Session 268-11/14/79

Greetings to all here present now. We have been quite busy since we have spoken to you and on a course that we are setting out for (will) be very interesting, it is a moment when the heat rises, a moment when the test comes on the earth in different respects of course. Now we have (been) watching situations (As they would be called?) and conditions. The elements around and about are very (—) with heat. But we can see that only time itself can work this situation like is found in the Far East. As far as the environment around the place we’re all at, the attachment and clinging to the spirit is very important so that all things will have its manifestation and power in that spirit.

Forces- We’re now ready for your questions.

LK-In China the national religion being the Tao and it doesn’t seem to recognize a system of worship of God so to speak but rather an acceptance of everything as it is and a flowing with it. How does that compare to our religions or information that we’ve been given as a path for progressing?

Forces-You say our religions is this (—-) clarifying those who are sitting around you or those that are beyond as far as the western hemispheres, religions.

LK-As far as our own.

Forces-Those that’s sitting around you. Correct.


Forces-Taoism is more of the concrete force of drawing upon the energy and the flow of the Source and moving along the stream of life, the current of the Spirit of Life. Taoism is not just completely accepting everything as it is. It’s striving to accept everything as it is, transforming it from that point, as it isn’t. How would you to apply in your own daily lives, into your own religious backgrounds. It can merge very nicely with each particular religion and be there and at the same time not be there. It has the ability to be along side, but it also has the ability to be along side. It can merge with any particular religion with any too much of a conflict. The conflicts of this particular religion depends upon the interpretation of the believer to the religion so therefore you have different concepts within that ideology. So what would be found in the west or the east or the north or the south of the continent would vary different from the political climate to also the customs that have been handed down.

LK-There’s a lot more to be spoken about on the subject. So maybe on another later date you can bring it up one more time and, and we would go into it in detail.

LK-Thank you.

JU-Can you help me understand Proverbs?

Forces-Try to read them slowly and this would be a great assistance.

JU-Thank you.

JE-What is the power, the force of St Germaine?

Forces-Well it is dealing with of course, it controls the White so called Brotherhood. We know this is another Mystic group that is beyond the veil. So and St. Germaine has a certain amount of power of course given unto him. It is a power that has been earned through many lifetimes. It is also through this power that a great deal of Psychic information is coming to the Americas. St. Germaine is the Spiritual, Psychic force field that surrounds America. St. Germaine also has underground taverns, caves, beer joints. (Laughter) We figure you would like that tavern. There are underground resources in which energy does flow up and give information, control, wealth, spiritual knowledge and wisdom to those who do apply for it. At certain times barefooting in the park as they do say. I must say the name of that particular phase, phrase is apropos, barefooting gives the energy and the correct force to the body that it needs. When you have your foot, feet on the ground, ah contact it does give that energy. This is in direct reply to the ah St. Germaine’s foundations and ah working or happenings. There is a lot he is involved with in the peaks of the mountains and there are many lessons and classrooms that are going on daily, to study, the studying factors very important also. All of us need to learn and as we learn we improve with age like wine, no, unless someone drinks you, then you are no longer ah there really; they think that you’ve gone.

JE-Thank you.

Forces-There’s much more on the St. Germaine fellow than you think. Ah but ah we’ll give it too you at another meeting too ah details later.

JE-Thank you.

JB-My question relates to ah the entertainment, what the force of entertainment means either as the act of vibration or presentation in general. How entertainment pertains to that use of the force? The second part is how would that pertain to me, since I’ve had a number of dreams about entertaining others?

Forces- Yes. What is entertainment as a force.

JB-Or act or vibration

Forces-(—) Entertainment is communion of spirits, properly done of course for the right motives. You have entertainments of the physical body, you have entertainment of the mental body but the entertainment of the spiritual body is communion of the spirit. That fellowship as they call it knowing how you all are tuned attentive to the word fellowship (Laughter) but it is the communion of the spirits with one another as you share into the higher realms of wisdom. So therefore entertainment is of that pure essence of information received in the atmosphere of friendship. Ah how it would apply to you in several dreams then in your particular case when you would have these in your dreams they would indicate the ah application or receiving of information and a growing process to be had.

JB-Thank you.

