Session 371-6/19/81

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have (Thunder in background) decided to cool you off a bit in many different ways. This session will be known as the “Session of the Revealer or “The Visionary”. From sense with all things of vision must come, but all those things that you do see are not real, just visions of the impossible. For remember, when those things that are inneath and etheric do come about the Preparer of the Way and the Foreseer can take hold and measure and process all the things anew. Man-Woman has forgotten his-her true creative identity with space and time; that as he-she moves through space, they the effects of their beings do have. Many hours and days and eons of times centuries past, the Spirit of God moved upon the earth and gave you a Face, in the waters, in which the rains did come, and under such a course also came the Knowledge and what we would consider, the Knowing. All man-woman already knows in his-she process the being of existence. The very stillness of life itself and the awakening of life gives you the example. There is the link and lineage and chain to all those who are created. Each person-soul has been given a destiny to fulfill. Those things must be fulfilled. To step out of or alter the pattern means a great deal of destruction (starts Thundering) and turmoil. There has not been one move that man-woman has made that has not been in the course of God’s creation. Hear this and know: that when punishment is cast upon Israel, sin is found at its door, and of course when sin is found the remnants of a door, it is swept clean by punishment. In these force of movement through time and space, the state of Israel represents the spiritual being. There is no way out of that. Israel is the divine quality of the soul within the body of man-woman, and as the Israel state fights against that which is solid that which binds and becomes solidified, so also does the process of the spirit world have that what would be considered reaction. All Knowledge was given as the rain fell. All Wisdom was received as the fruit grew. As that of the spirit moves through time and space, man-woman must realize his-her place in the divine plan of creation, There is no getting away from it. There is no way out of the perfect law. Be ye perfect as your Higher Self is perfect. There is no way out – perfect in Love and perfect in Wisdom, perfect in Patience and perfect in Trust. All things do change, and in the changing of the twinkle of an eye, the Spirit must maintain in all circumstances. Try to understand your role in this plan. There is no -getting out of it. You are in the classroom of the earth. Either you do it and you work towards graduation, or you rebel and you cut class, and you let the course go by and fail. This period in time cannot happen again until another 2 millenniums. It is the longest stretch in mankind’s existence in which he must understand that the things that are done now cannot be redone ever again. Unfortunately, you are coming to the
end of a play, and you all, man-woman, happen to be the cast. Unfortunately or fortunately, you are the actors. We would like to see the success of it. You have been here many times before. It cannot be made easy because you have done it. Now, it is up to you just to continue and grab a hold of the (lock) law. Search for security elsewhere, and you will find none. Pursue the path. Just as the lungs need oxygen to breathe, just as the heart needs blood to pump, just as the brain needs nerves to be, just as the feet needs the bones to stand, you are a plan, standing, pumping, thinking. You are the heart, the heartbeat, the breathe the life. You are the moment in time that cannot be repeated. Do it right or do it wrong – that is your free will. That is your choice. We can only say to you: Do it right or do it wrong. Do not get caught up on petty things and attach yourself to squabbles. These will only bring you back further and further and become more disgusted with the advancement backwards. You are the creator. You are the maker of tomorrows. Grab hold of it. Each positive action gives tremendous fruit. Do not say you will be positive. You are the man-woman creators moving through time and space. It behooves you to be positive. The other force is not yours; the other force is that which tries to capture you and drag you out. There is no room for fear or anxiety. You are in a play in the midst of a program. You are where you are at. These things are predestined. Accept them gracefully. Each actor has his apparel. Wear it with dignity. Do not throw the mantel on the floor, cursing it. Pick it up and wear it. This is your garment. This is your moment. This is your now. You are man-woman moving through time and space. You are free from the attachments of the world. If you can only see what we are saying. Everything has been made for you to be free or to he a prisoner to your desires for the rest of this life. Silence is the ultimate end. Change comes fast – birth, life, and death. Yesterdays are but tomorrows, and tomorrows are dreams untold of those things seen and felt and hoped. For tomorrow are all these things, but without hope and faith and dreams, there are no tomorrows. Patience, trust, love, endurance, sacrifice, giving, sharing. Most important, look into your hearts, and look at the quality that is most creative. Sharing is the most
creative part of the universe. Sharing, giving without taking. Look into yourselves. Are you sharing or are you hoarding? If you are a hoarder, it shall be merited to you. For what you hoard is only what you will receive. If you share, you will receive abundant. When, how, where, that’s our doing our giving. Sharing is the key to your earth, where there are two or more people gathered together, Sharing, there I am in the midst of them. “The Gathering” is from this text ‘Where there are two or more gathered together, there I AM in the Gathering. Look into your hearts, the future, the moment, now. Yes, you have been tested. You have been on trial with the world, and you have succeeded. You have recorded it, and it has been done. It can never be undone. You have gone through it. You are the victors. The other side has recorded your stand, your mercy, and your wisdom. You are the victors. As all civilizations do come from clay and rise above from mortal dust to exempt that which is the great spiritual ideals among those people. When those spiritual ideals of sharing decay, destruction (Thunders again) happens. All great civilizations were destroyed for the lack of sharing. Give so you shall receive in abundance. You are the creators moving through time and space, male and female He created them. He and She the creators of Space. Words or merits of truth tinkle through, that one side shiny (shinning) and the other anew. You are the narrow, the straight—edge sword from which comes the darkened edge of nights beyond the golden dawn. The world, as you see It, looks bleak, and there are tensions and troubles in this time. The hour of tension is mounting. If you would only know how much you can affect the world and stop the war to come. From this source where you are at is the exact opposite of Jerusalem, and you being the anti—matter, can stop the war. It is a heavy burden you all feel now. We feel it, like a glob of clay stuck on your shoulders, heavier and heavier, and wondering how we can lift it, and the more you try to lift it, the more the glob falls on you. Our responsibility from the beginning of time is once more given you. Responsibility, test, the trial, all key members are set again. All countries are in the exact position: Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan. Look to France for trouble; we look to Italy for unrest. We look to England for stupidity. We look for Ireland for grotesque, what would be considered, emotions that could forge the sword with Poland and create friction with the Bear and that of the Tiger. India is split. Secrets of the south will come forward, and great horizons of past civilizations revealed, leaving scientists in stoops of unbelievable fashions of the unthinkable. As you step through time and space, remember this each and everyone of you has the key. Use it and move forward throw it away and stand still.

