Session 420-2/11/83

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the and observe the different things in certain countries, different stressful points along the Far East and Middle East qualities of life and suitability of progress.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

IS-Could you help me with the (—) in the left arm?

Forces-That will disappear.

IS-Thank you.


Forces-(—) only be that is confused in many different directions but is seeking for some positive advice. Should not be taken ah against but more of a ah open door policy


Forces-For the moment.


Forces-Just a step at a time ah self-qualities need to be developed.

IS-Thank you.

IS-Could I ask again the question about the two people in Daniels time that ended up in the fires. What happened really that the fires did not touch?

Forces-More or so the protection by the Higher Forces coming down through a visitor, to protect them in a shield of airwaves.

IS-Its not something we have today?

Forces-No it’s a sound projection.

IS-Sound projection?


IS-Is it something like the Ring Pass Not?

Forces-Something on the same principle.

IS-Thank you very much.

NN-Could you tell me about my lifetime in Egypt at the time of Moses?

Forces-Let us say the helper of the records and keeper of those who kept records

NN-Feel like I fell at that time?

Forces-Many times you had a habit of falling in the streets. (Laughter)

IS-Was she in the desert experience?

Forces-She carried herself well in the desert experience, one of many who stayed on the rocks waiting for Moses to come down.

Q. Twice you mentioned sulphur in relationship to ships. Can I understand how you use this or what relationship it has?

Forces-More of a energy (booster) through this earths atmosphere. More of a silicon type protectoring of the, the devices we have.

Q.Thank you.

GL-Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces-Just try to plan a course of daily events and work on them and just keeping your mind and body and attitude in the proper light.

GL-Thank you.

KT-In Numbers 33 what happens as you read over (—-)?

Forces-Different consciousness breakdowns and movements within the body.

KT-Thank you very much.

Jehu-Can you give me some help and guidance in the seeking of a new job?

Forces-Just one day and one application at a time that for this purpose and different principles within the present job that needs to be mastered.

DD-How does the Ark of Covenant relate to Noah’s Ark because it can’t be divided into 36 compartments, mathematically how does it relate to the Book of Numbers?

Forces-This is a representation of mans progress through the earth to acquire Spiritual values and progress of development within the body.

DD-So there is a direct relationship?

Forces-There’s always a direct relationship, directly or indirectly.

DD-Thank you.

JB-Could I get some Bible Chapters to read at this time that would help me?

Forces-The Book of Judges, the Second Book of Judges we would focus on.

JB-Thank You.

BH-The Revelation of John how long did it take or did it go on for his whole life?

Forces-Let us say it went on through a period of time.

BH-Can you tell us how long that period was?

Forces-Anywhere from 6 months to 3 ½ years.

BH-Thank you.

JE-Those stones that I took from the garden last year. Was that a detrimental thing and should they be put back?

Forces-It could be put back into the ground.

JE-So it was detrimental that I took them out?

Forces-No, but it would be good to put them back.

JE-Thank you.

IS-In the Book of Daniel when he starts seeing the vision of the Persian King and then the Grecian King who I assume is Alexander the Great takes over and his kingdom is split up and really not in the way he wanted it. Which that’s what happened to Alexander the Great. After that I can’t make head or tails unless he’s talking about Hitler.

Forces-He is talking about Napoleon and Hitler together.

IS-So that was the one who sucked everyone over with flattery?


IS-Both Napoleon and Hitler?


IS-That’s the King he sucked up to the king with flattery took over the kingdom and then…?


IS-He (Daniel) went so far has he gone any further than a…?

Forces. He carriers through the whole denomination of kingdoms to the point where the New Kingdom shall come.

IS-The New Kingdom meaning the Second Coming of Jesus.

Forces-And the Higher Forces come down and take control.

IS-Those prophecies end in about 2010, 2011?

Forces-The prophecies will come to an end, you will begin to see different feelings in 1983 and will begin to see our trademarks in 1992 to 1998, a beginning of the force of the Empire to come down begins in 1998 to the year 2002.

IS-Is that you?

Forces-The New Empire yes.

IS-Are there any other prophesies from the time of Hitler?

Forces-Talking about Churchill and Roosevelt, along with Woodrow Wilson.

IS-And that’s it?

Forces–And talking about one more person that has not come on the scene yet.

IS-Could we know which country?