HI-Could you please give me understanding on in this book (—-) in chapter 5 in verse 5…?


HI-Could you please give me understanding about this verse in Micah chapter 5, verse 5 where it talks about the 7 shepherds and the 8 principle men “Who hall stand up against the Assyrian”. Could you tell me who the shepherds are and the principle men?

Forces-Well there are several adducts or circles of input, interpretations to this. The 7 shepherds represents those sections within the body that have been consecrated and a performing of the spiritual mission, those centers, (pause) those centers, (pause) those centers that are revolving around the mission. The 8 principle men can be identified or implied or explained as the 8 principle men of the world or nations of the world or the 8 qualities within man that need to be worked with. It also could imply the source of the 8 receiving forces that surround the earth in different shape sizes and ah and tones.

HI-Thank you very much.

Forces-There again is a lot more to be said on this as I had kept saying every answer. Its not that we don’t want to give it to you. It’s just that another date or time in giving the information if you ask again ah we’ll be able to.

HI-Thank you.

BH-With Jesus going to a desert place in a ship in Matthews’s chapter 14 how come he’s traveling in water to a desert place?

Forces- Yeah its quite, yes its possible, yes technically the water does surround yes the desert areas.

BR-Could anything be given on Iran and what’s happening there?

Forces-Iran, Oh! And they running. They have several technics that are now open to them I mean, we find it very ah emotional situation that’s flaring up there. They will try to possess all American property in Iran take over all businesses of course, even to the point of taking the American ships in the harbor that are around in Iranian waters. Ah it does get kind of sticky. Ah they also might just turn off the electricity in the water, in the Embassy and just close and seal the whole Embassy up in a there attempt for ah sealing the oxygen off. So it does look kind of messy but we feel that we will be getting involved with the situation right fast and try to prevent all this nonsense from manifesting. Also there is the underlying things that we’re working with. It’s ah, its not you know the best situation to be in but ah, ah there should be some altering changes coming up in the next day and a half which should tear, turn the tide one way or the other, of course we all know that don’t we.

DL-Dream I had?

Forces-Lets have it.

DL-I woke of with a feeling of having a special dream or something.

Forces-Then how can we tell you.

DL-Cause you know.

Forces-The problem is the individual should know their own dreams in order to get information on them. (Laughter) Part of our long development of discipline and control is to get into the dream world and to remember. If you remember then you can get the interpretation for your dream if you give it to me, yeah you know. (Laughter) See in order for you to remember your dream it tells me or us them it that you received it, but you understand and by receiving it that means it has hit the subconscious to the conscious level therefore certain lessons have been applied and earned. Therefore if you gave me your dream, what you had received even if it’s just a little bit that will give me the green light to go ahead with it. Now give me a little bit.

DL-I don’t have a little bit just a feeling.

Forces-Alright give me the feeling.

DL-Its like surprise and really…?

Forces-Ok go ahead.

DL- and really strong.

Forces-Alright here’s your interpretation of your dream. There will be certain factors on a physical level that will give you revelations unbelievable. These revelations will give you a certain amount of hope and faith and strength to move on during these critical moments. We all know how you do get kind of insecure when anything around you becomes shaky, well hold on to your hat because everything around you and the outside world, where you trust is going to be so shaky that you’ll have one big asthma fit. In reality its not the asthma fit were talking about, that’s cobwebs, ah what’s going to come your way is revelations of many different areas and these revelations will be very powerful and potent for your development. So maybe you’re in tune to receive information, just be alert and attentive to the information you are going to get.

DL-Thank you.

DL-Also is the sound real?

Forces-Yeah, yeah, you mean, yes the sound you’re hearing.


Forces-Oh yes very real…

DL-What is it?

Forces-Hum, hum, hum, hum…(Laughter) Ah it’s, its a very, I know what your saying we’re just being factious. It is a changing of the, it’s a starting of a, it means that we are going to do things. Go ahead.

GL-Dream this morning RU was there something painful was happening.

Forces-A very disagreeable process which, she’s ah going through much awakening in her self and realizing the tremendous mistake she’s made, but her pride and ego ah refuses to ever allow her to admit this mistake, which is the pain that you’re picking up.

