Session 184-8/25/78

Forces- Greetings to all here present now. (Lightning and Thunder rumbling in the background) We are moving through areas and, and find ourselves in the changing positions. As time goes on, there shall be much tribulations of changes, for those who refuse to change will find the most difficult. (Rain Begins pouring down) This has to be as fast as we can be (to) able to be that calm quality of peace within the moments of destruction. As time goes on, many individual souls will be confronted within themselves that their true answers come within, that true information comes from within. There is no university or a college, (a) or school of learning cannot develop that quality from within. The ability of knowing this is that of (learning?). So many individuals will go after (Loud Lightning strike couldn’t hear) (words?) and after the laws of man only find destruction and they go after mans world and after their desires of their bodies and go after these things that gratify that which they want to. While they leave in there path rather of that desire and that in which would be considered dissension and chaos. In such a state, one will only find that the beginning is only the end. Those who go after the worldly mind have in a contradiction of the soul put up (with) for the soul demands the spirit of the law (Rumbling of thunder) and the mind of man desires the physical tangible law. Each is different from the other; each would war against the other. So as if (to be) those things that drive man after worldly knowledge also creates a disruption in the spiritual quality and disruption in the plan that was put forth in the beginning. All knowledge comes from within; you have the atoms all the consciousness of the atoms from a past learning’s (Loud Rumbling) man must learn this important lesson that true peace and silence comes from only inside of man and not from out of him. (Loud rumbling) Those who would see the light will see its brightness and the illumination of within can come through understanding all that you do outside of yourself is only the reflections of that which has been gained inside. Know ye that you are more planets than that of nine, that there is other planets that you do not see, but they are there. This month that is to come, August, will be a month in which you need to work and develop as best as you can to bring into the earth the expression of hard work and spiritual light, and in this work you can glorify in knowing that God resides in this house, that all who will come within must feel the presence of this God-consciousness, of the beings and the Higher Forces residing through this house. That is the (credence?) and the (?) what would be considered the standard and what would this house represent (Loud Thunderclap like right in room) strong as it is, the power of Light is in God and at any moment the strike of that force could awaken the strength within man of the Light that frightens and yet quickens the power of revelation. This is consecrated land, belongs to God. That is why all the things that are to be done must be done with the right motivation and to glorify your God that all those who will look upon you will look upon the God within you, not your desires; do not use this group to your desires. Mind you, if you use this group for your desires, you will be found out by the group and by the world. Questions?

DL- Could you tell us any more about changing music into color and give us, for instance, the chemical solutions to its exact proportions? That you discussed with us last night?

FORCES: Let us make a bargain with you. [thunder] Hence the sounds you hear around you, as you see the force astounds you; circle, circle, north and south, the east (does find?) the west, circle, circle, north and south, the east (does find?) (the east?) (release?) the west. The sound of music, of light comes from the west. Set up your instruments and your measurements of light; the music vibrates to the west first. The west, the west; sound comes from the west. Then, it (removes), and gravitates around; the geese does fly in a circle to the west, to the west; the sound replies Thunder) Circle, circle, circle, and then sound is (Zikon starts howling) rejuvenated and to the zenith flies back to the west, to the west. The machine is set up facing the west in all cases, now and for the moment. It takes in sound and the sound is put through a solution, and the solution vibrates a certain rate, and then through the solution turns the cord, the cord then stimulates the force of energy that is sent out. This force of energy is sounded to the south, to the south, to the south. West (to the?) solution, to the cord takes in the sound. You should allow the dog (Zikon) to move.

FORCES: The next part of our bargain is you get the work that is in this house done then maybe we’ll tell you the solution for the liquid. And then with the next process we might describe to you the building of the machine. But remember, if you put your thoughts and your desires in the right category, greater things than a music machine can you make. Questions?

RU- In regard to the entity Doc, is there any particular reason why the center focus of negativity is in him at this moment?

FORCES: Simply because he wants to be an expression of taking the attention from others who are new.

RU: Thank you. Could you give me help with – if it’s the right thing, securing that teachers aide job tomorrow?

FORCES: This will have to come from yourself. Questions?

