Session 167 – 6/1/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. As the time moves on we are taking stock of the things that need to be done. We witnessed to the many different conditions that are taking place in the earth and hoping in their small spheres that they would come to some understanding and cooperation together. It must be a area unified in peace and cooperation rather than aggressive and destructiveness. We find that the world is going through a transition in such many be altered in their thinking patterns and process. We must all be strong with what must be done through the years that we will meet never to falter or weigh short that which is be done and still needs to be done. Question.

RU: The entity IS and the difficulty she is having with the swelling of her feet is there a shoe that could be recommended or something that could help that condition?

FORCES: It is condition that is extreme pressure on the soles of the feet, walking on the cement type floors, and different various sundries. The condition will take time. But as far as what would be considered, taking care of the condition itself, we would again advise that a pack of warm, more or less, substance would be placed around the foot. Also the raising of the foot would help to relieve the, what would be considered, transitory positions from standing to sitting, causing the raising and swelling of the feet. Question.

RU: Thank you. Is there a particular shoe that would help her?

FORCES: Shoes are not really helpful to man, but as long as they are around, they must abide. Question.

RU: Thank you.

MK: In the Cayce book on reincarnation, it’s mentioned about fourteen books on the history of Christianity that existed around the time of the early emperors. Did those books exist and what happened to them?

FORCES: Repeat.

MK: In the Cayce book on reincarnation, its made mention of fourteen books that were supposed to have the history of Christianity and later they were missing. Did they exist and what happened to them?

FORCES: They exist and were merged into the secret societies. Question.

MK: Which secret societies?

FORCES: The societies of development of the spiritual laws of mankind. Question.

MK: The Rosicrucian’s?

FORCES: We would say other societies. Question.

MK: Thank you.

IS: Is there…are there any professions and things that should he looked into for different entities here in this house that would be beneficial for years to come?

FORCES: Each and every thing that each and everybody does do is beneficial in the years to come. Not only in a profession status than the normal things that are done around this house.

IS: I see. You mean to say the things will get to that point where our way of life, just the things that we live day by day will become a lesson and an example?

FORCES: This should be more than adequate.

IS: Thank you. The man that I talked to, Mr. Jordan, on the phone for the fireplace, is that the correct man?

FORCES: We would find him to be workable. Question.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me more what the number six means when it’s spiritualized?

FORCES: There are many different avenues of six being spiritualized. But it is a avenue of manifesting the spirit in different work areas and instructions within self.

NN: Thank you.

BR: What happened at the last session with the rumble and the moth flying around?

FORCES: He had to leave and take care of other business. Question.

BR: Thank you.

DD: The vent pipes, is the vent pipe in the…what we call the clothes hamper in the new bathroom…by the stack pipe… could that be used as a vent ripe?

FORCES: This could be done. Question.

DD: The water wouldn’t run out of it back down?

FORCES: It could be checked. Chances are it would not do that. Question.

DD: On that…should we take up the floor in the bathrooms and put a pipe to that same one?

FORCES: It would be done if you want to.

DD: Would it be all right if we don’t do that?

FORCES: The point in question is that you do it right the first time, rather than to tear it up, the floor. You doing it right is an important feat. And if you could only think out the process about what has to be done, rather than waiting to the very end. And then thinking what had to be done, but out of sheer laziness it was not done. It is only behooving that if you are to make spiritual progress, you must it on the level and training that you are under now. Question.

DD: Should I…what should we do with that tub?

FORCES: What you should do with it?

DD: What should I do with it? I don’t know what I should do now.

FORCES: Question.

IS: Was Proverbs written by King Solomon?