GL-Thank you.

BN-How can I develop my hearing?

Forces-Cut your hair. How could you develop your hearing is that what you said.


Forces-Yes I thought you did. Ah how would you develop your hearing. Put cotton in your ear when you go to bed at night and (—) some of the other, and that should help your hearing.

BN-Thank you.

Forces-There’s much more to be given to you on that but as I said to the other 3 that you apply to it too.

NN-In Psalm 119 the Hebrew Letters is there a key for every single mood or…?

Forces-Also with hearing try to read psalm 24 that would help a little bit. It will go here while your hear it. Go ahead.

BN-Thank you.


NN- In Psalm 119 the Hebrew Letters is there a key for overcoming every single mood that a person could possibly…?

Forces-Get to the point.

NN-go through?

Forces-Yes exactly.

NN-Thank you.

Forces-Does that help you.

NN-Yes thank you.

Forces-The key is, you know what the key is…

NN-No what’s the key?

Forces-The key you put in the door and turn it and opens it up, the key is what we would call perception, the key of perception. The key of perception is given to those who have Love in their hearts. How’s that.

NN-Thank you.

Forces-Yes we’ll work with you on that too. Question.

IS-AC the new baby…

Forces-(—) new baby yes.

IS-Does it have a middle name.

Forces-Ninianenanom. Like Ninainenom. Ninainenunum. (Laughter) They’ll never name that, that. Just call it that, that. AC that that. No you all seriousness aside. I mean all kidding aside. The name for the baby middle name, its an interesting child isn’t it. AC, AC Idea T. (Laughter) We figured you wouldn’t like that one either. So all kidding aside AC Mosses T, AC Masea T, AC Marcia T. AC Marcia T.

IS-Could I get the spelling?

Forces-No. (Laughter)

Forces- Masea.

IS- (—)



Forces-Masia right.

IS-Meshiak is something else.


IS-Meshiak is the Christ.

Forces-Isn’t that nice. AC Meshia T.

IS-Is that the kind of Mesiah?

Forces-You could make it Machia. AC Machia T. Do you like that.




Forces-No not necessarily.

IS-I don’t like it.

Forces-How did you have the first one. Mashia.


Forces-Maybe were not saying it right for you.


Forces-That’s what we just thought so we erased it. AC Mercy T. That’s what we are asking you to have on us. No as far as a middle name is concerned, it’s kind of a strange middle ground. We have AC of course and it is a strange soul, a soul is going to be very testing, but it’s going to be there nonetheless. And the middle name is not readily given or received in the right form. Now we have a word AC Hydress, AC Hydrah, AC Hydia, AC Hydress or AC Hydrias, AC Hydrias T. but that won’t come out right either. We’ll give it to you at the next Session if there is one. But remember the middle name for this child is not necessary. There are many different stepping-stones of the word vibration we’re trying to work out here so you can put it and apply it to the soul properly.

IS-AC and the dog?

Forces-It was a sacrificial offering of course.

IS-Are the other things also connected?

Forces-Subtlety ok subtlety.

IS-So then she’s very powerful?

Forces-Ah yes, in its own different root, the dog dying and other different factors happening. But we can’t really give you a total picture of it at this moment.

IS-Its not black?

Forces-No but we can’t give you a total picture, we can course we can yes your right, but we won’t.

IS-But it’s not decided the black or white is it?

Forces-You say it yes what.

IS-Its not decided whether she’s black or white is it?

Forces-Has to be if there will be a consecration of the centers then it will be white.

IS-Thank you.

Forces-Lot of testing grounds on this individual.

IS-I couldn’t figure out what it is.

Forces-Lots of tests, lots of tests.

IS-Is that the soul that was supposed to come in?

Forces-Lets say it has the framework to come in at this moment. It will take about 7 years if properly done to manifest and to enter. But the framework is there. Can you understand that.

IS-Yes but with Jesus there were never any hesitations from the beginning on isn’t that correct?

Forces-The framework was there also with Jesus. We’re talking about the framework for the next 8 days.

IS-8 days?

Forces-Yes uh huh.

IS-Not 7 years?

Forces-No 8 days.

IS-Thank you.

DD-Could you tell me how General Semantics would be related to the Glass Bead Game if it is?

