Session 556-7/8/90

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and we find the different world situations moving and progressing as scheduled, as we have said, and the great revolution in Russia has not even taken the proportions that it should until that of mid 91 to the end of 91. There’s a tremendous amount of change going on in this world, a tremendous amount of change going on with the Soviet Union. All this should also be affected with China and will gradually become a very important factor in China and the Soviet Union’s movements. The Soviet Union is moving by copying and replacing Chinese and American goods with Chinese laborers. We would see that the China and the Soviet Union will be making contracts on things known to those who hear this. It is now a computer age and a lot has to be done in order to encourage the ones who are yet to master the computers. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Is the Red animal that the whore of Babylon is sitting upon in Revelations 17, is that Atlantis rising? Is that – that animal that says it’s going to be a beast that was that is no more that will come again, is that the empire of Atlantis?

FORCES: We would interpret it as that of the Roman Empire coming together in the form of NATO and the power of the Roman Empire being kindled in this structure.

IS: So who –

FORCES: Atlantis is coming up, but would not be a power when it comes up.

IS: So there’s nothing left of Atlantis?

FORCES: No, we are not saying that; we are saying, for it to be developed the way it was will take thousands of years again.

IS: So there’s nothing left in the bowls of Atlantis, in the bowels of Atlantis?

FORCES: Oh yes, there’s a lot of things left there; when the land starts moving on up it will be the most fertile plain in the world.

IS: (?)?

FORCES: Fertile.

IS: Fertile. But is there anything that survived, whether it’s technology –

FORCES: Oh, of course in caves and whatnot.

IS: It is?

FORCES: In caves, and whatnot.

IS: And is it technology, or is it magic, or is it –

FORCES: It’s ah, it is spiritual or metaphysical way of living, the breakfast of focus and development.

IS: The breakfast?

FORCES: It would be the food and breakfast and different technologies within the growth of Atlantis.

IS: Oh, so what you’re saying is like marine biology is going to benefit –

FORCES: Yes, yes.

IS: For their food?

FORCES: Oh, yes.

IS: These gray UFO’s or these gray beings or these (—) beings, who are they? Are they the little people from –

FORCES: We would consider them the inner equator people. They are situated around the equator in the belt around the earth.

IS: The belt on the earth, or around the atmosphere?

FORCES: We said around.

IS: So are they middle-earth people?


IS: Ah. So then are Middle-Earth people part of the fairy kingdom, as we understand fairy, elves, whatever?

FORCES: No,no,no,no,no it’s a whole different conglomeration.

IS: No?

FORCES: The little people and the elves and all those are of a positive nature and keep the balance in Middle Earth, and they constantly war and fight these gray people.

IS: But they live in the same place?

FORCES: No, no, no, they live in areas but they have more access to different places than these others.

IS: So the fairy kingdom is – the fairy kingdom living on top of the earth at this point, or inside, or in middle earth?

FORCES: We would say both places on top and inside. You all would agree with us on that?

IS: Yeah, sure. And the gray beings with the –

FORCES: Now we will say a number, one to ten, and who is thinking now of seven?

IS and ES

FORCES: That will be your team. You will be a team as always, so what else is new? We will now think of a number one to ten and who thinks of three?

VOICES: I did.

FORCES: Say loud.

VOICES: I did.

FORCES: Repeat.

VOICES: I did.

FORCES: All right, that is a team there. And now we will say a number one to ten – one. And that is a team that you don’t see. And now we will say a number one to ten, number four. Someone was thinking four and changed it.

BH: I was. I thought of four –


BH- But I also had seven.

FORCES: From one to ten. Someone thought nine.

JU: I did.


FORCES: One to ten. Now those who have already been chosen as teams don’t think anymore.

FORCES: Now one to five. Those who think of the number five? One to five. Those who think of the number three? One to five, we’re pretty good. One to five, those who think of the number two? One to five? Are you all thinking, those who are left? I guess we have to try to say what we’re doing. We will give you a number, and the number that you think will match you up as a team for those who are left. So far one is a team, and then you have a next team and we would make BH and JU another team. Now who are left? Who has not been chosen as a team? Anybody out there?



IS: JE and JW.

