Session 162-5/21/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been aware of the items in passing through this day and find them interesting. In short, there shall be many changes to come and stronger than normal affects of solidness and determination of achievement must be accomplished. There shall be great encounters throughout the world and some strange feats in the atmosphere. There shall be changing of land structures and plagues of pestilence of forces of locusts that will strike different areas of the inhabitance. Generally, a principle of development is coming which will be greater than normal.

Forces- We are ready for your questions.

MK: Last night you spoke about the Kabbalah and electric power, can anything more be given on that?

FORCES: To give you information about the Kabbalah would not benefit you and your designs. You are walking on a path of Kabbalah in this house. Each one is a system and a technique to be developed. The more you put and develop into the house, the more that you have developed on the path of the Tree of Life within you. It is simply the Tree of Life, and the more it is accomplished in expression, the more it is accomplished in the heavens, and the more you can start to manifest our purposes for the future days to come. We cannot give you what is to be until this Tree of Life is produced as a reflection of the Higher Spheres. You cannot move out of this and take on where we would send you until you have accomplished this goal. We have a lot planned, not just to stay here, on top of this mountain, but to move into areas of expression where we need you. Therefore, it behooves you all to get as much work done now so your movement can continue and begin to do our work. Question.

MK: Thank you very much.

IS:With MK’s physical body, is there something that he should be doing, or what has been told, is that enough?

FORCES: A hot bath with Epsom salt would alleviate the muscle strains. Generally, his body is given to aches and pains because of the lack of exercise, not because of exercise. Generally, the health seems to move pretty rapidly, the lack is a strain of purpose of ideals that could manifest to a defect if the entity allows it. But we would suggest movement if theres right spirit and a right form, and stressing this right form would alleviate the strain.

IS: Thank you very much. Is there something wrong with the electricity right underneath this room with the hot spot where we found it?

FORCES: We would only say that there is not enough insulation and space for the heat to be expanding and releasing. It is needed that the heat from a simple light bulb needs to be reflected down and not up. It is a mere structural defect, rather than a electrical defect.

IS: Then the lights should be always on top of the surface of the ceiling, instead of inside the ceilings, is that correct?

FORCES: Yes and no. Understanding what you said and what you mean, it could be done adequately if proper insulation is put between the floor and the ceiling.

IS: I see. So the way we’re doing it in the hallway, that is the correct way?

FORCES: Fluorescent lights do not give out the same amount of heat as condescent lights do.

IS: Thank you very much. The insulation that is missing is it on the wires or is it just on the j—?

FORCES: We would say the insulation is of a black ground nature, rather than on the electrical equipment extensions from the fixture.

IS:Thank you very much. My dream, has it any connection with what happened today?

FORCES: We do record many dreams you speak about for the record.

IS: Okay, the dream I had of seeing this house with tons of people coming to see the entity Tom. They were all involved scientifically with UFO’s. It seemed as if though at that point it was something very honorable already to do, and they all came to Tom and this house the way it looked. And then at one point, seeing RU and HP the way HP was speaking to me about his mother RU had him to go with HA to their house for lack of space here or something like that.

FORCES: We would suggest the dream is only tell-tailing or the tell-tail signs of what will come if the entity RU does not change her thought patterns. In fact, there shall be if contained on the same wave lengths of mind, theirs and ours, generated by greed for attention, greed for the desire of recognition, no different from the apostles of James and John, no different from the apostles of Philip, where the mother was involved with the recognition for their children, even though the children is a secondary matter altogether. It is first agreed her position, title, and placement that the child would get for the mother. If the entity does not change these thought structures, the children will pick up and become
arrogant, will become demanding, will become directly involved with themselves alone, and not allowing to give their true natures the way it was destined to be. This is then is true that there would be no room in this house for her and her kind. All these types would be disregarded by us in our own way.

IS:Thank you very much. And the rest of the dream, is that…

FORCES: There is a certain amount of accomplishment and work to be done with unidentified flying objects that if done right will manifest with a great knowledgeable break-through in this research.