Forces-It is the breaker of the barriers through the force of the notes (under) and the use of sound from the tongue.

DD-Can any more be given on how that works?

Forces-If properly utilized the sounds can break through certain barriers that are invisible to the naked eye and form a physical manifestation before the eye.

DD-Thank you.

LK-In India according to their method of calculation they have the ending of the Age of Kali in 130,000 years at which time the Golden takes over. Is that different than what we know of as the Golden Age? Is it a whole different time cycle?

Forces-What did we say you were going to have at the Golden Age.

IS-Another 4,700 it starts.

Forces-Did we say 4,000.

IS-That’s what I thought.

Forces-But they said a 100,000.

LK-They said 137,000 something like that.

Forces-Its 4,700 and some odd years from now the beginning of the Gold, cycle they are only asking, they’re refereing to the height of the Golden Age at that point.

LK-Thank you.

JU-During part of the Session each time you paused it sounded like voices or a chorus way in the distance.


JU-What was that?

Forces-We only answer the beginning of our own ethics to work out something with the black forces.

JU-Thank you.

JE-Could you describe the anti-matter planet?

Forces-Hum Hu huh hum. Excuse us. What did you say?

JE-The anti-matter planet like the movie we were watching. What is it?

Forces-Well let us say it is on another plane on the opposite side where the earth is at and everything that is here is the opposite over there. Everything that is light is dark and everything that’s dark is light, everything that’s up is down and everything that is down is up. Everything that is in is out and everything that is out is in. Isn’t that something huh.

IS-You mean they have floating rivers?

Forces-Oh you could use vast eternal imagination on what type of concoction this is. We’ll give you more information on that if you are aware to ask the question again the next Session.

JE-Thank you very much.

Forces-At this point we will be going ah I have one or two more questions I’ll ask, answer, I can’t ask you.


Forces-How does it feel.

IS-X-ray showed nothing…?

Forces-A hole in the bone thing.

IS-Between the teeth…?

Forces-It’s a food pocket area that’s is building up there that causes the pressure underneath your tooth, cause the sensation of pain.


Forces-Proper cleaning periodically will help relieve the pain.

IS-We’ll review the area and let you speak on (–) and we’ll find what we can do for you. Also we are working with it.

IS-Thank you.

IS-Is there anything for the Group? You said rough times coming?

Forces-The worldly level yes, the world has plenty of rough times and we are not shield from the world too much now are we. Course they’re there but if you keep your Spirit it will be no problems remember that. If you keep your Spirit the cold will not be cold, you keep your Spirit the hunger will not be hunger, if you keep the Spirit the dark will only turn into light. So if your Spirit is in the right focal point you’ll be just peachy.

IS-Thank you.

IS-RU and RH…?

Forces- No we’re not refereing to those conditions. They’ll be put into their proper zone in a few…

IS-Info about RH karmic pattern?

Forces-Yes similar it seems like it will run this path.

Forces-At this point we will be with you and work with you. We understand the goings ons and going back and forth with the entity RU and her amounts of fees which we thought would be happy, whatever in this situation is will have to be up to her as far as her own outcome for herself, which will have a certain amount of reaction to her, for her. But we will be working with her also, just move on that’s all we can positively say. Just keep on moving on.

IS-Still might lower it…?

Forces-That’s not impossible, no we never did say it was impossible. But there is also those desires that are getting stronger in her to keep it that same amount, but its not impossible and we’ll work with it tonight and work with it tomorrow and see what we can work with, finagle with but it is already out of your hands. Its just wait until tomorrow and see how this back and forth in her own head comes out. It has to be a decision in herself and she has to make it. It is not impossible no not impossible whatsoever.

IS-Not up to her lawyer to say not going to get it in court?

Forces-Oh that has a certain affect yes of course that has a certain affect on her.

IS-Has that been said?

Forces-Oh yes that that has been applied and referred to in certain different ways but not as strong as it should have been, could be, but there’s a lot of confusion around this thing.

IS-Should GL…?

Forces-We’ll there’s enough emphasizing going around.

Forces-At this point we’re going to be going and we’ll speak to you again soon. Just keep your hats on and just keep moving.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.