Session 432 8/2/83

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and in response to any environmental circumstances; we are watching closely parts of Africa, along with the Soviet Union again and also parts of South America. There are many avenues of answers and also many avenues of planning and positions of all kinds. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Is there any specific reason why everything is hitting Texas? Should I go and close the water?

FORCES: You cannot close the waters that hit upon Texas. More so attitudes and approaches, the self-share and egos that must be brought into size.

IS: In the Edgar Cayce readings there is very little about homosexuality and if there is any cure to it. Can you give us anything about why homosexuality and if there is anything that could change it, or is it okay the way it is?

FORCES: There are certain avenues that need to be looked into. Each individual has his or her own soul development that must be worked with. Certain individuals are into a path that needs to be a spiral on upward. It never stays the same past the self-same center, but individuals must be taken into preference and individually explained or understood as far as their soul pattern is concerned.

IS: So what you’re saying is that homosexuality serves as one of many lessons.

FORCES: Of course, not the ultimate lesson, but many deviants on the way, but it is again to be explained by each individual’s expression and soul pattern that could be better attuned in understanding of the soul.

IS: How should it be dealt with or should it even be dealt with?

FORCES: If the individual gets stuck in that form of expression, then it is to be dealt with in a different way. If the individual moves through it and goes to other expressions of the soul, then that must be explained. Again, each individual must be explained by their individual self and their soul expression.

IS: So it’s a very individual thing. No two people are alike.

FORCES: No blanket judgment can ever be given by anyone over any circumstances involved anything. Again, is the explanation that if a person has leukemia; no blanket explanation can be given. If a person has glaucoma, no blanket explanation. If a person has a urinary infection, or a urinary bladder trouble, of course no blanket explanation can be given.

IS: Thank you. So individual souls, each one has its own reasons why and how he dealt with it.

FORCES: Above all, no soul should be condemned for an expression of that, but if a blanket expression is given and a performance of a soul pattern is condemned, it leaves a whole entire expression of condemnation and destruction with societies and people to destroy with justification of destroying. All this is an answer to people should not be wiped out for this or that, but an understanding approach and answers to be gotten must be given.

IS: How should then someone who got stuck in that pattern be dealt…how should he deal with his own homosexuality?

FORCES: That is again for his or her own expression. Homosexuality is not limited just to his. It is an expression of the inner self or soul that has no sex that needs to express either that which it is stuck in or that which it refuses to move on to. Again, homosexuality is an expression that must be handled on an individual level, and again, no blanket answers can be given for how he or she can get out of it.

IS: So, in my feelings then about anyone in this house that has ever been…that was quote unquote considered homosexual, I never felt that, and I still don’t. I cannot see that. I don’t acknowledge that. Is that then…

FORCES: A homosexual individual is one who is totally into that entirely. That is, his or her life is entirely operated by motivations and desires under those circumstances. This individual would be considered, a total, total homosapien sexual invert or divert, whatever terminology you would want, and like anyone who is totally into anything, it is an abuse of power and is a destructive measure. The nature itself destroys in itself that purpose. What we are saying is anyone who is involved in anything totally is sin, and that sin will come upon them.

IS: So if a person has God first, then anyone of those things is not a question of right or wrong.

FORCES: First, you must always be focused on, and the individual must analyze their true motivations of doing things. By analyzing their motivations, they will see for what they are worth.

IS: So in that case, in that specific thing, my approach to it is correct.

FORCES: It is correct as far as handling individuals out of it, but like anything, each soul must be helped out of it to express the higher qualities.

IS: In that case, the sickness that has come, Aids, that is specifically generated and perpetuated by people that are involved deeply in homosexuality, and of course, it looks like the hand of God has come down and given that plague. Is that so?

FORCES: Let us say it is the hand of nature that has the expression for those qualities, which are abusive qualities, which is totally abusive against natural functions, against natural law that that natural law comes into operation on those souls or individuals that perform acts abusively in direct defiance to the natural law.

IS: Now in the Cayce readings, you said that no love is wrong, so you are really reinforcing that again. That love in itself is not wrong, it’s the getting involved in those things…

FORCES: It is any individual who gives credence or recognizes the act to be right. It is those individuals that are out to be questioned. Those individuals who go around selling the act are those that are potential hazards and dangerous instruments to society.

IS: Since that self, that justification…

FORCES: It is the biggest self-justification of the individual soul rebelling against its make-up.

IS: And it’s that that creates the soul to become less substantial…

FORCES: It is like a painter that paints with oils on his palette, and it’s not that the oils are the painter, nor the painter the oils, but take the oils to be different expressions of individual soul qualities that need to be moved through. It is placed on the canvas to different variances and light to get an effective picture. It is when that artist begins to eat the oils and the qualities of expression on the palette and refuses to put it on the canvas that it’s totally selfish and turned inwardly, rather than outwardly for expression of the spirit. Therefore, individuals around him that benefit by it, and that soul itself is in objectivity to the expression of higher qualities, and of course, anyone who would eat the essence of expression would only stagnate his or her own movement.

IS: It is very important to have the knowledge of sin.

FORCES: It is very important to know right from wrong and to express that right from wrong, rather than make wrong right and right wrong.

IS: It’s like what’s said about Harman Bro who made every mistake in the book, but he doesn’t try to create a new God. He knows that he is a sinner and tries to move out of that sooner or later. Is that it?

FORCES: This is the main idea.

IS: Thank you very much.

BN: If a person responds or is healed quote healed by the science again quote science of modern medicine, is it because more so they have faith in that medicine, rather than some physiologic response to the…

FORCES: Modern medicine, yes can heal certain
ailments of the body with certain chemicals to some degree. This is the advancement of knowledge accumulated to the expression of all souls who are in sickness. That sickness might be healed through some accumulated knowledge that this item can have this deterrent, but major sicknesses in the body affecting organs and elements of such is the truth and attunement of levels within the soul quality dealing with the soul’s expression within the body. True healing never comes through direct medicine directly. Medicine is a helpmeet to that of the soul healing. If true healing is to be done for anyone, the soul must be contacted first, and forgiveness and repentance of sin within the soul must be had. Then medicine can truly take effect to help one is one. It would be considered the medicine of tomorrow: soul medicine. That is, doctor priest relationship must be one. It would be priest doctor, rather than doctor, doctor, for soul medicine is the only way.