Forces:We are now ready for your questions.

IS: You say we have the victory with this trial and was recorded on the other side, could you explain to is what is meant by that?

FORCES: A tremendous amount of weights and scales and measures have been altered to the white side voluntarily.

DL: Could you help me understand two dreams that I had?


DL: The one with the entertainment group and -the one with the three gangsters.

FORCES: Review the first one.

DL: Okay. The first one I had come in like it could be a ship like a love- boat or something like that, and there are two performers on the stage, and it’s a red stage with a glass front on it, and they’re playing some sort of music; it’s like an organ and drums, and then the stage starts to swing and it’s like the whole stage is a big, gigantic swing, and it’s swinging like almost flipping over. And then these two people are sort of running the show, and different people are joining in this long sort of chorus line to join these two musicians, and, so like I get in the chorus line, and two people, seem to be like friends in the dream, get in and we’re just singing and going on like that. That’s it.

FORCES: And the second dream.

DL: I’m in some sort of auditorium or something like that…

FORCES: The first dream deals with the process of getting into line and getting into your soul pattern, and, the chorus is the angels that are singing with you. In this process, the two angels that apparently are your friends are the guides for you, guardian angels that have gotten you to this point in your life through the many, many hours of watching.

DL: And the second was like a big auditorium…

FORCES: The two were angels. Go ahead.

DL: And again, like the background colors red and some big red carpet, and everybody…

FORCES: The emotions – red carpet.

DL: Everybody’s doing this sort of martial arts. It’s not karate cause it’s more like dancing…

FORCES: Martial law. The Marshall Plan.

DL: And there’s like a whole bunch of monks all going through their formations or whatever..

FORCES: Monks at-one-ment, discipline within, attunement.

DL: And I go like between them. I even have to do a fancy step to get over the three of them…

FORCES: Have to go through a fancy step to get through three principles.

DL: And then when I get to the end of the room, it’s a staircase going down, and these three gangsters come in, and one of them sort of pushes me back against the wall…

FORCES: Negative thoughts.

DL: And this little, short one…

FORCES: Little, short one.

DL: …says they’re going to rob a bank, and it turns out…

FORCES: Rob the Divine Plan.

DL: It turns out that the short one’s not really short…

FORCES: Short one’s not really short.

DL: He’s walking on his knees…

FORCES: Walking in prayer.

