Session 433-9/10/83

SESSION 433 9/10/83

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and moving around and find different things to be dealt with. We have accomplished the groundwork in the building of the force field to come and in this field will be the understanding of certain secrets and certain laws within self to be realized. With each passing day, one should be attuned to this force. We are watching this force being entered and conserved and watched constantly. This force you have as a group will allow answers to come down that do not normally filter in. We are now ready for your questions.

HI: Is there a word of contra matter in which we find duplicates of self?

FORCES: According to what we have at our disposal, in your particular case there are three duplicates of self is one in India, one in China, and you here.

HI: Thank you.

JB: Could you give me some guidance for this New Year period?

FORCES: Responding to Psalms and moment of prayer and, moment of silence.

IS: Could you tell us the meaning of the Ball tonight for Gladys Davis? Was anything done by you there?

FORCES: Accomplishment of her finishing process in which as worked through these years, has accomplished this much. Falling star wars warriors in which those present represent change of spiritual keys meted. out on a higher level. Speaker read script part and parcel of the night. Those who spake did not speak much and kept at it. Those who had no power rambled on as a brook. Now storm begins, vendettas, personal egos. We are now ready. Torch passed, and it lies within this group. As David was chosen by Samuel, and Saul was no longer in power. To be chosen does not belong to everyone. Worldly problems and conditions on your side when walking with God and the force around you. That which has been said will be said twice. Those in balcony allowed to speak. In respect to tickets, no room in the Inn. Every time made it on short notice. You looked on, but future of power lies in the balcony from the beginning of time. We have ended one chapter and began another. Personal pride, battles, ambition, worldly desires must be placed in line. In those moments of silence is the secret we will give you what you need to do.

IS: Was anyone there aware of that?

FORCES: There is a force they are aware of. Those recognize and see that have the eyes and ears to recognize. Those in middle of electrical changes can only accomplish what it needs to accomplish. All these things left with us to fulfill. Not from qualities outside, but that which is forgiving, love, and courage. That which has been written down and to give that of position and power must be put into patterns. When this is accomplished, the entity will feel it can be done. Can do attitude. Not all of those. Also, master plan can be done. Those senior citizens who wish and can no longer conserve lives. We have taken over not to make things worse, but in the long run to make things better.

IS: Take over A. R. E. (spiritual level) through entity Tom?

FORCES: One level. Wheels are in motion. Will not work through but through resources and plans. Can then change.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Could you give me some guidance in handling things at my job this week?

FORCES: Each item one day. Accomplish these things each day. This way you will not be put into a position. All questions and answers mean in pride as responsibility to those who have power and courage to stand and say “Hi”. In such an effect and pace, all things that will need to be changed will be changed and put into order.

LK: What experience is gained by going through the planet Tibius?

FORCES: The rejuvenation of a spiritual soul which happens when one returns to the origin.

JE: The other day we discussed the days of the week people were born on. Can you tell us what significance that really has?

FORCES: Those born on Monday must work in the toil of souls finding an end. Workers of the world. Those born on Tuesday are blessed by the hand of God and prophets of the world. They find scorn from the world but blessing from God. Those born on Wednesday have the world at their side but are not conforming to the world but to the spiritual laws. In accordance and disharmony with themselves to work with the world. Seeking spiritual conscience. Those born on Thursday are helpers and missionaries or the world. Darkness of the spiritual mind, builders of the world. Those born on Friday are inventors of new ideas turning out old ideas. Those born on Saturday are the element of the world, understanding and celebration of games, life, music, and concepts relative to the origin of God. Those born on Sunday are the gift of the Holy Shekhinah speaks through.

JE: Thank you.

BN: What should I be focusing on at this time of the New Year

FORCES: Regrouping and reorganizing and preparation of same. Organization major first priority.

BN: Thank you.

NN: Could you give me guidance as to what I should be focusing on at this time of the New Year?

FORCES: Service to others rather than self. Focus on those around you.

NN: Thank you.

DD: What would be the best thing for me to focus on right now?

FORCES: The Old Testament and the beginning of the
New Testament will give you answers.

GL: What should I be working on for the New Year?

FORCES: Service to your neighbor with less than amount of expenses.

GL: Thank you.

ES: What is the significance of the constellation the Southern Cross and my having come in through that?

FORCES: Tremendous guidance force. Those that keep records of schools.

ES: Which schools?

IS: What kind of schools?

FORCES: Schools.

BH: What should I be focusing on for this New Year?

FORCES: Patience, communication, sharing. Opinions kept at a minimum at this moment.

BH: Thank you.

TB: How am I doing with the guidance you have me last time?

FORCES: Moving along.

JU: What was the cause of my problem with my foot?

FORCES: Old age.

JU: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything that can be done for or my feet?

FORCES: Mustard pack wrapped around with towel. Except salt. Oil of turpentine works wonders. Keeping on a pillow works wonders with the feet.

IS: Thank you. Does anybody there feel what is coming?

FORCES: Recognize and saw. Do not rejoice at change. Will have to change to meet demands made.

IS: Should I do the writing they have asked me to do and how would I go about it?

FORCES: Do not reveal at this center. Get information. Bring your book formation. Make book and then present it. Develop your own force. Create style and design. When in order, present ideas.

IS: Thank you. Should I continue with the idea of Cayce, the Kabbalist?

FORCES: It will be given to you. Subjects will be given to you to study. Book of diets, system of food. Messages will be given to you. ABC’s of the dietary foods. A for apples, and so on.

Forces-At this point, we will be leaving. Many things that will have to be done. Many lessons to be learned. Many class periods to be accomplished. Language and books will be given to make dynamic change in the force field. We will be leaving but will be with you.

GROUP: Our Father who art in heaven…