BN: Thank you.

FORCES: As it would be prescribed, be thee physicians of the world. Know ye that the stands (strands) of life that you deal with does not come through your hands alone. That the elements that you encounter within each person within each body within each soul is an element of energy that goes beyond all that you have ever witnessed. You’ve come before in helping and answering the elements of life. You’ve handled, you’ve seen, you’ve witnessed to the miracles. Know ye that anything that is done f or or with that individual patient is done through and with collective knowledge and wisdom through time. No amount of learning can heal, but an amount of healing can he done through the abundance and element of love. All healing can be done through the subjective and overactive qualities undermining that of love. In short, subject all your patients to the love that is within you. Introduce the chemical and biological needs of the body equals a healthy patient. If a physician cannot give the love to each individual patient, then that particular doctor or doctors will not be successful in his or her own field. Any amount of success in the field of medicine is done through the new physician or soul.

BN: Thank you.

IS: Is it possible at this point to give a physical reading for the entity, M.U., and if there is anything that can be done for her?

FORCES: We have the individual soul resting at this particular time in a very small but semi-private room. We see the entity in a very distressful pattern of expressions of energies of negative force fields, ions. We see an energy flow inverted in the upper hemisphere which is affecting the upper quadrants of the body. We are now centering on certain aspects within this particular body. There are what would be called rebellious cells that have now taken a position in the body that have taken a foothold over this particular physical vehicle. It is also witnessed that there is a spiritual network being set up to counteract the physical damage of the quadrants interactive positive ions to the negative ions. There is a spiritual network being set up that is repelling at this very moment those particular negative cells and putting them into a dormant state. The polarization and negative ions seem to be having a particular footage, being a redundance of habit creating certain patterns of thinking, which is a constant battle that is going on. But again, there is this spiritual essence that have flooded this particular entity over the past few days and now introducing more of a (Hiazine) Isotope Pellets within the body. Particular concern within this individual is certain areas within the brain that have the cancer cells in them. These are being so—called spiritualized at this very moment we speak, creating a dormancy of the cancer cells within the brain. Other than that, there is that chance that accumulated progress through focusing the individual on positive thoughts, rather than depressions and frustrations and negativity. That should be it for the moment now.

IS: Thank you very much. Is it known if she is responding to the…

FORCES: She is responding to the spiritual treatment first, therefore making a very positive overture to the physical treatment.

IS: Would it be advisable for the entity that you speak through and some others to go to New York to see her?

FORCES: We have no objection.

IS: Is that the purpose?

FORCES: It could re-emphasize or re-insure that the energy flow and re-introduce more force within the area.

IS: Thank you very much.

JU: Why is there…what is the actual source of strength in the Book of Numbers, and what is it that actually happens when one is reading it that gives so much energy or chanting it or working with it?

FORCES: It is the instrument of expression and force in trying to subject the mental mind.

JU: Is it actually clearing that away for something else to come through?

FORCES: There is a lot within self that needs to be cleared away, and the receptive soul or spirit of service is your only salvation. Only when you begin to serve those around you will you be totally free of the monster within you.

JU: Thank you.

LK: Can it be given what the effect is…

FORCES: If you refuse to serve those around you, this particular monster that is within you will take control.

JU: Thank you.

FORCES: Your salvation is through service only. Unfortunately, the time is up. Start serving with a glad heart, rather than with a rebellious spirit.

JU: Thank you.

LK: Can it be given the effect on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of reading the Bible straight through from the beginning to the end?

FORCES: Repeat.

LK: Can it be given what the effect is on the physical level, the mental level, and the spiritual level of reading the Bible straight through from the beginning to the end?

FORCES: There are certain levels of advancement on the physical, mental, and spiritual. From these levels, one can know the soul identity to its makeup. When the individual conscious mind reads the course that is undertaken, that is the course of “The Law is One” theory, application of the theory is applied within the body, mind, and soul. It allows the centers within the body to glow with energy and light and to be free from a lot of the stagnation of the material elements that bring it down. Free thy body, mind, and soul read your Bibles. Imprison your body, mind, and soul: go after your desires. Imprison your mind, body, and soul temporary but stagnate your force field, read your Bible, but go after your desires, and you’re guaranteed to be messed up. That is, those who read your Bibles and do nothing about your desires, but continue to appease them and continue, then there is only a locking device that is created, and the soul rebels against the body and mind, which causes a great deal of damage. You cannot read the Bible and act with no action. You must read your Bible, get your answers, and react and have action. It is a must. So, therefore, all those who read the Bible must react to it. All those who read the Bible and appease the body are in rebellion to the spirit.

LK: Thank you.

ES: You mentioned in the last session that in the Tarot the World is to be placed where the Lovers are. Does that mean that all the other cards go down in order, or are any of the others switched?

FORCES: The Lovers are the aspect of male/female within self. Not a physical. Worldly sex concept of love, of male/female family type aspect of lovey-dovey. Love is within self first. Loving thyself, that is, loving the qualities of male/female and understanding them. Many so often approach love with a demented form of expression. When that is not fulfilled, there is much frustration and detriment to the soul, body, and mind. In the relationship of love, it is never a taking and/or satisfying and of saying “My husband should serve me” and “My wife should give me”. It is always a giving of the other partner, never what one should want. For when one goes into marriage saying “If you love me, you will do this, this, and this”, then that marriage is on the wrong course and should be changed. Yes, all cards are subjected to love, but so is the universe, that does not make the cards any less thereafter that follow.

ES: So does the Hebrew Letters change?

FORCES: The Hebrew Letters of the world never change. From the foundation of time, they were created. There is no change with the Hebrew form.

ES: Thank you.

HI: Do you have any guidance for me at the moment?

FORCES: In what particular field?

HI: Well, if I’m doing all right or if I’m doing the best I can at this moment.

FORCES: For what particular purpose?

HI: I really don’t know if I’m doing all right,

FORCES: Doing all right on what level?

HI: Spiritually.

FORCES: Spiritually there is some progress. There are some avenues that can be expanded and made individual self-knowledgeable to make personality more suitable and affable in spirit to be more enhanced in the qualities of benevolence and of giving. A tightness and a defensiveness of the spirit in a physical nature allows too much stagnation to fill your life…also say that the spirit is of a quality that can give much to others around, hut individual must allow the spirit to be given without any defense mechanisms to be set up. On a spiritual level, there is much, much advancement and experience to be had by the individual soul. On a mental concept, there is much to be applied, and also on the physical, there is much to be learned. But on a spiritual level, as you asked, there is advancements being done.