DL: And they’re going to make me rob the bank because…

FORCES: Make you rob the bank – Divine Plan.

DL: … because the costume fits me better than it does him –

FORCES: Because the silly plan is not real. The costume is not a real costume. It might fit you better, but you are not in the right position to carry it out. Negative thoughts cannot win.

DL: Thank you.

IS: What does it mean though?

FORCES: It means the soul is going through an alignment that is following a divine plan that forces of darkness is trying to prevent, but cannot underhand.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Can you help me to understand what I must do to fulfill my part in this play that you spoke about?

FORCES: Each one has been given something here tonight quietly. That’s your part.

GL: And the key that you spoke about?

FORCES: Each one was given a personal key with a smell and a taste and a touch and a number that will be given, that has been given, that has been felt tonight.

GL: Thank you.

JU: Is there guidance that you can give to me at this time?

FORCES: You have been told and given the guidance tonight, too.

JU: Thank you.

BH: In the last session you gave me two titles of two different books, and I found a poem called “Ship of Night” by William Faulkner, and I found the title ‘Three Ships Came Sailing In’.

FORCES: It speaks…go ahead.

BH: Is that either one of them? That’s the closest I could find for what you gave me.

FORCES: Those are the two.

BH: Those are the two. Okay. Thank you.

FORCES: “The Three Ships Come Sailing In” deals when you were in charge of the Temple Beautiful in Egypt.

BH: Thank you.

DD: Was there guidance given to me, was that given outside?

FORCES: Each one received tonight his measure.

DD: Did I understand when I was looking at the sky?

FORCES: It will take.

DD: Thank you.

ES: Is this the time for me to look for a star and cross and the reasoning and the thing that’s going on with my heart, is that why I’m looking for this or why this push to get it?

FORCES: You would need something to control your heart.

ES: Can it be explained?

FORCES: It’s quite evident. The heart is emotions and desires, it needs of course the Star and Cross to conquer and to conquer the pattern of the energy field.

ES: So I should get one.

FORCES: You will.

ES: Thank you.

HI: The way I’m moving now, does that fit in with the plan?

FORCES: How are you moving?

HI: Well so many different things are happening now. For one thing, my interest in the nursing program. That’s really the main thing that’s on my mind.

FORCES: Let us say you are going through lessons. Bring God along with you, and it will have some creative powers in it. Seeking, knowing, and giving. These things are what man is faced with. Carry the Divine Plan with you and all unnecessary things will not be done to waste the moments of necessity. Seeking, knowing, and the Divine Plan all is there before you. Reach out and take it.

BR: With all the refugees from the Nazi camps going to Israel, is there something coming into the earth at this time?

FORCES: There is that moment we spoke of tonight.

BR: Thank you.

JE: Where is the Ark?

FORCES: The Ark is within you.

JE: And the one that Moses brought out of Egypt?

FORCES: It is buried in the Hall of Records under sand in Egypt.

JE: Thank you.

JB: How does the process of sharing work in our daily lives?

FORCES: Repeat.

JB: How does the process of sharing work in our daily lives?

FORCES: It allows you to have one more day to live.

JB: Thank you.

BI: Can you help me to understand and perfect the balance between speaking the truth to others and arousing the beast and conflict?

FORCES: It is simply love. Conflict is not necessary. There is no conflict unless you see conflict. See not conflict, and there is only movement above conflict.

BI: Thank you.

NN: In Isaiah where it says “I created a new heavens and a new earth”, is that referring to a specific time that has already been or a specific time that is to come?

FORCES: It is something that is coming, something that has been, and something that is in the making.

NN: Thank you.

LK: At the meeting that I have to go to tomorrow, I am intending to bring up certain points of conflict between various people, and I’m wondering if that’s something that I should do, or if I should just ignore it?

FORCES: You will be given signs and will be given what to say in the best way.

LK: Thank you.

IS: It was from you the phone call that sort of invited us to Nag’s Head?

FORCES: Well, we decided that will be the only way to get you there.

IS: So the timing is correct, then?

FORCES: Timing is correct.

IS: Thank you. What do I do about my specific kind, of fears that arise from this trial?

FORCES: Give them to us.

Forces- At this point we will be leaving. We will speak to you more on different patterns and forces, different understandings, and a different alphabet. Each will come when you are all ready. Different signs and preparations for those signs.

Forces- Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in heaven…