Session 286. 2/19/80

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. (—-) all this week (we’ve) been observing watching the conditions day by day (and) find that you’re (——-) hopes should now begin to start winding down. There should be a, a major breakthrough around February 27th, of course 28th is a strange day into the 5th and 6th of March should have positive approaches. We see some ins and outs of course in this condition ah certain individuals want to make their statements but all in all it should be ironed out and begin to have its own progression. There is that internal conflict that is still going on and of course threats with the Soviets being on the other side of the border. This has made the whole situation very uncomfortable. As far as the world conditions are concerned things are quite tense (and) has not really let down its just the stepping up in its own activity. Ah many ah physicians of health to be had as time goes on. Things definitely are just tense and watching to see the next indicator. We also see the strange weather in strange places but ah it’s already happening and will continue to happen. As far as gold will stabilize again, silver will seem to maintain itself and copper seems to be rising in its own ah greatness (——-) moving ahead with another major transportation and of course boats and steamers will have its own impact ah in the transportation system. There will be great ah areas of ah redevelopment ah re-natural resources will be taken out that has not been taken out before in many areas. Food index’s seems too becoming to be stabilized by the demands from other countries as unusual as it is and also the amount that ah China will be playing along with India in its own resources.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

DD-The idea that I had about the rod in the center of a tube being the staff and the faces being like harps, the 8 faces would be an octagon being like harps and the rod like a staff like the Bards use?

Forces-Yes this can be applied to the sequence.

DD-Thank you.

IS-Can you give me an understanding of my dreams last night and the nights before, it seems like there similar in their workings but I can’t understand them.

Forces-It is only dealing with that of resources to be given to you and ah the awareness and guidance within self to be developed and to be ah a, a intuitive gifts to be given. A breaking down of the old that’s no longer necessary and a building of the new.

IS-Thank you. Does this have anything to do with my feelings?

Forces-It has a certain amount to do with it ah rejuvenation and re, re, revitalizing certain structures and, and certain systems, doesn’t have to deal with your feelings as, as per se it deals with more of a structure that is being organized and given into application.

IS-Does it mean I’ll be able to release those feelings?

Forces-Yes there already able to be moving on.

IS-Thank you.

NN-What does it mean in Psalm 119 “I’ll arise at midnight and give thanks”?

Forces-Well just that, also there’s a midnight in the consciousness of man if he finally rises from that darkness and begins to develop on the spiritual side of his devel, development.

NN-Thank you.

LK-A women told of an experience she had under anesthesia where she was out of her body and she became a molecule amidst a billion other molecules and that she was aware of herself as a molecule and she cried but there were no tears and she couldn’t communicate with the other molecules. Then she woke up. Where did she go and what does it means.

Forces-She was trapped in the 2nd dimension.

LK-Thank you.

BH-The center that you left us with last time was the Solar Plexus. Could any more be given at this time?

Forces-The Leyden center we’ll be working on also deals with that of giving and receiving from other lifetimes. Basically this is where impulses come from, from other lifetimes likes and dislikes.

BH-Thank you.

BN-There seems to be a sensory organ or a gate on either side of the neck. Can that be used and should that be protected?

Forces-It could be used ah; protection ah there is no need to protection ah it is has it has its own ah built in protection ah by its own mechanism.

BN-Thank you

GL-Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

Forces-Just generally keeping yourself into the prayers and, and movements and progress on a spiritual level, approaching on that system of giving from day to day. Generally just a one step at a time.

GL-Thank you.

BR-In Psalm 119 there is a sentence in it that says, “I am like a bottle in the smoke” could you tell me what that means?

Forces-This is more of a (—) astral form moving from that of solid into that of etheric, there’s also a ah a certain amount of ah inspiration that’s being given here to explain the ah attachment into material things, of spirits ah that have passed on and refuse to, to leave the earth.

BR-Thank you.

DD-With the Bards, you called them Bars last time and (I understand why?) would they represent like the Musical Bar?

Forces-This, this is very well yes.

DD-And the Staves would be different Notes, what would represent the different Notes like the whole thing?

Forces-More or less the ah pulsations and inspirations of certain ah forces, inspiration generally.

DD-Thank you.

IS-Could you give us the correspondence of the Apostles and the 12 sons of Jacob, name for name and then split it up in 4 groups and which one would be represented for the east, west, north and west?

Forces-Well these 12 groups change with the consciousness of mankind and the evolution as man develops into space or into his very existence. We’ll work with you on that just remember that particular question again next session and we’ll try to go in depth with you on it. Just generally that the 12 Apostles and the 12 Sons of Jacob do have an analogy and a, a, a comradeship in its own structure.

IS-Thank you.

NN-Are Adonai and Elohim the two doors in the Heart of the 14 doors that are the Stations of the Cross.