HI: Thank you.

DD: Can you tell me what the positive pole and the negative pole in the body would be?

FORCES: The positive pole is the tip of your head, and the negative pole is the tip of your anus.

DD: Thank you.

FORCES: From head to ass. Most individuals use their heads as their asses, and their head becomes… You asked. We only answered.

GL: Would there be guidance for me at this time?

FORCES: Do you know what our next question is?

GL: I think so…physically, mentally, spiritually… directions?

FORCES: Which particular field do you want us to focus on?

GL: Spiritually.

FORCES: Spiritually, there is the power of learning, but much teaching to be given to others, but not teaching where the ruler is in one hand, and your law becomes documented. Lessen that of dogmentation and the letter of the law, and incorporate the Spirit of the law in your life. Try to apply the spiritual values that are within you, but apply them with not a sternness of hand, but a compassion of self first and patience with yourself for those around you, but rather give to those the learning ability of your spirit, but do not become frustrated when you are incapable of communicating what you feel. Remember, there are many that walk before you that are servants of the Most High. Humble yourself, rather than to be arrogant to think that thyself is the greatest. In short, you have much to give, but if your giving is done through the process of sternness and the letter of the law, then much is lost in soul development in this lifetime. Soften your approach. With kindness and with the heart center vibrating, much can be accomplished this lifetime.

GL: Is there a prayer or a psalm that I could use to…

FORCES: Mickey Mouse had a child up and down the ladder. One fell off, one fell on, nothing ever matters.

GL: Thank you.

TB: Are there any particular talents that I should try to develop?

FORCES: The talent of being human. Too much emphasis on mental concepts allow you to be a resident robot in which in your response to the inherent avenues of life, you kind of stand on your head and walk on your ears. Qualities that you do have must be inverted and produced through that of expressions of giving and expressions of listening. Consider not thyself as a powerful tool of knowing much, for in your application, you know very little. What we are trying to say to you is you have the ability to bring down from past lifetimes experiences that you have earned, but complicated machinery and numbers in this particular lifetime can make you short circuit. Not that your field is wrong. Not that what you do is naught. Not that what you understand is error, but what you have on a higher level must be brought down through compassion and tolerance of yourself. Not all times those who speak to you talk to you in a defensive or a belittling form. In these forms that you see are those channels in which through your wisdom and compassion, not proving to others how much you know or how smart you are or how quick you are. For by doing such proves how stupid you are. So, chastise your tongue, listen to your heart, and bring down the information that you have acquired through other lifetimes. Then you will be an interesting person.

TB: How…

FORCES: You dare to ask another question? It is not those who have asked questions that are afraid, for those who haven’t asked the questions are beginning to sum up this session, and they are saying to themselves ‘Oh, crap. If I ask any questions, no matter what, I am going to be leveled out.” Yes, this is a session that is called “The Leveling”. We have the level in one hand, and anyone who dares come before us tonight, we guarantee you to be leveled.

JE: How does –

FORCES: You still dare to ask a question? Good for you. Come before us so we can level your heads.

JE: How does the entity affect the weather through the Shofar, the big changes that take place when the Shofar is blown? How does that work?

FORCES: Do you witness it to see that it is working?

JE: Yes.

FORCES: Then your own faith must be enkindled in strength. Shut up the faith aspect of what you are. Your own lack of faith and logical mind allows progress not to happen. Begin to be a believer now, and do not disbelieve.

JE: Thank you.

FORCES: How does it happen? All right. We are going to be kind enough to answer your mortal question. The elements around the entity can command anything within his power of reach, confines. He can set rages and storms in certain areas at will. He can produce earthquakes. He can produce tempests and storms. He can make the manna fall from Heaven. He can make the rivers quiet or blue or gray or dark or deep. He can bring life to the dead. He can raise the sick to health. He can bring doubt into fear and turn it into happiness. He can do all those things and summon even that so much as a speck of corn from the fields of the Soviet Union to that to feed all the world. He can do that and much more. He can bring those elements of the archangels into order and the angels into harmony. He can even make that which is Satan himself be standing still. He can bring order into the stars to draw pictures in the sky. He can do all these things because the power is his and has been given to him from the beginning of time. The horn that he blows is a mere Instrument to get your attention. I tell you there were many horns that he blew, and you heard not.

JE: Thank you.

BH: You had mentioned Alchimedes as the planet I came from. I haven’t been able to find Alchimedes…

FORCES: Because you weren’t able to get back to it in what position you are in at the moment. All those who will find their home planets must first set their sights on spiritual elements. Focusing on spiritual elements of life truly will send you back to where you came from.

BH: Could you tell me what Alchimedes represents?

FORCES: Archimedes represents service to mankind, not pampering of self, When you get yourself out there to serve and put into that that of your living spirit and the power that is behind you, truly you will be an academic soul.

BH: Thank you.

FORCES: It’s not our fault you come from Archimedes. We will tell you individuals, those who dare not ask a question at this time. We’ve talked to you about things. We also will give you things. You will say your name, and we will tell you where you have originated from.


FORCES: You have come from the constellation Orion through the constellation of Pleiades. Your visiting soul has that of Jupiter, and before you entered into this Earth, you were found on the planet of Venus.

IS: When I return, where is it I am to return to?

FORCES: You will be found in that of Archimedes.

IS: That for?

FORCES: We are giving information. We are not explaining ourselves.

IS: Oh, thank you.


FORCES: NN comes from the constellation of Pleiades. Before she came into the Earth, she was found on the planet of Mars.

NN: Thank you.


FORCES: Thank you. BN comes from the constellation of Orion through the constellation of Arcturus. You will be found on the planet of Neptune before entering into the Earth. These are called far out souls.


FORCES: Comes from the constellation of the Bull, also Tyrus. Comes from the section of Libya (Libra?) and was found on the planet what would be considered Vulcan.


FORCES: Comes from the constellation of Pleiades through the constellation of 7 . Will be found on the planet what would be considered Uranus. These are weird people.