FORCES: In order to do a job in this house, one must understand what he is doing. If one doesn’t understand, you do not run to us to take you out of your dilemmas. If you were on your own, you would have had to find out how to do it right. Your comfortabilities and your at easement within this household has been too much for you. It has been in a relaxed state. A relaxed state: that means no productivity, but only an extension of your relaxed state of affairs. You cannot be in this group and use it to coast. There is no room for coasting. Each and every point and pivot must be accomplished. You receive the best in this house but you give only 2 percent of your conscious mind the rest is in your fantasies and in your own gullible imaginations that lead you straight to hell. We advise you in order for you to do things in this house to think out the process. You think the process out in order for you to acquire new books for your collection. Then therefore you should think out the same process in what you do in this house. For each process is a test and each test is a advancement forward or a stagnation backwards. If you would want to remain here the remainder of your life and do nothing and if you are satisfied with that than we can accommodate you. As far as the vent pipe is concerned your thoughts always are to rip things out and up. There are other ways of meeting into this vent pipe rather than ripping it out and up. In this particular bathroom it is not necessary that you rip things out and up. Then you were the first to demand an answer because you did not follow a conscious state of affair. You were too busy dreaming that you cannot do on a physical level the work that demands conscious effort. And then when its not to be done and it does not satisfy your demands you ask from us what to do. Recheck your thoughts, go over your own weaknesses. You do not demand from us answers you must reevaluate your approach above all, if you are not careful we will terminate you. Question.

IS: The Book of Proverbs was it all written by King Solomon or were there other portions that were written by other people?

Forces: It is a group encounter of Proverbs under the direction of Solomon.

IS: Thank you.

IS: People that have become saints and then reincarnate again as regular people, do they always reach again sainthood every life they come in?

Forces: They develope on other qualities that must be perfected.

IS: Reaching mastery not necessarily sainthood per se but mastery in, lets say a musician. Is that what I’m understanding?

Forces: There are masteries of the soul rather than of the outward experiencing of the ear.

IS: Those saints that people pray to. What happens to those prayers and what happens to that part of that human being that has become a saint?

Forces: It goes to a group consciousness surrounding the ideal and perfection of the particular talent that has been perfected.

IS: So becomes another cell in the White Brotherhood?

Forces: Yes.

IS: The White Brotherhood is then a collection of perfected cells rather than entities?

Forces: Yes and No.

IS: Could you explain a little bit more of the White Brotherhood?

Forces: It is a collection of thought processes in which the soul goes through in the earth. When perfected it merged into a Hierarchy of Conscious (E:::::::) of thoughts of ideals of mannerisms. There are those who are guiding such, such thoughts and they are partakers of this organization.

IS: In this realm, in the third dimension?

Forces: Third and fourth, second and first.

IS: You mean that there are certain people that are physically, in a physical body belonging to that White Brotherhood?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: We will return in 15 minutes.

Our Father.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

IS: Should BR continue taking antibiotics?

Forces: It could be stopped.

IS:Is she better?

Forces: Could be better.

IS: If what?

Forces: As long as she maintains and preserves a balance in her mind and body it will not eat away at her Spirit or health.

IS: Is that because of the Meditations not…?

Forces: This has a large percentage to do with it.

IS: And the other things?

Forces: The thoughts are still in the mind versus what has to be done. If only doing the things out of the joy rather than out of the fear.

IS:Is it fear of me?

Forces: And competition.

IS: With me?

Forces: With all the other members.

IS: So it’s more of a nervous condition?

Forces: A condition that comes upon the entity when negative thoughts enter in.

IS: Thank you.

IS: To continue with the prayers and the saints. The prayers that people send out to these different saints do they all reach the body of what we call the White Brotherhood?

Forces: They would go through it.

IS: To God?

Forces: A, ah to Yes.

IS: Is there something else?

Forces: That should be enough on that.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Again the appearance of Moses and Elias on the mount with Jesus. Knowing that Moses was Thomas was it again that particle that became Moses that separated itself for that moment from the White Brotherhood and appeared?

Forces: Is an expression of the personality that came down and manifested.

IS: All these people that manifest are they the same thing like in Etidorpha (by John Uri Lloyd), that they…?

Forces: Something near to that.