IS:Who is to take that research?

FORCES: It will be given and explained as the days move on.

IS:So that dream, what does it mean for me?

FORCES: Generally, just an involvement and progression in the future days to come.

IS:But then, is it also going to have a physical manifestation that brought all those people?

FORCES: There shall be a encounter with persons, but on different levels and different ways.

IS: I see. In that case, could you maybe give me a little more information on that dream with the secret room and then finding that space? Is there any more that can be given that was not given?

FORCES: This is an expression of unity in which the room shall be formed and insulated in different ways. It is also could be used as a storage place, but it also represents certain qualities within self that are being worked with and developed and being familiar and putting into proper perspective.

IS: Thank you very much. Could you help me, if possible, at this point with the pipes in the den and what could be done with them?

FORCES: We would only suggest two or three items: We would suggest what would be called the hanging force: that is, you can make the arches and put plants or items of gardens around. You can surround it by stained glass light and make it reflected light around. You can paint them and just use them as a radiator force, covering them with the same design in your bathrooms on the ground floor. You could also just seal them up in a box.

IS:Okay, thank you very much. But there’s nothing special that could be done with that corner with all these extra extensions there?

FORCES: This could be a very special place making it almost like a corner shelf.

IS: Corner shelf?

FORCES: Or corner shelves.

IS: What was the other thing you said besides the shelf?

FORCES: There are many things we said.

IS: With that corner pipe? You said a special…

FORCES: You would consider it as a dome shell shaped shell.

IS: Shell. Thank you very much. The whole corner, including the whole corner?

FORCES: It could be considered a dome shell shaped shell in the corner.

IS: Oh, I see. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

NN: With the prayer that you gave me for the rosary the other night would that be the best thing to change, the best thing in my prayer to change when my heart makes me arrogant?

FORCES: It would help. Also to realize that compassion can go a long way.

NN: So, the same prayer would help with compassion, too?

FORCES: It is compassion that one must have in order to subdue arrogance.

NN: Thank you very much. Also in Chronicles II, 20, where Jehoshaphat goes out against the Ammonites and the Moabites, and it says “and they were smitten” meaning they didn’t actually but Jehoshaphat doesn’t actually have to fight, but they are smitten by the Lord, and they were singing the chant “Praising God ” His mercy endureth forever”. Going along with what you said last night, does that raise up the sword that chant?

FORCES: It would raise up a invisible force of justice and the righteousness for God’s sake.

NN: Thank you very much.

DD: Can more be given about the books and how to receive it consciously.

FORCES: Repeat.

DD: Can more be given about the books and receiving the information consciously? You talked about it in the last session.

FORCES: We would just suggest by receptivity in certain centers, the information would be given.

DD:You mean for me to be receptive?

FORCES: In a meditative mood, an expression with the energy of strength and proper meditation, these items will be taken care of.

IS:The past week, the things that have been experienced here and during the sessions, has that thing passed now?

FORCES: These things do pass.

IS: Then could it be explained what it was?

FORCES: It was a force that was trying to stop the expression that has been put into process.

IS:Was it brought on by anyone in the house?

FORCES: When individuals begin to think of all the things for themselves, that is when it is brought on.

IS: With HI and her parents, have things been taken care of so to speak?

FORCES: For the moment.

IS: Will she understand?

FORCES: It would be difficult for the moment.

IS:Thank you. Does this include last nights session?

FORCES: It could.

IS: In the dream, then, things that were meant for me, could you help me with what I’m doing wrong?

FORCES: Just more of being receptive and active in receiving.

IS: Could you explain?

FORCES: Just being open and receptive to what is being given.

IS: Thank you. And today? Was today…on a spiritual level…

FORCES: We would find it as such.

IS:I see. Thank you.

DD:With the Kabbala that I’m reading now a little bit, is that detrimental for me?

FORCES: What would be detrimental is the entity not getting involved with his life process. It would not be detrimental to read this book.

DD: With the Song of Solomon, could you tell what that means, in general, the whole book?

