Session 210-1/9/79 ?209

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have watched the course of this day and find it chock full of interesting and growing patterns. If you would only perceive the many changes around. The stars shoot straight across the sky, and it, too, must follow the pull, and in such a way, the greatest strength shall give it a chance of manifesting when never before it could. We are now ready for your questions.

Is: You said the star pulls straight. What is that star?

FORCES: Energy

IS: It’s physical?

FORCES: There are times when you can see them.

NN: Can you tell us why most of our songs are being written in D minor?

FORCES: D minor represents the building up of stonewalls and building it in its proper place.

BH: Can you tell me the one aspect or quality that is interfering most in my spiritual development?

FORCES: The inability to be attentive to things around you rather than to things within you.

BH: Thank you. Could you tell us Samson’s mother’s name?

FORCES: Many names in which she went by. We have a direct name that was more or less known in short Sheshumali. The force around her more or less different topics of operation and growth. Would be that inability of producing and receiving a new name in a different form.

JE: You said in a previous session there were others traveling with Jesus in his travels, who were they?

FORCES: It’s hard to focus on who and what was where, but you, of course, had many traveling companions that met this and that. They went, of course, to the points of the Yucatan, and you have a large percentage or 1% of many percentages of not being able to stick through certain things presented. We have a whole other different progress happening. This is such that it is strange, but these things will always he brought to light if items are played in a pattern.

IS: The traveling companions are difficult to see because what you are looking at you see on different levels. Spiritual movements like a road with companions on it, but different from a physical road. In time and space things get a little blurry. It takes more to define them, which is meant by real companions.

FORCES: This they know, but they have to find out the hard way.

JE: Thank you.

RK: How can I become stronger with more love to do the physical and mental everyday things during the day to overcome where I fall short?

A pause longer than usual

THE GROUP: Adom-Malach chant.

FORCES: In such a force we are working with you. We haven’t left. We are just changing certain forces within you. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: What happened with the Mennonites today, this morning with the kids? What is their understanding of us, and do they understand?

FORCES: They are beginning to see a tremendous power coming into their lives and not having control over such. Also striving to understand what is to be done. Striving for many ideas that are just as strong as when you first started. It is a sign of advancement and personal dilemma.

IS: I understand the first part, but…

FORCES: In short, the loss of being (?), causing some up and down motions, but these same motions can be applied to creative and industrious work.

IS: They are beginning to understand creativity is part of God?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Is it correct that they thought creativity was an abomination or something because is smacks of luxury?

FORCES: And certain feelings of hope and distant…

IS: But with the force they are beginning to feel, is it the force from this house?

FORCES: It is the force that is being radiated from the center in which the house is.

IS: They understand a force that cannot harm us?


IS: What do they want to do about it?

FORCES: Bring it to their side of the camp for their power and influence.

IS: They feel I stand in the way?

FORCES: They stand in the way.

IS: (?)

FORCES: Partly there are those who cannot get to first base with… There is a certain amount of inoperativeness. A few who do understand more
or less the beginning of such comes from inspiration. The walls and the floor and the doors. All these are for the power and ability of movements.

IS: They do not think that I am in their way?

FORCES: More or less they themselves are in the way.

IS: I know that, but don’t they think I am in their way?

FORCES: There is a certain percentage believing that you are passed over into the world of the spiritual.

IS: That I am not spiritual?

FORCES: Not the point of spiritual, the point of inspirational knowledge. All these things they do remind you of and the power in which one moves forward.

IS: They think I am supposed to be saved by them?

FORCES: They know you have the worldly answers, and the entity has the spiritual answers, but as always the those who stay at home and never really experience.

IS: Stay at home where?

FORCES: They could sit and have what is being had.

IS: They cannot experience the spiritual world?

FORCES: They can, but the point is while we are there, we find a perfect source of knowledge.

IS: Thank you. Does it save us money that we open and close the hot water heater?

FORCES: It would.

IS: So it does make a difference?

FORCES: There is a difference, correct.

IS: The cow that I want to buy, is that a good idea?

FORCES: The force of strength and power will always be near that of glass. They work through the lines and prisms that break themselves down.

IS: The question that I asked previously about buying that kind of produce for us, meat, is that correct? Will this be beneficial?

FORCES: There would be no harm in the situation as it is.

IS: Without buying a cow?

FORCES: That is not what we are speaking on. We are speaking of the structure of the situation, and you are referring to the of the situation.

IS: I don’t understand.

FORCES: There are the (?) of the development that must be had and even though others might not see it, they surely feel it.

IS: The visitors?

FORCES: Every visitor is being worked with, torn in and out, until finally certain strong points in their consciousness are awakened to the spiritual.