RU: Thank you.

MK: Could you tell us more about St. Andrew?

FORCES: Not at this moment. St. Andrew, let us say he was an instrument of bringing the metaphysical occult into established consciousness by his peers. Questions?

MK-Thank you.

NN-: Could you please tell us the effect that hair cutting has on women? Whether it be short or just whatever, if it effects the energies?

FORCES: Certain females need their hair long and certain females need their hair short. Those who need it long need it for the energy; those who need it short need it for the energy. Those who have it long is more expressive of their feminine qualities; those who have it short are more expressive of their what would be considered strong qualities. Short hair, long hair. Let us move on.

DD: Is it all right to ask about the Druids? Before, we didn’t have a tape.

FORCES: We find no objections with the Druids; it will be all right to ask your questions.

Q: Can anything be given about their lattice and their patterns?

FORCES: Yes, the Druids had a very good life and their pattern was very chaste.

Q: How did the bards work?

FORCES: They worked with the force of the Druids. They came together underneath the secret fraternity of development of the Kings through certain outward signs of, of stones and the energy factor of the land. That is why this house is very important, because it is situated on the energy flow of the world. It is situated on what would be considered the magnetic energy field of the eastern hemisphere-north, east, south and west meets at this point.

IS: Not just for this country but on a worldly scale?

FORCES: Just for this continent.

IS: The Druids are they an offshoot of any religion that we know of, that still exists today?

FORCES: It is the ancient Priest-Order of the Atlanteans coming down into facsimile of the Jewish people.

IS: Then they were before the Jews?

FORCES: Oh, let us say yes to that.

IS: Were they of white or black forces?

FORCES: The Druids were of the white force until they became black.

IS: So anything that would be wrong of the Druids to our minds, to our ears, to our eyes would be from the black side since the white is long forgotten?

FORCES: Well, this could be true. But you do have glimpses of the light and truth through certain sources. Questions?

DD: How was the harp used in a positive manner?

FORCES: From the heart and the nerves down. Questions?

DD-Any guidance for me?

FORCES: As you will work forward into your (numbers?) certain other fields will open up. Questions?

IS: Just one more question about the Druids. Did they have magic, black magic, a misuse of white magic, did they have that for real, or was it a pagan religion?

FORCES: The pagan religion came at the end. White magic was the beginning until they became solidified in the material world and then the pagan religion happened.

IS: Now in the time of Merlin, was that already solidified into the black?

FORCES: Merlin was what you would call a teeter. He teetered from the past of the good forces and was going down into the bad forces of what was (coming forth?)

Forces-At this point…

IS: Can I ask about the vanity questions? Is what we’re doing now with the paint, with the basement paint, will that do it?

FORCES: What will you be doing with basement paint?

IS: Paint it on those walls. I mean, is that the correct one, now? Did we get the right one?

FORCES: I think this should do as strong as you would find it, for certain conditions are prevalent. This should make the situation if everything is in the proper place correct.

IS: So we just put regular paint over it, is that correct?

FORCES: This should find the understanding with the mixtures underneath of the elements correct.

IS: Is there any specific reason why these electrical storms, these storms that are happening right now, is happening right here in Schuyler? Because I don’t think it’s really happening as strongly outside of Schuyler, so it’s something connected with us? I don’t know the history of Schuyler, but they never had that many storms and that kind of intensity, is that correct? Are they wondering about it? But you are monitoring all of that. No? Who’s doing it? It’s white forces? Could it be told who does all that? Any-nothing.

FORCES: You are witnessing that a spiritual battle.

IS: Black and white? Are they trying to hurt us?

FORCES: Let us say not you, but trying to stop us.

IS: Is that why the prayer, the 23rd Psalm, last night stopped the whole thing?

FORCES: We will go on to other questions.

IS: Okay. Thank you. Then should the music room be located in a different spot or should the instrument in the room be located toward the west?

FORCES: Each would be at that spot but after the west and the south then the colors manifest in the east.

IS: I see. So it’s the same thing as the tabernacle and the description of the Holy Ark and the Holy of Holies, the tabernacle, the priest standing in the west and the tabernacle in the east.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you. The kitchen cabinets and the way we’re doing it, is that correct.