Forces-Deals with the United States. When you have a President that has black hair and his last name begins with V then it shall begin our Reign.

IS-Thank you.

IS-The Holocaust and Hitler to our eyes seems like Revelation, is then the prophecy of the terrible, terrible destruction of 2/3 of the people on earth even worst then that?

Forces-Well let us say that was the cataclysm.

IS-So now it’s going to be a different kind of thing?

Forces-Well that cataclysm is still operating and different programs of starvation and wars and pestilence and earthquakes.

IS-But until you come down there will not be another kind of thing?

Forces-There are different things that will take place.

IS-He was then because he did declare himself as a Messiah Hitler.

Forces-He had the power to join and to focus the new vision, but became a very destructive one in the end. Just as this group represents a new vision for society, it also represents the progress of a new future, a new hope, all those who keep their beliefs strong and not give way to doubt.

IS-In Revelation the holy people given into there hands that has already happened then?

Forces-Let us say it has.

IS-So the things now that’s going to happen is that the other person personality come and scientifically change and putting mechanical things in peoples brains and things like that. It’s more of an acceptable scale instead of outright destruction. Like taking body parts cannibalism. The creation of barbarism and animalism in a more subdued and…?

Forces-Civilized society.

IS-That’s what’s happening.

Forces-It will have its turnabout soon.

IS-Turnabout for good?

Forces-For the good of harmony yes.

IS-Thank you very much.

IS-A question about the east wing. Am I correct in assuming that the length of that room should span across the hall, depth of the house, meaning from beginning of the living room to the end of the library.

Forces-This can be done yes.

IS-The windows remaining there, but windows looking into that other room then just to the outside?

Forces- This is correct.

Forces-With the circular type approach as the walls will have a circular French door approach.

IS-You mean the other 3 walls?

Forces-The 3 walls will be there but when they come to the 4th wall it will have a bevel dome type affect.

IS-So it will not touch the end of the house?

Forces-It will join in with the end of the house the bevel is on the east side.

IS-So it’s like a half a moon coming out from the house?


IS-With French windows?


IS-Is it French windows or French doors. You talking about doors or windows?

Forces-They are the same.

IS-How many of those French doors are there going to be in the circle?

Forces-You will two French doors with about 6 to 8 French windows.

IS-And the doors will open one to the north and one to the south?

Forces-One can open to the east and one can open to the south.

IS-Thank you very much. So it’s not going to be much wall though mainly windows.

Forces-It’ll be total glass. With the walls between each one, of course between each glass there will be domes and columns between each glass. You will have like an arch and columns and the windows and the dome and the dome and the arch and the glass. The dome will be on the top that will rest upon your arches that will lead to your columns. Your columns will be the overhead entrances and exits to the doors and windows.

IS-The French doors go all the way to the bottom the windows?

Forces-Windows go almost all the way to the bottoms excluding 5 feet of the flooring. Five feet above the floor.

IS-That’s an awful lot.

Forces-Five feet is the entire span of the window of certain what would be considered the first span which will be the additional span on top.

IS-How much inches from the wall to window?

Forces-8 to 9 inches.

IS-And the ceiling is a dome?

Forces-The ceiling is a dome type shape hot, house effect.

IS-A dome type?

Forces-More of a domed condition.

IS- The roof?

Forces-It could be made out of metal black iron wrought metal.

IS-Your talking about glass?

Forces-We’re talking about the framing of it, large percentage of your framing could be the skeleton of black iron wrought metal.

IS-And then the dome itself?

Forces-The dome itself would be of glass.

IS-That’s something we would buy not something we could make?

Forces-You can do all things.

IS-Thank you very much.

Forces-Kick it around we can see what you come up with.

IS-Thank you very much.

LK-Would the domes be like in the catalog from San Francisco?

Forces-You could use those.

LK-Somebody welds the frame and we do the rest.


IS-How large would the whole room be?

Forces-The room could be anywhere from ah 14ft long to ah 23ft wide.

IS-It could be 25ft.

Forces-Then 25ft wide.

IS-The east side?

Forces-14ft with the arch and a dome shape it would come to about 23ft wide.

IS-Thank you very much.

NN-Is the affirmation (I use now) the best one?

Forces-We see it as such.

NN-Thank you.

BN-Do we need to learn arc welding?

Forces-We could use that.

BN-Is that the best kind?

Forces-It’s a useful kind yes.

BN-Thank you.

