Session 278-1/24/80

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have watched many changes around the area and find that changes have been made during the past day. It seems to effect a lot in retrospect. There is more changes with each passing day. It gets exciting and exciting. Lord give me understanding of knowing what the next day will bring. Well, there are days ahead. The world is tense and pensive to these conditions. What better time to have your test with the world. Better that the world goes through the turmoil and you, too, and you do not do it alone. That is how we have made things look a little brighter. (Laughter) You know, certain members feel upon leaving, that the world has promised them much, and upon leaving they would fly into the world, but we are showing them differently. We have taken away the world, and we will continue to take away the world. In every respect, it will get worse and worse and worse. Those who fly from this group find out they should have never have left. We are operating on every level. So watch and see, you think as you leave the doors, you are free. Mistaken. We are there. We have set to those who leave, a chain around their necks, and we will continue to tighten that chain in every respect. Tighten it to their eyes. (Off record.) The idea is that we are not tightening it. It is their own desires that is tightening the chain around their necks. We have not placed a chain around their necks. We have come to show a certain way, a certain deliverance from the desires of the body, of the mind. We have given the pattern during this troubled time. We have guided you for ten long years. Short to you, very long to us. We don’t expect you to understand everything that we say. The human mind is limited in many respects considering their stimuli or their senses at that moment. Consciousness is raised slowly through the eons of time. Man will have to learn that the spirit will manifest. It is like you see and hear a spiritual ideal and yet it is not the right ideal. That is, it is said very charmingly, with a very attractive personality, and you say that is a wonderful thing, but these from the higher self we have blocked away. The higher self is just the higher soul self, if we could only walk with that pattern and plan. There is no big cities, there are no big cities. There was no big cities. There were no big cities. Whatever is correct or applies to the information. Yes, the time is a testing one, but you know, it is exciting, is it not? If at least it gives you a purpose and something to do. You must not say your life is boring. Your life is very exciting. Prepared ala carte by us. Now, just walk plainly, simply, humbly in the Spirit of Christ, in the Spirit of the Buddha, in the Spirit of the One. It is strange. The nation that was built for religious freedom, America, is now turning to persecution of religious freedoms. If you do not believe in the structured religion that has formed. Structured religion and tradition is out. It is no longer acceptable, tradition is limiting the soul from growing and when the societies through war and pestilence and disease and pain find out that we, they will then turn to the Spirit of life. Anything that is old should not be done away with. We are not condoning to do away with your past. We know that your past is part of your present. We are not condoning the doing away with your parents, with your friends. We have simply given you a new name, transformed from your old name. You have chosed upon yourself to absorb the new name legally. We did not encourage you to do that. You did it for your own sakes. Your old past, your families, your friends are just as much part of your present for you keep relating to them, but remember, that relation is still in perspective with your present. For when a house is furnished with items and is no longer necessary, you don’t discard the house with bitterness. You discard it with love, understanding, and appreciation. This is the correct way of moving on. Now that one who is named RU. She has not discarded this group in reality she clings onto it with bare necessity of life. Her throwing of stones or knives is just away to reconnect the umbilical cord. Whoever takes on her challenge is reconnecting her. She has thrown it out because it has been severed. Subconsciously, she feels it. Consciously, she resents it. Yes, love your enemies. Do good unto those that persecute you. Forgive them. They do not know what they are doing. When it has reached a level where stones are being thrown, remember those words. Father (the Higher Self in you), forgive them; they do not know what they are doing. Do not retaliate. Do not become revengeful. For if that is the fact, you have walked into a karmetic tie. As you all know, vengeance is mine. Now, today and tomorrow our laws are set up simply, perfectly, accurately. We time. Each day ticks. Each moment is now. Yes, the past is the past. The items done in the past will be torn apart or will be criticized, will be scrutinized. Things that have been done in this group will be looked at, but looked at to find an answer to life. Looking at this group will give the world an answer to life. An answer that comes in all these sessions that have been recorded for the world, but yet for the souls that ask why. Remember, there are two layers of appearances. The outward appearance and the inward appearance. The tests and the trials are many. The outward stimulis kind of aggravates the body, the animal qualities of rights and egos and prides. All these are the first layer of the outer layer, but it is up to you tune now into the inner layer of consciousness. The true self, the kingdom of God is within you. Come unto me all those who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Fear not for I am with you even during these days. We are fulfilling that prophecy now. Fear not anything. For fear itself is your biggest victim, it is your enemy. It