IS: So every time they manifest they have to take on the body and come in with it and then they have to struggle back towards wherever they came from through the pains or whatever it is of giving away that body?

Forces: Partially true.

IS: Is that the difference between Jesus and the rest?

Forces: Partially true.

IS: He did not have that struggle.

Forces: Has accomplished it already.

IS: So that’s the difference between somebody that actually resurrected himself and somebody who has been resurrected through other means?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Idolatry does it have a place in all these people who pray to different people, saints but yet people?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: All these people that pray to saints?

Forces: It is not the same where the thoughts and the forms and the disciplines over the saint.

IS:I see so it is again the body of the White Brotherhood that receives it?

Forces: Correct.

RU: Earlier in the preceding section of this Session you said that there was too much pressure on IS’s feet is that like a physical manifestation of not receiving enough support from those around her particularly from us in the group for the things that she has to do?

Forces: There’s a working schedule that should be met and movement forward under this schedule. If people in the household were more in receptivity to their demands and the schedule then everything would be moving in flowing harmony and there would be no too much of obstacles. There is a date line in the August period in which major moves would be had, we only would only stress the fact that movement, not to waste the time or the energy but movement on now is important and essential that down in the ground floor the large percentage of it will be completed by the beginning of August. This gives you two months. If you move at the rate that you are going that the snails rate that you manifest in the entity DD you will not be accomplished at the beginning of August. But we now set this down as a goal, every day to write down at least the things you must get done, the things that have to be met and discuss it and explain and experience all the things that you must be done too it and try to find out the most beneficial way of all to give the supports and to give details and items that will go on afterwards to take all fields of it in the endeavor to take all fields of its reaction, if this is done here how would this react here if that is done there how is this to react here. This should be done in the morning after meditation make, waking up at 5:30 taking ready for yourselves to be in the meditation room at 6:00. After the meditation then this here analyzing what has to be done. At that point doing it and going after, after that of breakfast to go and set yourself to do it. In the afternoon at 12:00 a review of what has been done and why it hasn’t been done or how fast its been moving. It is not the speed that were interested in it is doing it right and rechecking yourselves and doing it right. Of course there is time wasted as in the past but this time now must not be wasted and every moment now counts that we will move on through the ground floor, it can be done if that decision is made to do it.

RU: Thank you very much.

IS: For the entity Tom is everything progressing all right?

Forces: He’s moving all right certain new things will be received certain receptions will be had. He is to go to New York this weekend and stay there to work in that area for all those who are left in the Flushing place working and preparing for their movement down.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Should he fly or take the bus?

Forces: It is not necessary to fly.

RU: Thank you.

IS: For myself?

Forces: That you do not miss the meditations, that you strive keep them, if your feet is to be relaxed then your meditations must be done.

IS: Thank you.

IS:Is there anything I can do for the (::::), to help (:::) out (:::)?

Forces: Just be open and receptive to what has to be done.

RU: What was done with the entity Kay last night, it was like a channel open here in Virginia for other people to come?

Forces: It could be said so.

IS: The entity Kay wanting to help or whatever, but she keeps reminding me of HA. What do I do about that?

Forces: It is only that you help her from a distance with time and space to see what she, her commitments will be.

IS: There is that resemblance in Spirit correct?

Forces: Movement must be done.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Would it be any benefit at this time to practicing music, guitar, singing or would it be best to let it be for the moment?

Forces: It could be practiced.

NN: Thank you.

IS: In the master bathroom since this guest bathroom is going to be the last project then should we do the master bathroom now?

Forces: How can it be done when the ground floor is not finished.

IS: That’s it.

IS: Furniture and things should we set things up temporarily?

Forces: You could store them in certain spots in the house.

IS: Thank you.

MK: In the music room whats causing that smell?

Forces: You would find certain critters locked within the beam.

MK: In the ceiling?

Forces: You name it its locked.

MK:Is there anything we can do about it.