GL-Could you give me any guidance about this time period in the Hospital?

Forces-Just put your mind in the proper aspect and let the Spirit guide you.

GL-Thank you.

JU-Can you tell us what the original purpose of the Knights Templar were?


JU-The Order of Knights founded around 1100 called the Templars could you say what they were for?

Forces-More of a protection of the Essene Laws and the metaphysical affect of life.

JU-Thank you.

Q-In Numbers 35 the cities that the Israelites give to the Levites, what is the Spiritual interpretation of the 48 cities and the 6 cities for refuge?

Forces-Those represent different centers within the Brain leaving down to the spinal column.

Q-The (?) 48 cities?

Forces-Representing center pathways for the, what would be considered ah, we would call these spiral or sporatic nervous system or from the medulla oblongata medellum.

Q-And then the 6 separate cities for refuge?

Forces-They represent the telepathic centers within the spinal column or the quakeum orb center. Better know as the interlock area or the 3-layer center of the Dome.

Q-Thank you very much.

DD-Could you explain the “diamond qualities of numbers” in reference to the Ark. What does that represent?

Forces: In each quality of life there are different facets of development within the quakeum of understanding and in such all things are reflection of the evolution of the mind of the spirit of God within the earth and this spirit that is encased within the physical body has different reflections of the (endogen enderteton) spirit and the enlightened spirit of understanding or therastic comprehension, in such there is what would be considered the parallel relationship between the spiritual forces of centers of man with that of the spiritual forces and centers within women. Have man women relationship between the universe. In such as the understanding and cooperation of the earth elements being the fire, water, air, land and the ethers around. This and the combination of the planetary effects upon the earth, planet earth and all those elements of plant and vegetable and mineral nature have a combination force that is in the center linkage of the ARK. The ARK is made up of an understanding of cosmic energy encased within that of gold and layers, of wood encased that within the Law. The Law is made up from the beginning of time that is what would be called mercy and harmony and love and forgiveness and justice and judgment. All this is in combination to the epitamal and the apractamae particle and parallel apogees of the spirit that lines around the centrifuge of the earth. In such an understanding of the earth’s complex erodicated surfaces and of the inner thorough, thorros and caverns of the earth into the core of what would be considered the orb of the earth or the hot house of the molten pot, all this is in conglomerations of the internal movement of the earth’s rettory of back and forth. In this is the combination of the papogee and perigee of the force of motion in which again the ARK is in resemblance to the bars and the poles of ARK carrying force, these two ARKS that carry that slide into the loopholes represents the axis of the earth revolving around the pivot of the NORTH STAR that gravitates to that of what would be called ORBOS MINOR or SOLAR MINOR, which is represented within the sun or SOLAR CROSS. When the earth is pointing to the sun (our Sun) or SOLAR MINOR the earth’s environments or souls so that are environmented, inhabited the earth have a what would be considered base nature or quality of development in that sphere of understanding. Again when the axis which represents the cylindrical forces of man and the evolution of that energy when the axis points to the NORTH STAR or POLARIS you have a understanding of true spirit and the consciousness of the souls that enter into the earth are usually opinionated and strong in nature into the true spirit of one force. In this great force and culture of evolution the earth is returning back to the POLARIT or POLARIS state. It is simply called the POLARIC SPHERE OF INFLUENCE or the POLARIC NATURAL FORCE or THE POLARIC Era. The POLARIC ERA is that representing the loopholes or the carrying of the ARK within that of the earth and the heavens, touching not the earth nor extending itself to the heavens, the axis in which it is carried is by 4 by 4, that is representation of 4 march 4 march and 3 march 3 march underneath and 4 march 4 march behind. All this is into the, the second phase of its extension in which those that do perceive the presence and understanding of the (super-fugue?) comes to the significant force of the gyro or centrifugal force of understanding within man. In the electrical body of man again the ARK it represents the centrifugal force of motion being that you have the centrifugal force that parallels the different apogees again north and south being of different rotations and extending of different latitudes and longitudes. Centrifugal force is the motion of movement of one way to the other. In that of the human relationship between governments and societies, representing centrifugal force within the ARK each represents different government or consciousness and evolution of man, made manifest within the very beings of the three dimensional era. In this centrifugal force in the northern latitudes it will go clockwise while you have in the southern latitudes it will go counter clockwise. This is the law of evolution that man is made to go counter and clockwise (—–?) and the sphere of evolution within that what would be called the sigmont and the priatic nervous system. The priatic nervous system is located within the (sac-creatic?) nervous system and also what