FORCES: JE and JW – another team. These teams have been appropriately assigned to you by us. When we have traveling to do, you will meet the traveling expeditions. This weekend, do you have anything planned?

IS: No, I don’t think so.

FORCES: Anyone out there?

Voices: No.

FORCES: We will assign this weekend, I know you all will not like this; maybe we’ll not decided to do it, you might not like
it. But we would exactly ask one or two things: to leave here. There are many different provinces here, but for those who could receive this, ah we are thinking of going in different teams, different teams, to the Edgar Cayce section, just to sit and research and review and look. Different teams will be picked to on this. We would also suggest if you want, that this would be a good time to go to ah we don’t know if it would be too hot for you all – but if you would be assigned to this entertainment area of Busch Gardens, it might be a good time as a group to go. Ah if it is above 90 degrees, we would refuse you to go. Nobody wants to (?) hot pavements, but in another way it’s always nice to look into it… I hope we don’t have a storm of such sorts (–)- it would be a good outing for you all. We also have several areas what we would want to cover – the group has assigned, assigned the looking at traveling to a certain area of the Indian reservations and other areas to help and to scope out and develop and to put in a area of street people to comb the area and recruit, or recapture, or reclaim those who have lost or no purpose or no force. One area that we are looking at to do this is in the California area, ah partially; there are some in the Los Angeles and the San Francisco areas. We would like this to be looked at. There are certain in Washington, D.C. and others in Atlanta. There will be those sent out in groups just to recruit or to find or to reclaim, and that is to go find the most important person that is the most positive and the most wanting for help and either bring them here or put them in a position where at they could visit and put them back on their feet and introduce them to their spiritual power and energy. These are plans to be announced in the future, but we do want to say that ah there is also a plan to be receptive to, as far as opening and making ready the house for those in the community ah sections and sectors of the spirit. We also know the first night have been very successful in accomplishing what we need to get done. We do not mean to sidetrack here, but it is something we have been thinking that needs to be done. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you. So are you saying that it should start from this weekend on, and are those the places that you’ve mentioned?

FORCES: Virginia Beach will be the Edgar Cayce center, to re-ignite it again by our power and force, and it would be interesting to send groups in that area just to get it ready and be stationed there. Different sections and dates will be given when to go, but this moment, the most enjoyable moment of movement is to go to this entertainment area, if the weather’s not a scorcher. If it is, we’ll cancel it. We’ll decide and let you know on at Friday if you should go or not. Our main interest is that everyone by the Forces will be given $25 from us, and allow to eat something, even if that means one frankfurter. (Laughter) But our most important goal is to get different sectors in the house to visit the Cayce Foundation, just to put out antennas and to see and research the files and to be brought back again for the weekends. We will do this only. Recruiting for the street people will be done ad, ad, ad lib by us. I’m now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you. So that Busch Gardens is for everybody this weekend.

FORCES: Yes. I think everyone could take that.

IS: And the $25, you mean for the Busch Garden?

FORCES: For each one, for food items, or ride items. Generally, the Higher Forces are saying a frankfurter – of course, we don’t mean frankfurter because there’s no ah kosher frankfurters there that we can see. (Laughter)

IS: And for these other trips, the teams –


IS: How will they pay for the

FORCES: The traveling of gas will be paid by us, and the lodging too will be looked around for the most economic. The food they will have to pay for themselves.

IS: Thank you. And the Santa Fe trip or the New Mexico trip, the one that I discussed with Kate, should that he taken?

FORCES: It would be well. It could be an advisable to, to visit this area. So you would see the energy and the spirit and also the force fields.

IS: And who should be going on that and how should we go? She’s got one ticket that I said, well, we’ll split it, if we fly, but should we take a car and some people drive out and some people fly, or –

FORCES: You can have those drive up if you wish, and some to fly.

IS: And will the entity know which people, or –

FORCES: We will tell you who.

IS: Okay. Because altogether there can be only five, right With KT, including KT.

FORCES: Yeah, there’d be four.

IS: Four. Thank you. With these UFO’s, again, and these gray people, none of these that capture people are from outer space, they are all from middle earth, right?


IS: Now – what do they want from the people? Is my understanding – do I understand anything about it?

FORCES: They are a barbaric and negative force, just for their own mental research and violence.

