to the wings you’ve created.

IS-So basically what you saying is that anything that separates humans from humans in a negative fashion is of that anemic force to humans.

Forces-We tonight wish to reveal everything that is in operation outside. You wouldn’t be shocked, but you would be aghast to know how deep and how far it goes. The very fact that this group exists for as long as its done is mind boggling. And the reason why it exists is because of one thing. Not because of Tom or IS, not because of you existing, because of us, we have kept you and focused you and protected this force that it will be crystal and that it will be clear and that it will show direction at the time when direction cannot be found.

IS-Thank you.

JE-I was listening to this article and they were discussing about some little frogs that had lived for thousands of years in their evolution and all of a sudden just hundreds and hundreds of them are vanishing and they cant figure out exactly what’s happened to them. Can you explain what’s happening with the evolution of these kinds of creatures, if that’s happening with them it has to be happing on a grander scale?

Forces-What is happening is their disembalming or disevolving or disappearing. They are turning within themselves to take a different form and no one knows what form they just took.

JE-Could you explain that.

Forces-What were saying is the frog is a small frog, a tiny frog, a green frog, describe the frog.

JE-I don’t know what this particular frog looks like.

Forces-More or less what we just described. It turns within itself at a certain moment of its development or growth and becomes another thing. Not a frog.

JE-What does it become?

Forces-This is what we call it becomes a fish. In evolution or when you were planted here by the aliens and there are many, for there are many different plantings, in that planting there is a evolution cycle in which you are a component of all species. In such of a planting there is a window in which we call, they call a window, what you call today of opportunity in which all doors are open. If the evolution is not in harmonic vibration to the species, the specie changes. So is it with man, that if you keep on and you find this pressure and tension, know that you’re about ready to burst forth for the new you, these are signs, these are your signs, when upheaval and tension and conflict and confrontation and wrath and unbearable signs of endurance must be met, let them be your tell tale signs to tell you, you are changing into a different person and you will explode too and you will know you have changed. It is funny when the change happens, you stand back and you look and you say Ma did I do that. And you try to tell someone and you cannot audibly tell anyone, because you witnessed the change. For the change was ever so slight, nobody has time to pay attention to your attention. But yet you saw and know that you have changed and yet the change is ever so enduring, constant. If you have succeeded to do one more day, you have succeeded to do a hundred years, just one more day is all you need to do, one more hour, if you reach a point you feel you cant go on any longer, one more minute and then these doors will open up to you, one more second.

JE-Thank you.

IS-Is that the mystery of the disappearing species. Instead of becoming extinct that they may be just changed into another form?

Forces-We just gave you that.

IS-Thank you.

JW-Could you give me the dosage on the Wormwood tincture?

Forces-Six ounces.

JW-Over what period of time?

Forces-6 to 13 ounces, period of 2 to 3 weeks.

JW-Should that be repeated?

Forces-When needed.

JW-Thank you.

IS-Is there anything that can be given for the entities breathing, asthma?

Forces-Yeah the air.

Forces-We are going to show you something. There is he has it somewhere wherever he has it, your house of tapes, your house of cylinders, disks or music everywhere. If we tell you that you put all your disks, tapes together in one record it will take at least 300 years to listen to all the tapes that you have here. You could have constant music day and night and night and nobody will ever know where the heck it’s going to end, (——). But there was a time in Egypt when they used the word Hallelujah, Hallelujah, and they used it in the morning going up to the Ankh. And of course the entity shared this information and how it is, is this, on June 21st of every year, of course give or take a few seconds in Egypt they would have a series of steps and the steps could be 3,500 steps. And there would be over 200,000 people from all parts of Egypt come and prepare to line up the steps and doing all sorts of things and they would sing at the morning before the Sun rises in all different parts of the land this particular practice. Breathing is healing, breath in now, so you’re not so tired now, breathe out. When you breath in, the breath in and you breath out. To heal, rejuvenate the body, that’s (–), that’s, that’s, that is, that is the practice. To breathe in through the body, but to breathe in right, to do it right and to do it constantly. The entity can share this with you if you bring it up to him, tell us, tell us, share us the practice of the breathing, with the Hallelujah. And the practice is breath in is Alle (Allah) breath out is Lui-Jah and that is where you get that word from. The practice of breathing in the energy, as you say the Allah is to build up, you’ve heard in the in, in, in, in, in the Persian expression, by the Grace of Allah, but its Al-lah. They’ve, the breathing for every single time one breaths in you’ve created a new city and the Lui-jah is the breathing out is the depleting or the changing or the altering of that energy to a different form. The taking in of energy and the giving out of energy is the Yang, the Yee, the Lee, the—, the Ying and the Yang of it all. Or the O and the Bow, or the way of the what or whatever. All this is the energy of creation that is constantly going on around you. Had you noticed when you come in you had X energy and when you leave you have a different energy. You will not be the same you will be transformed, a new person alive, fitted to meet the challenges coming in the days ahead. Question.

JU-The use of melatonin is that harmful or is that ok in the forms that are now available in health food stores?

Forces-Well everything is harmful, if you breathe in its harmful, you breathe out you need it. But lets center on something, there is danger here, you know it because your voice revealed it. So we would like to say its not harmful but your voice told me it was. And everyone in this room heard your voice. People did you hear that? You all heard him give the answer before we did. So let us be the Forces, but we are showing you, you have the answer to that question.

JU-Thank you.

Forces-Feel free to jump in any time. (Laughter)

Question-Was I partnered with my current husband in another life?

Forces-The Civil War.

JT-In what roles?

Forces-You built a house bridge, free, gully, ah but the war separate and dispersed.

IS-Were they husband and wife?

Forces-It was reversed (laughter) but you knew that.

JT-I did.

DD-On the Learning Device, how long should I listen to each book?

Forces-A week most, two weeks then become.

DD-Can I put on the new magnets?


DD-And on the Calculus, where would you find that in the Bible?

Forces-Oh everywhere, Numbers, Ha, Ha.

DD-Book of Numbers again?

Forces-Yeah, look, open your eyes. Everything in that Book of Numbers deals with Calculus.

DD-And on the three Books that are missing in the Torah. Are they incorporated somewhere in the Bible or elsewhere?

Forces-We can give you the answer to that, but at this point if we do, ahhhhhh, would you believe it if the three Books of the Bible are the elements that ahhhhh, strange as it is Americans eat too much, you go to Japan and you will be aghast at what they eat. You come back to America you have big portions, huge portions, big, big, big, really big. There is no reason to eat as much. You’ve made yourself believe you have to but the body is sacred to itself. The Blood that courses through your veins gets food from all sources. So remember if you want to live harmonically, in harmonial atmosphere let your blood do the work. Help it with fluids and water and grapes and juices and keep yourself clean. But remember pollute not your blood for it is The Tree of Life. And those are the three Books that are missing.

DD-So the three elements like in Alchemy?


IS-Should we open the door to the library and turn on the air conditioner or something?

Forces-We are about ready to go. We had a certain amount of time. It is now waning, a time period is over. We will be blocked in a few minutes. But remember there is a lot of information, be not fooled, be not discouraged nor disheartened. If you become depressed or disheartened or disillusioned they have succeeded.

Forces-Greeting to all here.

Group-Our Father.