FORCES: That would look very nice.

IS: Thank you. Can I ask about MAR ?

FORCES: Go ahead.

IS: Can anything be done for her? What is happening to her? Has this county or Lovingston bent her, did she…

FORCES: Let us say there are many different things coming out. More So, let us say she wanted X, X, X and the county did not give it to her. Possibly, she thought she had it so much together, she came in with such a bounce, that everybody seeing her would rejoice. Hosanna, hosanna, yes, yes, yes. Until she realized that the county did not react the way she wanted it to. She offers, but yet her price tag is so big.

IS: That’s the problem. So even on a worldly level, if a person wants to give as a

(Break in taping)

IS: . . . the way BR described changed the –

FORCES: This would help the situation considerably. But then she would have to make it an Italian restaurant.

Forces- (—-).

IS: Would that help us?

FORCES: If she would serve some Italian specialties along with her French specialties, if she would also serve an ice-cream parlor for the come-in and come-out type, but remember, there is so much work ahead. Maybe, as time goes on, we will see what can be done. Question?

IS: You mean for us to be involved? Thank you very much. With DL’s mother, has anything been corrected there, maybe not from the mother’s point of view, for the mother’s sake, but was DL able to achieve something?

FORCES: We would say it was one of the moves that he must do without guilt, for his particular mother has operated him through guilt for so many years.

IS: And my dream – so, has he done anything yet?


IS: DL, has he –

FORCES: He has taken a first step in the right direction.

IS: Thank you very much. The dream I had today with Emale, Zikon and those stairs, I’ve seen those stairs before in different dreams. What do they represent? Where are they? They’re always in the back of the house someplace, which is – it’s like in the dream I recognize them, always, the same stairs, a little different location but they’re always the same stairs.

FORCES: They are stairs of development and items to be worked with. Question?

IS: Then did I understand the dream?

FORCES: Partially. Question?

IS: Thank you very much. Is there anything, as it is, stands now, to help MAR or are we, you know, going to be nice and polite as we are?

FORCES: The time to come to help her will be soon.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything we can do to help out this battle?

FORCES: By working as hard as you can and keeping conscious of the many, many pitfalls of the desire of the physical bodies (that?) try to prevent this house (from?) to manifesting the Spiritual Laws of God. Also, by being in harmony with one another and cooperation with one another. This will work itself out. Question?

IS: In my dream, Zikon, what does he represent?

FORCES: More of a protective force. Question?

IS: And Emale does she represent the earthly qualities in me?

FORCES: Let us say the earthly qualities that are being subdued. Question?

IS: And bearing fruit?

FORCES: Right.

IS: Thank you very much.

RU: Is there any Psalm that I could read that would help me to close up the bad liaison between myself and HP that’s been created over these first years?

FORCES: First you must correct your attitude towards what you believe a man should be and try to understand that what your image that has been put into you at a very young age in Texas of what men should be is something that will cause your own children’s destruction. Second, the Psalm, what would be 79, and the Psalm what would be 15 could be some help. Also Proverbs number 23 and Proverbs number 2, Proverbs Chapter, Chapter 23, Chapter 2, Chapter 5, Chapter 8. Question?

Q: Thank you very much.

IS: My proverbs that I was given, I know it’s something that I did bad, but I didn’t understand them . Did I understand, though, as much as I could, and did I do anything about it?

FORCES: You have done . Question?

IS: Thank you.

DL: Are the three trilogy Druid books near to being correct, and, if so, how correct would they be?

FORCES: Near to correct. Question?

DL: The music, were we anywhere close to being correct when we felt that the piece that’s just been completed is simply the overture to the second two pieces to come?

FORCES: Let us say now you must take each section in that overture and lengthen it and emphasize it.

DL: In the existing piece, or in the other pieces to come?

FORCES: Pieces to come.

DL: Thank you very much.

NN: Was Psalm 119, was it all received by one entity?

FORCES: Let us say yes.

NN: Could you…

FORCES: At this point, we are going to be leaving. We have other things up there to do. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father…