FORCES: It would be simply the balance between male and female in a natural elements of the earth.

DD: So when you read that, just read that, that’s balance?

FORCES: It would manifest the balance.

DD: When you have that balance, what does that allow you to do?

FORCES: It allows you to move on forward.

DD: So when there talking about the woman in there what does that represent?

FORCES: It only represents the quality of movement and strength forward.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The prophecies of Paracelcus in those cards that look like the Tarot cards are they still relevant to today?

FORCES: Question.

IS:Can that question be answered?

FORCES: At this moment we find it not to be answered.

IS: Is there…in my diet, is there something I could be doing or shouldn’t be doing?

FORCES: One meal a day along with certain items should do the proper response.

IS: What are those items?

FORCES: Vegetables and fruit and fish.

IS: Now, as far as eating that one meal a day, should I continue the way I had it, or can I have that one meal a day of whatever… sort of whatever?

FORCES: We would continue the way you have.

IS:Not including today, though?

FORCES: Correct.

IS:Thank you very much. As far as MAR and the restaurant and store, is it moving in the right direction?

FORCES: It is moving—- slowly.

IS:Then will it be one of our sources, “the” source?


IS: With HA and SN, is there anything else that can be given?


IS:The Flushing group?

FORCES: Just the movement that they have produced to keep on that aspect.

IS:Should we start bringing down another person?

FORCES: We would say in time. We would say we
shall see the answer to be yes.

IS: Could it be given…

FORCES: Not at this time.

IS: I see. And my mother?

FORCES: The birds always fly after the planes.

IS: What can I do to help RU?

FORCES: There is a point in which must be the
teachings from the beginnings the basics must be learned.

IS: Could you help me with what would be those basics?

FORCES: These basics are that the items you know
and understand in the spiritual realm.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Is compassion a law by itself? Is it an entity?

FORCES: It could be.

NN: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me with my speech, the way I speak, and the attitude?

FORCES: The attitude is for self. Just simply talk and slowly reveal yourself in your expression the things you need to be done.

DD: You mean I don’t really give of myself?

FORCES: It is not rather giving of yourself, but seeking to give to yourself.

DD: Then it’s selfishness in itself.

FORCES: If you would say it to be that, then it
will be.

DD: Not wanting to put out the energy to talk?

FORCES: This could be another expression of truth.

DD: …natural speech…

FORCES: It is not the speech that we have a defect in, it is the attitude and comfortability of the moment.

DD: Can anything else be given to work on that?

FORCES: Time and patience and perseverance.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Then, in the den we don’t need any more columns?

FORCES: There is no need.

IS: Thank you. In the colonial kitchen, am I understanding it correct with the sinks and all that?

FORCES: You would find it near to correct.

IS: Should I give it more space?

FORCES: Or more thought.

IS: For other features?

FORCES: This could be done.

IS:Thank you.

DD: When I speak, do I speak for myself, to hear myself, not really to help others? Is that what you mean?

FORCES: There are times when this happens.

DD: So, I should always be conscious of what I say, how it’s going to affect somebody else in what they are doing?

FORCES: This would be true.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything that could be given for the entity Tom?

FORCES: We would suggest that the entity return back on a fast starting with Monday evening and continuing until what would be called Saturday morning.

IS: Is it because of all the things that happened, blockages and stuff?

FORCES: Not within self.

IS: Not within self.

FORCES: But within those elements around the entity.

IS:Then, in that case, if we would have been okay, he wouldn’t have to fast is that it?

FORCES: This would be quite simple.

IS: Should some other people here go on a fast?

FORCES: It is rather the thoughts that needs to be fasted from.

IS: Thank you. For the insulation of the pipes downstairs, should we find some, could you tell us where we could find or should we just simply make all of them almost in the same position as the ones we have in the bathroom?

FORCES: When you say positions, is not changing the pipes?


FORCES: We understand. To make your problem simplified, tape would be the answer.

IS:Tape? Masking tape?

FORCES: You will find in the market a tape for this purpose.

