Session 605-10/13/94

Forces: Greetings to all that is present now. We are in the area and we found that there are many different expressions and forces. Greatness coming into the earth with the application of spiritual awareness not the church: wise spirituality, but the real McCoy, the stuff of spiritual substance. The stuff that Hollywood tries to make spiritual will now start becoming more and more obvious. It will be going through the energy of the House and there will be more spiritual forces of revelations and miracles for us that could not be denied. It is interesting to see that people will be the first to explain a falsehood, but come at the last to express a miracle. We find that the stocks will have many different changes and movements. We also find that the American economy could improve tremendously as the months ahead. We see that many different styles are being accomplished and done, but these styles is to bring in the spirit of that of the angelic world. We do see that in many different styles and fashion there are a new demand. We see the styles in Europe changing along with that of America. We see the application of spiritual principles in the time of the arts and designs. There will start happening in a year, and more or less for two and a half years. We look back and see that there are many different demands and wants. We see the Soviet Union going through its tribulations but as we said before this is temporary and must be mastered. We see those who think the United States the application of such in the ones in the knowing which is quite ah purposeful but nonetheless we find it to be at times very rested. We are moving in such a time and space that the candidates ____ from there performing and ___. We see the Kuwaiti book going through tremendous misunderstandings as far as the Iraqi people having a branch here as far as their movement forward in the spheres ahead. These people would have to ____ their very strong amount of their decisions and processes in the taking and giving of the quality of life. We find that this is very good and right and sometimes we wonder who is not our friend. We find the Kuwaiti people trying to make impressions with that of the hounds of earth that we would see that the oil shipment and payment isn’t as high as it should have been, but such is life. We see that in Japan many beginning changes (?) for which there will be lots of people moving from the northern exposure of Japan to once again to a place that they now have come to. We find the different countries in Canada going through a tremendous change too along with the approach from this country that there are many platforms and everyone is being too careful not to get themselves cornered. We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Is everything Ok sound going in and out?
Forces: We find it to be OK.
IS: Then it was Ok that the words, the Forces kept coming in and out?
Forces: No there are times when these things will happen.
IS: Thank you for coming in and thank you for showing yourself today at that debate, that political debate.
Forces: Well, we thought a little excitement was necessary.
IS: It truly was such a happy appearance and has it been noticed as such?
Forces: Oh, yes people will, will see it.
IS: Does SUP understand what was happening?
Forces: She is grasping it pretty quickly.
IS: A.W. really did know?
Forces: Yes, he saw us in operation.
IS: Before?
Forces: Well the work would not be in the group if it wasn’t who are these magical guys. He re, returned to the area in which they were received.
IS: Return meaning he?
Forces: Well he needs to return it to (::::).
IS: Susan understands he will?
Forces: (::::::).
IS: Should I go with her?
Forces: There should be no problem.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Tom’s health?
Forces: There are different changes and different (::::::::) changes going on so he just go through the cycle.
IS:Is there anything else we can do for Tom?
IS: Are the Chinese herbs helping him?
Forces: It will be beneficial for him as time goes on.
IS: Anything else that might be beneficial?
Forces: The movement of different sectors in his back and also the application of, of certain ah, ah, ah peppermint teas and ah waiting for just the right days of certain ah medications.
IS: Release of medications?
Forces: Yeah.
IS: Release of what?
Forces: Well there are certain medications you can stay on (::::::) they no longer need them, it is (:::) release.
IS: What is Tom taking that he could release?
Forces: Nothing.
IS: So the Gingko is really helping him?
Forces: Yes it is but he has to go through these. Question.
IS: Thank you.
TV: Thank you. Can you tell us about what we saw on the news about Georgia? I understand about people praying together, is she really receiving messages from Mary?
Forces: It is a apparition of some type, but the groups of people coming there makes this particular happening happen.
TV: Thank you.
NN:Is there a scanner they can put over a whole car and scan the whole thing?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Can they do that with a human body?
Forces: Ah certain ah I would say yes they you could see these things being watched.
NN: Thank you.
ES: For Tom moving certain sectors in his back is that like the massage from Paul Olko or something different?
Forces: Something different.
ES:Is it something we can do?
Forces: Yes.
ES: So just massaging his back and neck getting the tension released?
Forces: Well there are certain things that can and should be done and the pressure points that Paul (:::) is working with and moving which is we feel very good as far as the application of it. But then there are times (:::::::) which is necessary, that can be done occasionally, not on every other day, but to release some of the energy blocked in his, other than that, just waking up for the moment in which the breathing of air happens to be, be in its own level.
ES: Did he get a little bit worse because we didn’t have any of the tea for a few days?
Forces: Its that and the you know the (?) of the seasonal changes.
ES: Are the granules that Paul gave me good?
Forces: No that seems to be doing the trick (:::::).
ES: Thank you very much. Is what he says he needs to be working on my spleen? Is that all that there is?
Forces: (:::::).
ES: Thank you very much.
