Session 450-11/23/84

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and have watched closely the different changes and understandings in such. Again, many countries will go through what would be considered depressions. Many of them will find dependence not only upon the vital stocks of their countries, but also the selling of their countries to other countries. We would also have what would be considered the changing of hands even to certain things in England that would not normally be expected. We also have different changing of alliances. As we have suggested to you that the agreements between the countries of the U.S. and the Soviet Union will be coming into fruitation, but look more to China for positive and strong advances rather than for that of tones of lip or word movements from the Soviets. We have an indescribable feeling in the African countries of despair and contaminations of all sorts. We also have a great deal of uprising in South America and we have also an undisclosed amount of suffering and pain in countries of South America. But most of all look for unexpected turns of events in Chile and also the country of Brazil to come with advancements that have been discovered made in new places. We are now ready for your questions.

IS:Is my understanding correct about the North Pole… about the Poles, the people or something coming together there, and which one of the theories would be more correct from Nostradamus’ predictions?

FORCES: Let us say there will be a movement of strength from a force in the Arctic Circle which will come together as one people that will form a new government of consciousness in the earth.

IS: Is the possibility strong that it is scientists that will gather there in laboratories under the ground?

FORCES: This is already happening.

IS: I think the dream group or somebody is here. Should I let them in?

FORCES: We can allow such. We have to go to check something. At the moment we are manipulating a revolution.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…

IS: So is it scientists from different countries that would take up that particular thing?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Are there at this moment scientists from different countries there, or is it just American or…

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Correct, American?

FORCES: Different nations.

IS: Are there any scientists on the earth now that are of any importance that have themselves looked up something, let’s say, like the Nostradamus predictions?


IS: And quietly are working with that?


IS: Thank you. Now for myself, is there something for my skin spots that can be given to me to help me?

FORCES: Rubbing them with garlic could have some effect on them.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: Vitamin B-12 and what would be considered a calcium derivative, more or less magnesium itself to be added.

IS: Thank you, and the baking soda for the other thing, is that to be continued, just that?


IS: Thank you. Is there anything for the entity Tom?


IS: Thank you. Are there going to be other groups in New York, or is that going to be…

FORCES: This can be, but there is more to be on other levels, too.

IS: Thank you.

ES: What are the secret places under?

FORCES: This is the Holy of Holies.

ES: And that’s within each person?


ES: Thank you very much.

DD: Is my understanding correct that Melchizedek was the same as Hermes who built the Great Pyramid?


DD: And he wrote the 42 books of Job of the Initiation in the Great Pyramid?


DD: Thank you.

BN: In the Bible where it says after Enos, “Then began men to call upon the Name of the Lord”, why does it say that?

FORCES: Because up to that point they had been doing other aspects of growth consciousness, rather than developing into a spirit consciousness. A different name manifested into the earth.

BN: So they were doing something further away and then they started to turn back to God?

FORCES: Well, they didn’t turn back to a spirit God but names of gods.

BN: Thank you.

JE: Does the third anti-Christ and the war that follows, does that have to happen or can it be prevented?

FORCES: It does not have to happen. It can be prevented by the spirit of love and cooperation and prayers.

JE: Will it be prevented?

FORCES: It is up to your mankind, now isn’t it?

JE: Thank you.

IS: How big a portion or how small a portion of the population of the earth would it take if they all turned with the spirit of love truly, how many would it take in order to turn the tide?

FORCES: To have just three people sincerely in that mode and if one just performs it.

IS: In the whole wide world?

FORCES: What would be considered in every country.

IS: And you mean to say at this point, that is not so?

FORCES: Under the aspect of love, no.

IS: Oh, my God – not even three people in each country?

FORCES: Just one.

IS: Just one in each country?

FORCES: Just one.

IS: How many people are there like that on the face of the earth right now?

FORCES: About 2,000.

IS: There are about 2,000 people right now that have that kind of love?


IS: And (I don’t know the number of countries there are on the face of the earth) … Thank you.

NN: In Psalm 118 when it says “Thou hast thrust sore at me that I might fall…” who is the “Thou”?

FORCES: That of the force of elements of nature and elements around.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Is each one of those 2,000 people in a different country?


IS: Could you tell us a little bit about those 2,000 people? Is, let’s say, Tom one of those 2,000, or is he a different category?

FORCES: He is of the 2,000, but above another category.

IS: But you’re not even speaking about another category.
You’re just speaking about 2,000 people that have that love.
Where are those people?

FORCES: They’re Out there.

IS: Thank you.

DL: Thank you very much for allowing me to be here.
Could you give me some guidance at this time?

FORCES: Follow the spirit and stick with it
this time.

DL: Thank you.

ML: Thank you for allowing me to be here. Could you
give me some spiritual guidance to go on the spiritual path?

FORCES: No car goes on the road without gasoline.
Focus on prayer.

PM: Thank you for allowing me to be here. Will there be other women in the group?

FORCES: To your liking and to your relief.

PM: Could you give us an indication of where they would be found?

FORCES: They will be found. They will be attracted. Finding them is not the right motivation.

PM: If one is saying the rosary and another is disturbed…

FORCES: It is with the other that the disturbance lies.

TF: Thank you for allowing me to be here.

TF: Many years ago I was pushed out a window and miraculously survived. Would that have been your doing?

FORCES: If we weren’t, you wouldn’t be saying it.

TF: Thank you. I have always sensed that I had a purpose. That’s you, right?

FORCES: Correct.

TF: Thank you.

DO: What does the word Shambala mean?

FORCES: Turn outward in, turn upside down and regain that to be kept on the wheel

DO: Thank you.

JW: Thank you for allowing me to be here. Could you give me some guidance at this time to help me with discipline?