IS: OOOh, thank you very much. Thank you very much. I see. So, even though…but if we want to retain the heat of the pipes, then we do not put the tape? Is that correct?

FORCES: If you want to prevent condensation, which happens throughout the house, at periods different, then the tape would be adequate.

IS: Oh. Thank you very much.

FORCES: We would express that as you come to the joints, to be extra aware and apply certain forms around them.

IS: Like some of the gluey, putty type things?

FORCES: It is not the gluey, putty items. Just simply doing the job well around that.

IS: I see. Thank you very much. And now, another question: with all the fireplaces that we had in mind, and yet the winter coming, are we preparing semi-, sort of something the right way for things?

FORCES: (Pause)

IS: You mean the job isn’t done yet?

FORCES: We would say the job is being done.

IS:Thank you. Now with some sort of fireplace on the third floor, I can’t see the way. I don’t understand how it can be done to bring in from that chimney to the hallway. Is that the place we should have it?

FORCES: We would not stress too much of a desire for a chimney on the third floor as far as a fireplace is concerned, because of the height from the point to the top of the chimney being too small for the wind draft to follow. We would find it cumbersome in certain respects.

IS: Then, can I utilize that flue in another section on another floor and which one?

FORCES: It could be used as a baking oven, or it could be used, if properly done, for a small burner on the third floor.

IS: Small burner. You mean, like a Franklin stove?

FORCES: A little smaller.

IS: Is it worth it, to do it that way?

FORCES: It could be quaint for a bedroom.

IS:But to utilize it for something more, like could I use it, for instance, in the boiler room as some sort of incinerator?

FORCES: We could look into that for you.

IS:Thank you. And you’ll tell me another time?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you. And, now, also the garbage disposal that we’ve discussed in the den kitchen, would that be a good thing?

FORCES: It would serve its purpose.

IS:Then the place would be correct?

FORCES: It could be correct .

IS:You will help me with that?

FORCES: We will guide you.

IS: Thank you. Also, in the laundry room, is that correct the way things are being set up there?

FORCES: This will serve its purpose well there.

IS: Now, if we are to put an incinerator there, it won’t interfere with that is that right?

FORCES: These are the items that could be done.

IS: Why is RU falling asleep in the middle of a session?

FORCES: That is why we are remaining quiet. It is another form of retaliating.

IS:Should she be excused?

FORCES: If she wishes to go.

DD: Are the insects we found termites?

FORCES: We would find them to be.

DD: Are there any in the house now that are a problem?

FORCES: There would be some in the house still.

DD: Are they dangerous?

FORCES: If you continue to act the way you do and haphazardly bring in wood infested with them, it will be.

DD: What can we do in the den where we had them?

FORCES: You can burn it.

DD:Leave it out there and chop it up and bring it in?

FORCES: If you want to.

DD: Is it okay to do that?

FORCES: Wood is used also to be burned.

DD: Is it okay to keep it out there where it is now, or should we take it out and leave it outside?

FORCES: You decide.

IS: Should we at this point call the termite man again?

FORCES: Not at this moment.

IS:Then what you’re saying is that if we do this, it should be immediately put into the fire, not put outside the house or inside the house or in close vicinity of the house. Is that it?

FORCES: This could be true.

IS: Should we build something for the drying out of these woods?

FORCES: That would do well. A tin can, a tin box, anything, a garbage can.

IS: I see. Thank you very much.

NN: Those two people that I sang the “Forces on High” song to before I left the job in New York, does that mean a door was opened for them?

FORCES: It would be.

NN: Thank you. Could you tell me more about the Angels of the Sounds?

FORCES: That they do have form and smell and dimensions.

NN: Does this mean each different pitch?

FORCES: This is true.

NN: Thank you very much.

IS: The business the way I said to (Hope) to check it out, am I doing right, or should I just have it continue the way it was?

FORCES: Have it checked out, but when needed to buy small items, open the gate a little bit.

IS: Thank you. And thank you for the money in the bank.