IS: So they’re not interested in –

FORCES: Only themselves.

IS: But are they interested in trying to understand the reproductive system, or that’s just part of everything else?

FORCES: That’s part of their own plans.

IS: So they don’t have problems reproducing, right or anything like that?

FORCES: Oh, yes, they do.

IS: Oh, they do? So are they trying to use people, and have they used people in that kind of a fashion, where there are children now, and can it even happen?

FORCES: Yes, it can happen.

IS: And it did, and it does?


IS: Thank you very much.

JE: The show we were watching the other day, the gray people is that what you were talking about…


JE- that had contacted the U.S. government?


JE: And they’re far enough along to keep all that going?

FORCES: It was the Fair people of the Higher Force that they refused to come into, and make a bound or contract with, but they made a treaty with the gray people you call.

JE: And did they went ahead and built bases for these…?

FORCES: What has happened here is that the Force, you call us the Higher Forces, but among us there are other le, leagues and ships or legends that are of a second department, which is part of us, but as a communication, and they have tried to communicate with the United States for anti-war and machineries; of course America was quite naive and childish and aggressive not to want to do it that way. Thus we have chosen this group to formulize our power and get the world ready to do what has to be done. It is through this group, and that is why we mark you as ambassadors for the mission, and that is why it is important that you carry this energy and force and dignity, not to do your own thinking but to take the orders from us as soldiers. We cannot afford to have individual thinking, for we have to have you obeying and listening so we can implement this most difficult task. And if done rightfully, it will be catapulted throughout the world and be a useful instrument to show people how to set up the exact system throughout the world, as a honeycomb system.

Q: Will anyone be moving into the house next door to me?

FORCES: Oh, such a difficult question. Yes, they will be.

Q: Will it be like a family?

FORCES: You would consider it such.

Q: And would there be, like, any kids my age?

FORCES: I don’t think you would be happy.

Q: Thank you.

MIM: When these gray entities or elementals are around, are they just in specific areas, or does one who is in spiritual disciplines weak-

FORCES: Repeat?

MIM: When these gray elementals do they attack someone who’s spiritually weak? And if’ their disciplines are stronger, do they tend to stray away from them, or is it just a general thing that they go all over?

FORCES: They usually are attracted to those who are into their own mental concepts, yes. Those who we are involved with and are committed to us, they cannot touch.

MIM: Thank you.

IS: Are there others that are committed to you – well, to whatever degree – as this group, that you work with?

FORCES: Yes, of course.

IS: Thank you.

IS: I got the vitamin C that you told me to give the cats instead of the expensive cat food, I’m giving them one eyedropper full per handful of food – is that the right amount?

FORCES: The vitamin C is to help with that, of the cat food, yes.

BH: So that’s the right amount I’m giving them?

FORCES: One to one-and-a-half droplets would be good.

BH: Thank you.

FORCES: But we must emphasize, the expensive cat food, as you call it, there are other cat varieties it is not too expensive but the vitamin C itself would help out.

BH: Okay, thank you very much.

JU: I asked about this a number of years ago, but can’t remember the relationship; there are certain times…

FORCES: If you just cut the orange in half, it will work for you. Go ahead.

JU: In experiencing a thing that feels like fullness in either the left or the right ear or like a hell ringing, and it seems no matter what’s happening to attract my attention, and I have to stop whatever I’m doing. What is happening? What is the difference between when it happens in the left or the right ear? It’s as if a signal or something is being transmitted or something is happening.

FORCES: When does this happen to you?

JU: It can happen almost at any time. One time when I knew we – we were in New York and we had to go home right away because I felt this feeling happen with – it seemed to be inside the ear. But –

FORCES: When was the last time it happened to you?

JU: Maybe a week or two ago.

FORCES: And what happened?

JU: I don’t remember.

FORCES: Then how can we help you?

JU: Okay, I’ll ask next time then. It hasn’t happened for a long time, it just started happening again, that’s all.

FORCES: Well, it would be interesting to see, because it could be some guidepost for you. You cut the orange in half and put one on one ear and one on the other, it might help you. (Laughter)

JU: Thank you.

FORCES: Cut the insides out, of course.

JU: Thanks.

