Session 321-10/1/80

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are now working certain patterns out, and plan to have certain items erased; put in past, in back of. There are those patterns that will progress and diminish, and disappear ah we have many interesting new developments on the spiritual progress to be made; for interesting as it is or developed more inclusive in the course to be had. We find Iran in its fall not, not too prospective in its success, There are too many internal conflicts, which would cause a takeover of the government, force whoever his name is out and make a new democratic government, forcing the parties in Iran to be changed completely, and making some overtones towards Iraq to cease the fire. In this case we see Russia advancing to the borders of Iran, wanting to take over, in which America will send warplanes and ships to the area; and will have a direct confrontation, this should be an interesting moment. All these things are planned, but can be altered, as you know, as time goes on but this is what is set forth. Japan is becoming a little bit edgy, and will do some nasty techniques to ah gain economy control; which will make West Germany upset; in that facet, West Germany will have its own personal problems, that of the Hitler regime growing stronger every day; in which the Soviet Union is trying to combat behind the East Wall; therefore the baby lies within the Communist Countries, and Berlin is with that of three nations. We find that in this turmoil, that Japan will try to make overtones to combine Germany, once more, together. This will come as a great shock to the world for there will be many who will ah oppose this plan, but many who will want it to happen. South America will be going through many of its turmoils, many of its avalanches, and volcanoes, and eruptions. There is always political unrest in these areas. Texas will still be smitted by great weather disadvantages, and also poison fish, and ah water problems. San Francisco is heading for disaster in many areas, as far as loosing land, and also as far as internal struggles. Los Angeles is also going through the fires and brimstone moment. We find that there shall be some investigation under that of ah Jacqueline Kennedy, but also involved with some political and act-ring companies, and corporations involved with a scheme to make money off of those who could not afford it. We find that Turkey of course will become involved actively in many of its new programs and ah Brazil should find some interesting statements to be bad. As far as this particular group is concerned, we are always focusing outside of you. We plan to make many positive moves for you, and make a progression and financially and also emotionally and spiritually for you. There should be a care of plans taken as far as your own disciplines and movements forward. We have certain things that we would like to get done in this year and each one will have his own or her own particular chore to do. We find that there shall be great financial gains coming, that we have set up some contracts in which you will be involved to ah reap the rewards. There shall be some interesting financial contributions, and also there shall be some interesting ah points of view given to make of money, and ah positive help for those who would need these items. That is not a main process our main process is to move on continually in the spirit.

Forces- We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Can you help me understand, I read the book (The Gameplayers of Zan by M. A. Foster) where it talks about two games, two different groups of players. One being like the guiding influence, and one representing space itself and playing against one another.

FORCES: Only then can one move through time and space when one is allowed to have some say, while the other one is just there. This is the inner space and distance.

DD: Could you describe more how that works?

FORCES: More or less the thing that has to be done must take up movement in space and property that is not there, then filling up that property with that density. The density is what would be considered to the third power in the X factor. Density is always greater than that which is ah the X factor. Ah Density to the third power equals the cube of quality in the ah Z level of appearance; therefore the Z level of appearance gives you the property of density. You could have the Z level of appearance in all before property or density appears, and dictate the density
and property that will manifest in the Q level.

DD-Thank you.

NN:What did it mean in that dream, the washing off of the loaf of bread before putting it on the table.

FORCES: This is to sanctify and put it into the ethers for substantination.

LK: Can you tell me who created the mind and what was the original purpose of the mind.