FORCES: We do strange things, but we wish only to receive a positive commitment. As much as you had received, you also have taken for granted.

IS: Thank you. I can’t make up my mind whether to have on the main floor the stained doors or the painted doors.

FORCES: We would suggest that the stained doors as you come in would be good for cleanliness and preservation.

IS:Does that include the living room doors?

FORCES: This would be done as white.

IS: Then, is it correct with the white with the gold trims, or is it just the white?

FORCES: The white if gold trim is desired.

IS: And downstairs the mahogany, that is correct?

FORCES: This would be done well.

IS: Thank you very much for all of the advice given for all of the house work.

DD: What was the whippoorwill saying the other day in the session…

FORCES: Almost a prelude of changing and encounters to be had.

DD: So that gave everybody an alarm?

FORCES: A preparation to become on the right track.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Are the birds talking?

FORCES: Correct.

IS:Are they giving messages…

FORCES: Correct.

IS: As far as their own intelligence in talking with each other, is it very limited or is it very high?

FORCES: Very high.

IS: So they wouldn’t be talking about little nonsense things.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Is that birds or all animals?

FORCES: The majority of animals.

IS: With Zykon and what’s happening with him, does he understand?

FORCES: He understands.

IS: What is it? He loses control of the animal?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: But he is crying because he is missing that love?

FORCES: Yes and no.

IS: Then, should we continue the way we’ve been doing? Should we do something else?

FORCES: What is being done is okay.

IS: Is there a spiritual reason for the dogs being here?

FORCES: There is a force that they carry into and out of.

IS: Why doesn’t Inky want to leave the house?

FORCES: Because she receives the love.

IS: Even though we don’t give it out to her?

FORCES: We do, as they say.

IS: Why hasn’t the neighbor come back, even though he has been invited?

FORCES: More of personal encounters within himself.

IS: You mean, with here?

FORCES: More so with himself.

IS: Not associated with us at all, in any way, shape, or form?

FORCES: It is associated with the large amount of numbers, but the association within himself.

IS: I see. Then we shouldn’t do anything about it?

FORCES: Not at this moment.

IS: With the garden and the fruit trees, are they going to be all right?

FORCES: They should be in what would be considered infections that might happen in different locales, fruit shall be tested. It would be not as best as it can be.

IS: Can we do something to make it better?

FORCES: We’ll try what we can do.

IS: Thank you. Is it part of the plague that is going to attack?

FORCES: The plague is of a different sort and nature.

IS: Those Jesus freaks that had those children dropped off. Could you explain? If a spiritual awakening is happening, then could you explain how, and how it is connected?

FORCES: The ability to see the amount in themselves and of their actions that they have done.

IS: Then they are still in the -task of giving up life for God, is that it?

FORCES: More so, testing.

IS: More so testing?

FORCES: There is more to it that cannot be revealed at the moment.

IS-Thank you.

IS: Now the Jehovah witnesses, are they good, are they spiritual?

FORCES: They are okay.

IS: Then what I understand about the blood being their test of faith as it happens to some of them, all of them eventually or whatever. Is that correct?

FORCES: It would be so.

IS: So every religion has an inbreed life – or – death test in it, is that correct?

FORCES: It would be so.

IS: What is the Jewish religion?

FORCES: Their ability to accept their Judaism.

IS: To accept their Judaism?

FORCES: And not to be embarrassed of it.

IS: I see.

FORCES: We would suggest to MK, the question of the beams: also 24 inches would be good.

MK: Which beams are they?

FORCES: The spacing between the walls.

IS: Instead of 16?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: I see. Thank you. Thank you very much.

FORCES: It would do the same.

IS: Thank you very much. Will the Jews really have to convert to Christianity?

FORCES: There is an expression that Judaism will grow into a form of expression that is all of their own.

IS: With Christianity included?

FORCES: You will see what I mean. It is that inside them that they have the Christian precepts already.

IS: Yes, it’s all in the Bible, in the Old Testament.

FORCES: At this point, we must leave. We have been notified. We shall return later.

Forces- Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in the heavens…