Session 207-12/27/78

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have seen the changes coming about in the days past and find them as always moving forward. The progress in your house seems to be moving in style and many different areas being worked with. As far as the use of this particular area we are pleased to see that you are working with our friends in a different sort of relationship of those two ah, ah problem situations we’ve been working with some of the nervous centered problems that are in the area. We have watched the display colors and lights and find them pleasing in many respects as well as the others in this area that have become touched by the experience.

Forces-Oh we are ready for your, your questions.

DD-The Boiler is there anything wrong that it fills up with water, is that a normal thing…?

Forces-The changing of temperatures can ah produce the filling up with water in a system. Also the changing temperatures within the room area can do it. Filling up with water occasionally happens while the boiler, as you would call it is functioning. It normally happens during the season but making sure some of the, the heat is stabilizes, this would help out.

DD-How would you stabilize it?

Forces-Just simply determining the temperature and keeping it at that.

DD-Thank you very much.

NN-Can you tell us what the little squiggle of light we saw in the sky last night driving home was?

Forces-That was the squiggle of light in the sky last night, it was more or less certain items in the sky that were just searching areas below.

NN-Thank you.

NN-Also the wish that I chose last week was that a good one?

Forces-It was all right.

NN-Thank you.

MK-How is the suns influence greater felt by its distance or by the directness of its light?

Forces-Ah neither. The sun is felt by its explosions on the sun.

MK-And that would affect the Solar System around it regardless of distance?


MK-Thank you.

HI-In a dream that I had last night ah I had a chart of the boys in our cottage and it had little symbols on it that seemed to be like or resembled a DNA structure. Could you tell me the meaning please?

Forces-It is giving you the aspect developing with each child in certain areas of work. Each child would be given a symbol that he will identify with and each child in your house should be given a symbol and sewn on to some of their ah jackets or coats, socks or papers or books that they can identify as theirs and the identification of there own soul development without them realizing it.

HI-Will you at one time give me those symbols?

Forces-Yeah we will, we will give you ah these symbols later on during this week and maybe some personal advice for each boy and development for them as time goes on.

HI-Thank you very much.

Forces-We would send some one up to answer the door and have them wait in the kitchen if it’s possible.

DL-Could you tell us about the Saint Germaine group what its about, is it real…?

Forces-It is real.


Forces-It is a good group that is trying its way.

DL-On an evolutionary scale they said they were a step higher than Edgar Cayce is that correct?

Forces-Lets leave it like this so, so.

DL-Is that particular group responsible for California being able to survive as long as it has?

Forces-It is true.

DL-Thank you very much.

DL-Could you help me understand the dream that I had last night.

Forces-There will be these major changes in certain thinking processes that are going to affect you and should affect you in a most development way positive, if allowed so these new ideas can be given to you and approached in such a way that these imaginary creations will be very inspiring.

DL-Thank you very much.

BH-The thing with Samson that cause his death, trusting women was that his test in that lifetime, having to do with strength as far as rather than physical? Women were his test?

Forces-It was a test. Question.

IS-So he failed it?

Forces-It wasn’t a failing, failing but it was a test in strength but overcoming it with the last action.

IS-Thank you.

BH-Thank you.

BH-Could you give me a prayer or affirmation?

Forces-Lord guide me and teach me thy ways. Question.

RH-What would be a theme for the New Year (1979) to come?

Forces-More or less expression. Expression of perfection of the Spirit.

RH-Thank you.

JB-The young man who visited yesterday he seemed to be astounded or puzzled about reincarnation. Is there a reason for that?

Forces-Simply he didn’t know it.

JB-He had mentioned that nobody he had talked to knows anything about it.

Forces-Just understanding it is the principles that take time.

JB-Thank you.

GL-The dream that I had the other night with Tom and he gave me a ring. Could you explain that?

Forces-Certain evolutionary patterns are being brought to your awareness and an accomplishment of achievements will be expressed in this.

GL-Would there be any guidance for me in the coming year?

Forces-Just do everything before you slowly and with one line upon another, with patience and a certain amount of love.

GL-Thank you.

IS-Is the plumbing proceeding ok?

Forces-There are minor drawbacks within the house that will conquered. The plumbing would meet its own right in the end after some mental corrections within the individual. All in all the plumbing will be selectively straightened out.

IS-Now is the design of the pink bathroom correct?

Forces-We would leave it as such it would show other complications if changed.

IS-Would those complications also have been there if we had changed it at the beginning?

Forces-You would meet them later on in time.

IS-Is the new type of toilet bowl smaller or is there another problem there we are not aware of?

Forces-More or less getting a higher ripple or ring around the lip that could be accomplished by adding two of them instead of just one but generally it is not a problem.

IS-I mean for the flow to go down.

Forces-This is what we’re speaking on.

IS-Thank you very much.

IS-But it’s all right the way it’s designed?

Forces-We have some thoughts on which we will share later on. We will give you some guidance later on tonight.

Forces-We are ready for one more question from you.

IS-The morning and the waking up…?

Forces-Certain changes that are coming about to give you some ideas that we would want accomplished.

IS-I see but its like every moment …things hit me…?

Forces-Just take them with patience and move slowly with them on the aspect of understanding how to express them and communicate them with others.

IS-But does it also affect my physical body?

Forces-Sometimes it could create a certain amount of tension.

IS-And the dreams I’ve been having?

Forces-Again there is a certain amount of tension that isn’t really necessary if you will only take it slowly and with us trying to help these many minor and major situations.

IS-It’s the morale of going over old grounds that I’m fighting.

Forces-This is a constant battle that we all have to go through.

IS-How am I doing personally?

Forces-Personally we find the job excellent as far as your own personal development with relations and actions. We find that also accomplishments of excellence.

Forces-At this point we must leave to work on something else, anyhow you will be busy.

Forces-Greetings to all here now present.

Group-Our Father.