would be considered the (pleura-tic?) and (pleura-sy?) channels of tube lights and the madacidal undeausue oleos or the tube center leading down into the channel of the spine. This sporatic nervous system is assimilated and cannot be seen by the naked eye or machine, but is the impulse of impulses, which is an electrical impulse that goes by the geratic (gyratic?) nature of governments and states and also latitude and longitude. Give a creature of a different place and origin and nature within the land of mass being one from the north and one from the south, the poratic nature of the spinal poratic spirit or said spoots SPIRIT OF FORCE OF NATURE within that system will have a rotation to akin to that of the gyro of the centrifugal force. Being that all is movement within the body you will have an understanding in time that the fluids in the body of man goes counterclockwise in the north. You take the same amount of fluids in the body of man to the southern portions of the temperate zone being the northern temperate zone and you have the southern temperate zone and there’s a ZOLAC or what would be considered the tropical space of man or the tropical zone that is the body will have counterclockwise fluids. (This is a very strange phenomena but not yet discovered by the society of medicine that the heart pumps counterclockwise within its chambers in the southern portions of the earth. In the northern portions of the earth the chambers of the heart pump the blood clockwise or counter, counter clockwise that is that one is clockwise within its chambers blood pouring into the chamber could be clockwise in the northern hemisphere the same will be true to any liquid force that vibrates within the southern hemisphere you will have a counterclockwise. What does this all mean? We are representing or talking about the inner ARK or the ARK of the space within that is the force of the element of space that is made within the ARK that carries the LAW. The LAW is the centrifugal force dictates the movements of nations and governments. Be it that nations and governments dictates the body force within it. Being that you might have four within the same room that has a standing place (space?), each one can be represented and be identified by not only its centrifugal force within the body from where it goes, but the very cellular molecular structure within that cell itself, taking the individual cell that nucleus does not rotate clockwise in its electrical sphere but in sporatic system or the meddoti nervous system or in the structure of the cell there is called the (embryotic) stage system that is the invisible cell that makes up the mortal cell. For every cell that there is there is the (embryotic) cell that is also the invisible cell. This is the same principle in which you will have the cutting of the leg or the foot or the arm or (aperture) from the body in which calls the phantom pain. Phantom pain is the continuation of the civilatic cell structure within the body that is extending within the auric or what would be considered the space in which that leg arm or whatever regardless, except of course the head that that space would take up or its place. In this invisible center or space those cells will still remain in its place or will be considered in tact in the phantom pain remedy. There are many different tests that could be followed but this leg of aperture will still have sensation of pain that would be unexplainable to modern science, but the pain itself could be described by all in many different ways. Also you will have this so called freedom of space but the continuation of space proving the existence of the invisible cell versus the physical existence of that cell. In the cell you have again the northern latitude moving the nucleus of that cell in a counter, counter clockwise, not a counter, counter clockwise as you would find in the southern hemisphere, but you would call it clockwise, clockwise in the northern part and counter, counter clockwise in the southern part. This here is the energy flow of the nucleus. Cancer cells are created by the counterclockwise in a counterpart and a counter; counter clockwise in a counter counterpart. What we are saying simply is that cancer victims can be cured by sending them down to the south in a different area in which their normal cell or cellular molecular structure is going according to that hemisphere. Those in the southern part who have contracted cancer must be sent up to the north in order to counter affect the cellular structure in that hemisphere, making the natural elements of the earth work for them and not against them. All this is in the understanding of the ARK of, as you would have considered the gold that inlayers the ARK plus the wood that makes the ARK. The Shittom wood is the buoyancy of man within the water, space in time along that of the ocean and the earth space of space of time, all this is in the storehouse of movement, even though the law is in preservance of water, wood, weight, light, gold and gold itself to encase the structure of the Eminence and Radiance of the LAW. As we would understand the LAW itself is encased within the space of the buoyancy of man/woman in the spirit of the universe and in this so doing the LAW must be carried. All things that you see that are one is combined and unified under the LAW. No one in any shape-form or space can evade the LAW. The LAW can follow and will follow you in Texas or in New York or in Virginia. The LAW is One. That is the meaning of HEAR O ISRAEL, THE LAW THY GOD IS ONE. Not the “Lord thy God” but the “Law thy God” is one. That covers all space and time. Now as the wood is made as the basic of the feet principles of man, basic