Forces-You can associate as such yes.

NN-Thank you.

LK-My Meditations have been real good lately as compared to before but there’s a feeling that everything’s going right but there’s something missing and it feels like a hollow that must be filled with action?

Forces-Center your vision on a Pyramid over a Ball and illuminate it, this should help you.

LK-Thank you.

BH-In Proverbs there’s a line in Chap. 27, verse 5, ”Open rebuke is better than secret love’ could you explain what that means?

Forces-Well that’s open to construction, construction of there own self by that which is love and those who just go around not saying anything constructive and loving just for the sake of being nice.

BH-Thank you.

BN-Could any more be give on the gates on the side of the neck and how they can be used?

Forces-The gates are gates because of the evolution of man and the reason why they are not being used is because man in its state is not developed or ready for it yet. In times each gate would open up and allow certain gifts to be give and inspirations to be had.

BN-Thank you.

GL-Could anything more be given for IS foot?

Forces-All that is being done is sufficient for the moment.

GL-And her stomach?

Forces-Still the same.

GL-Should the Castor Oil packs be started?

Forces-Back and forth it would be started it would be stopped; it gives the system a chance to develop um-huh.

GL-Should the Castor Oil be taken internally on a 3 day schedule?

Forces-This too would be helpful.

GL-Thank you.

BR-Moses had made a staff with a serpent to heal people. It represented the Cross-that Jesus was crucified on. Years later a King destroyed that Cross because people were worshiping it. And if it represented the Cross of Christ, what will the Cross become in the future?

Forces-You could run that back again.

BR-Moses made a staff with a serpent that healed people who saw it. There was a king in Israel who destroyed this cross because people worshiped it. And the cross that Moses made represented the same cross that Jesus was crucified on. The King destroyed it because it was an idol. What will happen with the Cross of Jesus?

Forces-It will still have the same force and the same purpose as it was in the beginning. It would still have its same purpose.

BR-Thank you.

IS-Would it also be considered as an idol in years to come?

Forces-All depends upon how one perceives it and takes it upon themselves.

BR-Thank you.

JE-Can more be given about the civilization that are under the sea?

Forces-There are many strange civilizations that are going to be uncovered in the next ah 5 to 10 years. Different type of volcanoes and eruption, different types of gases that do come out into the sea causing different a colors. There are different types of minerals that have never been found before on earth that are found in the sea, different type of plants and animals that have never been found in the earth but are thousands of feet below sea level and ah different types of structures that will shock scientists that will be ah embedded of course under a lot of foliage in the sea creatures but are still down there.

JE-Thank you.

DD-Would the Bards be comparable to the Weavers (From Zohar, School of Weavers)?

Forces-They carried the energy yes.

DD-Did the Weavers carry Harps too?

Forces-Yes they carried a form of a Harp, but yes.

DD-Thank you.

IS-That’s connected with the family of Asaph in King David’s time?

Forces-Yes and his carrying of the Harps.

IS-Thank you.

IS-Are my feelings and thoughts I’m having a cycle pattern?

Forces-More or less yes.

IS-Will it this time be totally removed?

Forces-It will be put into its proper perspective.

IS-Referring to my…?

Forces-Certain insights will be given.

IS-Thank you.

NN-Is it best that I keep reading the same Psalms?

Forces-Change every month would help.

NN-How would I know which ones are best?

Forces-The Spirit will guide you on that.

NN-Thank you.

LK-In the book I read the Fifth String by John Philip Sousa they talk about the strings of the violin and they list the fourth sting as representing pity, the third string as representing hope and the second string representing love and the first string representing joy. Would that be accurate?


LK-Thank you.

BH-The Psalm 142 was given for humility and it was also given as representing the Leyden center. What is the connection between the two?

Forces-Well this deals with a karma and karma is released by a certain amount of humility.

BH-Thank you.

IS-It also represents faith in order to have faith there has to be humility.


IS-Thank you.

BN-What can I do to improve my hearing?

Forces-Just listen. Sometimes silence itself would improve the hearing qualities.

BN-Thank you.

GL-Is there a way of channeling radio frequency through a crystal and more or less put it through a hyper or sub space?

Forces-It could be but there is no circuits, as you know it that would control and handle the energy of the movement.

GL-Thank you.

BR-With the book that I just finished reading Silverlock by John Myers Myers two people in the book pass through hell unharmed or untouched by using the Harp. Can that be possible if someone’s in hell?

Forces-Well they are not containers of hell they are just passing through so this would be ah feasible.

BR-Thank you.

DD-You said in the last Session that the Bars, the Bards had to go through a certain plan could you talk about that?

Forces-Certain evolution of the Bars of course, certain primitive and then it grows just as it advances it goes( grows?) more and more into different states.

DD-Thank you.

IS-Is the Meditation Room design coming along?