FORCES: Into the aurobus of the creatures which we call the protoplasm or the cellular neculus of the vent, ventorite of mankind came the cell beings or the structural light fossils of mind matter, or protoplasm. Protoplasma is the general structure of mind cells in which they function if you will understand as a stimuli, never really experiencing anything outside of itself never really touching the five senses or the world in which it is concentrated in which the mind is of a tree in which it has the branches, and the leaves, but never
really touching the roots, but yet the tree is still strong within its own solid ground. (It has been said) that the tree has its own fossils when it falls to the ground, in which the lichens form into its own perplexities forming that which is creation before the tree was. These lichens form into a different varieties and factors, in which the plants food for the nurturing of the tree, and the forest beneath. In the forest you have the procreation of that which is the density factor of the Z power which had been spoken of, and all of this is the substantination of light. The light is the consecrated form in which all essence of matter has come from. Light is what would be considered the O-X-I power in which out of all substance, or transformation, or transluxation, light has the sub-culmination and co-creation of matter. Without
matter there is no light, but without light there is matter. In and on all instances all light of matter is that substance what is the vibe, vibratory and the exploration of the cellular and the (proto-plenus?) of the mind. Mind is the substance in which the (proto-plenus?) and the cellular structure of the density of the protoplasm from the beginning of time had its substance. All this is a combination of the creature, man. Man of course is what would be considered, in the (seer) of the 44-8-2 or ‘times” that or cube that to 22.1 ah in the centimeter of the formation of the area of mind, brain cells. The brain cells is linked together in what would be considered a scallop or mi (micro-scallop?) ah formation forming what would be called (lin-tograph?) of ah hereditary cells lineage or circumspective height of evolution in which man through the period of 1.4 hundred, more 1.4 thousand years has created a evolutionary cell in which that cell takes 1.4 thousand years to develop within the characteristics of man. This characteristic it is (bedolized?) or immobilized or embo-did, emblucated into the cellular scallop structure of this mind or the brain. Brain is only the aftermath of a sunlit structure in the light form which takes up substance the XY power. The XY power creates the substance within the skull. The skull is only the housing or the tent in which the mind has power. Mind, or the substance of, or the cellular scallops substance, or the co, con-figi-ation, con-figi-ation of the cellu, secular, or scallop sections of the floppeses cells, forming the skull. The skull is formed in such a manner that 1.4 thousand years enlarges with each experience; When one experience is developed, the,the cell, or the addition of the (thymallos?) cell or the (thymuline?) cell is formu-lized into the higher bracket of the brain, or the cellular structure of the scallop forming what would be called a counter scallop, or a convex scallop cell structure forming a outer bin or what would be called a bowl. Bowl a ball, bow. The bow is of a form in which it arches at a 90 to 44 degree angle starting at a 44 degree angle pushing into a 90 degree angle. This in turn (—–) as a scallop or the sub-scallop structure of the cellular or the forces of the brain ah moves the structure not only in appearance of the brain, but forms the brain to be more etheric in matter and substance or style. The link density to the XY power
of light (life) forcing matter or cellular structure of the scallop or the center scallop or the overall to be called what would be called transmuted, or transformed into a light or into an arc
power in which the cell, cellular (Structure?) is scallop, sub – scallop, or (supersub-subroid?) of forms from the matter of mass at 1.4 thousand years to the XY power which light is the density in which density or light cubed or Xed into that power formulizes the path in which the Son of Man or God or man is known as the evolution to what would be called transmute the, and making the internal skull more of a, a (osmolite) or (asmalin?) type experience in which there is no longer a density, but more of a vaporous vaporized, ah condition. This vaporizing is the sum total of freeing the mind out of the physical, transmuting the physical body as an aftermath of the brain cells. Ah mind, mind transformed in this area or this way has a power of making the body much lighter in density, making what you call Transubstiation happen.

LK-Thank you. (Laughter)

BR: Did Judas commit suicide in the lifetime before he was Judas and did he commit suicide in other lifetimes after Judas?

FORCES: Let us say he did terminate, he did cut off the umbilical cord of light into his body; He had met many confrontations in other lifetimes ah under certain circumstances.

JB: I wish to get some help clarifying the dream about a Lion.

FORCES: Means power of the, the, the Sons of Israel is coming to form a nation inside you.

JB-Thank you.

JE: Can you tell me how is the best way?…or what should I do
now to deal with my boss at work?

FORCES: Simply love her. Comes from the Camelot’s
scheme…you know what happened there.. The best way to formulize or to create a pattern with your work is day at a time. Don’t expect to many great things coming from the hierarchies there. One day at a time. Good and bad. Basically (—-) chalk out a time, we say chalk out the time from 2 to 2:30 to 3:00 to be with her, and give her feedback, or whatever you want to call it, to encourage her thinking powers.

JE-Thank you.

BH- Does the Holy Spirit have to be present at any kind
of a healing of anybody?

FORCES: It helps.

BH: Do they work, Raphael, and the Holy Spirit work
together on healing.

FORCES: They can.

BH-Thank you.

IS: What nation would you have given to Moses if Moses
didn’t interfere and save all the Israelites, in the desert.

FORCES: Run that back.