IS: Sometimes I feel we are giving away too much, and they will use it too fast too soon, and only a small percentage can sink in. I feel sometimes we just are giving too much out. Is that the case?

FORCES: You would find it as such.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything for the entity Tom?

FORCES: This is a problem in which the spirit or the mind of the spiritual world always will have difficulties in filtering into a worldly consciousness. It simply cannot be done. Protection of the force of spirit from this happening. This is more like the moment in which of structure of inner force must be acquired. These structures are done but find the sincerity would be correct if followed in its right pattern.

IS: Am I understanding it correctly?

FORCES: You are sensing it, and there will be more to be revealed to you as time goes on. You are dealing with a force of energy that seems to surround the entity causing certain breakdowns of understanding on a worldly level that cannot be understood. It is a handicap, but a handicap for that of a nice reason.

IS: Nevertheless, that should be protected.

FORCES: The force of spirit needs to be protected from that of the world and those concepts of world but the difference of expressing and not is something that has no or force of connection in which it is not dissipated so easily.

IS: But yet I find a tremendous barrier in doing anything about it where my own self becomes endangered in a different way.

FORCES: It is workable if certain positive concepts are kept near and certain days and hours are kept in that same category.

IS: What would be the days?

FORCES: It would be perfect on the eve of Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday.

IS: To discuss it or to allow strangers to come in?

FORCES: The questions and points it is not understandable. To protect that energy, guidance is needed, but it is one of the dissatisfied moments of spiritual versus worldly. In the spiritual concepts building and, and your worldly domain, part natural but in order for you to continue your job and manifest your qualities this of change and time must manifest to project forward more inspiration.

IS: I still don’t understand what can be done on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

FORCES: It is not what can be done. It is just the expression of receiving on those days at a higher scale or rate than other days.

IS: For myself or the entity.

FORCES: Generally for you.

IS: Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, and Saturday evening. Will it be understood by the entity?

FORCES: The point is it is not understood. It is one of the drawbacks of spiritual working in the world. It is understood in the entity, but the drawbacks would still be there.

IS: What can be done?

FORCES: There is nothing to be done. It is a perfectly natural occurrence.

IS: Isn’t it dissipating that spiritual thing?

FORCES: Yes and no. It is recycling some of the energies that go through the earth, but it will be taken care of and put into a proper channel different from what it is at the moment for certain awarenesses of the entity. The structure of this work is sinking in very strongly.

MK: I had a dream many years ago about a friend of mine killing me with a sword. Was that correct?


MK: Was that repayment for something I did to him?

FORCES: It wasn’t killing but for sport.

MK: I was involved in this also?

IS: In the form of slave/master?

FORCES: Correct.

MK: At what time did this occur?

FORCES: In the Middle Ages to up to the 12th century.

IS: What were the ages before the middle ages?

FORCES: The dark ages.

IS: Were they dark?

FORCES: According to man’s consciousness not too enlightening.

IS: On a spiritual level?

FORCES: The dark ages weren’t bad on a worldly level, good on a spiritual level.

IS: A lot of bad people went through a lot of karma very fast?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: I feel an affinity for the days of Jesus and the Israelites and feel those times were very similar to that of today, but not with the dark ages or middle ages. They feel like a different breed, like a different planet.

FORCES: More to work out. Those who refused to move. Karmetic way movement to be –

IS: Certain people.

FORCES: (?) that were underground at that time.

IS: Majority just?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Any of those people back?

FORCES: Some, not too many.

IS: Others are on different planets?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Waiting for another time?

FORCES: Development, mental expression.

IS: Not even developed at this time?

FORCES: Correct.

NN: Could you define divine grace? Is it an energy or ..

FORCES: It is a force.

NN: Thank you.

BH: Could you give me some guidance for my meditations?

FORCES: Just receive and guide through them and moving in a positive direction would help the force of meditation and prayer.

BH: Thank you.

IS: How are SN and HA doing?

FORCES: There is a slight change coming

IS: Do they miss the house?

FORCES: Certain aspects of missing. Still more time to be had.

IS: Is there anything I can do for EE?

FORCES: It is not the point of finding the apartment, it is there. It is the point of her heart and mind we are working with.

IS: Was she anything great in any life?

FORCES: There were certain good times, not too many great times, but good times.

IS: Why are you bothering with her?

FORCES: Because in her are certain molds that could be stored and not disturbed.

IS: For the future?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Can you explain how it works with humanity. You only deal with a few, yet you created all that. How does it happen? Them on wheel?

FORCES: Correct and these people satisfy the phase.

IS: For the wheel?

FORCES: Correct. At this point we must be leaving, but remember, the leaf falls from the tree and glides down. When it reaches the earth, it changes a color. Greetings to all here present now.

THE GROUP: Our Father, who art in the heavens. .