IS: For her hands?
Forces: Oh then there are those. Mental exercises trying to focus of calming the hands down and the aloe would be good along with that of course you would have the supplies that you might need of but basically what you stay away for the moment other things you don’t need to stay away (?).
ES: Thank you very much.
MM: With the difference in temperature changes is that just the force of the new force coming in drastically affecting everything and everyone?
Forces: Well this would apply to such yes.
DD: The kit that I have with the connectors, I have the idea that there’s a better connector or a real connector on another level, is that correct?
Forces: We would apply that yes.
DD: Can you describe it to me?
Forces: Its more of a center (?) down and each one sits on it.
DD: Down on what?
Forces: Each one is staying will sit on it.
DD: Would it be similar to the one that they made?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Where would it be different?
Forces: The output aspect of it.
DD: Which shape would be different which shapes will they have, that you have that they don’t have?
Forces: Well the combination of 3 shapes all at once is something that would be interesting.
DD: Can I make it?
Forces: Making it can be received; it would be designed as we proceed.
DD: About the Nazi UFOs do they have a base at the South Pole, which they made in WWll.
Forces: Well we think it’s this place; they might have one (?) two.
DD: Can you also describe what the Ether is what science calls the Ether?
Forces: That is something I’ll let you receive.
DD: Thank you.
IS: We are trying to fix the window; doors upstairs are we going about it the right way?
Forces: We find it as such yes.
IS: Will we find the right person?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Found them already?
Forces: There is a possibility, but it is good to choose and look at others ah without us being involved with saying yes or no.
IS: Don’t understand.
Forces: What were saying is you just got to work itself out.
IS:Is there a reason that the dogs are barking?
Forces: There are those things on an invisible that comes in, they get kind of receptive to these freaky stuff.
IS: Are they more expressive than Zikon?
Forces: Well day one every dog has its day. And it seems to be the dogs are having their day.
IS:Is getting that gel type thing for his upper neck helpful?
Forces: Oh no it, it would be but it will be itself taken care of.
IS: How is the group doing?
Forces: We feel the moving along and solidifying into the spiritual focus and the solidness of those thoughts and basically the growing of it yes.
IS:Is there a prediction 5 years from now?
Forces: Yes they’ll be lots of movements as far as the spiritual work is concerned, but more so a inner growing too that will be taking place.
IS: People?
Forces: People will be people they don’t change, not from year to year too much.
IS: Prediction 5 years from now?
Forces: (:::::::). Question.
IS: Thank you.
TV: Thank you. Why do I feel attracted to Chinese things now?
Forces: Well there is a particular lifetime that was spent in China for several seasons and this was involved in dynasty ah 1619 and (?) they kept you busy as far as ships and seaports are concerned.
TV: Was there something unresolved in that lifetime?
Forces:(::::)more of a peasant at that point a spiritual growth was not involved too much because work was involved and in this particular life you had a spiritual understanding of what’s happening which was a carryover from that life.
TV: Thank you.
NN: Where will the next apparition of Mary be?
Forces: We wanted to say the Coca Cola Museum, but that’s a joke, a apparition of Mary can take place at any moment when a person closes their eyes and totally believes.
NN: Thank you.
IS: Apparitions like Medjugorje don’t they come before disasters on those places?
Forces: Well there’s always a change or a feeling that goes on there yes.
IS: Major disasters war preparation for these people where she appears?
Forces: We would agree yes. Question.
IS: My situation?
Forces: It will be taken care of. Question.
ES: My work schedule ok?
Forces: Well we don’t see that inappropriate, just the moment for the time.
ES: Thank you.
IS: The message that was given today to everyone there that people reacted to, about not to give away peoples rights to the Government. Did that message get across?
Forces: Yes it was received well.
IS: They understood?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Is that something that’s going to spread or stay here?
Forces: Well both are variables, but both have different options, it is up to the application of the (?), we don’t see it spreading ah to, to many nations at all.
IS:I mean the message today, not nations but all the people has anyone actually looked at the?
Forces: Oh yes.
IS: And understood?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And will they carry that message?
Forces: Well hopefully they will. Question.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: Yes.
MM: With the restructuring on the 4th floor and the model unit program, what’s the next phase that will be coming in beside what just happened this week?
Forces: We see the structural changes of (?) system of now more of the inner networks of the system ah these on just teachers and affiliation faculties.
MM: How would that affect the unit as a whole, our unit?
Forces: It affects all the units in a indirect way but eventually a direct way from (::::::).
MM: Thank you.
IS: Now the therapy at this point is that correct or do I need to get back into something is the food ok?
Forces: You seem, it seems to be ok, we don’t see any difficulties, we just see ah very ah interesting (?) concept of getting ready to move and to take some ah lessons as far as learning new systems that are coming as this time goes on.
IS: What kind of new systems?
Forces: Well computer systems is one, but we see being praying and we see being systems like that.
Forces: At this point we will have to be leaving it is a short session but we’ll be returning again.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father