DD: On the device the magnets, do I have it right, they go on the end, across the end?

FORCES: You will find that to be right. There are many aspects to it that, that will be corrected and worked with as time goes on but generally it is correct.

DD: And wrap the wire around the long ways?


DD: Like I had pictured?

FORCES: Uh-huh.

DD: And then the –

FORCES: We’ll not long ways, as you could have it, but a circular, yes, of course.

DD: Across like I’m looking at it now, crossways?


DD: And then, what size wire would it take?

FORCES: Well, whatever you can find in the wire form would he appropriate.

DD: And what would I do next, after that? Can I use it just lay a book on top of it?

FORCES: Well, yes.

Forces-As you can see, we have marked this year as ‘the year of the UFO’s and Higher Forces. They are beginning to get information’s on how to make UFO ships and move them up into galaxies, and submarines under water, and all sorts of gyros are now going to be come into operation. You will go into ships that will run on glass, total glass circular ships and these ships will, as it would be, ah moved by the rays of the sun. It will have three levels of glass, like a Plexiglas, but they will be particles of glass, and the particles of glass will be united by the rays of sun, and like little particles dance around inside these walls, making energy happen to force moving up, down, and right and the left, all deciding on where you focus this particles of vibrations. Wherever the particle of vibration is at, it pushes it to that point forward. If the particles of the vibration as you sit in this vehicle are underneath you, you will go where?


FORCES: Up. If it’s on top of you, you will go where?


Forces- If it’s on the right side, you will go where?

Voices: Left.

FORCES: And if it’s on your left side, you will go where?

Voices: Right.

FORCES: Right, left you go where, not right. That is why we would ah encourage the investment in stocks in glass. And that will be your first ah, ah okay, a green light, to make an investment in glass stocks.

IS: Plexiglas?

FORCES: Glass stocks. We did not say Plexiglas, we said glass. Questions?

JW: Would that be Corning glass, stocks?

FORCES: Yes, you could do that. Anything else?

JW: Yes, thank you for the help with the jewelry and with the sewing.

FORCES: Yes, you did wonderfully.

JW: Thank you. It seems in a lot of the contacts with some of the other groups, they have really good basis in starting what they’re doing, but is it because –

FORCES: None of them have us. They might have you guys, but they don’t have us. (Laughter) how can they do it, there’s no way that they can be like you guys, because they don’t have us. It’s like having visitors from another galaxy, giving you guidelines to do, and they are kind of upset because they don’t have us nor do they hear us.

IS: Do they understand that they don’t have you?

FORCES: Let us understand this on a subconscious level, they know you have us. Everyone knows it.

IS: And how does it translate itself to their conscious level?

FORCES: Well, they want us.


FORCES: But we’re just not available. We are not loose.


IS: But those Afton people, are they going anywhere with it, is it even people, is it –

FORCES: Well, let us say this: have mercy on them and be patient. That’s all we can say at the moment.

IS: I have no (—) once I go to any one of those places, I come back (—-).

FORCES: Yes, we know. Thank God you are. Now let’s move on.

NN: When Atlantis does come up fully, is there going to he any kind of skirmish about who the land would belong to, or –


NN: How long is it going to take to fully come up?

FORCES: Oh, that could take 500 years. Question?

NN: Thank you.

ES: In Revelation Chapter 3 – I mean Chapter 11 – who are the two witnesses speaking?

FORCES: Two witnesses of those who follow the Higher Forces and those who follow the spirit of God. That’s on a higher level we talk about.

ES: Thank you.

TV: Thank you. When Atlantis rises, will there be in habitants there from, you know, before? Not before (?) –

FORCES: That’s a good question, but there’ll be a lot of dead fish [laughter] and covered buildings of (the later Era.) You indeed living in the most marvelous era and the most dangerous at the same time. Everything that your grandfathers would love to have seen, you will see. In fact, everything that your fathers would like to see, you will see. Everything that people have dreamed about for hundreds of years, you will see.

Forces-At this point, we will have to leave, and we will speak to you again.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Forces-One more question before we go. Go ahead.

BN: Thank you. Was the plant fungus (mushroom) that we discussed; was that the catalyst for changing the animal (Man)?

FORCES: Yes, it was.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.