Session 285-2/15/80

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We as before (have) seen your progresses and big progresses in fields must be developed farther in the days ahead. You’ll be cutting new territories and new areas of expressions. The spirit must make us all well and alive in a new frontier that is the expression of the spirit in the earth. It’s not new but old the avenues it will take belong to (—–) but not new.

Forces-So now we’ll get right down to your questions.

DD-Could you tell more about the Harps and the Bards?

Forces- The Harps and Bars, Harps is as we had said an instrument consisting of a doorway mechanism into the 4th dimension to the 3rd dimension. These elements of expression comes through this symbol on an angle and is heard by all to understand. Harps are also used for the calming of the nervous system. (It) is an instrument like unto David that had calmed Saul’s nervous condition. These instruments are made in such a shape that to be arched the way it is gives it a angelic look and a look and feel of the spirit, that it forms around it. It is also a key and gateway towards many information and ideas expressed and expressed to become. Harps also are sounding boards and stationary points in which these news medias can be transmitted through sound (with your) presence of the harp. Harps are considered much in the feel of applying that (—-) person to a healthy spirited person. Harps also are, is the ability to cross many medias without ever walking.

DD-Thank you.

IS-In Revelation chapter 17 where its talking about the whore of Babylon. Could it be explained on a physical level, is it something that happened or is happening or will happen?

Forces-All three are correct (there are) items that have happened will happen and in the future and is happening.

IS-Could you give the instance it happened before so we can understand the 7 kings with the 10 horns and who was the whore of Babylon that they ate her up and…?

Forces-This was the 7 kings (of) power north, west, the south and east, each in there own elements are joined. Eventually this (rolling) pattern will be (switched back) and refined (we find) (—) a relatively ready to be born.

Forces- Now we, your question to be repeated again for the second try.

IS-If this is something that happened is happening and will happen. Could we get an example to understand this chapter on a physical level by the instance in which it happened before where the whole chapter is completed in one cycle, is happening right now something that we can see and comprehend on a physical level?

Forces- Of course the interrelations between the Soviet Unions and the Moslems.

IS-And who is the Babylonian?

Forces-This would represent that of the mental mind as always, but it would be the Soviet Union.

IS-The Soviet Union will take over then and then will be devoured by their own, by their selves?

Forces-This is true.

IS-Who are the 7 Kings?

Forces-These represent 7 major countries in the world.

IS-That are now part of Russia?

Forces-Of Europe.


Forces-The satellite countries of Russia.

IS-The 10 kings (horns?) and 7 Kings?

Forces-The 7 is the satellite countries, the 10 represents its influence and pressure in other 10 countries throughout the world.

IS-So actually those countries will take care of Russia, from those countries themselves?


IS-The one from the bottomless pit that is the number 8 who is he?

Forces-This is within people in the Soviet Union.

Forces-The Mongols.

IS-The Mongols.

Forces-Better yet they are the Mongolians.


Forces-They are Mongols.

IS-Is it retarded people in…?

Forces-In that respect they would not understand the relationship of the Soviet Union in their thinking.

IS-So its not physically Mongoloid people?

Forces-No thinking.

IS-But it’s not the Mongols?

Forces-Part of them yes.

IS-Is there an incident in the past history that would show the pattern?

Forces-You would find it in World War 2, you would find it during the Crusade type period but this is your major prophecy for now.

IS-So Hitler was the Babylonian whore?

Forces-In that time yes.

IS-Was he always like that because at one point Cayce said that Hitler…?

Forces-Had (an) opportunity yes.

IS-And yet even as that reading was given you knew that that’s what he is right.

Forces-Oh yes.

IS-Why was…?

Forces-To try every possible point (of faith).

IS-He has worked himself up to be part or a great doer of the black forces.

Forces-That is correct.

IS-Who in Russia, will it be a Prophet and somebody that gets shot in the head, is that something that happened or not yet?

Forces-Not yet.

IS-Thank you very much.

NN-When does Simeon get redeemed for being cursed or not blessed?

Forces-At the last days because Moses will end it.

Lk-In other Sessions you said if you would concentrate on a certain center such and such would manifest. How in my meditation do I concentrate and what center would help me in giving and expressing?