is not your friend. There is no reason to fear. As has been said, the only thing to fear is fear itself. All things can be done. Mature and work in a disciplined order, and these items shall be accomplished. The world is falling apart. Gold is up to $900, 800, $865. Silver is just on its heels. The stock market, as you know, has gone wild, pay has gone low. Social security is bankrupt. The dollar is two cents. A cup of coffee is more expensive than the dollar. The economy is sad. Morale in the country is high. The spirits sour. The soul is seeking an answer. Outwardly versus inward battles. It is your inward trials. Rejoice when they persecute you, for there is the kingdom of Heaven. It simply means that under persecution, you grow inwardly and develop the secret hiding place. Go into the closet and pray, and what the Father knows in secret, the Higher Self will manifest your spiritual ideals in the earth. Remember, no condition goes on hopelessly without an ultimate answer of cause and effect. There is no condition in the earth, no matter how big or how small, how unjust or how mean, how righteous or how fair, that does not add to the total spectrum and. conclusion of the same. Remember, we are ever abiding with the Laws of the Universe. The laws of love, of forgiveness, of faith, hope, of future endeavors. The transition you are going through is a growing one. You shall all grow in it. Where there is tribulation, there shall also be I. I will not leave you. Yes, your fear sometimes grips your heart. Cast it aside. There are times when you hear an attack, a statement. Remember, it is meant to test and trial, but that test is your success and movement. You must repel all that which is done in evil with good. Non effect. Do not cause an effect or cause to happen. Just absorb and pass it through. Like jellyfish. They are clear. Things go through them, and they pass it out the same way. Do not retain and do not contain. With that is your biggest salvation. Your inward development is going on everyday. There are certain conditions that needs to be strengthened. There are other conditions that need to be rectified, toned up or toned down. Man is not made perfect overnight. It takes a series of months and years, of pain and affliction, of war, destitution, famine, earthquakes, fires, violence. All that is a reflection of the spirit, of the in harmony between man’s dedication with the spirit and between the spirit’s fight against the beast. One wars against the other. Commit yourself totally to the spirit. Yes, they say it’s easier than done. But remember, commitment comes gradually, and then one day, just like Peter on the road to Rome, he walked away three times. Now understand this. Peter was with Jesus, as you know, for many, many years. You think of all things he would be the last to turn away from Jesus and the mission. Simply remember this again. The mission has been given to you as the same way Jesus gave to the apostles, sometimes he spoke readily. Sometimes he gave in different states, but the mission was the mission. Everyone needs a mission, and the apostles needed to choose to keep to the fishing boats, the tax collectors, the doctors, the lawyers, the merchants, or to turn to the soul, the spirit, the cause, the ever lasting moment. Smile. Ever be of cheer. Rejoice in moments of sadness, in tests and trials. For this will bring you all closer together in love and harmony, not in violence. Those who have left had entered into a dark world, unfriendly, sad, critical. They sink rapidly in their own darkness, but you maintain in the darkness your own light. Think of it, the doorway to meditation is closed to RU forever. She will never be able to sit down and meditate without a repugnant feeling of hatred. Meditation has been taken away from her, and so is it with MK. RK is trying to stabilize her meditations, but still there to that repugnancy in her. Your meditation is our gift to you, leave and that becomes tarnished and will be affected. You wonder what is the big chain around the door. Nothing, there is no chain around the physical door, but there is a chain around the spiritual door. Just as Judas hung himself in his own misery, so do those who turn their back on their own truth the spirit, not tradition, not religion, not a cause (course?), but simply the stillness, the small voice that guides you. Simplicity and stillness of the voice is the new age to come, rectifying it and moving it more into your life pattern. Simplicity is the salvation of the soul. Remember as we are giving you this discourse, we are also giving you in troubled times, a great answer, that when the world is tested, it tests not the world, but tests the commitment to the spirit. The spirit fights against the animal beast of war. Russia is an aggressor against religion, against the spirit of God. America is being tested on their commitment to allow all religious beliefs to live, even though they are not a structural, spirited movement of tradition. That is their test now. Will they condemn all spiritual beliefs because they are not sanctioned on a worldly level. The test for America is prejudism against the right to believe in whatever one wants to be their God, be it a tree, the dirt, the air, the ocean, the alter, money, or sex. What is your God? Discipline yourself in humility, service to others. If you have a job, look at it. The Cross and the Star of David is your symbol of service. It is not your chain. It is your radiant mark and calling to the world of commitment. It is the same symbol that radiates on an astral level above your heart center when it is in harmony. When your eyes perceive the symbol, it makes that symbol on your astral level stronger, and when it is stronger, your commitment to your spirit is made whole. Many times some of you feel that this symbol will lead you to conflict. The only conflict that it leads you to is within and not without. Remember, we are our own prejudisms.