Forces: First give a thorough search of the area you might find one lying just out in the open. Other than that you could remove part of the section if you find the smell coming strongest from one section or you can just wait in time for nature to fumigate it.

MK: Thank you very much.

IS: Have we caught all the places critters are coming in?

Forces: It would be nearly impossible to catch all places. The house has many crannies and nooks that you really don’t catch. They can come from the roof work their way all the way down.

IS: Will we be able at the end to finish two lockup (:::) places?

Forces: Can.

IS: But not likely?

Forces: It could be done.

IS: Thank you.

IS: On the ground floor have we corrected all the places?

Forces: Yes it has been done. Here and there a little bit here and there you’ll find as you go along.

IS: Thank you.

IS: For the setting up of the wood in those sheds. Should the sheds be on the end of our property or should they be more accessible to the house?

Forces: Either way would do it; it would work itself out for the best.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Should we get those that are on sale now or wait?

Forces: This is your prerogative.

RU: Thank you.

IS: With RUs job and the people there are things moving according to plan?

Forces: It is moving according to plan.

IS: The right thing (:::::::)?

Forces: It is beginning to take notice. There are certain areas that still need to be corrected (you) will take time but a large percentage of it is being worked out.

IS: That man that works with all those children is so successful is that correct?

Forces: It is. He is striving to give them what is necessary.

IS: A person like that is he in any capacity a master or is he just a good man?

Forces: A developer.

IS: Is that correct a higher a Master becomes he can only deal with certain people that have reached a certain point?

Forces: It would sound so.

IS: So its like a pyramid the more a master is developed the smaller the group around him?

Forces: This could be done.

IS: Is that correct?

Forces: It is correct.

IS: King Solomon did he have a Search for God group?

Forces: You would say so. His whole cabinet was a Search for God.

IS: Does the president today have also that sort of thing?

Forces: He is striving for that sort of relationship. He’s done some things that would affect and some things that would not affect. But as long as he strives to keep his God in front of him he will be guided.

IS: Just by that prayer and that wish to have God to turn himself over and do what is right.

Forces: Um:huh.

IS: The public image that he created for himself forced him into acting out what he professed.

Forces: Um:huh.

IS: And since he’s professing it he’s acting it out, something is actually happening to him?

Forces: Correct.

Forces: We would strive that everyone will do there best in there ability. We only ask that as you perform anything in the house that you analyze what has to be done and one to some agreeable conclusion so you will not later have to tear things up. It is only frustrating that you as you put all this work into this house will have to find to (::) start from the very beginning. One time and you and the elements at hand are so extensive in there creative ability and in there ability of absorbing and constructing the likes of harmony, not expensive on a monetarial level, but even though that is true but expensive with the time element. (But) if we strive to be conscious and out of ourselves and movement forward we will produce and manifest the Spirit of harmony and achievement that will generate from one person to the next. This should be the capabilities in which we seek from DD the entity of that this person does have the strength and the will power if only he tapped into it and absorbed the knowledge that is being given to entity that he will learn what to do in the spare of the moment.

Forces: Question.

RU: Can anything be given about the new type paintings that the entity Tom is doing with the flowers?

Forces: It is only the entities experience on a psychic level of the things he perceives in the flower world. Question.

RU:Is that a progression on to another type that he might do in oils or acrylics.

Forces: It is neither a progression nor retrogression it is only another manifestation of his painting.

RU: Thank you. Question.

IS: With HI and the trailer and JH coming in to take it this week. Have I understood the play of power that happened?

Forces: This could be understood as correct.

Forces: We here only stress the point that if you are in harmony to the laws and to what has to be done it will all work itself out. Just be in the receptive plane so that you can be there to do what has to be done. We will ring and call you back again at another time. But only strive to reach the MK by finishing the ground floor with all its detail by the end of July the beginning of August. This should be adequate time if you discipline your thoughts and work in the Spirit and harmony of each other.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.