IS: Is this before they entered the Earth, right? You’re not giving where they’re going to go from here, right?

FORCES: All planetary systems in your solar system are what you would consider jumping points to the Earth. Every individual soul must have a planet before they come into the Earth. This is the nature of the law.


FORCES: ES comes from the constellation of the Cross, Southern Cross and through that of what would be considered Oncles. Comes from the planet of Mercury.


FORCES: Comes from that quality what would be considered, unbelievable as it might sound, but as strange as it is, you have come from the quality of the scorpion quality, tall of the constellation coming through that, you had originated from the constellation of Arcturus, finding yourself traveling into this planet by the Comet of Hales.

HI: Thank you.

FORCES: And is subjected to leaving the planet when the Comet of Hales returns. In this particular course, remember, when the Comet of Hales returns, there will be a great affinity for your physical body to be disattached from your soul. So, therefore, concentrate on service in the Earth to those around you, so that your soul will understand it’s not time to go. You have come from the planet of Uranus.

HI: Thank you.


FORCES: You come from the constellation Arcturus traveling through the belt of Orion in the midst of the Milky Way. Your star is what would be considered Polaris, and you have focused in the Earth through an ad juncture (?) through the pyramid of self and have come from the planet of Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

DD: How did I…

FORCES: We’re not here to answer questions.

DD: Thank you.


FORCES: You come from the constellation Jebudi (?), into the Belt of Oncus (?), and from the planet of Vulcan. Your planet is a self planet.


FORCES: Come from the planet of Robbie. Joke. Come from the constellation Nebudi (?) into that of Polaris focusing into the planet of Uranus, coming on from that of the planet of the Third Moon of Jupiter of Nucle Newpoo Natka Noomono. Half joke. Noopoo is the word. A planet, and coming into the Earth.


FORCES: You come from the constellation of Batibida (?) through that constellation of Orion Milky Way. Your stardust follows you everywhere you go. You have what would be considered Yuncles under your fingernails, and you believe in the planet of Mars.


FORCES: BH comes from the constellation as has been described Arcturus and returns to that of Pleiades when finished. From the planet of Venus you have entered.

NN: Can I ask a question?

FORCES: We can’t stop you.

NN: Could you give me some help with singing and with music and how you gave me something a few sessions ago about…

FORCES: Relax and lighten up. You cannot sing by being so tense of how you sound. It does not matter how you sound. It is in fact what matters is that you sing for others and most of all, for your High God. Then you sing for self, you sound bad, like a bunch of onions that have rotted. When you sing for God, you are gems of the sky.

NN: Thank you. Will I also be able to write songs again?

FORCES: Nothing has stopped you.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Could you give me a reading on how I am doing?

FORCES: We find you making advancements on a spiritual level that is affecting the mental and physical bodies. We find those present here in the room making advancements. If you weren’t, we wouldn’t dare make advancements on you.

IS: And the mental, emotional, all of the…my total experience, am I…

FORCES: You’re a sharp cookie.

IS: Thank you. So I’m doing all right?

FORCES: You’re applying what has to be applied. Tune down the reactionary bits. You’ll be all right.

IS: Thank you. And for the entity Alice L. and Lou, Alice L. and Lou L., or whatever they call themselves. Is he really giving readings? Is it for real?

FORCES: In this particular area, he needs to stop. It is not going to be healthy for him to continue. In this particular area, only those souls that are the strongest can survive. His particular soul needs support and is the weakest. It cannot be continued for him.

IS: Oh, I see. That would explain all the billions of little psychics that come into the spiritual road, become psychic or think they are halfway psychics. They sit around, they give readings, and then…It’s not that people cannot give the readings because everybody can become psychic and give readings and do all these things to whatever degree, but it’s can that person or soul sustain…

FORCES: Sustain the energy force coming through.

IS: Ah, that’s where the evolution is noticed of a person.

FORCES: Very few souls can maintain for a period of time, two to three years the most, the energy focus coming through. It is very much intense, taking the core of the inner person and the energy that follows, to the very physical nature and cellular structures of the body. It cannot be done by individual souls that are the weakest. If done, it is bound to become a, what would be considered after three years, a mental problem.

IS: So that is the reason for Lou’s problems?

FORCES: That’s what we just said.

IS: Then it’s not Alice’s fault there entirely or at all?

FORCES: Well, it’s not Alice’s fault entirely at all, but Alice also works in a restaurant. It’s Alice’s Restaurant.

IS: What you’re saying is that she’s also dishing things out? I see.

FORCES: And not just cabbage.

IS: Thank you very much. So that explains a lot of it. So that’s correct that Paul S. He lost his ability, didn’t he? Or whatever it is?

FORCES: Totally.

IS: And that’s what really happens. The mental problems start or whatever, and the ability’s just gone, is that it?

FORCES: The inability to control and focus the energy in a right pattern.

IS: Could they continue being psychic, though?

FORCES: A true psychic can be anything and develop into, but it takes a tremendous amount of training and individual concentration on the spirit for at least twenty-five years for it to work.

IS: So when you say training, you mean you training?

FORCES: Our training and constant focus on the spiritual laws.

IS: So…

FORCES: No one truly comes into his right until after he reaches his thirty-third year,

IS: So actually…

FORCES: No one has the right to walk in the Holy of Holies until he or she has reached thirty—three. Of course, for you young ladies it’s forty years old. Yes. Prejudism, prejudism.

IS: So…

FORCES: Yes, a woman comes into her right when she’s forty years old. Change of life happens when the soul and the body is not able to handle the energy at that time coming into the person.

IS: I didn’t understand the change of life is the energy going out or something coming in, so that means…

FORCES: At forty for a woman a tremendous amount of energy comes down on her. If she’s ready, chances are if she’s worked to the spiritual laws, that particular energy will give her the focus for the next forty years and insights on what to be done. If she does not focus right and hasn’t prepared for that moment, that energy could overpower her causing great distress, emotional depressions and hmm hmm (singing and humming).

IS: I see. Oh, I see.

FORCES: Called “woman trouble”.

IS: So in reality, the psychicness, I call it psychicness, a women can become a psychic at the age of, let’s say 44?

FORCES: Sure, she could do anything at that age. I mean, you know, she’s already passed her prime, you know. She could do anything she wants then, you know. The true focus of the woman is to come truly into her own light at 40, Doesn’t mean you can’t have any more fun at 40, You’re just beginning to experience. You would never believe it when you were 17.