Forces-We have put into the meditation room ah through the entity of course the yellow and green ah colors, of course the entity Daniel created them and put them in which started the new period off. Of course the yellow and the green deals with the intellect and the Leyden center is being created there and the Solar Plexus. So right now during this year you are working chiefly from creation and karma. So the year represents karmetic ah ties being put into prospect and, and, and, and find out and severed, and creativity of the solar plexus of spirit mental and physical has to be done. Ah for the past 7 years you had been working in unfortunately or fortunately the gonad center and now we are moving on up into the Leyden center and solar plexus, so were moving very fast inn many regards. So this year has been designated for the Leyden, solar plexus and gonads. I know that makes you all happy. (Laughter) And this is what we are working with. Of course the love center, the thyroid center, pineal and pituitary are also being worked with but not as closely as these three centers. Now that doesn’t answer your question now ah what can you do. Sometime a Psalm, go to the Book of Solomon not now of course and the last chapter, ah should be the last chapter of no, (pause) how to work with this center, which center did you want to work with. (Laughter)

LK-The center to help in giving and expressing?

Forces-Oh, oh that, that also would deal with your solar plexus, creation, so that, that would be that center. The green water that is being put in the meditation room that also helps when you just focus on it occasionally. When its yellow that will help the intellect and it will Leyden center. When the water is red it helps the thymus center. Of course when the water becomes blue it helps the ah thyroid center and the ah, ah gold, yellow, yellow of course ah that will but, yet gold color would ah help or work with the pineal and ah the white color, water, water color works with the pituitary. I think you got it all except for the gonads and the gonads color is ah, ah could also be a darker red not a pink red and that also be for gonads.

IS-So we have not finished gonads but have added on the Leyden…?

Forces-Yes its like as you have heard the expression twirling the plates, you do one then you do the other and you do the other, but you have to come back to the one and the other and the other and so on. So that’s what happens.

IS-Thank you.

LK-Thank you.

BH-Which Psalm should I be reading each day that would help me the most?

Forces-Which Psalms.

BH-Anything in the Bible.

Forces-Read the, read Ecclesiastes Psalms of Solomon they will help you a lot. In fact a lot of people in the group should start reading them. That will give a great insight on human behavior.

BH-Thank you.

Forces-Any time.

JU-Ah is there any guidance you can give to me at this time?

Forces-Ah yeah start a little writing book on making up poems and, and also try to write down some psalms that ah, ah anything in the Bible and keep notes on that of, of, of the passages that you write down and, and do your own commentaries on it. This is interesting and would produce a great deal of (—).

JU-Thank you.

Forces- (—-) at your job it will work out as everything else we do.

JE-Have you ever seen God?

Forces-No I hadn’t no, he’s behind the curtain. (Laughter) Have we ever seen God.

JE-What does he look like?

Forces-Um God well (long silence)-(different voice) (? Council)(Speaking slower) and (-) this is a strange; strange question you are asking and (—) here. (We’ll?) try to answer as best as we can. Sometimes you ask certain questions that lead to many things in amif, amidst. But let us try to understand that this ah concept of God is something very un, unusual in ah the human terms. God as you call Him is a Force that is ah gen, generate (d) in such a way that It kind of ah Creates Itself in Being and in Force. Now goo, you did hear the Energies do Create unto themselves. But, but all of the mm, mem, men, many, maniculies stru, strenshons generate a fire tooth arena of consecutives Lords in and which the energy then generated such a, a force that, rel, relative difficult to, to, to explain in your, in your terminology but this structure (long silence) please for our sakes turn, turn, turn out or lower your lights (for) a moment.

IS-In the whole House?