FORCES: Straight ahead. Know your weakness and stay away from it.

JH: Thank you for allowing me to be here. I would ask for guidance to help me on the road.

FORCES: Stick with prayer and creative ability.

JH: Thank you. Tom said I had great potential…

FORCES: He is usually not wrong.

JH: How can I best make use of that potential?

FORCES: In your application you will find out.

JH: What can I do about my acne?

FORCES: Major corporations given that name.

JH: Thank you.

EE: Is it correct that it’s not necessary for the whole world to be destroyed and it could be stopped if we would think positive, and the world situation would get better~

FORCES: Correct.

FORCES: We would say to you that the child that you thought was dead is alive.

IS: You mean SD?


IS: Where is she?

FORCES: In Poland in Cracow.

IS: Can you tell us her name?

FORCES: Her name has been moved to a Catholic one of Christian variance.

IS: EE is anxious that we should get in touch with her. Could you tell us how we could do that?

FORCES: To reunite and discover her would only cause great disturbance for her. Leave it that you know she does exist and has a family of seven children.

IS: Seven children. So she survived by a Catholic family taking her in?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: And we shouldn’t try to contact her. So you’re saying if she knows she would do the right thing?


IS: Okay. Thank you. Does that girl remember?

FORCES: She is not ready.

IS: Thank you.

LK: I don’t know how to explain this exactly, but when you hear something and you have a negative reaction to it, is there something you can say or do to stop that negative reaction?

FORCES: We would hear an example.

LK: It’s more of a general question, not really specific. It’s like when somebody says something that clicks you into a negative reaction.

FORCES: Different reactions and feelings are best described with an example.

IS: EE is very anxious about SD. Is there anything you could tell me that would make it more real without disturbing the woman? How old is she?

FORCES: Around 56 years old. If she strives to find her, she will be unsuccessful. It would be futile, not enough time or money.

IS: Is there anything we can tell her that will quiet her down?

FORCES: Just stress to her what we have said.

IS: Okay. Thank you. Is it correct for the New York group to look for houses here?

FORCES: They must look into their hearts. There is time for them to decide. In time.

IS: Thank you.

ES: The angel that was given to each of us a while ago – was that name given to call upon as a help?


IS: I think a car just drove up. Should we let them come in?

FORCES: You may tell them to join us. Ready for questions.

IS: Is there something from the Bible to help me?

FORCES: In what reference?

IS: With the things I am dealing with – energy flows, spreading of self in the right way, am I doing it right?

FORCES: Adequately.

IS: And with the things to come?

FORCES: It’s been the way of your development.

IS: The predictions of Revelation will take 27 years?

FORCES: From the best to the worst.

IS: What about in Revelation when it talks about the Anti-Christ being for 3 1/2 years?

FORCES: Years of grayness.

IS: Will be whoever it is?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Will the anti-Christ read the Bible?

FORCES: If he would, he wouldn’t be an anti-Christ.

IS: He does not relate to it.

FORCES: Does not relate to it at all.

IS: In peace time?

FORCES: Not the best, not the worst.

IS: How many like Tom?

FORCES: Cannot say.

IS: Thank you.

ES: Add any more to my Bible reading during the day?

FORCES: It is sufficient.

ES: Thank you.

DD: Did I have a lifetime in Poland with EE?

FORCES: Could be possible but not likely.

DD: No negative connection?


DD: Thank you.

JE: Could you give us another lifetime of Nostradamus?

FORCES: One of the apostles of Jesus.

JE: How about after that.

FORCES: A monk in a small town.

LA: Could you help me with my emotional stability?

FORCES: Other things are hitting you today. Concentrate on spiritual things to get your life in balance.

LA: Could you give me an affirmation?

FORCES: Have your eyes directly forward. Don’t look back.


NN: How would I interpret the dream I had?

FORCES: Apply first to self on a spiritual level.

DL: Is the shadow figure I’ve seen a guardian?

FORCES: There for a reason.

ML: You told me before that no car goes without gasoline, how do I get the gasoline?

FORCES: You do have the steam.

ML: Could you clarify that?

FORCES: Your friends will explain it to you.

PM: In the way of day labor, should I concentrate on finding
something in the healing profession or in the creative arts?

FORCES: Stay away from the healing professions.

PM: Is there a specified course?

FORCES: Creative arts.

PM: Thank you.

TF: Which area should I focus on: dance, singing, or another creative field?

FORCES: Sculpture self and then extend it from self.

TF: Thank you.

DO: Could you interpret the dream my brother had?

FORCES: We are not interpreting dreams tonight.

DO: With the painting, can I do that again?

FORCES: Be careful when you go up and down.

DO: Okay. Thank you.

JW: Could you help me with the changes I know I need to make within myself?

FORCES: Who is speaking?


FORCES: Are you sure?

JW: No.

FORCES: Discipline self and the changes will happen.

JH: Could you give me a previous lifetime?

FORCES: We are not up to calling upon the books for you. Maybe later.

JH: How can I remember my dreams?

FORCES: Say “I will remember” three times before going to sleep.

BH: What is the appropriate time for a peace offering?

FORCES: Any time.

BH: What would be the result of a peace offering.

FORCES: Peace.

BH: Thank you.

LK: Could you give me a prayer to help things?


LK: Thank you.

IS: What was the function of Beverly?

FORCES: Worldly physical organization, a minimum establishment.

IS: So she was rather there for the benefit for those that
remained rather than…


IS: I see. So it was a needed movement?


IS: I see. Are we progressing as groups?

FORCES: You did ask more than one question, but because we know you, we will say yes to that second question. Other people will just have to handle it. Time is over. We will speak to you again soon. Greetings to all here present now.

GPOUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…