IS: I would never believe I would be around that long, to tell you the truth. Okay, is that…what I said then about him stopping…when I said, whoever was there, to HA when I told her what Alice should do, was that then the correct information?

FORCES: This is correct.

IS: Was it your doing?

FORCES: Six months would do it.

IS: Oh. Oh. Thank you.

BN: Would you please describe what it’s like in the Pleiades?

FORCES: Taking advantage of us, aren’t you? Pleiades consists of a constellation of billions and billions of stars that man has not even realized it contains and the annuity of the Creator within the solar system or constellation. In this particular constellation, there are hot stars of blue, white, and yellow, green, purple, and red. All these particular stars reflect the nebulas of the societies of spiritual patterns ever created in the universe. There are billions and billions of stars tremendously that there are places in which this constellation if you had traveled with a spaceship you would not be able to travel through because the stars are so thick. There are constellations within constellations of this Pleiades that would consist of 14 million of your suns, and on each constellation there are orbiting spheres of about 22 hundred thousand. There is onyo (?) gases, there is nutto (?) gases, there are black holes, there are yellow holes, there are green holes, there are white holes, purple holes. There are holes of all shapes, sizes. There are societies within societies of evolutions within (everrations?) , all on a spiritual level. There are organizations within organizations, and there are the Councils that meet. The energy force of this particular area is about 4 billion atomic fusions of the highest atomic bombs that man can ever develop on the earth. The energy field encompasses about 30 million space (equadiants?) of your solar system. That should do you for the moment.

BN: Thank you.

IS: Could we have a reading or anything for the entity Tom?
And which planet he came from? We can’t ask that?
Thomas John Ringrose.

FORCES: Yes, we know. He comes from the constellation of Arcturus and Pleiades from the Belt of Orion into the area of Eonus (?). The constellation moves through many different fields and phases, and of course, is great among the stars. He is one of the orbs of Orion come through the Belt of Milky Way. He consists of the Comets of Nebulae also the Comets of Bonk. This is from the constellation of Eladius (?). Eraneus (?) is found in that of the southern and northern part of Pleiades and also from that of Polaris. He is, of course, from the stars, Polaris being the focal point of the entry through Pleiades and Arcturus. His home planet would be found in that of Pleiades coming thru the Belt of Orion with the energy of the Milky Way. He has traveled through the planets of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Mercury. He had visited on the planet of Saturn to bring souls out and to refine them from the damaging points of reference. His major planets in which he had focused on before coming into this would be found on the planet of Venus.

IS: Thank you. It seems as if he went through all of these things to collect all of us?

FORCES: He is, by name, The Collector.

IS: Is there a specific mission, something that in time will be actually seen as…

FORCES: The mission has already started. It has been seen. You are in the midst of it.

IS: Not understanding it, right?

FORCES, He also worked in Central Park picking up papers…

IS: Are we understanding the mission or…parts of it I can see…

FORCES: You can only understand as much as you can take.

IS: What I’ve seen through the work at Virginia Beach, has that partially opened my understanding to a little bit of what it night be. Is that correct?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Is there other things?

FORCES: There is the meeting of the uni-spheres and the meeting of the Higher Councils that will be taking place. There is certain deviants, energy focal points, and preparation of the field of the Council.

IS: Thank you. Could you give a reading on his emotional Well being or physical well being…

FORCES: Emotionally, couldn’t be better. Physically, he’s okay.

IS: Thank you.

JU: The blends of that regular incense we burn, the Gloria Incense, does it have any special properties or characteristics or effects?

FORCES: We will ask you to soften your voice and talk naturally.

JU: That incense, the Gloria incense…

FORCES: You have a particular problem, as we all know. You have a base tone voice, so therefore, you can talk with a base tone voice, no matter what you want to talk about, it will always be a base tone voice. You do not have to put on airs of base tone voice with us. So therefore, do us a favor. We don’t want to hear your base tone voice anymore. We’re not inspired. Lighten up. Give yourself a break. You’re not fooling anyone but yourself. Base tone voices don’t make it, and they don’t impress us. Gloria incense is fine. Now invert the Gloria incense into your voice.

JU: Thank you.

FORCES: And pick up your feet.

LK: Can you tell me what the effect is or the purpose of the Bach D Minor Concerto for Two Violins?

FORCES: We’re not interested. We don’t know. We’re totally oblivious to it. It might be a nice piece to listen to, but as far as we’re concerned, we have better things to do. Anyone else want to talk about anything else? We do not understand these questions sometimes. You come before us, you can ask anything you want. Bach D Minor, I mean you know. Who the heck was he? I mean, you know, before he ever was I was putting milk in the cows. You know that your question was a bad one; of course, I dare anyone to ask a question.

IS: The questions that I had at the beginning of the week about should we bring a house and put it on our property for EE and as a guesthouse?

FORCES: You should bring three houses on your property, and every other day move her from one house to the other.

IS: What should we do then?

FORCES: I don’t know, she’s your mother.

IS: Well, it’s the entity that wants or doesn’t want certain things that…

FORCES: Then, listen to what he wants.

IS: Okay, well, he said to put the house –

FORCES: Sometimes he can be a jerk.

IS: Well, what should…that’s why I’m asking from you.

FORCES: The house should be put there, and the best of everything be supplied so she can have anything she wants. She deserves it.

IS: So an old home is not for her then?

FORCES: She’ll destroy it in a week, but remember, you mustn’t take away the old home from her, If she wants to go to an old home, please, by all means. But if you make her a house and don’t give her the alternative to go to the old home, she’s going to have problems. Allow every avenue open for her to choose. Allow every avenue open for her to express her choice. And also let her know that she has this for her.

IS: So I should ask her then first…

FORCES: That she wants and what would make her happy, but please wait six months before you make a decision to do it, because after six months, the three-month period, she’ll change her mind.

IS: I see. So ask her now and wait six months.

FORCES: Ask her now and ask her again next week and the week after that and the week after that and the week after that and the week after that, and make a tally and find out what she’ll like most of all, After six months you’re bound to find out.

IS: Thank you, but in all reality…all right, if we decide let’s say to put down a house, should it be a modular home or should it be something that we build?

FORCES: That is up to you.