Council-No, no, no, no just here. Now in this talking machine that, that you have it is should be pulsating and giving you a, a, a, a light and, and in this little app, apparatus that you have the is shown in a such a way that it emanates a li, liv, living pulse of, of, of, of ah sound and ah um (meaning?) ah and it is, is, is, is the language is very primitive in expressing to you, you see, you see in order for us to express the true Force, Deity that you, that you call God its just like (a) pulsation on a machine, it just constantly gives and um pulsates itself into a Being in which it, it, it is, it is beyond belief to understand as we have said this many times when we have difficulty in explaining concepts, the pulsation is in every force the energy field of God, this God constantly showers down on you, now if you, your, your mind is not generating to God and its generating on the trivials and your not going to pick up the light. You are going to pick up distractions of fractions of, of, of, of the energy field. Now in all the ah, the ah, the concept God is an ever, ever changing one for humanity because it is progressing ah through breaking of its own ah images of stagnations concepts, oh its wonderful to speak about God but what God do you speak about ah the God of the 1980’s is a different God from the 1950’s and strange as it is but God is a, is a living being ah emanating energy that constantly bathes you in its focus. Even if you are aware of God or not His very being and Essence is, is around you and its up to you to tune into this food of energy that is bathing you and that is the cry and the need for the soul to hunger for the Spiritual food of God. The soul needs God. Even if it has earthly food it needs the Spiritual Essence that the ethers, the directions of light and sound and music and force. God is God today but God tomorrow will be a much different concept. God is a total-ness of the being around you and prayer is the greatest instrument of bringing us to God. For God now in 1980 will not be that same God you had in 1976 or 77. You understand what I’m saying. So God what he looks like is what you make him and what you make him is your attitude and your beliefs and your feelings for the moment now. So God is eternal and ever changing and if we would give you our concept it would brighten up your darkness and it would flash like a light and beam in your darkness that might hurt your eyes and ah as we try to show you a few moments ago that sunlight in darkness does hurt, so you have to gradually bring the light on and God concept is a growing, ever growing power and beautiful, beautiful concept with all the elements and atoms you can not ask for love on a physical body to give you God. This is temporal, this is passing, this is, this is never pleasing to the soul it might give satisfaction for the moment but it never pleases the soul. God is, some people are stagnated in their God concepts and do not grow. God is an ever-changing faith in which we must change and grow in Wisdom. See it says “Seek ye Wisdom and all things” (somebody clangs into the room) (if you could find your way in the dark help yourselves, don’t trip over your own shadows) seek the (—) and God will give you (great) joy; joy in everything that you, that you do will give you the understanding of God. You know God is everything that you touch is the experience of God in what you do. So God is in every trouble and experience and, and way and problem that you encounter. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous, as trying to explain to you God in a concept of knowledge and words. God is a total force of being and energy and experience. So good and bad the experience of good and bad. Now the bad of course must finally come to an end to bring you into willingly. But God is there and He’ll take you by your hand and lead you to where you must go. God is an ever-pulsating force over everything and we just have to plug ourselves into that force. What is God, Who is God, your are God your neighbor is God, Doggies is God, Cats are Cats, Mouse’s are God, Rats are God, Moose’s are God, Bears are God, (—?) are God, Bumblebees are God. Its part of God Essence of God, your God, Yes all of us are God. (—-) the expression you’re the Sons and Daughters of God. So fear not, fear not of anything, its in your pockets, everything, its just that you must look in your pockets, you must see what’s there its been put there since the very beginning. You got to understand that God is in your pocket, yeah, it’s wonderful. God is in your pockets and you got to look in your pockets to see if you have any money. If you don’t have any money you don’t have bus fare and transportation and (——) and go see movies huh. God is an ever-changing concept of evolution, evolution in your growth of everything that you touch and do and say, you see. God is a (——-), God is happiness, God is Joy, God is Life. God is also pain and sorrow, misery and hurt and misunderstanding. That’s part of God too. That’s part of the (compassionate?) God, then you have the joyous God and the hungry God and Loving God. So God is a word that you use God. But the Word is so immensely incorporate every concept that you would ever want to understand is in that word God. So when you say God you say it all. You know, you have a commercial to say “you say Budweiser you said it all” (Laughter) Well take a look at the name Budweiser. Bud is the process of budding and fruits right; Weiser is Wisdom all right, so Budweiser you see. Its an interesting concept to understand the Budweiser “you said it all” (Laughter) Now that we have expounded to you on God, you must get out there and find him yeah and do it you know, Looovve you hear the words love (—-) Looovve, you have your physical love ick you know it does get messy, you know that mess, messy (Laughter) yeah you know, you know we see lots of things up here or down here wherever we’re at doesn’t matter. But you know (————) can you talk to me yeah I’ll answer any question that you had on your minds as long as its dark here so you can’t see me. (Laughter) But you know all your questions here I know all you say if you have a question you got the answers right. Sometimes your (questions?) answers are so naïve so, so, so not with it, if your minds working you know if you move that bumble head of yours and move it and grow, you know you must grow, you must, how many of you out there are growing your minds (come open?) you know you throw ice with water on it you plant it, I mean just go through a day not even thinking of anything miraculous and beautiful right. How many, sad isn’t it. What did you do today to make it a beautiful day. You ask what God is all right I’m trying to answer it. God is the experience and pulsation of life, joy, peace, love, happiness, contentment. All right you have this, you have your test unfortunately, those tests are real you know, I mean if you stub your toe it damn hurts, yes no one else understands that but you know remember pain is God isn’t it. No matter how your body freaks out or messes up or yes but you got to remember that the physical senses sex and all that you know that’s not elevating you, you must try to move on. And then the mental concepts all right you have those mental, but there’s so much out there for you, yeah so much for, so much for you to (have) and to experience and then you can say O God, have I, I always had Him, He was always there and I didn’t have to ask but, or ask the question but God right, this God was always there. (Council or entity leaves)