Forces-Its working itself out very nicely.

IS-Thank you.

NN-With the (—-) that was given in Psalms for the tribes and it was said like certain Psalms for the first 3 and second 3 and so on. Does it mean the order in which they appear in Jacobs blessing or in the order in which they were conceived?

Forces-More of the conceiving of the receiving of it.

NN-Thank you.

LK-How do very high frequency and very low frequency sounds affect the body and the spirit?

Forces-One involves the outer, or the physical body the (—-), senses. The higher one would affect the inner organs of the body.

LK-Thank you.

BH-In Psalm 139 it says “my substance was not hid from thee when I was made in secret and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth”. Could you explain that?

Forces-That there are different elements in the earth that have brought man into being and that the substance is not of the earth, but yet the lower part is of the earth.

BH-Thank you.

BN-What was the physical counterpart of the apple in the Garden of Eden?

Forces-More of knowing or wanting to know good and evil and of knowledge.

BN-Was there a substance a physical substance?

Forces-Just the seeking of the knowledge itself.

BN-In the last Session when you described the Bars and Bards in DD’s question, I thought you said (Baud) (–) Bars and was this referring to entities in the Fourth Dimension that would send down the messages through the Bar.

Forces-This could we wouldn’t consider them entities but you could have your analysis as such.

GL-What would they be if they are not entities?

Forces-Just givers of, caretakers of it.

GL-Thank you.

BH-If someone is in hell is there any way of them getting out?

Forces-Just simply by them turning to the belief or the truth or the faith of that light within themselves and just taking it and believing it.

BH-And then they can get out?

Forces-For them to believe in it is takes a many, many ah, ah long moments.

BH-Thank you.

IS-They do believe they’re in hell right?

Forces-It takes a time to realize that they are in a state or condition that is really ah disharmony.

IS-They know they are dead?

Forces-Yes all these conditions are very painful.

JE-When there’s a Christ on the earth and there’s a anti-Christ do they alternate like life times on the earth?

Forces-Some have their major effects and some have minor effects, but they both are giving and taking in the earth.

JE-Can they (—) at the same time?

Forces-Its possible yes.

JE-Who was the anti-Christ of Jesus?

Forces-Well you have Satan of Beelzebub (for him) and that, which kept manifesting himself around Jesus.

JE-In a physical manifestation of a person?

Forces-Well lots of, lots of physical acceptance ah, ah involvements with this.

IS-But that’s the thing that Beelzebub cannot himself take on…?

Forces-He utilizes instruments of people or crowds.

IS-But that’s the one thing that the white force has above the black force that they can manifest physically.

Forces-This is true.

JE-Thank you.

DD-Did each of the Druids in different initiations take on a different musical note and carry that symbol?

Forces-Yes each one had a different lesson of learning experience to develop in.

DD-the Druids it seems like they were very musical?

Forces-They had a great deal of talent for that, that expression.

DD-Thank you very much.

IS-In Ezekiel the two Eagles one Eagle represents Israel, who is the second Eagle?

Forces-This could be represented as the United States.

IS-The United States is a smaller Eagle or is a lesser?

Forces-More or less the Spiritual qualities is being developed in the United States.

IS-Where in Israel they were their height?

Forces-In their own development yes.

IS-Thank you.

NN- (——) secrets of the heart or secret (—)?

Forces-They can both apply.

NN-Thank you.

LK-If a room were constructed where each opposite walls were different poles of a magnet, what would happen to a person that walked in that room?

Forces-They would be off balance.

LK-Is that the only thing that would happen?

Forces-There would be a pull internal liquid conflicts and ah more of a forcing a great ah pressure within the body.

LK-Thank you.

BH-You said that there were two little centers around the solar plexus, which were the minor the solar plexus being the major. Could anything be given about those?

Forces-These kind of rotate a give and take experience as more that, that (——–) the more the centers rejuvenate.

BN-Could you give me any guidance at this time?

Forces-More or less moving a course with a pattern and disciplining yourself on a structural basis.

BN-Thank you.

JU-In the library is there a primary wood that could be used for the background or cabinet’s different woods?

Forces-This would be up to your own discretion Mahogany does have its own force around it.

JU-Thank you.

DD-Would there be a Psalm for each of the Tarot cards that we have now?

Forces-You can fix a Psalm to each Tarot card if you wish.

DD-How would you find it in Psalms?

Forces-Just simply pointing it out.

DD-Would it be like the first 78?

Forces-No they differ in, in each respect for each Psalm.

DD-Thank you.

IS-Is there something that could be given for the entity Tom?

Forces-More or less moving on and meeting with each experience of opportunity of trying to bring the Spirit into the world and working as best as he could with whatever areas to be met with each passing day.

IS-Thank you.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again in the coming days ahead.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.