principles of the bone structure. In such the phantom nerve system is located within bone structure of the bones that extend in the apertures. In the same structure you have the phantom nerve center that radiates above the center of the bone or radiates above the portion of what would be considered the enamel or the (enosis) part of the bone. This bone is where the invisible thought forms and visible electrical energy forms, flows above the calcium part of the bones which is the perfect conductor of this natural energy that is invisible to man but visible to the spirit of man. As the spirit of man ascends and descends into the top of the head it must be conducted and is conducted through the bone system of man, not through just the nervous system of man that is an extension and in the underlying portions of the nervous system, but it must and the proper conductor is of the enamel part of the bone that enables the marrow and that point which is the muscles that surrounds the museals of these centers that conduce the energies of the spirit. Man is a structure of many different forms and ways and these spirit is food not only by bread alone as the spirit has sent but every word, and the Word is the healing of this center. It is through the spoken word that this center radiates and has its active healing power, as you can understand that the word itself through music song, what would be considered speak and talk has a certain melodic structure within this center that gives health and healing to the body. As you can understand in the ARK again, in the radiance of the ARK you have the gold encasement. This is the representation of the refinement of the earth and all its elements on the earth. This brings you to the diamonds and the rocks and the sapphire and the rubies, the emeralds and the garnets, the pearls, the jades, the amethysts, the opal, the affire, the afideous, all these are stones and reflections of the spiritual LAW that radiates and gravitates from the structures and the facets of the stone. Of course as you speak of the diamond and the facet of this reflection it is the reflection of that one spirit of that light which is within the essence of the body. As you would know the diamond has its own eternal light within and it reminds the son of man that the soul of God or the light of man or the energy of man is given by God or the Higher Forces through the relationship of the cosmos which is a ever sporatic and ever inducive battery of recharge, charge and recharge. As we would say the gold is a constant recharger and it is a continuation of energy as it is carried through time and space. So it is with the body of man and woman that it is given energy in the new day to come that it might Preeminent the LAW of, of force and nature that it might have its being and operate and to express that spirit of energy. This is the focus of the gold plating and also the energy that is within man that gives him or her the gold plating of force. All creativity is a reflection of the spirit of creation, just as that of the Spirit of the Divine Creator, so man is the co worker of the Divine Creator. Now we have also come upon with this explanation and talking about the lid that covers the ARK. The lid is that is represented within the skulls sor, sorbor or the what would be considered the medusa or more of the medellum area and also what would be considered the lodel or lobe area lodo: this is the covering of the skull which is in many different fractures many different sections and pieces within the skull. For in the skull there are different holes that is naturally made, and these holes are pressure holes to allow the pressure within the body to be released gradually. That is why water on the brain is affected by the spirit of soul level, because the pressure centers are changing and altering into a spirit sense. More or less this is the covering of the ARK, which is the covering of that Spirit within man as it moves through time and space. There are many more different explanations and understandings of the ARK. This should suffice you for the moment for there is more learning and understanding with this particular lesson that will shake a stick in many different directions. For as the leaf falls from the ground you know not where and what spot or space that it will eventually fall. For it has different directions as it falls and turns and turmets and falls. Eventually when it falls to the ground it still is not in its right position for the wind and natural forces doth shake it, but the spot in which it falls is the understanding in which man has a grip upon the elements around him.

DD-Thank you.

Forces-Let us not hear from your voice of complaint again.


DD-(You won’t.?)

JB-Persons that don’t believe and understand reincarnation are there anything that can help them?

Forces-You do not try to explain to the donkey how to walk. You just blindfold him and tell him to move. There is no explanation that can be explained to a soul that refuses to learn or wants proof. Proof is something that cannot be done it must come within and not could be explained to any. Proof is something that you leave for the morons to talk to the idiots.

BH-Any special part of the Bible I should read?

Forces-Every part is special whatever you read will be helpful.

BH-Thank you.

JE- Would you give me another Bible Chapter?

Forces-What for.

JE-To concentrate on.

Forces-Chapter of Exodus 7 chapter.

Forces-At this time the Radiance of time we will be moving on. We will make Wednesday your fast day and you shall not break it from this point on. A fast day will remain a fast day until the next morning.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.