Forces-We ah shall resume the lights again and move on. Now your turn ask a question.

BN-What is the power of the voice or the Word, why does it have power?

Forces-Power is from the energies of the unseen and the force and the Word breaks crystallization’s of the mind.

BN-Thank you.

HI-When we do the card could you please tell us what is happening on the Spiritual level as the cards are laid out?

Forces-Just certain patterns, ah electrical patterns holding over the body are brought down into the physical plane.

HI-Thank you.

DD-Could you explain the training of a Bard (—) were trained to use the Harp. Certain verses they were trained to use?

Forces-One is more stronger in its own essence, ones more dynamic in its force; the Harp is much more of a receptive organ.

DD- I didn’t understand the answer?

Forces- The Bar is used more as, as making ah ground work or building or for ah pushing or forcing the energies of. The harp is more of receiving the energies.

DD-I’m talking about the Bards the Druids the ones that used the Harp that trained in the use of it.

Forces-No, no, no, no, no ah, ah were talking about not only the people, ah, ok. Were talking exactly the same thing. One is the ones who pushed or made or created the energy. The Harp is just a receiving of the energy. Bars.

DD-Thank you.

Forces-The ones who do the harp, the ones who do the music, the ones who do that, it’s a special force, there was a time when not everyone could do it so they had to develop themselves and had to put themselves on special plans and could you understand that.

DD-Not really.

Forces-Well take it from us that’s what happened and they were energized tremendously so they were the pushers or they became or it became the moving of energy forces and breaking, not only physically but also on a astral level.

DD-Thank you.

IS-In Ezekiel 13 when he’s talking about the kerchiefs the pillow cases in regards to the donations and I guess psychic magic. What did they do with kerchiefs and pillowcases, how did they capture a soul in a pillowcase?

Forces- Not fare. You could capture a soul with a kerchief in a certain form in a certain way and put into a pillowcase and you would have the soul captured.

IS-What’s not fare?

Forces-Oh the question is, the answering is ok but, but we’re answering.

IS-Is there anybody on this earth that knows how to do that?

Forces-Oh yes some who would yes, yes, yes, yes. You could be taught very easily how to do it.

IS-Like the Voodoo people?

Forces-Yes, yes, yes.

Forces-Even not only Voodoo people, but you have other people who are religiously in yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. You have them doing it yes.


Forces-Um huh it can be taught.

IS-Is there anybody we know who does it?

Forces-Oh no, no, no, no, no one that you know.

IS-Are they psychics are they…?

Forces- No some of them are just trained to do certain things.

IS-They know what they’re doing?

Forces-Oh yeah, yeah of course yes.

IS-Why do they want to capture a soul?

Forces-Sometimes to heal it, sometimes to help it, sometimes to hurt it.

IS-Is it like clones?

Forces-Oh no, no, no.

IS-Its not in that?


IS-They wouldn’t like capture a soul and then put it into a clone?

Forces-No, no that’s a whole different operation clones are just like the monsters they made in Atlantis. We, we told you the monsters were coming back, they were part of those clones.

IS-Thank you.

NN-What do the 3 groups of 14 and the 42 represent?

Forces-Lets just try to say they repre, the 14 is a Universal number and 14 represents the magic of Creation.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.