IS: Oh, I see. The question of timing and stuff like that.

FORCES: Then, of course, a pre—made house.

IS: Would that be sufficient? Would that he correct?

FORCES: Even if she doesn’t use it, you will always take advantage of it.

IS: Yeah. So a pre-fab, is that the right avenue to go through?

FORCES: Discuss it among you and find out. Whatever you decide.

IS: Thank you.

HI: Could you please tell us where JB comes from?

FORCES: We thought you would never ask us. He’s the only individual that wasn’t mentioned, right? He comes from the Pleiades constellation, also from the Belt of Orion. He comes from the planet of Neptune. Also jumped in from the Thisala system (?), the Earth’s Moon. He has great knowledge of the Moon terrestrial.

HI: Thank you.

FORCES: He’s a M-oonie. Like that, (–)?

IS: Is Gladys…as the days pass and information, even though she was so tired that day, is she acknowledging the fact what this entity is?

FORCES: She’s seeing.

IS: Does she still feel that I should be more involved or..

FORCES: Oh yes, she’ll still feel that.

IS: Why is that?

FORCES: (yawn) No more.

IS: The work that was done in Virginia Beach, you said there will be doors opening up (?) or more or, you said at the beginning of the week there are certain things you are just putting into…

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Is that the continuation of the thing with the (?) or…

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Is anyone there at the ARE aware of anything at all?

FORCES: Can you spare us to answer that? They have a few souls that are very developed.

IS: Devout?

FORCES: Devout and developed.

IS: Could you give any of the names so I can maybe touch them or…

FORCES: We’re not going to make your life that easy.

IS: Oh boy. Is GLS one of them? Oh, you’re not going…if I give names?

FORCES: Someone else might have another question for us to answer? We’ll be happy to answer it.

GL: In the psalms it says that the blowing of the trumpet on the New Moon was a statute and a law. Could you explain more about it and describe what happened when that took place?

FORCES: As was described to you today, that was a ceremony of magical force, conjuring up the beginning of the ceremony on the Full Noon which entitled the Israel tertses to another body in peace and harmony with the spheres and in power subjected to it. It allowed the consecration of the circle and allowed the Universe of the Temple of Israel to exemplify the force fields of energy that was flowing through it.

GL: Thank you.

DD: Can you explain what the number 1.059 means?

FORCES: 1.059 is the radius in which all can be attuned, and is the center focal point of the creation of the numbers of logic. It is also the circumference and the perimeter of all latitude lines going through the earth and is the form of energy of numbers. You asked it, and we answered.

DD: Thank you.

JE: In my reading, you said I came from stardust. What does that mean?

FORCES: Turn the tape off a second.

JE: Oh. Thank you.

FORCES: And you thought it was wonderful. You thought you were going to go around blessing everybody. Stardust is also another way of magical forces within your reach to change things into a great angetic form of angel field to use. Angetic not for you to use. So wherever you go, certain angels are bound to follow, you had nothing to do with it.

JE: Thank you.

BN: Did you say something about it is good for us to focus on the qualities of the planet that we’ve just come from for our spiritual development?

FORCES: Not a bad idea.

BN: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me the qualities of the planet Mars?

FORCES: You don’t come from Mars, do you? Oh, I’m sorry. Mars is not a bad planet. The Elders are found on that planet. Elders. You know, like Jimmy Elder. No, the Elders of the Council.

IS: One more question about those considered homosexual. Can almost or can some of them willingly choose not to be in that position?

FORCES: Let us say, again, that each individual must be explained individually and the purpose of that particular soul must be explained on that basis.

IS: Why was it that with all the work the entity put in, the entity DL could just not make it?

FORCES: Because of his desires.

IS: It’s like inside he knows.

FORCES: Yes, but his desires take control of him.

IS: Do the desires take control, or does the person allow the desires to take control?

FORCES: In his particular case?

IS: Yes.

FORCES: His desires are taking control over him.

IS: Not because he’s allowing?

Forces- He allowed it too much and too long.

IS: So in DL’s case then, he allowed his desires. It’s not that his desires took over, but he could have had control over them.

FORCES: He had enough opportunities to put it into control, but he did not.

IS: Is he trying now?

FORCES: He is striving to try, but he should have been doing that here.

IS: Any of the others that are striving? Any of the others that left the house?

FORCES: With their homosexual problem?

IS: No, no, like BR, RH, RU.

FORCES: Everyone is in a condition in which they have to do it, and it’s made worse.

IS: It’s made worse?


IS: Meaning?

FORCES: In doing the item that they have to do, they have to do, regardless because they have to do it now.

IS: I see. So whatever it is that they refuse to control here, they have to control out there?


IS: And are they aware of it?

FORCES: Oh, yes.

IS: Am I in all my ins and outs and whatever always putting God first?

FORCES: We hope you are.

IS: That was my question.

FORCES: Well, that is to be seen as time goes on.

IS: How is it happening?

FORCES: Up to now, we give you about a “B”.

BN: Would you tell me my worst weakness and how to work with it?

FORCES: You want us to tell you your worst weakness? Your worst weakness and how to work with it. Well, that does take a great deal of wisdom. If someone does ask for their worst weakness, then they will have the greatest power. Therefore, we are not going to give you that power, but work on your ego.

BN: Thank you.

IS: What would bring more across for or me personally putting God…getting an “A”?

FORCES: If you get an “A” from us, it’s okay. If you get an “A” from the Council, that’s very good.

IS: Well, I got a “B” from who did I get the “B”?

FORCES: That wasn’t from us.

IS: That was from the Council? So a “B” from the Council…

FORCES: And an “A” from us.

IS: Oh. Who gets an “A” from the Council then?

FORCES: Beats us. We never met anyone who got an “A” from the Council yet. We’re even trying to get the “A’.

IS: How many entities are on that Council?

FORCES: Cannot talk about it.

IS: Thank you. The one time that I followed the entity on the astral into a meeting, was that that Council meeting?

FORCES: That which you call the Sub Council meeting. Before or after or above that to the other Hall was the Council meeting.

IS: So the one I followed that I picked was the Sub Council.

FORCES: These were elements of the Council coming to get things ready for the Council.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: The Council meeting. That’s a heavy.

IS: You mean to say that I wouldn’t have been able to…

FORCES: Well, we ourselves have a very difficult time getting the tapes from the Council meeting.