IS: There came a point where you wanted to eliminate all
those people when they were afraid to enter Israel, and you
wanted to eliminate all of them, and give Moses another nation to run the whole thing back, but with another nation.

Forces-Go ahead (——).

Isis- What nation would you have chosen?

FORCES: These would be what would be considered the Indian people or the Tibetan people.

IS-Thank you.

GL: The dream that I had yesterday, in which there was a
feast that was being given, and we were all sitting down at a
table, that was in the form of a T, and it was like a celebration or something, and then, I don’t remember all of the dream, but, there was something to do with some creatures that came from the sea, that were amphibious, and we were working with them, and apparently some people were being changed into their form because they were fighting the black forces, or something, and they needed to change people over because there wasn’t enough of them.

FORCES: Just to say that there is a great victory to come, and is coming and there are many battles that have been won. Ah and just generally speaking about that evolution that’s in progress.

GL: In the end of the dream, there was one scene in
which there was lightning coming down, and there was a
skyscraper and the lights on it kept going off, and right as they
would go of the lighting bolt would flash, and then Tom this
whole scene was saying go away to the angel of death, and
saying you’re not supposed to come until later and you go away now, or something like that.

FORCES: Man’s mind and man’s power vs. the spiritual power that is supposed to come down.

GL: What about the scene of Tom there at the point?

FORCES: This is in control, of the factors in which is in
control. The elements themselves can burst out if certain words are said by the “Entity” that could cause a
great change in the world.

GL-Thank you.

IS: Does he know consciously those words?

FORCES: They will be given to him at the moment.

JU: Can you give me guidance on things that I should be
working with or is this happening through the books that you are giving me and the reading?

FORCES: Through the books, they will work for you.

JU_Thank you.

DL: Was the dream last night real lifetime, and if it was.

FORCES: Let us say it is good to look into that
particular dream and it is about 94% real.

DD: Can you help me to understand…


DD: Could you help me somehow to understand how I can
work with what is being given, with what you gave to
understand it.

FORCES: Just time, that’s all we can tell you.

DD: Is there some way I can work with the graph paper or gradually build up to that or some other way. Can I work with it like in the book (Gameplayers of Zan)?

FORCES: Do it in three columns, and make it a three column
project. This will be your beginning.

DD: The same way it says in the book.

FORCES: This is correct.

DD-Thank you

NN: Did I understand correctly in the dream about the distintion that was being made about sacrifice, about loving to do things?

FORCES: Yea, you understood.

NN-Thank you.

LK: In the beginning of the session, you said that the baby is behind the Berlin wall, in the communist countries. What did you mean by the baby.

FORCES: You’ll find out.

LK: Is it an actual person, or an ideal?


LK-Thank you.

BR: The dream I had last night, it seemed like it happened, it was in New York, and there was a group of people, and they lived in a green house, or green two family house, and I could actually picture the house, and there was an organization of some sort that committed a murder, and no one knew it, except for me who was standing in front watching them do it. Could you tell me what the dream means.

FORCES: Exactly as you have said.

BR-Thank you.

JB: Is there something that an individual can do in the case of the everyday conflicts that the world is facing now?

FORCES: Pray, and sit down and take a cup of coffee.

JB-Thank you.

JE: The doctor (Mengele) that appeared in both of the movies, we’ve seen in the last couple of days…Who was he in respect to different incarnations and how far or what did he do.

FORCES: One of the kings of Atlantis who had destroyed Atlantis.

JE: Just how far did he succeed with the experiments.

FORCES: Shockingly, success no, but he succeeded on a scientific level very far.

JE: Did he achieve what he set out to do.


IS: Is he still alive.

FORCES: No but his works are being worked on in Peru and Argentina.

IS: Has he ever come to a conclusion that he had done wrong.


IS: Could we get an example of one of his lifetimes in the Bible times that we would recognize if he had any?


IS: King Saul not Judas though, King Saul wasn’t Judas.


IS: What are his payments?

FORCES: When we say Saul, let’s give us a better
description, Goliath.

IS: And yet there was something connected between Saul and Goliath.

FORCES: Right.

IS: The admiration of one another.

FORCES: It was that.

IS-Thank you.

BH: When the soul leaves the body, does it take the
seven centers with it.

FORCES: Only those centers that are perfected.

BH-Thank you.

Forces- At this point we will be leaving, we will speak to you again.

GROUP: Our Father…