You ask for signs, and we are supplying them tremendously. You ask for more signs. and we give them to you. Pray during these hours. Your sword is in prayer against the enemy. Pray constantly. Pray that the Father will make these last moments go by quickly, and commune with all spiritual bodies. Those who know and those who do not know during these hours of darkness. That is, they have their problems, so do you, but as long as the commitment and bond for the Bible, for the Spirit, for the Revelation, that same foundation and constitution is one. All roads lead to Rome they say, but all roads do not lead by the same road. Therefore, each religion must be respected, but then you must step above the religious fervor and go by the spirit. The uncharted land from tradition. Tradition is that which uncomfortable, which has been charted by those of the past. Tradition is that which is made easy. The uncharted lands of the Spirit takes faith and courage and hope and tests these qualities daily. It is good to be protected by religion but it does not give you that total advancement one needs. That comes by individual commitment. Religion is necessary for it helps the base qualities within us to remember our spiritual self. Religion should never he done away with. Every church that you see is a reminder of the soul on earth, every church building that is, is a reservoir that the soul does live and breath and has it’s being in the Godhead. You are in confusion and troubled times, some say this way, others say that, some do this and some believe that. Troubled times are now, for everyone we make that way, the same, inseparable. You know that the hour has begun. As we have told you. You have been forewarned of it, and now it is upon you. Part of you would of loved to believe that it was not so, that it was only a make believe game, but make believe game or not, it looks at us straight in the face. There is no make believe game in what we have said to you. The truth, the statements we have said, testifies to it. Look at yourselves. You are uncomfortable, some of you. But remember, when you seek for a little corner, a protection, it is not God that is sending you to that corner, it is Satan. You seek for protection. There is no protection. You fight for your corner, you lose. For what has been your corner shall be ripped from your hands in blood. There is no safety. Don’t look for it any more. There is no corner. Don’t seek after it. You who find solace in the dark places shall be ripped of it with pain, with fear, and will be sent spiraling into a field that you yourselves have made. Commit yourself rather to love, to service, to prayer, to sacrifice, to dedication. Remember, the logical mind comes in. Pray Satan does not enter. For he comes in when you are by yourselves. Pray constantly. Pray, God Father, that you are protected by the angels of power and light from the evil forces that do surround us. You are servants of the world. You go to work to give of this service to those who are blind. Do not judge them who are in their blindness. They seek after water, we give you water. Give them a drink of it. There is blindness in the world and darkness. There is fear and hatred. You have been made servants of the Most High, a mission you relinquish when you fail to be responsible to those around you. Some you will offer a drink to, and they will throw it in your face. Be thankful, you are getting a bath. Others will take of it, sip of it, and question your motivation. Be thankful they sipped of it even though it was a little bit. Others will take the cup and touch it not and scrutinize the intents. Be thankful. They are the waiting souls for the next lifetime, and others still will take the cup and drink it not but give it to those around them to see if they die. Be thankful for they shall surely be called the givers and not the receivers. And then there are those who will take the cup and drink of it, not questioning the contents the motivation they shall benefit four fold double, Five to the ith power, for if you get one to drink of your cup that we give you, then you have done your share. But remember, all those others who do the other item with your cup, don’t be remorse, don’t be down. They also have done it to me. What you are doing is what you must do. This transition period from your home past to this new one is but the uprooting of certain attachments that we have said will be ripped out of your hands. Give it up. Let it go. Let it be. Give it out. Yes we know the body demands and the mind demands. Give it up. Do not allow Satan to come into your mind or your hearts. You know. You have seen what it has done to others. You have seen the tests that they were put through and what they had done in regards to the test. Satan comes and tests us when we are alone and when we are thinking by ourselves. Even the Spirit of One was tested. But remember, pray (Formats) constantly union pray silently to yourself, even if it is the 23rd Psalm. Whatever prayer you have. There were those souls in the concentration camps that memorized the prayers, for the Books were taken away from them, and they would sing it every Sabbath and everyday evening and morning. They were under the highest test and trials. The world sees them not that, that was their finest hour. Your finest hour is here now under your tests. Be strong. The burden is very heavy. We know. Satan will not relent. He will try every technique invented. Do not be so sure. Do not be so secure. Pray the Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel, be ever at the four (4) corners. Prayer is your salvation. Meditation is your commitment and your grace and your receiving. We speak a long time tonight on these things only to be with you and to walk with you. We are one in accords to the spirit of unity, growth, and harmony. This message is meant for all here and those who would listen. It is not going to be an easy time. Do not look for such any more. Look for the worst in the conditions of the earth, for by doing so you are looking for the best. What we are saving is not look negatively to things around you, but understand that things around you are a test, and the worst is your pressure. If you accept the worst with hope and faith and love, we know you cry. We know it hurts. But the hurt is your own attachment to comfortability and security. There is no security. Stop looking for it. There is only that faith and that place within which is the sanctuary, the eternal place, the still small voice, the Holy of Holies. Regardless of what earthly conditions you will go through, if you maintain this place, you will he protected and walk through it. Some seek to maintain security by physical needs. It will not be done. Don’t go after that security. The security is in yourselves, not on a physical level. Things that have crystallized must be broken. Items must be changed. Move, let the spirit be alive’ and dance with it. Do not dance to your desires, but dance to the spirit of service to man, to woman, to God. If you seek to serve and not self, then there will be no pain. There will be no ripping from your fingers with blood, for you hold nothing with attachment. Prayer, meditation, service, humility, patience, and love are always the foundation and cornerstones to the greatest civilizations of Spirit learning. Everything around you is one world. Everything within you is the inner world. There are two worlds, the outer and the inner. The outer is the effect of our casual nature. The inner is the reaction of your prayerful state and meditation. The inner effects the outer. The outer affects the inner, but it is up to you to make the inner a dominant because it is the inner center that makes the outer manifest. Go after and serve the living God. In Chronicles, the nineteenth chapter, the thirteenth verse is our closing statement to you. Peace be with you all during these moments of trials, but remember it is not a trial; it is your elevation to the spiritual thrones of life. We shall come back to talk to you in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Forces- Greetings to all here present.

GROUP: Our Father…