IS: Thank you very much.

FORCES: But mind you, the Council meeting has
been witnessed. That’s all we can talk about.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Which or what karmetic pattern was I put here to
work out this time and from which lifetime?

FORCES: Who and why that you were put here?

JE: Well, which main karmetic pattern was I put here out
this lifetime and, from which lifetime did it

FORCES: Well, let’s say it…what was your question?

JE: Which main karmetic pattern was I put here this lifetime to work out and from which lifetime did it occur?

FORCES: In this lifetime to work out was when you were with the Indians.

JE: Indians.

FORCES: Yes. In America.

JE: How’s that?

FORCES: You treated them very badly. Self-righteous. You just have to work with the little people now of the land.

JE: Was I an Indian then?

FORCES: No. You were self-righteous about the Indians. You treated the Indians badly. You weren’t no Indian. Usually, people who treat anyone badly usually is not that type person. I never met a person who treated someone else badly being that type of a person. Some people treat themselves badly.

JE: Thank you.

TB: You said I was on the third moon of Jupiter. What are the aspects of that moon?

FORCES: Not much. It’s a dead planet. I wouldn’t have stayed there if I was you. Loneliness and self-reflection. Reflection. Yeah, that’s good, right? That’s a positive quality. Yeah. Reflection. That’s what the planet was. I mean it’s not a planet. It’s a satellite. Nothing’s happening on it. They don’t have any clubs or nightspots. Reflection is all you could have done on that planet. There’s something else you could have done, but we wouldn’t say it here.

NN: What will it take for America to turn to Israel and to look to Israel?

FORCES: Well, they are looking at Israel. I don’t know if they’re learning their lessons.

HI: Could you tell me if I was present in Atlantis at all?

FORCES: Everyone in this room was in Atlantis at one time or another.

IS: Another question that you told me you couldn’t answer at that point was whether I should write the article about Cayce, the Kabbalist?

FORCES: If you want to write it. It’s up to you. We have no objection.

IS: But you said last session that there was something that you were going to let me know, so…

FORCES: You can do it if you want.

IS: Could I know why there was the question.

FORCES: We didn’t have a question about it.

IS: Oh, Was there any reason or anything why the answer was put off?

FORCES: No. We don’t put people off. We just answer questions sometimes.

IS: Was there any reason for that?

FORCES: No. No reason whatsoever. You can answer it, you can do it.

IS: I see. That was the question: that I could do that.

FORCES: I’m sorry?

IS: So the real question was whether I could do that…that I have the capacity.

FORCES: Oh, you can do it. Yeah, you do, you could do it.

IS: Whether I have the skill…

FORCES: Yeah, you have the skill.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Should the article on the group have direct mention of you and the sessions?

FORCES: Excuse me?

JU: The article about the group have direct mention of you and the sessions or leave that out?

FORCES: What did you say?

JU: I don’t know how to say it. Or should that be left out?


JU: Direct mention of the sessions and the Higher Forces.

FORCES: We’re not going to stop you.

IS: It’s no accident that now at the ARE they all call the Cayce readings the Higher Forces?

FORCES: No, we have our ways with that. You also did your share, too.

IS: Is that correct? Is that the way?

FORCES: We’ve always said that was right. You know if you said the Council be with you, I don’t think you would want it.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Do I understand better now what to work with in myself after discussing certain things last night?

FORCES: Good for you.

DD: It’s good for me what I understand?

FORCES: Oh, boy. Very good.

DD: Thank you.

ES: What are the aspects of the planet Mercury?


ES: To focus on and to get back to, is that the main reason why you gave us the planets so we…

FORCES: Not to get back to.

ES: No, whatever we get…

FORCES: You deserve. Go ahead.

ES: Whatever we learn things we were supposed to have brought here, is that right?

FORCES: That’s right, hmm hmm.

ES: So if we know the aspects of a planet we can get back into that and…

FORCES: Exactly.

ES: Could you tell me the aspects of the planet Mercury?

FORCES: No. You will find that out on your own.

ES: In my own way of…

FORCES: I’m sorry.

ES: Am I doing the right things right now to find out?

FORCES: Well, you’re not getting the answer from us, so evidently it’s not the right thing.

ES: Oh, no. Okay. Thank you very much.

IS: Which of the things for me I should focus on, the Venus right? Is that my problem?

FORCES: Is that your problem?

IS: Is that what I need to develop or…

FORCES: We didn’t say you need to develop that. If you want to focus on it, that’s okay, but

IS: Not particularly. I don’t want to focus on anything unless it’s…

FORCES: Well, you can focus on it.

IS: Would that be the right thing, not the whole solar system where I can from, but rather the very last planet from where I came to this Earth, is that correct?

FORCES: Your original focus should be the constellation or star that you had come from. The planet that you jumped off is aspects of this lifetime that are incorporated into your personality.

IS: Oh, I see. Okay. So it’s the original planet that I should focus on.


IS: So the original planet I came from where I originated I should focus on.

FORCES: No, the original constellation. You do not originate from a planet.

IS: Right, right, right. Constellation. I’m sorry.

FORCES: No, that’s okay. Just don’t get confused. You know how easy you people down here get confused. It’s quite evident. Blow your nose and you think it’s a… Excuse us.

IS: And with the entity Debbie and Michael..

FORCES: Debbie and Michael.

IS: I can’t remember their last name. Peter and Mary’s daughter.

FORCES: UB. Well, go ahead, you’re running this show. Debbie and Michael UB. You’re weird people. Nobody likes coming down here, you know.

IS: We talk too much, you mean?

FORCES: Oh, the earth is dangerous.

IS: We appreciate you coming.

FORCES. We know.

IS: Thank you very much. Do they…does Debbie remember or any one of them remember me foretelling that if she goes with spiritual laws, then the marriage stands. If not, it won’t.

FORCES: She might need to be reminded of that. I doubt if she remembers, she’s too much into the physical.

IS: How about her mother, Mary?

FORCES: She might remember that.

IS: The reason for Mary’s uh… was that started with
Debbie, with Debbie’s marriage?

FORCES: Well, let us say it started.

IS: Thank you very much.

BN: What is the quality of the constellation Orion?

FORCES: Now, if I answer you that, don’t you think the little girl in the corner is going to get hurt? You hear her laughing, don’t you?

BN: Yeah.

FORCES: Now what she’ll do is she’ll get up and Go over to you and punch you right in the… The constellation Orion is known for its quality of strength, power, and elusive techniques. A lot more power to be explained, but we’re only answering it because you do things sometimes.

IS: And the constellation where I came from?

FORCES: If I answer you, the little girl in the corner will get very upset. The constellation that you come from is known for its certain counselments. Of course, we’re not talking about canceling. Wouldn’t want to be around at that point.

IS: So it’s the counseling quality.

FORCES: Well, the less said about that, the better.

IS: Thank you.

BN: Could it be given the same sort of origin of the being that was Jesus Christ?


BN: How about the one who was Edgar Cayce?

FORCES: From Arcturus.

IS: All the ones that originated from Arcturus, are those souls that have completed development and are on voluntary basis here, or how does it work?

FORCES: Cannot answer that right now.

IS: Because some people it’s their out…it’s their only way out of this galaxy, correct?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: And certain souls that are leaving although they may not necessarily have actually achieved illumination. Is that correct?

FORCES: Sometimes.

IS: Any more be given?


IS: Thank you.

NN: When it says in the psalms “pray for the peace of Jerusalem”, is that a code for anything?

FORCES: Yeah. Make sure Jerusalem is at peace. If not, the world will be in trouble.

NN: What would be the effect like, say, in the heart if you…

FORCES: That you will bring the heart into a certain peace.

NN: Thank you.

GL: Could you please explain to me who I am or what I am and…

FORCES: Hey, now, hold it a mole. Wait a minute. What do you mean?

GL: Recently, I’ve just felt I’m under a certain who or what I am and why I came into the earth.

FORCES: We don’t understand what you’re talking about.

GL: I’m not sure I do either.

FORCES: What do you mean you do not know who or what you are?

GL: It’s just at times I feel certain things that…

FORCES: What are these things?

GL: Well, the accident for one.

FORCES: Many, many people have accidents happen to them.

GL: But then, you know, to be aware of all that took place here and…

FORCES: Just to be aware that you’re still living.
To focus on the accident more than what took place there?
You know? Pampering of self can be a dangerous tool.

GL: Thank you.

FORCES: Have you forgotten who you are?

GL: No, I don’t think so. I think I was Just going in the direction of the purpose for being in the Earth.

FORCES: What do you think the purpose for you being in the Earth is?

GL: To be of service.

FORCES: So how could you have forgotten?

GL: I guess I didn’t.

FORCES: I guess you didn’t.

BN: What is the quality of…

FORCES: Here we go again: what is the quality… excuse us.

BN: Of Arcturus.

FORCES: No comment.

IS: The sickness or the plague, Aids, is there a cure for it? Abstinence?

FORCES: Well, you’ve got to slow down your machines. They must, must behave themselves.

IS: Is that it?

FORCES: It’s a great percentage of it.

IS: Yeah, but is there also a physical cure to those that it already hit?

FORCES; You mean after you’ve got the number?

IS: Yeah.

FORCES: There are certain pellents that can make it slower and retard it down, but once it reaches the stage in which they get that disease, then they have really, really outdone themselves. It can be stopped, but not until the evolution within themselves can be focused on. It can he stopped by a series of injections and a series of what would be called incubated cells that cone to a certain prominence of chromosomes after a period of time that can retard it, but it’s of a spiritual nature, and that first must be answered.

IS: So it is then a reaction to a spiritual law.

FORCES: The natural law.

IS: So when it says in the Bible “This is an abomination” and whatever, what about that? Is that the natural law you’re speaking of?

FORCES: Well, it speaks about that. Warning of the people or souls that will get involved tremendously into it. It would be what would be considered an atomic bomb.

IS: Thank you very much.

BH: The rock that the entity picked up today in the car, could you tell us anything about that?

FORCES: One of the particular rocks that have healing forces to it.

BH: Thank you.

TB: Should I concentrate on reading certain sections of the Bible?

FORCES: All the sections of the Bible are good. The Psalms are good for you, along with the Book of Esther.

NN: Could you explain the series of dreams I had the very first night I was here…

FORCES: Faculties within self coming together of or an advancement quality.

NN: Thank you.

IS: And my dream this morning with the…I felt like I was… now I don’t know if I remember the dream exactly correctly, but I felt like I was in a den of lions or a den of tigers or something like that, and this trainer and trainee they were slicing the animal at me, the animal or animals or whatever, and somehow I overcame them. I stayed there. I overcame. Now I don’t know if that’s what the dream was, but I think that that’s what that part of the dream was. I remember more clearly that all of a sudden I had overcome that animal, and because of that…I had overcome somehow the tiger, and from that point on, the tiger is my protector also, and the trainer and the trainee they both were dressed in very flashy— like circus clothing, and somebody was coning after me, and he got caught in an elevator. They invited him in, and all of a sudden he realized that tiger or leopard was loosed on that person that was coming to get me, and he was destroyed, and it was as if though automatic reaction. Could you…

FORCES: Dream explains itself.

IS: Is that correct, though, the rest of the dream that I don’t remember so clearly with the first part of the dream?


IS: Is that something that has gone into effect?


IS: Thank you. Is there anything in AC in the future with me, with us here that…

FORCES: Things will be affected by the group.

IS: More so than Joshua?


IS: How come? She came in not as prepared…

FORCES: They’re both prepared. No more questions out there?

BN: What’s the special quality of Bernadette that allowed Mary to manifest to her so strongly?

FORCES: Childlike receptivity to the spirit.

BN: Thank you.

GL: You called the planet Vulcan a self-planet. Can you explain that?

FORCES: Anti-reaction from this planet to that planet.

GL: And where is the system of Jebudi?

FORCES: It is found on the north quadrant of the universe or 64th latitude.

GL: Thank you.

DD: You talked about a sister planet to the planet Mars, and It sounded like it stripped off Atlantis, and it made the Earth’s surface, and the core of that planet is the Moon. Is that true?

FORCES: We have set foundations to it.

IS: It is correct that anyone that you can speak through is a Kabbalist, correct?

FORCES: Yes. At this point, we will be leaving.
We spoke to you tonight, and the information has been given.
We only ask you to have the best and do the best and be the

Forces-Greeting to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens, hallowed is thy name…